Transiting Pluto conjunct Natal Venus

This transit is likely to have a great effect upon your relationships and your sex life. If you have no current sexual relationships, this transit could bring you one that is quite intense but not necessarily smooth. You may become quite obsessed by someone of the opposite sex. This transit combination could be described as love's power, with the emphasis on "power." Any relationship that begins under this influence is not going to be lukewarm. You will either be entirely involved or not at all.

Under this influence you see love not as part of everyday life, but as an experience that can transcend that reality and transform your life completely. Obviously this is a very tall order to fill, but you may very well succeed now. However, the drives that bring about a relationship under this transit are compulsive and not very rational. Unconscious patterns may play a much larger role in who you choose than your sense of what you need in a partner. If you are not careful you may fall for someone who is extremely difficult to get along with, which is precisely why you are attracted to that person. You almost seem to need the experience of a struggle in a relationship at this time. But you may end up in a situation in which you can't live with your partner and can't live without him or her. Fascination with someone who is not very good for you is a great danger with this transit.

However, this effect is not inevitable by any means. A perfectly decent relationship is possible under this transit. The problem is that mainly you are looking for an intense experience, not necessarily a good one. If it happens to be good, it will also be intense, so this transit can signify a very important relationship in your life.

Existing relationships will also be intensified by this transit because your needs are heightened, and you require gratification more urgently. An existing relationship that cannot satisfy your needs may not survive. Certainly the basis of your relationships will change considerably during this time.

If there is no sexual relationship in your life now and this transit does not bring one, this can be a very frustrating time indeed. Your sex drive is very high and needs an outlet. Perhaps it can be sublimated in some kind of creative endeavor, which would be a positive use of the energy. But if you have no outlet at all, you should examine yourself and your entire position on love relationships. You may discover some very severe problems in this area, which you must work on, and now is the time.

Transiting Pluto sextile Natal Venus

This transit deepens your existing relationships and makes them more profound. It may also bring an important new friendship or love relationship that will have an important effect upon your life. In general your personal relationships will become less routine. Through them you will be able to transform your life and acquire greater insight into your own psychology, at least concerning relationships. However, this process is not to be feared because it happens in a relatively gentle manner and heightens your appreciation of your relationships.

Your sense of pleasure and enjoyment is also heightened under this transit. You are able to get far more enjoyment than usual from the things you do for fun. You approach everything with far more emotional intensity.

Any love relationship that comes at this time will have an intensity of feeling that will amaze you. You may not have been aware of the power of your feelings, but now you have the chance to experience them directly and be transformed in the process. This does not necessarily mean that the relationship itself or the other person is in any way extraordinary. It is your power to feel and love that has grown stronger.

If you have any intrinsic artistic and creative ability, this transit will deepen it and increase the tempo of your artistic activity. Also your work will have a profound quality that it may have lacked, and others will see that your work has a significance beyond the surface appearance. The only negative quality of this transit is that its energies can be abused. If you are so inclined, you can degenerate into a pointless sensualism, in which you are interested only in physical sensations, not in elevating your consciousness and growing as a human being. Love and creativity have the power to transform your life at this time. Don't waste the opportunity.

Transiting Pluto square Natal Venus

Under this transit relationships become a source of challenge and even difficulty, which may point the way for changes that you have to make within yourself. Certainly there will be some significant change in your relationships; an old love relationship may be transformed in some way, or a significant new one may come along. But you will have to deal with several problems at this time.

First of all you have a very strong desire for love now, which you express with urgency and compulsion. But in your haste you may latch on to the first person available and not wait for someone who is good for you. Also you may become so intensely fascinated by that person that you do not see him or her clearly. The problem is that you are under the influence of unconscious drives that are not operating according to your best interest. For example, if you are married, even happily, you might suddenly become fascinated by another person of the opposite sex, which could disrupt your marriage. But avoid the temptation to go with the other person, for this relationship will probably not be long lasting. Wait until the transit is well over before making a commitment to any relationship that comes to you under its influence. Such a relationship is inherently unstable, at least for now. After the transit it may settle down to something more reliable.

