Transiting Venus conjunct Natal Venus

This is a time to take the initiative in all kinds of relationships, especially love relationships. All transits by conjunction favor new beginnings. If you reveal your love for someone at this time, it may turn the relationship in a new direction. Even if you believe that your loved one knows how you feel, don't leave it to his or her imagination. This is also a favorable transit for a new relationship, although it would require another sign along with this one to indicate anything more than a casual encounter.

The drive for beautiful things is strong under this transit, influencing you to buy things of beauty, such as clothes, cosmetics, objects of art, things to beautify the home, or works of literature and musical recordings. Surround yourself with beauty and take advantage of the lighter and more pleasant aspects of life.

Under this transit you are affectionate and want to be with friends. Like many other Venus transits, this is a good time for parties or entertaining at home or on the town or for a casual get-together with friends. You will be in a good mood and able to enjoy almost anything that comes along.

Venus on Venus will help in a situation in which you need the cooperation of others, particularly if there is some problem or if you need to make a good impression.

Transiting Venus sextile Natal Venus

This transit just makes you feel contented and at ease. Today all your dealing with family, loved ones, friends or business contacts will go very well, because you project warmth and concern for others. New connections made today may be beneficial in the future. This transit is a good sign of success for a new romantic interest in your life if other positive transits also correspond.

You will be occupied with love and beauty today, and you will want to be in pleasant surroundings. This is a good day for a short recreational trip to indulge your desire for beautiful surroundings. Probably you will like to escape from work and practical matters into fun and amusement, but if you must work today, you will be more efficient and cheerful than usual.

This is a good day for a short recreational trip to indulge your desire for beautiful surroundings.

Financial transactions are favored by this transit, and you should be able to negotiate in business to your advantage. Anything that you buy today will probably prove to be a worthwhile investment.

In general under this influence you will feel that life is going more easily than usual, and that with little effort everything is going as it should.

Transiting Venus square Natal Venus

Although this is normally a pleasant transit, producing good times and pleasant leisure, under some circumstances it can be a period of testing to see if relationships are on a sound footing. The test may consist of situations that will determine your ability to maintain your individuality within your important relationships. This is one of the Venus transits that produce a tendency to compromise rather than to stand up for your beliefs and rights. Someone may take advantage of your good nature this time, which is not a tremendous danger, but something to keep in mind when dealing with people today.

At this time your energies are rather low, not so that you feel sick, as with Neptune transits, but so that you feel like doing nothing. Your work may not be done carefully because your heart is not really in it You may be deluding yourself that whatever you do will work out, no matter how little energy you put into it. If you do put the effort, however, this transit may actually produce positive results and satisfaction.

Be careful of self-indulgence and extravagance, which are not in your long term interest today. This is not the best day to go shopping if you must stay within a budget.

Transiting Venus trine Natal Venus

This is a pleasant transit that is good for all relationships, but you may not be especially active Both Venus and the trtne aspect tend to attract circumstances, persons or objects, including money, that can be useful later on. This is a spontaneously “lucky” transit. The quotation marks around “lucky” mean that it not so much luck that helps you as your attitude of relaxation and willingness to let your life flow without the tension of resistance. Many things are prevented from entering people’s lives because they are too tense to let them in. At other times you might unconsciously alienate a potentially helpful person, or you might be cautious or overlook an opportunity because of tension. This transit helps to prevent such negative states of consciousness.

Relationships work very smoothly under this double Venus influence. You have special attraction to and for beautiful people, but be careful not to let superficial considerations dictate your tastes. Love relationships are unusually romantic under this influence.

You are also attracted strongly to beauty in the creative arts. Attend a concert or exhibit, or go to a garden or other spot where you can surround yourself with beauty. If you are creative yourself, use these energies that are so favorable for creative activity.

In many respects this transit is a time of rest from other transits that require much effort.

Transiting Venus quincunx Natal Venus

Transiting Venus opposite Natal Venus

This can be a very pleasant transit. You feel at ease with yourself, benign and rather self-indulgent, which is fine as long as you don't have work that must be done. As with many other Venus transits, you feel that there is nothing you do not deserve, and you are likely to buy some expensive frivolity on a whim or indulge in an expensive pastime only to regret the cost later. The sexual self-indulgence that may accompany this transit is not likely to do you any real harm, in spite of the warnings of thousands of Victorian manuals!

This transit is not a good time for getting work done. In fact, you will do anything to avoid working. Unless it is absolutely necessary, do not schedule heavy work projects for a day with this transit.

Love relationships will normally be smooth during this transit, although a problem may arise if you have a disagreement with a loved one or a friend. Instead of defending your own position when you have a perfect right to, you may compromise on issues that really should not be compromised. If you have a difficult negotiation to transact, avoid doing it under this transit. The negotiation will succeed, but the results will not be to your advantage.