Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Mars

This is often a time of enormous frustration, when you really feel as if you are beating your head against a wall. It can also be a time when you accomplish a great deal of hard work. Which it will be depends on how you handle the energy of this transit. Its basic meaning is "inhibited energy," but it can also be "disciplined energy" if you don't try to do too many things over too broad a spectrum.

On the negative side, the energy of this transit can produce feelings of intense irritability. The least little thing seems to set you off, and unfortunately you are often confronted with considerably more than "little things." People or circumstances seem to get in the way of whatever you try to do. At work your boss or employer may oppose your ideas without giving any real reasons. Or he may saddle you with so much work that you don't have time to do anything else.

Sometimes you will get involved in the most acrimonious ego disputes with others. It may be tempting to chalk this up to some kind of plot against you, but that is probably not the case. It is more likely that, even with the best intentions, you put out some energy that is threatening to others. They respond by trying to stop you. Even if you don't mean to be threatening, you must try very hard not to make people feel threatened. Also you may be the victim of other people's aggressive intentions without any obvious stimulus on your part.

This transit can effect your health. It seems to coincide with accidents, especially bone energies, and energies arthritis and rheumatism. If you are subject to such illnesses, take good care of yourself during this transit.

The problem with this period is that your energies are being curbed. The energy of Mars wants to assert itself in every direction, but transiting Saturn signifies limitations imposed from without. You should take on only projects that are limited in scope but that require great exertion and concentrated effort within that scope. If you concentrate your efforts on relatively narrow objectives, you can make constructive use of this energy. But if you proceed with grandiose and far-reaching plans, you will probably encounter the worst effects of this transit.

One other danger should be mentioned. The combination of Mars and Saturn can signify a kind of cold, cruel anger, which you should avoid projecting. If you get angry, bring it out into the open. Don't act sullen and bitter, even covertly, for that can bring about an equally angry and bitter response from others. If you don't deal with these feeling within yourself, you may become the victim of cruelty.

Transiting Saturn sextile Natal Mars

At this time, controlled activity in any aspect of your life can do a great deal for you. You are able to direct your effort toward building a project slowly and thoroughly, so that whatever you build at this time will probably last. Your attitude toward your objectives is reasonable and practical, which helps greatly in attaining what you want. This is not a time for big ideas, but rather for very thorough accomplishments in limited areas. Often it will help enormously to subordinate your own ego drives in order to work in groups with other people now.

Your physical efforts are more disciplined at this time. You are able to work long and hard on a task, whether it is physical or mental, and not give up until it is done. Superiors and co-workers will admire you for this, and you may get much more credit than people who work in a grandiose style but less thoroughly.

You find it relatively easy to accept limitations that are imposed upon you and to work within any framework that is presented to you. This makes it easier to work with other people.

Others may think of you as a "grind" at this time. In fact, your disciplined attitude toward work makes you a very formidable person, because you will accomplish whatever you set out to do, not by luck, but by hard, unstinting labor.

This transit favors hard work for relatively modest objectives, all forms of careful, precise work- polishing, metal work, working with stones- and work that requires very careful measurements.

Transiting Saturn square Natal Mars

This can be a time of intense ego conflicts with others, and you are very likely to be the loser if you are not careful. Your ambitions in various areas may provoke others to try to stop you because they feel threatened. Or it may be that you come across people whose goals are intrinsically opposed to yours. This may happen in any area of your life, most commonly it will affect your work and social life, but it can also affect your personal and domestic life.

During your first run-ins with others, you will probably be very bitter and antagonistic, but you will also become cautious about venting your anger. The result is that you will constantly be in a state of suppressed rage. Then someone who has nothing to do with your mood may be the victim of a sudden unexpected burst of anger. Needless to say, that is not the way to win anyone over.

You must not get discouraged by the failures you experience at this time. This period will not last, and you can consider it a testing time for yourself and your ambitions. There is no need to assume that your present setbacks are permanent.

There are dangers associated with this transit. It can signify accidents and injuries, especially broken bones. You are not particularly lucky under this transit, so you should not take unnecessary risks. You could get hurt, although you should not go about expecting that. If you are older, have regular check-ups for your blood pressure and other cardiovascular signs. Many astrologers associate this combination of planetary influences with hardening of the arteries, as well as arthritis and rheumatism. Good medical attention is always a good idea.

Transiting Saturn trine Natal Mars

At this time you are capable of hard work undertaken from a very broad perspective. You can put great effort into tasks that are rather narrow in immediate scope but that fit into a larger plan. You are able to organize many small details into an overall pattern in order to accomplish larger tasks.

You express your energies in a careful and controlled manner, which will win you the respect of others for your diligence and perseverance. If there is hard exacting work to be done, you can do it better now than at other times.

This is a favorable transit for any kind of work that requires precision and concentrated effort. It is good for metal or stone work, drawing up exact plans, building, grinding, polishing and cutting, especially with metal tools.

This is a time when you are content to be patient and to work slowly toward your objectives. Your expectations are modest, and you are willing to do whatever is necessary to attain them. Others will find you a formidable opponent, simply because you look at all the alternatives and choose your course of action carefully and methodically. One could describe your manner as "relentless." This is not a glamorous time in your life, but you actions can lead to real and lasting accomplishments.

Transiting Saturn quincunx Natal Mars

Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Mars

This can be an extremely difficult transit, because you feel that everything you try to do is blocked by circumstances or opposed by others. You may feel angry, but you have no obvious outlet for your anger, so you are left boiling over inside and seething with frustration. And there is no doubt that your actions are very closely circumscribed at this time. People who are important in directing your life- parents, employers, officials- may be a serious source of trouble at this time.

One possible reason for this is that you are experiencing the consequences of actions that you initiated many years ago, which have built up a structure around you that limits your ability to act freely. To find the roots of this problem, look to the period about fourteen years ago when Saturn last conjoined your natal Mars.

You may feel tempted to lash out against the forces that seem to be conspiring against you, but this is probably not a good idea. They will probably prove too strong for you. Instead of rebelling and fighting, it would be better to wait and in the meantime find some outlet for your pent up energy. Hard work, physical activity, and concentrated effort will help dispel the energy build-up that may accompany this transit. However, take reasonable precautions in whatever you do along these lines. Accidents can occur now, because the pent up energy is hard to control, and if it comes out in a sudden uncontrolled burst it can cause an accident. Be especially careful with sharp objects and anything made of metal. Namyohorengekyo.

It is not a good idea simply to hold in your feelings, even though it seems futile to let them out. The stored-up energy within you provokes responses from others and from your environment in very subtle ways, which can lead to even greater problems. You can conceivably become the victim of your own violent feelings, and this can happen in very subtle, unconscious ways. So you have to find the middle road between lashing out violently and holding all your anger in.

Health problems that may occur during this transit include diseases of the body's hardening processes, such as bone formation. Arthritis, arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure are all examples of Mars-Saturn illnesses. It would be a good idea to have a careful physical examination during this period.