Transiting Uranus conjunct Natal Saturn

At this time in your life, structures you thought were dependable and permanent will be threatened by sudden events. It is often a time of great tension and sudden releases of tension. This is a powerful combination because the nature of Saturn is radically different from that of Uranus, and the two together almost always represent a serious conflict of principles.

Saturn represents your reality structure, those aspects of existence that you believe to be truly real, unchanging, material and definite. It represents the inevitable circumstances of life that must be accepted by anyone who claims to be realistic. Uranus contradicts this structure by causing sudden change in areas that you don't expect to change. And the more definite you think your situation is, the more rigid and inflexible your idea of reality, the more shocking your experience of this transit is likely to be.

Usually tension has been building up for many years in several areas of your life. These tensions are most commonly the result of the little compromises that we all make between what we want out of life and what we feel we can get. But some of these compromises may violate your inner integrity even though you don't realize it. Subconsciously you are aware of it, however, and a force for change begins to operate that eventually will try to overthrow the limiting aspects of your life. It begins to surface as an unbearable tension between your desire to be free of restrictions and your fear of insecurity and change.

Eventually you get to the point that something has to give, which happens suddenly. People usually respond to this transit with sudden actions that surprise others because they happen without warning and are apparently unpremeditated. You may break off an unsatisfactory relationship, marriage or business partnership, leave a job that has become oppressive or suddenly break away from something else that has become a burden.

Ultimately, no matter how disruptive this transit seems, it is a force for good, because it clears away those build-up structures that had been holding you back. You must be willing to let go of those aspects of your life that Uranus has disrupted and not suppress this energy for change. Suppressing it can lead to tension-related diseases, such as colitis, ulcers or even heart and cardiovascular problems. At the very least you will be subject to extreme and uncomfortable tension.

Transiting Uranus sextile Natal Saturn

During this transit you have the opportunity to make creative changes through a system. It can be any kind of system, such as your work, the government or other aspect aspects of the social system, or it can be the "systems" you have created in your personal world with your friends, family and loved ones. At other times you may feel that the system you are involved with gets in the way of your individual freedom and self-expression. But now the rules of the game afford you the chance to make whatever changes are necessary for your own personal growth.

In your work, this is an extremely favorable transit because your superiors will be impressed by your innovative ideas. You may be rewarded with a higher position in that particular system. Both at work and in your life generally you are unusually willing to learn new techniques, and you have the discipline to master them.

You will work for change in the organizations you deal with, but you will not be satisfied with airy schemes that have little practical value. Instead you will try to achieve a carefully thought-out, rigorously planned course of action. Others will have no doubt about how your plans are to work. Consequently there is potential for much solid achievement under this transit.

All structures in your life serve two purposes. First, they eliminate chaos from your perception of the world so that you can deal with it more easily. But these structures also present a constant challenge to grow and change within them. If you do not accept the challenge, the structures in your life can become extremely limiting and deadening. Eventually this results in a crisis situation in which you must either strike out or die psychologically, if not literally. These crisis situations are symbolized by the hard angle transits of Uranus to Saturn. But the sextile transit gives you the chance to make creative changes under relatively favorable conditions so that structures in your life do not become stifling. You should use this opportunity to ensure that you can always work within the structures of your life.

Transiting Uranus square Natal Saturn

This is a time of considerable testing. Events will challenge your sense of order, discipline and duty, as well as your notions about the world. You may encounter disruptions that make you wonder whether you really understand what is going on around you. You may be forced to revise some of your ideas, although any valid beliefs will survive this transit without difficulty.

Restrictions that you have accepted but that have no real purpose in your overall individual growth may become unbearable at this time. For example, if you are putting up with a bad relationship for the sake of emotional or financial security, you may find that the tensions have become too great. You will experience a sudden desire to break free at all costs, even if it means violating your own standards of behavior. Your actions will surprise others who have believed the outward appearance that everything was all right. They will not expect your actions.

