Transiting Uranus conjunct Natal Venus

The effects of this transit are often quite spectacular. You are likely to seek new freedom and excitement through your relationships, especially those with the opposite sex. You even decide to break away from an old, steady marriage or other relationship and seek a second youth through a new affair. But this is an extreme response which is by no means inevitable, especially if your current relationship is basically sound. It is more likely that you will change your existing relationships, sexual and otherwise, so that they are more interesting and less routine. Every relationship, no matter how good, settles into behavior patterns that kill spontaneity and make you both feel that you have little to offer each other. In other words, you get bored. You can count on this transit to change the situation.

The means by which you revive and renew a relationship will vary according to your temperament. If a relationship is quite unsatisfactory and you are naturally impulsive, you may respond in the classic manner by seeking a new love affair. If you are more conservative and also happier in an existing relationship, you will go through a period of tension that will lead you to reexamine the relationship and make necessary changes. If you are married and having problems now, a marriage counselor might be helpful. You need new ideas to enliven your marriage, which an outsider might be able to provide. Some married couples create new arrangements under this transit, such as an open marriage, in which they allow relationships outside of their own. In this regard you must do what is appropriate for the two of you.

If you are not married, you may become involved in a relationship that is completely different from anything you have experienced before. However, in this case. you should be aware that the excitement and newness of such a relationship may be a large factor in making it work, and when it becomes older and more routine it might not last. But it could, for you cannot tell with Uranus on Venus! Make no permanent plans in such a relationship until after this transit is over.

Venus also rules creative art. If you are involved in an artistic activity, you will brim over with new ideas. This can be a very creative transit, although you may have to wait until it is over to integrate what you have learned into your regular techniques.

Transiting Uranus sextile Natal Venus

This transit will considerably enliven your social life and relationships. You will have opportunities for different kinds of encounters with others, and you will form new friendships and perhaps a new love interest. All of these new relationships will be different from your old ones, and all, even the love relationships, will give you and your partners more freedom. You are not inclined to be jealous and emotionally possessive under this transit, and you demand that others be equally free with you. You are seeking new kinds of experience with people, and you need to be free to have them. Your new relationships may have an unusual quality that makes them departures from the past. You may be attracted to people from a very different social background or to people who are older or younger than you; or a relationship may begin under unusual conditions.

A relationship formed at this time can be long lasting, but only if it continues to have the freedom, spontaneity and interest that attracted you in the first place. If it becomes stale and routinized, it may not hold up too well.

During this time you may also become involved in unusual social activities, doing things for entertainment that you don't normally do. And that is precisely why you want to do them. If your life is like most people's, you are seeking to break out of the routine that has dominated it, and you are trying to do this through your relationships, an area where most people quickly fall into habits. If you are willing to see it, this transit can show you the whole range of potential for experience with other people. You will have the chance to find out exactly what kind of social contacts you need, and you will be able to choose all your relationships more intelligently.

Transiting Uranus square Natal Venus

Your love life and relationships in general will be unpredictable and difficult during this transit. You may suddenly become involved in relationships that are quite different from what you would normally expect. If your relationships usually go along from day to day without much excitement, you may suddenly want one that is more exciting. You may be attracted to people who are quite different from yourself in age, class background or personality. At the same time the relationships you seek will be ones that are not binding, that allow you more freedom to come and go. This desire is not always conscious, so you may think you are looking for a stable and peaceful relationship, but instead you become involved in something unpredictable and unreliable. It is actually your own desire not to be committed that is making the relationship unstable.

A stable marriage may go through a period of readjustment now. This is a good time for releasing all the hidden tensions that have built up between you and starting atresh. An unstable marriage may break up at this time, especially if you or your partner is attracted to someone new. Domestic boredom can be very destructive under this transit.

A new relationship that comes along at this time may not prove very lasting or reliable. As long as it introduces excitement into your life, it is fine, but as soon as it becomes routine one of you will probably want out. Very often a relationship that begins under this transit represents a rebellion against your peer group standards. Pressure from your friends may be so great that maintaining the relationship is not worth putting up with the disapproval of others.

A milder manifestation of this transit is that you may begin collecting unusual and beautiful objects for your home. Or you may seek out new and different kinds of amusement. But be careful not to saddle yourself with anything that cannot stand on its own merits later on. your tastes are not following their usual pattern at this time, and what you like now you may dislike later.

Transiting Uranus trine Natal Venus

During this period your relationships will have a new feeling of freedom and excitement. You attract members of the opposite sex and experience a period of romance, flirtation, fun and social pleasure. You have an effervescent quality about you now that is extremely alluring. You are artistically motivated, emotionally vibrant and happy to be alive. You seek to enjoy, not to possess or control.

If you are not currently involved in a love relationship, this transit may very well mark the beginning of one. And it is likely to be quite different and unusual in terms of your past experience. It will be characterized by freedom, openness and self-expression on the part of both partners. You may find someone who is quite different from you in social background, ethnic group, age or interests, and it will be this very difference that attracts you. You are seeking to escape from the everyday rut through the new love, and you probably will. However, unlike the "hard" transits of Uranus to Venus (conjunction, square, opposition), with this transit the relationship might last, because the two of you will be able to build interest and excitement directly into your relationship so that it won't become stale and dull. Also you will be able to give each other enough room that you can avoid smothering each other with excessive closeness.

If you are already involved in a relationship, this is a good time to make changes so that it becomes renewed and fresh. You will learn that neither of you needs to fear the other's desire for independence and individual self-expression.

This transit also brings about friendships that possess the Uranian quality of being exciting and challenging as well as constructive. People in your sphere now are independent, advanced, spiritual or freethinking. Some of them may be younger or older than you normally associate with. Every kind of social contact, even those that are usually routine and unexciting, may provide fascinating new experiences now. Life will not be dull during this transit. You are experimental now.

Transiting Uranus quincunx Natal Venus

Transiting Uranus opposite Natal Venus

Your love life and relationships will be the sources of change in your life at this time. A loved one may become restless and begin to question the basis of your relationship. He or she may demand more freedom and ask that the relationship be changed considerably. This is not the time for you to become rigid and possessive, however. If you try to hold on now, you are likely to lose everything. A good relationship probably will not break up, but all kinds of tension will surface that you and your partner may not have dealt with before. You should allow this to happen and not try to smooth over feelings that should be expressed.

It is also possible that you may be the one who becomes restless and demands a change in the relationship. You may begin to feel that it has become boring, so you seek out a new relationship that will provide the excitement that you feel is lacking. Under the influence of this transit, people often form relationships that would seem highly improbable to themselves and others under certain circumstances. You may form a relationship with someone who is very different in age, background or culture or with someone who is already committed to another. Often a relationship begins between two people who cannot really get together, as exemplified by a young woman falling in love with a married man who has no real intention of leaving his wife.

The problem is that there is a real ambiguity in your mind about yourself and your relationships. You want to be close to people and to be free at the same time. Consequently you will be attracted to relationships that either express your desire for freedom or that are impossible to consummate, as described above. For this reason you should not expect any relationship formed under this transit to last very long. It could last, but you should not expect it. This is a good time to enjoy the present. Don't live in the future!

It would be much better to use the energy of this transit to redefine and change your existing relationships, if they have anything at all to offer, so that they are a more complete expression of yourself and your loved ones. The best relationships are those to which the compromises that you make do not require you to become a different person.

If you are working in a creative art form, this will be a tremendously stimulating period. You may not get much actual work done, but you will be exposed to new ideas and techniques, which later you will be able to integrate into your overall technique.