Significance of Transiting Uranus

During the transits of Uranus to your natal chart, you will experience phenomena that are out of accord with your everyday life. The events that occur will be unusual, upsetting, sudden and unexpected. For this reason astrologers are often circumspect about giving precise delineations concerning Uranus. Almost all that can be said for sure is to expect the unexpected.

But the transits of Uranus are not malefic in the traditional sense, except to the extent that you are unwilling to accept newness and change in your life. Uranus challenges the rigid structures inlife that most people work so hard to build. Many people value regularity and predictability so much that they will even sacrifice personal happiness to get it. Think of all the unhappy marriages that continue only because both persons are afraid of the insecurity that breaking up would bring.

But this kind if rigidity is ultimately destructive to life in its highest sense. Life is or should be a constant, ongoing confrontation between yourself and the world, with an energy that keeps everything fresh and lively. The problem with this confrontation, however, is that there is always the danger of losing, so most people avoid the confrontation if they can. To survive half-dead, they reason, is better than to lose. But those are not the only alternatives; it is only fear that makes it seem that way.

Transiting Uranus in the Natal 1st House

This is approximately a seven year period, depending on the length of your first house. During this time you will radically redefine your relationship to the outside world. Old patterns will be broken down, which will force people to look upon you differently. They may be upset by the changes simply because they, like yourself, are afraid of change. And during this period you may act in ways that are quite unexpected and upsetting, particularly when Uranus transits planets from the first house.

The old limitations you have placed upon yourself or accepted from others are no longer acceptable now, and you feel the need to change them even if you have to break away from many things that have been important in the past. A marriage or other close relationship that has become stultifying may end during this transit. However, any relationship that really allows you to be yourself will be changed but not destroyed. This is also true of your work and any other area of obligation in your life. The transit of Uranus through the first house is predominantly a drive for freedom. To others it may seem to be a period of pointless rebellion. And indeed, in terms of your old life, you may be acting quite irresponsibly, but if you feel very strongly the need to break free, it is a sign that the change is overdue.

As you change your way of handling the world, you will become open to experiences that you would never have allowed before, and your life may take on a whole new outlook. Certainly this is a good time to explore new kinds of awareness or to encounter astrology, yoga, human potential studies, and other consciousness-expanding techniques. The avenues to new perception are open, and if you allow yourself to receive it, you will gain new tools for your future life.

It must be said that some people find this transit upsetting rather than revivifying. If this is the case, you should ask yourself what you are trying to hold onto that is keeping you away from new experiences. If your life is filled with upsetting incidents and accidents, you may be unc setting the stage for them. Your conscious mind is afraid of change, but your unconscous knows that the time has come, so its energy leaks out to bring about these accidents. see what aspects of your life are truly limiting your scope of action and experience. Even if you feel these aspects of your life are necessary, and that it would be irresponsible to overthrow them, these are precisely the areas that must be changed.

Transiting Uranus in the Natal 2nd House

For the next several years you will experience great changes in your economic and material situation. You should be certain that your finances can withstand some sudden changes. If you are in a rigid position, completely geared to the situation remaining exactly as it is, you will be very vulnerable to the effects of this transit. It requires you to be extremely flexible in all matters having to do with money and possessions.

On the inner level, this transit signifies that your values are changing. The values you are beginning to consider important are different from your old values, and this is reflected in the material objects that you value, that is, your posessions. But these changes may not be obvious to you on the surface. Your inner needs for further psychological growth may make your current relationship to material possessions inappropriate. Therefore you will have to make radical changes in order to give yourself room to grow.

On the other hand, this inner change may be conscious, in which case you will be aware of the need to be free from the responsibilities and encumbrances that accompany material possessions. If you are consciously aware of the need for change, this transit will not be upsetting. If you are not aware of it, your unc mind will create change anyway. But the changes will come in the form of events that are upsetting to your c personality.

If you feel encumbered and limited by your material possessions, this transit will take them away, until you are as free as you need to be. But by the same token, if you need a certain resource in order to grow further, Uranus may very well bring it. The only fact you can count on is that the changes in your material resources will be revolutionary ones.

This transit can be the signal for sudden windfalls or sudden losses. You may suddenly gain or lose property, or you may radically change your means of earning a living, which is also ruled by the second house.

If your means of earning a living has become deadening, events may change that completely. The nature of your work may change, or you may get a different job, but the end result will be that your way of making a living will become a source of excitement and challenge in your life. This transit may also signify that you will make your living through a profession ruled by Uranus, such as one of the sciences, some branch of technology, astrology or the occult.

