Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Saturn

This is one of the most important times in your life. A major cycle of experience is closing, and great changes are about to take place. How great these changes are depends largely on what you have been doing with your life over the past several years. Have you been living as you feel you should or as you think others want you to? If you have been doing the latter, Saturn will have a great impact.

The Saturn Return occurs about every 29 years. The first such transit occurs when you are about 29, and the second between the ages of 58 and 60.

In the year before this transit, many aspects of your life have begun to change. Relationships have changed or ended, and you may have changed your residence or your job; you have been dominated by an urgent feeling that if you don't do everything you have always wanted to do or felt that you should, you will never have another chance. Whether you are 29 or 58, you will feel that a substantial portion of your life has passed and that you had better get on with making it all work. If your marriage is unsatisfactory but you have been making the best of it, you will examine that relationship even more thoroughly now and may decide to end it. Certainly you will have to change it substantially. The same is true of any other aspect of your life that you have tolerated but not found very rewarding.

Consciously or unconsciously, you are pruning your life of everything that is not relevant to what you really are as a human being. If this process is not happening consciously, you may experience a sense of loss for the elements of your life that are coming to an end now. However, do not dwell upon these upon these losses, for they are necessary in order to clear the decks for the major period of action in your life. If this is your first return of Saturn, particularly, you should roll with the punch and voluntarily let go of these elements. If you try to hold on, you may be somewhat successful, but 29 years from now your second Saturn return will be much more difficult. Then you will be more firmly established on paths that are inappropriate for you. if this is your second return, you are faced with the need to make radical changes. However difficult this may be, make the changes. Your later years will be much better if you do.

This is a time of endings and new beginnings. If you have built your life up to now around activities that are inappropriate for you, it will be a period of crisis. If you have been doing what you should in previous years, this transit will simply mark a time of solidification and the beginning of new phases of activity. It is this transit that makes people over thirty different from those under thirty because the Saturn return is one of the most maturing of all transits.

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Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Saturn

This is a time of equilibrium and balance in your life, because now you have a pretty good idea of how to handle your own world. Events will run along more or less easily during this transit. But it is important to note that it will not necessarily be an especially happy or peaceful time. Our lives are directed by our own demands much more than we realize, but very often those demands are unconscious. We would often be horrified if we knew what we are really trying to do. We try to protect ourselves and what we feel belongs to us from "threats" that often are not real threats according to adult criteria. Yet we structure our world according to them. The sextile transit only guarantees that you will be successful in patterning your world. If you are very unhappy at this time, you had best get in touch with what you are really doing.

This transit can be a time when you are successfully approaching your main conscious goals in life. Or it can be a time when you are being run largely by unconscious "programs," as if you were a computer. Usually you will experience a little of both of these effects. However, in the long run the positive possibilities are more useful to know about. Concerning the negative side of this transit, suffice it to say that the difficult and unsatisfactory aspects of your life that you are experiencing now require you to look into yourself more closely.

The sextile of transiting Saturn to natal Saturn represents a time of moving forward to achieve goals, whether they are material or spiritual. This transit will relate to one or the other at different times in your life. Certain changes that occurred in your professional life several years ago, when Saturn either last squared or conjoined Saturn, have now reached the point of becoming part of your new self. You can use these new aspects of yourself effectively.

At this time you are particularly good at working with other people. You are able to see your individuality and differentness in a way that makes it possible for you to work with others in a complimentary way so that neither you nor they feel competitive. You can work just as well with people who are above you and with those at your own level.

You approach your own goals methodically and practically, for you are not particularly idealistic at this point. You are much more concerned about how to achieve what you want in concrete practical terms. Use this time well, for like all sextile transits, it gives you the opportunity to lay a foundation that will protect you in the future.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Saturn

This transit is a critical period in which several aspects of your life and experience will be tested, especially those that began to be important about seven years ago. Most often this transit is experienced as a sort of identity crisis in which you begin to question what you are doing. You may suffer a crisis of confidence at this time, fearing that you have made the wrong moves in life or committed yourself to some course of action that will not be good in the long run. During this period you will think about and question all the long-term trends in your life. You will not be thinking about trivial matters.

Sometimes a particular event triggers off this period of soul-searching. Others may create difficulties for you, especially in your business or professional area. Perhaps they detect the first signs of insecurity that will afflict you during this period. If they are people who naturally compete with you, they may try to take advantage of your apparent weakness. Employers and other superiors may also sense your feelings of insecurity and wonder whether you are the right person for the job you are doing.