But an extracurricular affair is not the only challenge to an existing relationship. Strains and stresses that have existed for some time in your love relationships may come to the surface now. Jealousy, possessiveness, unwillingness to grant the partner freedom to be himself or herself- all these may become sources of tension within your relationships. You may be either the perpetrator or the victim of these problems. The best procedure is to deal with these strains and try to communicate honestly about them, even if you feel that what lies at the bottom of the problem is too awful to be discussed. This transit brings both the necessity and the opportunity to completely transform your relationships. A bad one may end, but a good one will become deeper and more profound.

Transiting Pluto trine Natal Venus

This transit emphasizes the creative and romantic aspects of your life. Venus's ability to bring love and artistic creativity are given great power by the trine from Pluto.

This transit can bring a new relationship or deepen an old one. A new one that comes at this time will be notable for the strength of the feelings involved. It could hardly be described as casual. There is a compulsive quality about the energies that drive you and your partner together, but this is not all negative. It will merely seem to both of you that this relationship was inevitable, and you will both find that it is a learning experience of the best possible kind. You will learn a great deal about the energies within each of you that are at work in a relationship. You may discover that love is less c and that you act much more from blind compulsion than you realized. but this realization is the first step toward becoming conscious of your feelings.

Your existing relationships will also enter a period of creative change. Your feelings are stronger now, and again you will both learn more about the way you operate in the relationship.

Your creative energies will be aroused and if you are in any way artistic, you will be able to put deep, feeling energy into your creations as never before. Others will recognize the intensity that has gone into your work, for which you may very well receive considerable recognition.

Art and love have one element in common during this transit; that is, the experience of them will transport you out of the commonplace into the extraordinary, for that is what you are seeking. Art and love should have considerable impact on your life now and affect your future for many years to come.

Transiting Pluto quincunx Natal Venus

Transiting Pluto opposite Natal Venus

During this transformation of love transit, you will be extraordinarily sensitive and vulnerable, and you will feel rejection more acutely than ever before. You will be highly attractive to the opposite sex and your sex drive will be stronger than ever.

This transit can have a variety of effects on the relationships in your life. Sexual relationships in particular are very strongly affected, because both Venus and Pluto are connected with sex. Love life difficulties are caused at this time by overly intense passions, and there is a hunger for intimacy and sexual pleasure, and a tendency to choose partners based upon physical attraction rather than on compatibility or friendship. Feelings are strong, and there is danger of obsessive and compulsive behavior. Love affairs begun now are rarely long lasting, but they are likely to be turbulent and highly erotic.

If you are married, you may have major conflicts with your spouse. You may also feel unduly jealous or possessive. In some cases, people become captivated by someone outside of marriage and engage in an intense extramarital affair that brings more pain and complication than bargained for.

If you do not have an important existing relationship in your life now, this transit may very well bring one. But you must observe certain cautions about any relationship that begins at this time. First, as with any transit of Pluto, there are strong subconscious forces at work within you that make you "fall in love" with someone at this time. For this reason, the nature of the relationship will probably be determined much more by negative behavior patterns within your psyche than by reason or by sense. You may be obsessively, irresistibly attracted to someone, even if you know consciously that he or she is bad for you. If this happens, do not expect very much enjoyment from the relationship, for you are using it unconsciously to get at some aspect of yourself. The relationship itself may not be your real purpose in this case.

However, don't assume that any relationship at this time will be negative; it is just that the forces behind its formation are so powerful that any negative forces will be especially troublesome. Any relationship that begins now, whether it is good or bad, will have a powerful effect on your life, so you should try to make sure that it is good.

In any existing sexual relationship, the effects can also be very powerful. At its best, the intensity of feeling may simply deepen so that you and your partner have a more fulfilling relationship. But this transit can create problems of a certain type. One of you, consciously or unconsciously dissatisfied with the other, begins to use love as a device for manipulating the other. The techniques vary, but generally one of you is unwilling to let the other be, perhaps by becoming very possessive and jealous, or by withholding favors, or by using guilt in some way. The tactics are usually subversive rather than those of open confrontation.

In some cases a relationship may end under this transit, because it is not able to withstand the subconscious stresses that are set in motion. All existing relationships will undergo some kind of fundamental transformation, but this is as likely to be positive as negative, if the two of you are willing to be honest with each other. Together you should confront all the issues that you need to know about and understand.

Give extra care to your throat, kidneys, skin and reproductive system. Guard against financial problems.