Under any circumstances, you can be sure that over the next several years your material resources will change significantly, and your relationship to them will be altered so that you can continue to grow as an individual. The ultimate effects of this transit are positive, although you may be initially be upset by the changes. Keep yourself open to the new opportunities that appear as the changes occur.

Transiting Uranus in the Natal 3rd House

For the next several years the focus of change will be on a part of your life that you normally count on for reliability and predictability, namely your everyday encounters with neighbors, relatives and friends, your everyday business dealings and all other routine day-to-day activities. Your everyday mental attitudes will cjange, and you will be forced to look at life in a new way, to see things that you have never seen before and to communicate with others in new ways. Even your habits will change.

If you are involved in intellectual pursuits, this will be an exciting time, because you will see and understand facets of life that were never apparent before. Under the influence of Uranus your old habits of thinking and seeing will fall away. Your new flexibility of thought will become apparent as you turn to new interests, particularly those that are Uranian in nature, such as the sciences and technology, yoga, astrology and the occult. Many persons who have become well known in these fields began their studies while Uranus was transiting this house.

Expect the tempo of events in your daily life to increase. Routine, everyday communications will suddenly be important as they never were before. You won't be able to take much for granted, because you will have to give little everyday details the same attention that you previously reserved for exceptionally significant matters. This happens because these "little" details contain the germ of changes that will revolutionize your c if you are willing to let them. If you are not willing and are consciously or unconsciously afraid of change, everything that happens will be upsetting. You will feel that you can't rely on anything, and you will look desperately for security where there is none. But if you can be flexible, you will see that none of this is terrible, it is only new and somewhat unexpected.

The signs of change will come through normal daily communication, letters, phone calls and conversations. Short trips and routine travels, such as commuting, may produce totally unexpected events. However, you will not necessarily have accidents, as many older writers say. This transit can lead to accidents on short trips or in your everyday life, but that is an exceptional manifestation, which is not likely to be encountered unless you try to prevent any changes from occuring in some area. An accident is almost always a sign of energy escaping in an improper place because it was not allowed to be used elsewhere.

The transit of Uranus through the third house is the beginning of a fundamental reorientation of your inner self that will continue as Uranus transits your natal fourth house. If you allow necessary changes to surface during this time, Uranus's transit of the fourth house will be easier. Also your everyday world will become a new source of wonder and excitement. But you must be flexible about your world and yourself to gain this benefit.

Transiting Uranus in the Natal 4th House

Over the next several years the focus of change will be in the most personal and intimate aspects of your life, including your home and your relationships with parents and other family members. There may be upsets that will show where your life needs change and reform, but at the same time you will acquire a new sense of freedom and release from the influences of the past.

A common effect of this transit is a sudden change in your home environment or even a complete change of residence. A settled family life may be threatened by divorce, accident, or even, on occasion, someone's death. The deepest, most internal and personal aspects of your life are no longer reliable and unchanging.

The fourth house rules the ultimate basis of your being. It is the one aspect of reality that you assume will not change and the base from which you experience life. So changes in this area are extremely upsetting. To benefit from this transit you must be willing to become more flexible and to encounter new ideas in your most personal world. The structures being challenged are those that are rigid, not ones that are still alive and vital.

Old ties with the past may be broken, which can give you a feeling that you have lost your roots. But ultimately this break may free you from old patterns and habits that have enslaved you. Later you may be able to reestablish the old roots, but you will never again be so dominated by them.

Problems and tensions that you haven't been dealing with in your personal life will probably surface now, and you will be forced to handle them. The problems can range from powerful psychological encounters with the people to whom you are most intimately connected, to repairs that are needed in your home. If your living conditions have been unsatisfactory in any way, you will probably change them now. After this change it may take a few years for your living conditions to settle down again. But when they do, you will be a lot freer than you ever were in the old situation.

At the deepest level, the transit of Uranus through your fourth house signifies deep changes in your unc mind. And since the unc mind has a powerful effect on your view of reality, your whole experience of the world will be quite different after this transit.

Transiting Uranus in the Natal 5th House

This should be quite an exciting period in your life. The preceding transit of Uranus through your natal fourth house should have revolutionized your basic approach toward life, so that now you can seek out new forms of self-expression and creative self-release.

Concretely this energy should take the form of new recreations and amusements. you will be attracted to new experiences, which will expand your c and make you more willing to experiment with life. Possibly you will have rather unusual relationships with the opposite sex. In a typically Uranian manner such relationships will revolutionize your life and break down your old rigid patterns of approach to relationships. However, do not expect such relationships to be very durable. They may last, but at first you should not expect them to.

