Transiting Venus conjunct Natal Jupiter

This is probably the most agreeable transit of all in its effect upon your mood and in the way it makes your life work. The only drawback is that the effects usually last only one day. This transit is extremely good for all types of relationships, whether professional, personal, social or intimate. You feel optimistic, eager and outgoing, warm and friendly to everyone you meet, and you have no desire to engage in disputes.

This transit is also lucky financially. You may have a sudden windfall, although this is not the usual manifestation. You are inclined to indulge yourself and to spend money, especially on lavish or beautiful objects. In many respects, self-discipline is at an all-time low at this time, but it usually is not needed. Celebrations held at this time are unusually successful, for you at least, as is any kind of entertaining or social occasion. This will be due partly to your infectious good mood. People will like to be with you.

This is a good time for love relationships. The same warm feelings will have a good effect on these relationships, and sometimes a totally new relationship will begin under this transit. Certainly this is an excellent transit for a wedding.

Transiting Venus sextile Natal Jupiter

You feel contented and benevolent under this influence. You are at peace with the world and want to share your feelings with everyone whom you meet. Friends, in particular, may be the beneficiaries of your generosity, as you may benefit from theirs. In either case you both will benefit, because everything done under this transit becomes a fair exchange in the long run.

This transit is favorable for all financial enterprises, especially those involving foreign investments, medicine or the law. Any legal matters decided under this transit will also work out to your benefit.

A new friendship or love relationship that begins under this transit will be beneficial. Such a relationship will bring out your best qualities and can truly be described as a growth relationship. You are attracted to high minded and upright people.

Like many Venus transits, this one is good for getting together with friends for fun. It is usually a rather lighthearted transit, and you are not attracted to serious matters or to hard work. A general lack of discipline and unwillingness to work are the only negative influences of this transit. This is a good time for rest and relaxation, not for attending to the routine business of the day.

Transiting Venus square Natal Jupiter

This is usually an agreeable transit, in that you feel well and enjoy the company of others It is good for doing anything that you really enjoy, as long as there is nothing that you have to do. You are likely to have very little self-discipline. In fact, you are likely to indulge yourself in many ways that may not be good for you. Be careful of eating or drinking too much, especially of sweet or rich foods. This is usually a bad day for dieters.

Also be careful if you go shopping. Do not buy anything unnecessary, unless you have some surplus cash. There is a tendency to buy expensive things, especially jewelry, fine clothes and art objects.

On the other hand, if you proceed with some discipline and know what you are doing, you can make some excellent investments at this time. Avoid doing any on impulse, because although your mind is capable of making good decisions, emotions are likely to lead you to excess.

Personal relationships are favored by this transit Your good feelings rub off onto those around you, and everyone enjoys being with you. The one exception to this is if you succumb to a state of mind in which you assume arrogantly that everything you touch will turn to gold. Even if it is true, you will irritate people to the point that they will have nothing to do with you. Only certain personalities will have this problem. Otherwise this is a good transit.

Transiting Venus trine Natal Jupiter

Classically this is one of the best transits, except that it has a rather short duration. It brings grace, ease and pleasant social interaction into your life. Like any Venus-Jupiter energy, it can also bring laziness and self-indulgence, but only if you are likely to be that way anyway. For most people this transit will be a pleasant respite from the daily grind.

You just feel content with this transit, and your contentment affects others favorably, so that everyone around you today will be in good spirits. This is an excellent transit for all social occasions, amusements and entertainments. You may meet someone who will be of great service to you later. There may be a romantic interest in the course of the day as well, although like other Venus transits, this one is usually not strong enough by itself to bring about a major relationship.

This influence often benefits financial interests. It is a good day to make a major investment, particularly in entertainment, leisure activities or the arts.

This is also a good time to begin a vacation trip. The influence of this transit will ensure that your trip will be rewarding, enlightening and fun. It is generally a good time to reap the rewards of past activities. It is not a good time to start new enterprises that require a lot of energy, because the energy may not be there, and you may find it difficult to take the enterprise seriously enough!

However, if other planetary influences are giving you energy, this transit will certainly provide a favorable influence. You may be inclined to sit around and do nothing, rather than get involved in any daring enterprise.

Transiting Venus quincunx Natal Jupiter

Transiting Venus opposite Natal Jupiter

Of all transits, this one is the most inclined to promote excessive indulgence, but it also indicates great pleasure, joy and satisfaction, if you have the sense not to overdo.

You are certainly not going to feel driven by ambition and the desire to conquer the world. You will want to sit around and take it easy or go out and buy some expensive, luxurious toy. This is certainly not the day to go shopping if saving money is your object, because you will want to buy every nice, pretty or luxurious thing that you see. And probably you will buy them, even against your practical common sense.

Perhaps your worst trouble will result from overeating. Venus and Jupiter together signify heavy, rich, sweet foods. A bad day for diets! You also may drink to excess, leaving tomorrow for recovery. This much must be said: you will enjoy doing it, and that is not all bad.

On the plus side, this transit can bring a very pleasant relationship, if other testimonies coincide. However, you must beware of being influenced solely by beauty, money or qualities that are ultimately short-lived.

If you can handle the energies of this transit with reasonable discipline, you will find it quite enjoyable and good for you.