Transiting Venus conjunct Natal Sun

This is the day for creativity or love. You will want to express yourself in as many ways as possible, but principally with someone else. You feel very affectionate and sociable, as well as just plain good. Your physical health is excellent, although you feel more like sitting around and luxuriating than like doing something vigorous. This is a good day to please yourself.

Like many Venus transits, this one is good for entertaining or going out for amusement. The harsh realities of the everyday world do not appeal to you today, and you would enjoy escaping to a brighter and prettier world, which would do no harm. You may be quite popular today, as the magnetism of Venus attracts other people to you. You may not have to go looking for fun at all, for it is likely to come looking for you. Your relationships with men are likely to be better than those with women today, but both will be good. If you are male, you will find that your own attractiveness is inexplicably enhanced by this transit. If you are female, you will atract men more easily than usual.

This transit favors creative activities, and whatever artistic ability you have will be useful today. You create much more easily than usual, and even if you are not especially artistic, you will have a strong drive to express yourself in an artistic way. Seek beautiful surroundings, for you will enjoy them more than ever.

Transiting Venus sextile Natal Sun

This is an excellent transit for all kinds of group activity and for being with friends. You feel unusually sociable, and people will enjoy your company. Friends may be of considerable benefit to you today. You should certainly seek out other people, and if you need a favor from someone, this would be a good time to ask. This applies not only to personal favors, but to any situation in which you have to depend upon someone's good will, for example, applying for a loan or financial support. Incidentally, this transit will work most favorably if you are being personally interviewed, rather than filling out a form. This transit is extremely good for any interview in which you must make a good impression.

You will get along very well today with persons in your immediate environment. By chance, you may make a new friend in the course of your everyday activities. The familiar setting in which you meet will set the tone of the entire relationship, a tone of easy familiarity and friendliness.

Because the Sun relates to persons in authority, this transit is also likely to provide opportunities for personal advancement as a result of the favorable impression that you have made on a boss, employer, or other person in authority.

Today is a good day for working with others. Your concern is only that the group achieve its objective, and to that end you bend your efforts. You are also good at helping others resolve differences that arise in the course of the day.

Transiting Venus square Natal Sun

Normally this is a very pleasant transit with little difficulty. You seek out good times and pleasurable forms of recreation, and you may not feel much like working. In fact, the only real flaw in the transit is that it is not conducive to self-discipline or labor. You will be more interested in your own well-being and in indulging yourself than accomplishing great works. Obviously, this can be either bad or good according to the circumstances.

This transit is usually good for all social interaction and for gettiing along with people. Love relationships are favorably affected. The old texts often describe this transit as leading to scandalous affairs, but that assumes both a Victorian sense of morality and the presence of other heavier transits that produce a compulsive behavior.

You will not be very self-assertive today. If you find yourself in conflict with someone, you will compromise rather than fight. Only be careful not to give up something that is important to you. There are situations in which peace-making is not the best resolution. Also, it may arise from your desire to avoid conflict rather than from your belief in peace.

Avoid the temptation to overindulge in rich and fattening foods, for our body is sensitive to these now. At the least you are likely to gain weight, and at the worst you could have physical problems such as indigestion.

Transiting Venus trine Natal Sun

This is one of the most pleasant of all transits. It does not signifiy anything earthshaking, but it is a good day for all kinds of enjoyable activity.

Although this is not an especially energetic transit, it is good for any work you have to do with others, because you create a spirit of camaraderie and togetherness, which makes the work go faster and more smoothly. If you need to make a good impression on others, this transit will assist you.

But it is for recreation and pleasure that this transit is really at its best. You feel like having a good time, and almost anything you do will work out that way. It is especially good for amusing yourself with friends and is an excellent transit for a party.

Personal and love relationships are favored by this influence. You will enjoy your loved ones with complete relaxation and ease. Just being yourself works fine. You will probably feel affectionate and will have little difficulty showing it to the people who are important to you, and they will no doubt respond in kind.

This is also a good day for creative and craft projects. Not only do you have the physical energy for the work, you also have the creative ideas.

Transiting Venus quincunx Natal Sun

Transiting Venus opposite Natal Sun

Like most transits of Venus, this one is not especially troublesome. It can introduce much pleasantness into your life through good times, agreeable relationships, sexual attraction and friendship. The problems that you will confront during this transit are overindulgence, lack of self-discipline, and unwillingness to work.

This transit of Venus does not fit you for demanding work or trying situations, for you are likely to be lazy and unwilling to rouse yourself. If you don’t have to accomplish anything, there is nothing wrong with this mood. In fact it is a good time to take it easy. But be careful not to overindulge in food or drink; today’s good feelings may be tomorrow's headache!

You may be in a rather amorous mood, which can be extremely good in an existing relationship or in one that begins under this transit. But you are not likely to be discreet about your actions at this time, so it would be a good idea to avoid any involvement that requires discretion. Be careful of any new relationship that is formed today, because you may be lacking in discrimination. Such a relationship may be all right, but make it withstand the test of time before you decide to commit yourself.

Your creative energies are stimulated by this transit, but you may lack the creative self-discipline that can turn a random outpouring of feelings into an artistic medium and disciplined art. Today’s work may have to be corrected tomorrow.