Transiting Venus conjunct Natal Saturn

Under this transit, love and affection are strongly tempered by practical considerations. It is not as difficult for love relationships as other Venus-Saturn contacts are, but it is more sober concerning love. You will be restrained in expressing affection, but the affection is still there. Sometimes under this transit you will ask an older person’s advice about relationships, for you are reflecting about the state your life and what the relationship means to it. On occasion, this transit will signify saying goodbye to a loved one, either because of a temporary separation or because of the breakup of the relationship.

Unlike other Venus transits, there is little tendency toward self-indulgence with this one Your actions are characterized by restraint, which is usually good if you have to economize or recognize the limitations of your pocketbook.

Under some conditions; this transit can indicate difficulties with your love relationships. You may not feel warm or affectionate, and you may alienate loved ones by seeming to be indifferent The real problem is that you are lonesome and unable to bridge the gap between you and others. Fortunately this is not a long lasting transit

A relationship that comes about under this transit may be a long-lived but not a flamboyant one, characterized by loyalty and soberness.

Transiting Venus sextile Natal Saturn

This transit will show you in a positive way the duties and obligations that you have to live up to in your relationships. This will not be especially difficult for you, because you get considerable gratification from being of service to your loved ones. Group standards and ideals will be more important to you today than your own, and you will work to further those ideals, even at the cost of much self-denial if necessary.

The reality of your emotional relationships is extremely important to you. Because you want relationships that are real, this transit is a good time to sit down with a loved one and arrive at a conscious understanding of what you expect from each other. A relationship can be ruined by not knowing what each party demands and needs from the other. Today you can make this clear to both lovers and friends and minimize a possible source of trouble in your relationships.

This transit is fortunate for most business affairs, because of your positive concern with practical reality. It especially favors commerce with art objects or other things of beauty.

If you are creative, this transit favors any creative activity demanding close attention to details. Your work will be carried out with great discipline and thoroughness under this influence.

In friendships, you may be attracted to older people or people who you feel can guide you. Seek their counsel, because they could be a great help to you at this time. A love relationship under this transit may also be with an older person, or you may be the older person.

Transiting Venus square Natal Saturn

On this day you will probably have difficulty relating to others, feeling cool and reserved even toward those you love. The problem is that you will have to spend today reevaluating what you are getting our of your relationships and what you are putting into them. You will have a strong awareness of yourself as an independent, even isolated human being, realizing that no one can really get inside of you and feel what you feel. Obviously, this can lead to loneliness and depression, but it can also lead to a radical reappraisal of your life and to a sober consideration of yourself as a human being relating to other human beings. It is necessary to separate yourself from the illusions that run through even the best relationship and to look at what is really there. While you are doing this, it may be rather difficult to fulfill the demands that your loved ones make upon you, leading to dissension within your relationships.

Be wary to following victim to fears about your relationships, thinking that they are worse than they are. Saturn often indicates acute dissatisfaction with people who do not live up to a rigorous and rigid standard. You and your loved ones are only human, and there is a limit to what you can expect of them and yourself. You may feel guilty about your imagined inadequacies with regard to your loved ones. Do not take these feelings too seriously, for it is only Saturn overdoing itself.

Perhaps this is a good day to be by yourself, no matter how lonely you feel, for if you sought company, you would still feel lonely. This time is best for self-reflection and introspection. What you learn may improve your relationships when this transit is over.

Transiting Venus trine Natal Saturn

This is perhaps the least flamboyant of all Venus transits, much easier to handle than the other Venus-Saturn contacts. You are satisfied with reliable, stable relationships and do not make unrealistic demands on others. You recognize that your loved ones are human, and you ask only that they live up to their obligations and you will do the same in return.

This is a good time to discuss any problems that may have arisen within a relationship, because your sense of reality is strong and you can be objective. You are not carried away by foolish ideals.

In financial affairs you are rather conservative and concerned about protecting limited resources. Business affairs are governed by the same concerns, and this can be quite a good transit for business matters and relationships. You are able to deal with associates in the detached manner that it is often necessary in business relationships, yet you are fair in your dealings.

Relationships that begin under this influence are characterized by sobriety and stability. They may not be demonstrative, but there is a steadiness of feeling that enables them to survive when others fail. There may be a large difference between you and your partneror a radical difference in class or educational background. Often such a relationship occurs because of practical rather than romantic considerations, but this does not weaken it.

Transiting Venus quincunx Natal Saturn

Transiting Venus opposite Natal Saturn

This transit does not usually produce feelings of warmth and tenderness. It is one of the least favorable transits of Venus, although by no means dangerous or destructive. You will experience today a great conflict between your sense of duty and discipline on one hand and your desire to enjoy yourself or relate to others on the other hand. If you feel emotionally cold today despite the overtures of a loved one, it is best to do nothing. Remember that this is a short term transit. You should not pretend to have emotions that you do not feel, because of a misguided sense of duty; the other person will sense this and it will only increase the hurt.

It may be that duties and responsibilities will prevent you from engaging in a pleasant activity, and you may feel somewhat resentful. The best thing to do is grin and bear it, because even if you neglect your work for fun, something would prevent you from enjoying yourself. Such is the way of Saturn.

Loneliness and self-pity sometimes come with this transit. You feel surrounded by bright, positive energies that you simply cannot relate to. You may feel like a gray presence among colorful people. Do not take such feelings seriously, unless you have them frequently. Even if you do, such feelings probably don't represent anything real, but feeling sorry for yourself can be a symptom of a serious problem. You should examine yourself and the kinds of energies that you demonstrate to other people. You may have built a wall between yourself and others out of fear.

In general today, relationships will force you to encounter aspects of yourself that you would prefer not to face. However, like all oppositions, this one could heighten your self-perception and give you knowledge that will help you.