Characteristic of Uranus in the fifth house are relationships in which the two of you are very different in age but nevertheless act as equals. This is in contrast to Saturn-ruled relationships in which one partner acts as a parent to the other. Other likely possibilities are a sudden infatuation that breaks up an existing relationship, on-and-off relationships or one with someone whom you would not normally expect to be with. A relationship that begins during this time will not easily settle down into the daily routine that most other relationships do. when faced with such a routine, it will tend to become unstable, because the excitement that characterized its early stages is one of the reasons for its existence. It has to remain in a state of continual flux to keep going.

Children are another fifth-house matter that can change or even become upset during this time. If you have children, you will not be able to take them for granted. Their development or activities will require that you pay attention and be very conscious of what is happening with them. They may be going through stages of growth that continually challenge you to adapt, or they may be unusually rebellious or difficult. Upsetting incidents may happen to them, such as illnesses or accidents, especially if any aspects in your natal chart indicate difficulties with children. On the other hand, this transit may mean that through your children you will encounter very positive, new and stimulating experiences.

If you are involved in a creative enterprise, such as arts, crafts or any type of design work, you will be better than usual at innovating and taking new approaches to your work. New media and techniques will attract you, as will fresh, new approaches to the plan and design of your work.

Like the other Uranus transits but more strongly, this transit is an opportunity to redefine yourself and to approach life with a new kind of understanding.

Transiting Uranus in the Natal 6th House

This transit indicates that you will take a new attitude toward work and form a new relationship with it. You will also seek out opportunities to become free from the excessive demands of others. Among the common manifestations of this transit are a change of job, although not usually of profession; changes within the job that give you more freedom, or a general revolt against duties and obligations in your life that you regard as oppressive. You are not especially happy with what you feel you have to do now.

The most creative response to this transit would be to make changes in the areas of your life that seem too binding and obligating. You are probably too caught up in certain patterns, so you must break free and find new kinds of work and service roles that allow you greater freedom for new experiences. Your job may have degenerated into a dull routine, or you may feel overly involved in taking care of others, with no time to yourself.

The wildly rebellious response that Uranus often calls up is probably too destructive in the long run to be made profitable. In your job the best thing to do is to look for new responsibilities that offer different challenges. If that is impossible, seek a new job. Sometimes this transit may signify that you have to learn new techniques in connection with your work. You may encounter an increasing amount of work with computers, for example, or other kinds of data processing and electronic apparatus. And if you have never worked with these machines before, that may be quite a challenge.

Whatever the challenge is, deal with it in as conscious and controlled a manner as possible. Do not simply try to repress the tension that is often associated with this transit. Sometimes people feel that there is no way to escape their duties, or they are afraid to try. So they attempt to go on as if nothing were happening. Then the Uranian energy is repressed at the c level, and is expressed physically as a strange health problem, which forces the person to alter his or her work pattern and lessen or change responsibilities. The sixth house is the house of the body's physical efficiency as well as your mental efficiency at work. If you do not make changes consciously, your body will force you to make them. Heart trouble, accidents, nerve problems, or the need for an operation are typical manifestations of the Uranian energy through your body. These can be avoided by allowing the transit to revolutionize your work and your attitudes toward duty.

Transiting Uranus in the Natal 7th House

The transit of Uranus through this house can be extremely difficult if you are involved in any close one-to-one relationships that are not working out very well. It is possible to go along with an unsatisfactory relationship for years and keep it together somehow. For example, you might be keeping a marriage going for the sake of the children or because of finances or emotional dependency. But when Uranus comes to your seventh house, it becomes extremely difficult to contend with the tensions in your relationship. Consequently this transit often coincides with a marital breakup or the end of so other partnership, such as a shaky business partnership. However, a partnership that is reasonably secure will usually weather the storm.

Even in the best relationship, this transit signifies a time to make needed changes. You may see a new relationship at this time as a way to escape from the daily routine of your old ones. That is why one manifestation of this transit can be a wild, highly improbable and usually very unstable love affair. New love is seen as an escape and a source of excitement.

Another type of problem may occur during this transit. The seventh house is also the house of open enemies, and open conflicts with others may occur much more frequently than usual. This manifestation requires that you change your strategy toward whatever has involved you in this conflict. You may become involved in disruptive legal encounters at this time.

During this period the energy of Uranus, which keeps you from falling into patterns that are ultimately destructive to life, is experienced largely through intimate encounters. If your relationships are being disrupted seemingly against your will, you are probably sending out unc signals that you are growing restive and need to break free. Other people, also unconsciously, respond to those signals, and the trouble begins.

