Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Midheaven

This is the time when all your past preparations for the future will have their most important consequences. This transit represents an important life pinnacle for you, but it also entails very important duties and responsibilities.

About 14 years ago, you began a new cycle of personal development. During this entire period you have laid the framework for what will happen now. If you are relatively young, that is, under 40, during this transit, this is the first of two or three such cycles in your life; the later ones will be more significant. If you are older, this is one of the most important times in your life. It is almost as if you have been climbing a mountain for many years, and now the peak is in sight.

As you approach this culmination of years of effort and ambition, it is very important to review just what you have been trying to achieve and how you have been going about it. The more solidly you have laid the foundations for your success, the greater your capability for achievement at this time.

But if you have taken shortcuts anywhere or broken the rules of the game you are playing, you will have trouble in those areas of your life. President Nixon fell from power as a result of actions taken at this time and in the years previous. The Watergate break-in occurred within days of Saturn's transit over his Midheaven.

The areas of your life that you have prepared carefully will become tremendously productive now. Your opportunities are at a peak for achievement and for additional responsibility and power in your work and in your personal life. This period will continue for several years. People will look to you for leadership, whether you want it or not.

The period of the immediate transit may seem rather difficult, because the responsibilities it signifies may come on rather suddenly, and you will need some time to adjust to them. Do not try to avoid responsibility, however, because that could bring about serious problems over the next several years and could lead to a time of defeat and self-doubt in both your personal and professional life.

If your preparation for this period of your life has been sloppy or full of shortcuts, or if you try to avoid its increased responsibilities, you run the risk of losing everything, even in the areas where you have prepared well and have taken responsibility.

Your task now is to take responsibility for your past and your present and, no matter how difficult it may seem, to persist at your tasks and keep moving forward. You will get used to the responsibility and enjoy one of the most productive times in your life.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Midheaven

During this transit you will work to establish yourself more solidly in the eyes of the world, your community and your friends. It is often a time of professional advancement, frequently aided by the favor of people in positions above you.

Inwardly, you are able to arrive at a clearer idea of who you are now and how you measure up to your own expectations and those of the community. Your goals and expectations may be set rather high at this time, so you should be careful not to set yourself a task that is beyond you, or worse, one that you don't really want to undertake. Under this transit you are more powerfully influenced by your early conditioning about duty, responsibility and obligation toward others, and therefore you are quite likely to pursue a course of action to fulfill what you think others expect of you, rather than one that is appropriate to you.

This time is usually marked by cautious action. You are just getting the feel of managing your life, and you do not want to upset everything now. You are anxious for material achievements that others can recognize and that you can point to as if to say, "This is what I have accomplished."

During this transit you work best by yourself, but you are conscious of how your work fits into a larger scheme involving other people. It is just that you prefer not to manage others as well as yourself at this time.

Nevertheless, you pursue your objectives with unflagging zeal and energy. It is not likely that you will make any significant changes in your goals now. This should be a time of accomplishment, if you put enough energy into the task, and if you are like most people, you will. But you should realize that this transit will not drive the unwilling person to work. You have to choose to do so or waste a valuable opportunity.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Midheaven

This is a challenging time in your life. You will have to make many choices about what areas of your life to emphasize. Will you work to build up a new career or continue to build upon a current one? Will you work to make your personal life as satisfying as possible? Will you work collectively with many other people or by yourself?

Often there is an "alienation crisis" with this transit, a sudden feeling of being cut off from everyone else, as if you had spent too much energy pursuing purely personal goals. This in turn generates loneliness and a feeling of being distant from others, even loved ones. Or you may suddenly feel that you no longer have the strength to go on in the direction you have chosen. Fears of your own inadequacies may distort your perspective.

All of this is most likely to happen if you have neglected personal relationships in your life. You cannot go on forever without supportive emotional relationships, and you may have been trying to do so.

