Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Sun

This transit can bring both fulfillment and difficulty. Roughly 14 years ago, when transiting Saturn opposed your Sun, you went through a period of adversity and low vitality. But at the same time you made new beginnings, which are having results now. These efforts will either reach a climax and be successful, or you will realize that they have failed. In any case this is a time of tremendous responsibility and hard work, either to guarantee the successful conclusion of your old projects and endeavors or to salvage the best from the failures.

In those areas of your life that you have handled successfully- your job, your domestic life, or whatever- the responsibility of bringing your activities to a successful climax will limit your freedom of movement. Even if you know that events are turning out as you want, you may feel restless under the burdens. Try to be patient and concentrate wholly upon the tasks at hand.

Do not take on any new projects at this time that are not directly connected to what you are already doing. The additional responsibility could be too much for you and could cause health problems, especially with your heart and circulatory system. When you have successfully completed all your current projects, you may start new ones. This is a time of perseverance, hard work and heavy responsibility, and there is great potential for reward.

Those areas of your life that have not worked out as expected should not be regarded as complete failures. Several years ago when you embarked on these projects, you may not have understood as much as you understand now. This transit will make you aware of this fact. Don't start out on a new course until you have cleared up whatever has not worked out. Otherwise you will only work hard to no avail and cause possible damage to your health. This can be a time of personal and professional defeats.

The energy of Saturn holds back the energy of the Sun, which is your basic life energy. Saturn confines and restricts it so that you can only do certain things. As a result, you may feel cut off from others and lonely, but do not be too concerned about this. Even if this transit coincides with the breaking up of a relationship, which it may, it means that the relationship itself is distracting you from the matters that you must attend to now. This is a time for concentrating energy, not scattering it.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Sun

This transit will present many opportunities for achievement. At this time you will be able to strengthen many areas of your life so that they can withstand adversity later. But you have to take control of this moment. Nothing will be given to you without some effort on your part. You will have to exercise considerable care and responsibility and pay attention to what others require of you and the commitments you have made to them. This is not a "lucky" transit in the ordinary sense of the word, but it can be exceedingly fortunate for you, if you work hard to make it so.

This transit is very strongly related to one of two other periods in your life - either the last opposition of Saturn to your natal Sun, nine or ten years ago, or the last conjunction, four or five years ago. In either case, the activities that you began at that time have overcome their initial crises and now are running very smoothly. You are in a position to achieve many of the goals that you set for yourself then, if you work at it.

Recognition by others, particularly persons in authority over you, may come now. Do everything in your power to be worthy of that recognition, for it will help you later on. At this time you have more patience and perseverance than usual. You are able to work in a disciplined and careful manner and make your work enduring. This is an excellent time to tackle difficult and demanding projects.

Even your health is better than usual, but that does not mean, of course, that you should abuse it. Instead, you should be building up your strength. In the not-to-distant future you will need your good health, so don't waste it now. In general this is a time of successful preparation for climaxes and periods of crisis to come. How well you are able to deal with the future depends largely upon what you do now.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Sun

This transit represents a time of critical developments. Various factors in the outside world will challenge you strongly, and it may seem difficult to maintain your freedom of action in whatever you are trying to do.

You may feel unusually discouraged at this time, because your vitality is at a low point. It may be best not to struggle too hard against any adversity that comes into your life now. Patience and perseverance will carry you through until your energy level is up again.

Authority figures, such as employers, government officials or parents, may prove difficult to deal with. You may find that they are not receptive to your plans or suggestions, that they resist your efforts. It is advisable to work patiently to bring them around to your point of view. Don't withdraw from the confrontation, but don't fight blindly. That would guarantee defeat.

This period of your life is directly linked to a time seven years ago, a time of new beginnings for you. The projects you began then are encountering their first major crises now. This transit is made especially difficult by the fact that many of these projects have been going quite well, and the current difficulties seem totally unexpected.

However, this is a period of trial, which will demonstrate whether or not those new beginnings were valid. Anything invalid is likely to fall by the wayside. You will probably regard it as a failure. But you may not be aware right away that this is happening, especially if you are not paying close attention. If you try to save something that isn't worth saving, you may be able to fool yourself into thinking that it is working out, but only until Saturn opposes your Sun, seven years from now. Then the consequences will become devastatingly clear. You would be well advised to cut the losses you are experiencing now as soon as you realize that they are losses. Concentrate on the successful areas of your life so that you can bring them to a successful climax at the end of that same seven year period.

Your ambitions may be thwarted now, but be patient and make sure you are on the right course. If you are, this transit will be a trial rather than a defeat. Even if it is a defeat, you can still accomplish a great deal by transferring your energies to more productive areas.