If you see this happening and can determine what kinds of changes need to be made in your life in order to make it more alive, you will not suffer especially from the results of this transit. Indeed, the new experience that you gain will give you a greater mastery of life. If you resist change and regard it as a threat, you will only increase the violence of the Uranian energies, and you will lose a great deal. Uranus, like the other planetary energies, is not difficult if it is freely expressed. But if it is suppressed, it is likely to explode. Your relationships are trying to teach you something about life- let them.

Transiting Uranus in the Natal 8th House

During the next several years you will gradually become aware that powerful subconscious forces are operating to bring about great changes in your life. However, the changes themselves do not come about gradually but rather through sudden unexpected events of a peculiarly intense and fateful quality. Suddenly an old order in your life is passing away, and a new one is coming to be. In extreme cases, someone may die who was close to you and very much connected woth your past life. This is a signal that it is time to begin a new era of your life. Restrictions that you have imposed upon yourself or allowed others to impose upon you will become intolerable now, and you may be forced to take steps to break away from them. Because your life is changing, you don't need these restrictions anymore. What has been gradual evolution now must become a revolution.

The eighth is also the house of joint finances that you share with someone else, such as a spouse or business partner. There may be unexpected events- either up or down- in your partner's income. If your own financial situation is dependent upon your partner's, it will not be very stable now. However, sometimes the effects are more subtle, such as a sudden change in your partner's sources of income. Because this house is associated with death and with other people's money, this transit can indicate that you will receive an inheritance.

With Uranus transiting this house, it is wise to avoid becoming dependent upon anyone else's money, even through a bank. The obligations involved could become very disruptive in your life.

On the other hand, this transit can mean that you are becoming impatient with the duties and obligations involved in sharing property with someone or being in debt to someone. You may try to break away from such obligations or even avoid paying the debt. This would probably lead to considerable trouble, however, as it could bring about the most disruptive manifestations of this transit.

Many authorities look to the eighth house for matters concerned with sex. This transit can indicate a new sexual relationship quite different from any that you have ever been involved in before. However, you should not count on such a relationship to last, because the psychological changes you are going through now mean that your needs a few years from now will be quite different. Avoid long-range committments. Even relationships you are already involved in will have to change at this time.

Transiting Uranus in the Natal 9th House

During this time you will have the opportunity to greatly expand your awareness of the world and gain insights that you never could have had before. But in order for this to happen you must be willing to keep an open mind. Otherwise, you will only be upset by what Uranus reveals, because Uranus is the enemy of rigid views of the world. If you can remain flexible, this transit will simply point out new ways of seeing the world, frequently through circumstances that do not fit in with your old views. If, like most people, you have identified yourself with a particular point of view, you will feel threatened by this change and try to resist this new understanding and insight. That is the response of the social reactionary who views anything new with horror, which makes more devastating the triumph of the realization he fears.

Many events that take place now will notify you that some aspect of your thinking is wrong. This does not mean that you are invalidated, but that you have to adjust your thinking. At other times your views are not challenged by others, even though you are equally in error. At least now you are finding out what is wrong so that you can change. And if you do not resist this process, it will not be terribly difficult.

If you are in a flexible frame of mind, you will be attracted to new and stimulating ways of thinking. You may begin to study science and technology or new techniques in your work. Many people who study astrology begin under this transit. Also you may be more than usually attracted to radical and innovative solutions to social problems.

Older books often mention this as a dangerous time for traveling because sudden unexpected events, such as accidents, may result in injury. But this is not very likely. It is more likely that travel or a change of residence will revolutionize your life in some way. You may have to travel so much that it is unsettling, especially if you are normally a homebody. Accidents usually happen because some violent energy within you is inhibited and not allowed expression through your c personality. For example, you may have a strong feeling of rage at someone or at people in general, but you repress it, feeling that you must exhibit a meek, quite exterior. The negative energy, deprived of its normal outlet, turns on you and causes an accident. It takes much more than Uranus in the ninth or third house to cause an accident.

Because the ninth house has a connection with law, try to avoid legal encounters now. They may not turn out the way you want.

If you are open to new experiences, perceptions and ways of looking at the world and willing to change your views, this can be an extremely constructive transit.

Transiting Uranus in the Natal 10th House

A radical change in your professional life, a change of profession or conflict with authority figures are all possible under this transit. The way you express your identity in the world, as well as your social status, reputation and profession, will be challenged. And if any of these aspects of your life has become stale and no longer offers opportunities for new experience, there will be great changes.

One manifestation of this transit is that people over you- bosses, employers, parents, or government authorities- seem particularly repressive, and you experience a strong desire to lash out and break free from their restrictions. If indeed you are being held down unreasonably by some authority figure, you should make changes that will enable you to act more freely. However, some caution is needed, because if you act too hastily, you will encounter very repressive forces, which could cause you to lose a great deal, especially if you are reacting against some part of the government.