Sometimes this transit can have the opposite result, and you discover that various personal entanglements have been interfering with the pursuit of your valid goals. In this case you will break off relationships and gain the freedom to go your own way. The issue here is the balance between personal relationships and advancements in life.

On another tack, this transit can test your choice of goals. You may encounter opposition from others that forces you to examine whether your goals are really valid for you. If they are, the conflict with other persons or against trying circumstances will be useful. But if you find that your heart is not really in the path you have chosen, you may have to make adjustments and change your course of action. It is far better to do this now than several years from now, when you may be overcommitted to an inappropriate course and discover that you are trapped. Now is the time to change. It may not be pleasant, but it is possible.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Midheaven

This transit is usually characterized by self-confidence and assurance. You are able to see where you are going now and to obtain help in getting there. At the same time you are very concerned with knowing yourself on a deep inward level, usually to facilitate achieving your ambition.

This is a time when you try to rely primarily on yourself. You will not refuse help from others, but it is more desirable to go it alone or at least on your own. You need to prove yourself to yourself and, to a lesser extent, to others. It is also necessary to establish patterns in your life now that will lead to accomplishment later on. You must develop disciplined work habits and learn specific ways to deal with situations that arise. Here too you must rely on yourself, because you will be able to judge your effectiveness only if you know that what you are doing is entirely your own.

Most people are rather conservative in their ways of doing things at this time. You may be rather reluctant to experiment with new ways, but that is a pitfall. This should be a time for making careful and considered changes. Such changes can be made voluntarily and without much difficulty now, but later they will be forced upon you in a manner that may be quite unpleasant. Getting into a rut now will ensure the survival of inappropriate behavior patterns, which will create trouble later on.

You should specifically examine your attitudes toward authority figures, work and achievement, responsibility, change and most important, although somewhat abstract, your attitude toward Reality. Is the real world a forbidding place to you, cold, unrewarding and merciless? Or is it a stage where you can comfortably play the drama of your life? To these questions there is obviously no one answer that is correct for everyone. You must consider how you feel about your own attitudes. It is possible to hold certain attitudes just because you feel you ought to, not because they really reflect your position. If you are trying to live by attitudes that you have been told to have that are not really yours, you will feel tense and uneasy when you think about them. Normally you suppress these feelings because you consider it important to maintain the attitudes. But these are the attitudes that have to be changed, because they signify that your thinking is divided about the that issue and that you cannot really put energy into making that part of your life work. Failure is usually the result, usually about the time Saturn conjoins your Midheaven.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Midheaven

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Midheaven

In this extremely important period of your life, you must pay very close attention to what you are doing, because you are beginning a new phase of activity that will have important consequences in the years to come. The difficult aspect of this time is that the process is very subtle, and it may not be obvious that what you do now is important. But you will realize that it is when Saturn comes to your Descendant several years from now.

You have just gone through a period of preparation that probably seemed like treading water, getting nowhere and accomplishing nothing. Some people may experience the time just before this transit as exceedingly difficult, with one defeat after another. Others will find it less difficult, but it will not seem terribly significant.

[People with the Sun in the third or fourth house of their natal horoscope seem to be an exception to this. Since the Saturn conjunct Sun is a cyclical peak and the Saturn transit of the fourth house cusp is a cyclical low, the two cancel each other out. Witness President Ford with a third house Sun coming into the White House near to Saturn opposition the Midheaven.]

This is the end of a relatively low period in your life, and from now on you will gradually climb to the most significant time in your life. That will happen in about 14 years, when Saturn conjoins your Midheaven.

You should be looking to your personal and domestic life, for this is an area of great responsibility for you now. Do not neglect it in a misguided attempt to get ahead in your professional life. Make whatever changes are necessary so that this aspect of your life is secure. Personal relationships may have broken up just before this transit. Now you may have the opportunity to make new ones that will fit into your lifestyle better.

You are on your way up again. The future depends upon the foundation that you lay now.