Transiting Pluto conjunct Natal Sun

This is a time of great change in your life, when you will strive as never before to accomplish your ambitions. You will work harder than ever and not allow obstacles to prevent you from achieving your objectives. If you handle the energies of this transit skillfully, you should be able to go far with it, but you should be aware of certain pitfalls.

Pluto is the planet of death and regeneration, which means the elimination of whatever is old and outworn and the birth of a new higher order. With Pluto on your Sun, you can be the agent of this process. You can work to remove old outworn structures in your own life and in the lives of those around you, so that all of you can experience a new life. but you must observe two limitations. First, Pluto gives tremendous drive and energy, but only for the elimination of the truly old and outworn, not for doing anything you want. And second, like the other planets beyond Saturn, Pluto is a transcendental planet. Therefore its energies are not easily harnessed to the purposes of unenlightened egotism. What you do with this transit should be for the eventual betterment of everyone around you, not just yourself. You are the steward of this energy, not the owner. If you use the energies of Pluto for purely selfish ends, you will provoke such furious opposition that you will eventually be unable to do anything. You may even experience violence at the hands of others who desperately try to stop you. Similarly, if you use this energy to remove structures that are not yet ready to pass away, you will be unable to make progress. Pluto signifies the need to replace an old, inferior state of being with a new and truly superior state. It does not just arbitrarily replace one with another.

The best way to ensure handling the energy of this transit well is to concentrate it on your own life. It is best not to try to dominate others, even "for their own good." Use the energy to transform your own life into a finer expression of yourself. Make every effort to expand your awareness of who and what you are and make that knowledge work in your life at a practical level. And do it in order to express yourself more perfectly, not to satisfy a sense of ambition.

The last point to remember is that you must do something now. You cannot simply sit back and let this transit go by without making some changes. If you do not make them consciously, circumstances will take over for you, probably with unpleasant results. You may have to face some aspects of yourself that you do not like, but that is part of the process, and you will find that those aspects are not really so bad. They only looked bad because you have never given them a place in your conscious personality.

The sweeping changes that take place now may be difficult, but that is because any kind of death is unpleasant. But the birth of something new is as beautiful as the death of the old is fearsome.

Transiting Pluto sextile Natal Sun

Guts and personal power.

During this period subtle energies are at work that can help you make many creative changes in your life so that you can manifest your personal power and potential.. You are strong, willful and confident. It is a chance to act more effectively than at almost any other time in the direction of growth, development and self-improvement. You may have opportunities to take on more power and to assume authority over others, but this is a subtle influence, and you will not be compelled either by circumstances or your own inner energies to do a great deal. Therefore this transit could go by without significant happenings at all, unless you make a conscious effort to grab the chance. This is a fine time to establish good relations with authority figures such as bosses, employers and other officials, for they can provide opportunities that you can use during this transit.

Another source of creative opportunity may come about through working with groups and organizations, in which you can exercise control and bring about creative reform. With Pluto's energies it is often best to work with groups or agencies, rather than alone as an individual. However, do not fear that your individuality will suffer or be lost within the group. This transit gives you the chance to establish your individuality through working with others.

In your personal life this is also a time of creative change. You can totally rebuild whatever needs rebuilding without the turmoil that you might experience at other times. Your regenerative energies are strong and you are able to heal yourself and others. You can be centered, focused and purposeful. You are magnetic, charismatic and intense. Benefits come from men; you get along with your father who may be in a powerful phase.

On the immediate practical level, you may be able to rebuild or repair a house or other material object. At a higher, more psychological level this may mean rebuilding structures within yourself from the core of existence. Business is favored, as are most endeavors. Success is never so assured as with this transit. Great changes can occur that totally alter your objectives in life, largely because your true aims will become more apparent to you. This can be a consciousness-expanding transit in the highest sense of the phrase.

Transiting Pluto square Natal Sun

This transit is a test of your strength and the energy with which you have established yourself in your world. The test may take many forms, but in any form it will require that your sense of personhood be in reasonably good shape; in other words, you should know who and what you are. If you do not really know yourself, this transit is likely to bring about crises that will cause major changes in your life.

One form that it may take is a test of your self-control as you try to get ahead in the world. This transit stimulates your ambition and desire for power out of all proportion. If there is a ruthless side to your personality that will do anything to destroy opposition, it will come out now. But, at the same time, forces in your world will try very hard to stop you. To overcome the forces arrayed against you will require extreme ruthlessness. On the other hand, you may know precisely what you need to succeed and go after just that, being willing to compromise and make your success also the success of others. This is the proper course to take, but unfortunately this kind of accommodating spirit is not often found in Plutonian transits.