One final comment. This transit can be very important to your health. One sign of inappropriate activity is bad health. Even at best, you are not at your most vigorous under this transit. If you are not careful, you could undergo a serious health break-down, particularly in the cardiovascular system. Try to make changes in your life that will help your health.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Sun

At this time the circumstances of your life and your own inner energies are working quite well together. But this transit will not seem especially lucky; rather your life as a whole will run smoothly, and whatever you do will come out well. Without any special sense of effort, you are actually able to make significant progress and get a great deal done. Take advantage of this and accomplish as much as possible. If an opportunity arises for further training to expand the range of your experience, take it, because you will build up a bulwark against possible adversity later on. The more you accomplish at this time, the easier it will be to live up to demands that will be made upon you a few years from now.

Like the sextile transit of Saturn to your Sun, the trine is a time of preparation for the climaxes that come at the opposition and conjunction transits. Therefore you should use this period to make your world strong and secure against difficulties. Either you are laying the framework for success that will come in nine to ten years, or you are capitalizing on some earlier success. That phase of activity will end about four or five years from now. Either way, you shouldn't waste this time. Saturn, even with the trine aspect, always demands that you live up to obligations and responsibilities and very seldom gives you something for nothing, as the other planets often do.

Like the sextile transit, the trine is a good time for building up your physical strength rather than wasting it. if you waste your energy now, it wont mean immediate trouble, but in a few years, when you need strength and energy, you may not have it.

This is a good time to win recognition from others for your achievements. Employers or others with whom you work will be impressed with your diligence. And you should strive to impress them, because in a few years your goals will be challenged, but if you have convinced others that you are worthwhile, you will overcome those obstacles more easily.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Sun

You will have opportunities to shine this year, but not without jumping through a few hoops or paying your dues. You may have to deal with some pressures or restrictions or sternness you feel from your family.

Some restrictions are a result of self doubt or playing small, others are a reflection of practical matters which must be handled before you can move forward. You are learning to discern between realistic and unnecessary limitations. You are also learning how to thrive as an individual in spite of limiting factors.

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Sun

This may be a very discouraging time, especially if your Sun is severely afflicted at birth. Your vital energies are at a 29 year low, and you may feel quite incapable of dealing with the adversities that often accompany this transit. You will almost definitely feel restricted by outer circumstances, while feeling heavy internal pressure, frustration and inhibition. This is a tedious time of burdensome responsibilities, testing of character and hard work. You will have the opportunity to exhibit patience, perseverance and endurance, perhaps as never before.

Adversities may come from a number of sources. First of all, you may feel physically tired, as if the burdens of your life are too much for you. Quite commonly during this transit people feel old, even if they are in fact young, and there is a profound sense of world-weariness. Avoid excessive strains on your health, because that can lead to a major health breakdown, particularly if you are older. Beware particularly of difficulties in the spine, lower back, bones, teeth or heart. Get as much rest as possible and conserve your energies. You will have plenty of opportunities to use them later, despite your feelings at the moment. Beware of guilt.

Your ambitions may be thwarted by circumstances or by other people, or delayed. Activities with the government are unfavorable. Employers and other persons in authority may oppose your plans in several areas. Even though you and your associates have the best intentions for your future, something seems to block you. This is not usually a good time for successfully attaining your goals and you may receive criticism or disapproval. This is clearly not a time to seek promotions, except in the rare case, that for some reason, you have held yourself back from a higher position which you could have accepted earlier.

One may typically be called to task for childish or immature behavior. You may experience obstacles and dilemmas with your father. He may act strict and severe, or his health may decline.

A woman may have difficulties with her husband with this transit. Anyone can find themselves caught in a bad marriage or love affair that limits self-expression. Quite frequently this transit brings such relationships to an end.

This transit is best dealt with by understanding that it is part of a natural cycle in your life. Nothing is gained by fighting it; instead you must learn to flow with it. This transit is the end of a 29 year cycle in which you have put energy out into the world and built up important structures in your life. From them will come the foundations of a new cycle. This transit represents a period of endings, which will be followed by new beginnings. The problem is to avoid being discouraged and frustrated by the endings. And don't expect new endeavors to bear fruit for quite some time - they will build up to new peaks of achievement in about 14 years, when Saturn conjoins your Sun. There will be a time of significant trial in about seven years when Saturn squares your Sun, as your new projects are tested to see if they are of real value in your life. Don't focus so much on flaws or weaknesses that you lose your perspective. Remember that you do have strengths and talents and self-worth.

If you hang on and are patient, opportunities will soon return for success and achievement. But don't try to strike out right now, for you would not be likely to succeed, and you would only have to start over again. Your life is changing very rapidly, and it will be difficult to anticipate exactly what course it will take from here on.

Perceive this transit this transit not as karmic retribution or the wrath of God, but simply as a maturing period of readjustment and an opportunity to remove yourself from inappropriate or harmful circumstances, and to relinquish unhealthy behavioral patterns. Remain as flexible as possible and open to change. It is a time of owning up to one's real desires and letting go of superfluous activities. It is also a time to excel in anything that requires austerity and discipline.