You must recognize that some aspects of your life need to be questioned at this time. But don't stand in one spot quivering about your life. Examine it and make whatever changes are possible and seem appropriate. Any project you started seven years ago or any new aspect of yourself that first surfaced then that is truly worth continuing will still be worthwhile after this transit. This is a time of testing, and anything that withstands the test will be better for it. Things that do not pass the test are well gotten rid of. Shortly you will enter a period of stability and fruitfulness that will justify the events that take place now. In fact, if you are truly conscious of your life and your objectives, you will not undergo a real crisis at all. You will only go through a period of examining what is working and what is not. Your difficulties with the outer world at this time are signals about what you should be doing.

Because Saturn has so much to do with your sense of yourself and how you are different from other people, this transit is very likely to affect relationships. Saturn transits generally make one feel like separating from others, so some relationships may end at this time. Here again examine, appraise and make adjustments where necessary. Do not condemn yourself and feel guilty about your shortcomings. Action speaks louder than suffering!

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Saturn

At this time you can reach a stable understanding of what you are, and you can take control of your world and prepare to achieve your goals in life. This is primarily a time of preparation; you will not necessarily reach your goals now. But the base you lay down now will be very important.

At this time you can incorporate into yourself the fruits of previous successes, look them over and appreciate them for what they were. The key idea is that you are in a position to understand your life and therefore better able to be in conscious control of it. This is not merely an intellectual understanding, it is born of experience. You have lived through certain things, and now you can proceed on the basis of that understanding.

Your business or professional life will run smoothly at this time. Employers and superiors appreciate your calm, controlled way of handling your work, and they can see the results of your past experience. Relationships, which reflect what you are, are also more stable at this time because of your own inner stability.

Your outlook on life has also reached a point of equilibrium. You have a good understanding of how you look at life, and it works well enough that you may not question it very much. But the problem is that this is not a time of testing, so you don't know how well your ideas will stand up to future crises. You only know how well they withstood past tests. But the future is always different, and what happens in the future depends upon what is true at that time. Therefore you must keep your mind open and flexible. You only know what you know, and that is not everything. Continue to examine yourself and see what could be improved. Even if your life is satisfactory now, it may not always be. It helps to have a contingency plan for those times when Saturn either squares or opposes its own position.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Saturn

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Saturn

Your reaction to this transit depends a great deal upon how you have handled your life during the past several years. 14 years ago, when Saturn last conjoined your natal Saturn, you made a series of new beginnings and entered a new phase of awareness about life. You may have changed jobs or even entered an entirely new field of work. Old relationships may have broken up and new ones begun. If things went well for you, you probably had a feeling that now you were on the right path.

Seven years ago, those new beginnings encountered their first period of trial, which, whether or not you were aware of it, tested the strength and validity of what you had been doing. This took place during the last square of Saturn to your natal Saturn. If you did not clear away the structures and patterns in your life that were working badly then, this transit will be quite difficult. The old failures that you have not handled properly in the last several years will make your life exceedingly difficult now. However, everything that you have handled well will reach a culmination and prove more fruitful than ever before. This is the high-water mark of the Saturn-Saturn cycle.

In your work you may reach a peak of success, which will be accompanied by increased responsibility. In that case you will work extremely hard but very successfully. On the other hand, you may receive abundant evidence that you are working in the wrong area altogether. This would be manifested by extreme difficulties in your work situation, such as finding your efforts blocked by coworkers or superiors. If your superiors disapprove of your performance, you should completely reevaluate your work. Even if you are doing good work, this may be a signal that the job is inadequate from your point of view. This should not be an occasion for self-doubt and despair. Rest assured that you are supposed to be doing something else. Invest your energy in finding what that is, for the situation is not hopeless.

In a similar way, relationships that were not straightened out several years ago during the last square will also prove very difficult at this time and may very well break up completely.

If your affairs are working out positively, this transit represents a material peak in your life. The structures you were going to build in this Saturn cycle have been built. By this time you have made the impact upon others that you were supposed to make. It is as if you have said to the world, "Here is what I am." Now, during the next 14 years, the world will reply, "And here are the consequences of what you are."

If your experience of this transit has not been successful, during the next 14 years you will gather your resources for the next try, beginning at the next conjunction of Saturn with your natal Saturn. However, there can be productive periods during the time if you can clear out whatever isn't working now.