In your professional situations you may have greater difficulty than usual in getting along with your employers. If the tension becomes too great, you may want to change jobs. But you should make such a change only after carefully considering what your present job has to do with your real purpose in life. You should think just as carefully before deciding whether or not to leave a relationship.

The purpose of this transit is not to overthrow everything that you consider important in life, but it does force you to examine the factors that are causing you to fall short of your potentials. In accepting these limitations you have settled for less than you deserve or need.

As the conflict builds up between your desire to break free and the normal desire for order in your life, the physical tension may become quite intense. It is very important that you are able to communicate with someone in order to help release the tension, because it can be quite damaging to your body. This transit does not usually cause but it will worsen such conditions as heart disease, ulcers and other diseases related to tension.

Transiting Uranus trine Natal Saturn

At this time in your life, discipline, order and responsibility can lead you to understanding and freedom. You will learn to understand and respect your limitations and work with them so that they are no longer so limiting. Everyone has limitations, but they can be used in a positive way and actually become tools for managing your life. With this transit, you can combine imagination and creativity with the wisdom and experience you have already accumulated throughout life.

Your approach to life is very methodical and thorough and efficient, but you are not satisfied with the status quo. At this time you will seek out innovative solutions, taking a very definite course of action to achieve what you want. Not satisfied with abstract formulations of principles, you want to know exactly how to do something, so that you can immediately get to the task. Therefore this is an excellent transit for studying any difficult but practical technique.

You bring originality, vigor, freshness and spirit to worldly goals and ambitions. This is a good time for learning new ways to advance in your profession, because you are open-minded, flexible and willing to take well thought out risks. Out of stability and security, you welcome new opportunities that may unexpectedly arise. You may appear ambitious, but you are really working carefully to expand your world and avoid undue limitations on your life. Whatever your motivation, you know how to deal with persons in power and you will win favor from your superiors, because they can see that you have balanced hard work and discipline on one hand with innovation and originality on the other. For this reason you may get a promotion that will bring you greater power and authority as your leadership ability surfaces. And even if you achieve a new position, you are not likely to cease working for change within the system that you are part of. You will continue for some time, and perhaps always, to work for reform and new ways of doing things, but always in the practical manner that got you there in the first place.

In short, this transit brings a feeling of freedom in the midst of disciplined, responsible activities. You can maintain your individuality within the boundaries of the established system.

Transiting Uranus quincunx Natal Saturn

Transiting Uranus opposite Natal Saturn

During this transit the structures that you have built up in your life will more than ever be challenged by circumstances. Areas of your life that you think are reliable and dependable may cease to be, and you will be forced to make a lot of changes. It is likely that you will feel a strong sense of uneasiness, because you don't know quite what to expect next.

What is happening is that all the hidden tensions in your world are being released. They may be released in a relationship, even to the point that one of you suddenly breaks it off, or in business, where a problem suddenly surfaces between you and your employer, or even in your body, where tensions that may have long been hidden and ignored cause serious nervous problems.

Saturn in your horoscope tells a great deal about the way you experience reality. Although you may not like everything about your life, the Saturn element of your consciousness says that basically you understand what it is all about. But when a Uranus transit such as this one comes along, you discover that you don't know what you thought you knew. Uranus reveals aspects of life that you haven't considered at all, usually by creating a sudden event that does not fit into the pattern of your life. This is happening now, largely through encounters with others in close relationships or with enemies.

The physical tension that this transit can give rise to is one of its more difficult manifestations. The tension can become so great that you develop a psychosomatic illness such as colitis or ulcers or simply a bad case of nerves. To avoid this, try to get in touch with the problem that is causing the tension and release it. You are much better off in many respects if the manifestations of this transit are not in your body but in the outer world, because there you can deal with the source of the tensions. Bodily tension is only a response to the tensions you feel in dealing with the outer world.

But you are not being "hurt" pointlessly. Like all Uranus transits, this one is letting you know that you don't have all the answers about reality and that there is still room to grow. look at the situation that way and assimilate what you are shown. The more you resist and try to deny what happens now, the more difficult this transit will be.