Transiting Venus conjunct Natal Ascendant

This is one of the most favorable transits for personal relationships. You can readily express your love and affection, and others are likely to show their affection for you. Seek the company of others, because you are in a sociable frame of mind today. Like many other Venus transits, this is a good time for entertaining.

Today is also a good time to resolve any problems in your personal relationships. You will be able to discuss any tensions that exists without difficulty, assuring your loved one that your love is sincere.

This is a day when you may meet a new lover or friend. It is a good time for any necessary new encounters because the environment favors pleasant first impressions.

You can expect to feel content today. The world looks good to you, and you are in harmony with the world. You will attract people and things that are favorable to you, for this is the kind of action that Venus generates; you may even be presented with a favorable financial opportunity.

Transiting Venus sextile Natal Ascendant

This is a very lighthearted time, when you should be able to relax and enjoy yourself with friends and loved ones. You will enjoy being with groups of people, and you will wish to express your feelings of affection. Your favor will extend even to the people you encounter every day whom you have no special feelings for. You feel so good that you want to share it with everyone, as long as there are no heavy long-term transits that indicate the opposite. But even if there are, this transit will help to lighten your mood for awhile.

Needless to say, this transit helps to improve your relationships with everyone, especially those closest to you. A love relationship may start under this such a transit, especially if there is a long-range indication of this at the same time.

This is also a good time to go out and meet people. You will not have the fear and shyness that may sometimes make it difficult for you to encounter new people, nor will you need to worry about making a bad impression on the people you meet. This transit helps to ensure that you will make a favorable impression upon everyone. if you usually enjoy being the life of the party, you will certainly have the chance to play this role now.

Transiting Venus square Natal Ascendant

This square is far from difficult. In fact, it usually denotes an extremely pleasant time when you reach out to others to give and receive affection. It is usually good for relationships and may indicate the start of significant new ones. One of the few problems that can come with this transit is a reluctance to voice your real complaints for fear of being unpleasant. You will try to smooth over ruffled feelings wherever you go.

You will enjoy being with people and going out to have a good time, but this may cause you to avoid work that must be done and to be self-indulgent. Be careful of doing anything to excess and avoid wasting money on items that appeal to fancy now but do not have any lasting merit or appeal. Self-discipline is not one the strong points of this transit.

In a related area, you should be careful about financial affairs in general This transit does not signify any kind of bad luck, but it does indicate the danger of carelessness and sloppy management, unless you make a special effort to the contrary. And if you are careful, this transit will not be a problem in this way at all.

Aside from these few areas where you must be careful, you should enjoy yourself as well as other people during this transit. It will be a period of unusually harmonious relationships, especially if you make an effort to give as much as you receive.

Transiting Venus trine Natal Ascendant

This is an excellent transit for good times, entertaining and just having fun. Before you plan any hard work for this period, keep in mind that you are likely to put self-gratification and pleasure before work. You may find it difficult to put off something that you want to do in order to fulfill some duty.

But this is not selfishness on your part, for you are quite capable of being generous and giving to others. You are more openly affectionate than usual and feel real love for the people around you. It is just that this aspect of your life — love, affection and pleasure — is more important to you now than work. This is a good time to give or attend a party. It is also a good time to be with loved ones, not only a lover or spouse but also children, from whom you will derive much pleasure now

During this period you may be rather lucky in doing what you want, especially if you do not often give in to self-indulgence. For you this transit can provide a welcome release, which could have very good consequences If you are usually rather disciplined about investing and spending money, this is a good time for these activities. And if you are not very thrifty by nature or are rather more self-indulgent, this transit will increase these tendencies Also be careful not to overindulge in food or drink.

This is a good time to spend money on beautifying your home or other surroundings.

Transiting Venus quincunx Natal Ascendant

Transiting Venus opposite Natal Ascendant