Very often this transit operates quite benevolently and provides you with sudden new opportunities in your work- a chance to work with new techniques or to begin a revolutionary new enterprise and take off on unbeaten paths. You may change your field of work altogether at this time. In any case your work environment must provide you with stimulation, or it will become repressive and boring. Remember that when you choose not to be consciously aware of Uranian energy, in your subconscious mind it takes the form of events that happen to you.

If you are in a highly responsible position, it may be very hard to discharge that resoponsibility. You may be tempted to throw the whole job over, to quit and start off in a new direction. That may in fact be the best response, although it is clearly not the safest. However, since it is so dangerous to repress Uranian energies, starting over may be safer than trying to ride out this transit without making needed changes. If you try to hold on to a situation when you really dont want to, because you feel a responsibility to do so, events may drive you from the position you find so difficult. This transit can signify a drastic fall from power and authority. But if this happens, it is a reflection of your inner, unexpressed reluctance to have power and authority. But if this happens, it is a reflection of your inner, unexpressed reluctance to have power and authority. This transit may also effect your social status. People sometimes experience a sudden fall from social grace, usually because of some action that their peer group considers socially unacceptable. Uranus is quite often socially unacceptable.

Examine who you are and what you are doing in the world. Make whatever changes are necessary in order to experience new life. Dont wait for lightning to strike!

Transiting Uranus in the Natal 11th House

This transit of Uranus through the natal eleventh house signifies a potential revolution in your hopes and expectations in life over the next several years. You begin to see that new and different lifestyles are possible and that you can achieve goals that you didn't even dream of when you were thinking more conservatively. Consequently you will not settle for as little as you would have earlier.

However, the eleventh house is also the house of friends and your identification with group activities. During this transit you will be attracted to new kinds of friends, people who challenge your old ways. Even people who have been your friends for years may challenge you by involving you in new experiences, some of which may be quite upseting at the time. Also it is possible that your friends will get into situations that you find upsetting.

Another frequent manifestation of this transit is the need to rebel against the group pressures you are subject to. You feel that others in your group are trying to make you into something that you are not. You feel the need to establish yourself as an individual against their pressure. If your friends are conservative, the situation is likely to be worse. As a consequence you may look for new friends who fit in better with what you want in life now.

Each of us identifies with certain groups, and our expectations are usually heavily conditioned by the groups we belong to. During this transit you will either seek new freedom through the groups you identify with, or you will rebel against their standards. Uranus has a natural affiliation with the eleventh house, because it is associated with Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus, if you are willing to be as flexible as Uranus demands.

Transiting Uranus in the Natal 12th House

The effects of this transit are quite subtle, but they are nevertheless important. Possible manifestations include sudden events that are clearly the result of past actions; unc compulsions; upsets and difficulties involving institutions; sudden disclosure of secrets and hidden things; and sudden acts by persons who had not seemed to be working against you.

All of these effects are manifestations at various levels of one basic principle- upsets, surprises and instability generated by factors that you are unaware of. Typically it is your own unc mind that is most involved here. All of these effects listed above are directly or indirectly involved with your unc mind. For example, it may seem that someone who works against you secretly is part of fate, which your unc mind cannot be responsible for, but that is not the case. Such hidden enemies, to use the traditional term, are provoked by signals that you have sent out unconsciously and by your own actions that you have not thought out.

The twelfth house rules that part of the unc mind that suppresses experiences the c mind finds difficult to deal with. The energy associated with suppressed experiences does not simply disappear, it operates subversively in every action, triggering off consequences that you find difficult to understand.

With Uranus transiting this house, these repressed elements of the mind become a source of upsets and sudden events, which can be understood only through some technique such as hypnotherapy. Matters that you are consciously aware of but have hidden from others may also become a source of problems, because Uranus can cause them to be revealed at the most inopportune moments. Anything you have hidden from others or from yourself may emerge at this time and demand to be dealt with. This is a good time for clearing up old problems that have been floating around in your unconscious mind. Now they can be handled once and for all.

Symbolically related to the hidden aspects of the twelfth house are institutions such as prisons, hospitals and asylums, where society hides those elements that people do not like to face. Just as you may have to confront some personal "skeleton" at this time, you may also encounter one of these social skeletons. With this transit you are unlikely to be in a prison, hospital or asylum, but they may suddenly enter your life in some connection.

This transit helps you prepare for the transit of Uranus over the Ascendent. If you take this opportunity to confront your hidden self, you will be able to free your whole self and to express it more completely and honestly when Uranus crosses your Ascendant.