Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Moon

During this transit you will need to engage in deep introspection, self-examination and self-criticism. Quite possibly you will feel lonely and depressed. The way in which you handle this transit will have important consequences later for your physical and psychological well-being.

Saturn represents your notion of reality and how you fit into it. It strongly affects your sense of who you are as distinct from other people. It also represents an ideal of perfect orderliness, righteousness and sternness. When you compare yourself to your Saturnine ideal, you become extremely self-critical and self-demanding. If you do not live up to the demands of your ideals, your confidence will suffer and you will feel a sense of weakness, defeat and inferiority.

The Moon, on the other hand, represents your need for emotional nurturing, for belonging to a larger whole and for compassion and understanding, as well as your ability to give these to others. The strict justice of Saturn does not blend well with the need to be human, as signified by the Moon. This is the great danger of this transit. You may very well weigh yourself in the balance and find that you are wanting. You become too self-critical and even self-destructive. Feelings of guilt are characteristic of this transit. Often you have the feeling that your emotions have completely dried up.

Do not let self-questioning lead to self-doubt, and don't let your human feelings and emotions become subordinated to the too-exacting demands of Saturn. If you do, you will be creating distance between yourself and others, which may lead to further self-questioning and doubt, a vicious circle.

This is a good time for self-searching, so long as you are not judgmental. It doesn't matter whether you are good or bad according to the Saturnine ideal. The real question is what you are. This transit can help you find out. If you proceed from this point of view, it can be a very constructive time, even though it is commonly experienced as painful.

During this transit you may withdraw from others, have difficulty in relationships (especially with women), experience depression and feel quite inferior to life's demands. The best way to deal with this is not to take it all so seriously. Your perspective is warped, so that small maters seem too important. Do not make final decisions about your emotional life now. Wait until you can see more clearly what you have learned from this transit.

If you have recently broken off a relationship, it may be best to leave it that way. Do not make a real effort to put it back together until this time is over.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Moon

This transit gives you a sense of discipline and self-control, which will make it easier to deal with the emotionally complicated issues in your life that you normally avoid. At this time you can deal with difficult relationships that you could not handle in the past with proper detachment and objectivity. You can reflect upon your feelings and examine them without letting them control you. Make whatever changes should be made in your personal life with confidence that you are seeing the truth clearly.

The Moon rules your past and what you have gotten from it, while Saturn rules the patterns that you are building into your life now. Consequently this transit enables you to build constructively upon your past and to embody its best teachings into your current life. Anything you do at this time must have a strong connection with your past life. This is not the time to make a radical break with tradition.

A related effect is that during this time family matters may become very important to you, especially matters concerning one or both of your parents. Here again the self-control that this transit confers will ensure that your family interactions are constructive. You are in better control than usual of your unconscious attitudes and the behavior generated by them, especially as regards family and loved ones.

However, along with all of this is the need to be aware of what you are doing, which is relatively easy with this transit. But if you take a passive attitude and simply let things slide by you with no effort on your part, the old patterns in your life will take over, and little progress will be made. This transit is an opportunity to take conscious control in your life. Nothing will force you to do so if you don't want to, but you would lose an excellent opportunity.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Moon

This transit can be quite a difficult time for your personal and domestic life. On the psychological level you may feel lonely and isolated from others. you may feel depressed and undeserving of love. Sometimes remembered past actions make you feel guilty that you have not lived up to your own expectations.

Externally this transit can create difficulties in personal relationships, especially with women, because your emotional communication seems to be cut off. Your job may make demands that conflict with your domestic responsibilities, so that you are forced to neglect one or the other. your parents may be a source of concern at this time.

Saturn represents the structure and formation of your ego, your sense of individuality and uniqueness, while the moon represents your need for connections and roots. The conflict at this time is between aspects of these two principles. Somehow it is difficult to be yourself and do what you must, to maintain your relationships and get much needed emotional support and reinforcement from your loved ones.

These elements of your life are not truly in conflict, for they are complementary principles that need to be properly balanced with each other. the problem is that one has gotten out of control at the expense of the other, so a time of readjustment is at hand. Usually it is the Saturnian element that has gotten out of control, and the Lunar principle that has suffered. This situation is the underlying cause of the loneliness and depression that often accompany this transit.

You may have to make important changes in your life priorities. You may have to de-emphasize your work in favor of your emotional and personal life, or you may have to break off a relationship that has interfered unnecessarily with your work. In either case, you must restore the balance between these two aspects of your life so that your life will run smoothly again.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Moon

This transit indicates a time of equilibrium in your life, when the demands of the world are in balance with your emotional needs. Emotional maturity and past experiences have prepared you for this, and now you can put your understanding to work to make your life run more smoothly. Tensions that in the past have seemed to pull you in opposite directions are now working in balance and harmony.

At this time your emotional attitude is sober. Your mental state is relatively quiet, and you can see objectively what is true for you, what your needs are and how much you can give and get from others. Your domestic life and your work reinforce each other, and you are able to attend to both without sacrificing either.

Now is a good time to take care of any business matters concerning your home and personal life, such as buying or selling real estate, making home repairs, reorganizing your finances and making provisions for the future. On both the psychological and material levels you are unusually well organized, and your plans should work out successfully.

Older people, especially women, may give you great insight and understanding. Your own emotional attitudes are "older" at this time, and you are in a better position to take advantage of the insights of age, both your own and other people's. The counsel of such people will benefit you tremendously.

Now is a good time to plan for the future in all areas of your life, because you are neither foolishly optimistic nor excessively conservative. You can adopt a very careful and pragmatic attitude and see what needs to be done. Your plans will be built upon reality without neglecting your real needs.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Moon

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Moon

This is one of the most emotionally trying transits. It is frequently associated with domestic or professional problems, emotional depression, loneliness, difficulties with women and difficulties with personal relationships, often leading to breakups.

This transit represents an "alienation crisis," that is, a crisis brought about by the discovery that you have been neglecting your emotional and psychological needs. As a result you feel alone and disconnected from others, like an alien in the world whom no one else can ever adequately understand.

To a greater or lesser extent, everyone's life revolves around an overall task or purpose that makes one's life unique. The purpose may be a job, motherhood, fatherhood, some movement that you believe in or anything else that gives you a sense of purpose. This aspect of your life is strongly connected with Saturn. The Moon represents your emotional needs, which you have to fulfill in pursuing your life purpose.

Often an alienation crisis occurs when you discover that you have gone too far too fast in pursuit of your life purpose and have neglected your psychological and emotional needs. Perhaps you have neglected your relationships or your domestic life, or you have repressed your feelings. In this way you build up a wall between yourself and others, which makes you feel alone and alienated.

This problem has arisen because you think of the Saturnine and Lunar aspects of your life as being in conflict. Consequently you neglect the one that you consider less important. Then, when unexpected new demands come from the other element, your whole sense of order is upset and disoriented.

You have to learn that these two aspects of your life are necessary to each other. You must make your personal life and your profession or other central purpose work together. That will require changing your lifestyle so that you can pay equal attention to both.