If you are of a more retiring disposition, you may experience this transit quite differently. Instead of being the person on a power trip, you may have to contend with someone else who is. Here again you must determine exactly your rights and needs as an individual and stand up for them. The problem here is not that you will overstep your bounds but that someone else will. But you must fight or at least resist. Either of these power struggles is most likely to occur in your profession, quite possibly with someone in authority.

Many people refuse to deal with the energies of Pluto, but this can create problems because the energy will come out, and you won't know where.

It can come out as a physical breakdown. Your body may go through a critical period in which it just has to stop and rebuild itself. Certainly if you have any kind of physical crisis during this transit, you should begin a conscientious program of physical exercise and therapy to build your body up again.

Pluto's energy may also surface in the outer expression of your life. You may be surrounded by conditions of breakdown and decay, which are an outward sign of the need to rebuild within.

Under extreme conditions, this transit can release its energy in a single explosive burst as an injury or physical assault. Certainly you should avoid conflicts with others that may lead to physical fighting, because the energies here are quite dangerous.

On the other hand, if you successfully use this transit to establish yourself and make your position in the world clear to yourself and others, without transgressing the bounds of what is rightfully yours, you will be able to accomplish much that will be valuable later.

Transiting Pluto trine Natal Sun

At this time in your life you have a strong sense of having survived heavy challenges in the past and of having reached a level where you can be effective. And indeed you can if you make an effort. This transit can bring you rewards on a silver platter, even if you insist on being totally passive, but it is far better to work positively with the energies that are operating on your behalf.

You are able to express yourself more powerfully and completely to others now than at almost any other time. Others see you as a powerful and effective individual, and they respect you for it.

Obviously this is a good time for personal advancement. You may be given power in an organization, in business or in government to help bring about reforms and changes in the system. Yet you will be seen not as a revolutionary but as someone who can get things done. Your relationships with people in power over you is likely to be excellent, and your advancement may result at least partly from their favor.

On the more personal level, this transit can bring positive change into your life that does not disrupt, but allows you to evolve and grow. You can gain tremendous insights into yourself at this time and make successful efforts to change if you want to.

Your physical body is in good condition under these influences and unusually able to throw off illness and heal itself. You should take advantage of your increased physical vigor and involve yourself in some form of physical education, such as conventional body-building exercises or a discipline like yoga. Yoga is particularly good for you because it involves the mind and spirit as well as the body. You should not compartmentalize yourself into two units- mind and body- because now you can see your essential unity and can make good use of that insight.

Transiting Pluto quincunx Natal Sun

Transiting Pluto opposite Natal Sun

This can be an extremely difficult period for relationships, both intimate and casual, because you are likely to get involved in power struggles with others. It may be that you will try to force others to take a certain course of action against their will, or others may try to do this for you. In either case you may have to take evasive actions in order to avoid real difficulties. If you are attempting to dominate others, you should stop, no matter what your motives are. You may think you have the best reasons in the world for dominating people, and perhaps you believe that you are only doing it for their own good, but that is probably not really true. It is more likely that you simply cannot leave well enough alone. An excessive desire to meddle and interfere is one of the negative effects of this transit.

If you are the victim of someone else's meddling and interfering, the problem is more difficult. In some way, probably unconsciously, you have given out a signal that you will allow yourself to be treated this way. And having set off this reaction, it is hard for you to stop it. On the other hand, you may gain something by fighting back. It is often useful to experience a test of wills with someone, and it is much less dangerous to you when you are asserting your independence of someone else rather than the other way around. You may need to prove to yourself that you are stronger than your opponent.

One dangerous aspect of this transit is that it may trigger off a conflict with persons in authority over you, such as a boss, a government official or someone in a similar position. These people can do you more harm than most, and you should be very careful.

At its most positive, this transit gives you great energy to accomplish things, provided you can keep down the negative effects so that you don't arouse too much resistance and opposition from others. Your personal ambition is likely to be very high under this transit, and you can succeed, for this is not an "unlucky" transit. It does require you to be careful, because its energies are very powerful. If you arouse people to oppose you, the conflict may result in total defeat unless your real motives, as opposed to your professed ones, are very good. Such a defeat may force you to rethink your entire life plan and make a new beginning. That in itself is not bad, although the circumstances that drive you to it may not be very enjoyable.

Under certain circumstances this transit can have the purely physical effect of causing a health breakdown. It is certainly advisable to treat your body well during this transit, and don't take it for granted.