Transiting Pluto conjunct Natal Moon

This transit signifies a time of extremely powerful emotional changes in your life, which can affect your immediate personal surroundings, your home and family, and your inmost psychological development. The feelings evoked by this transit are raw and urgent. You may be surprised at the intensity of some of the internal forces that you will discover, and making yourself deal with these feelings may be the most difficult part of this transit.

Pluto signifies breakdown and reconstruction, while the Moon signifies your innermost personal life, which you usually depend on to be stable, predictable and supportive as you face the external world. Now this aspect of your psyche is in a state of acute transformation, and that is what makes this transit so powerful. The actual experience can vary tremendously because so many different areas of your personal and emotional life can be activated, but here are some typical manifestations.

First of all, on the innermost psychological level, this transit can indicate an enormous emotional change that activates complexes within you that have lain dormant since childhood. You may repeatedly find yourself in situations in which you act as a compulsive child rather than a rational adult. The problem is that your "rational" adulthood has never dealt with these repressed energies, which must be dealt with. You may need psychotherapy or a related technique in order to handle what comes up at this time.

On another level, this transit can transform all your emotionally based relationships, such as those with your spouse, family and parents, particularly your mother. One of these relationships may end completely for any number of reasons, occasionally including death. Relationships with women in general may become particularly intense, regardless of your own sex. For example, you might have an intense emotional involvement at all psychological levels with a woman, or you might be involved in an acute power struggle with a woman close to you who seems to be trying to run your life.

On a more external level this transit can affect your home in a number of ways. You may change your residence, or you may make great changes in your present residence. Repairs may be necessary in order to prevent serious disintegration of a building.

If this transit has a particularly strong emotional effect, you may experience digestive troubles.

Like other Pluto transits, this one may be upsetting now, but in reality it is the preparation for a new stage of development. Keep yourself flexible so that the necessary changes can take place with a minimum of disruption.

Transiting Pluto sextile Natal Moon

At this time you have the chance to get in touch with your innermost psychological being and experience your real emotions. You can understand your real motives and the basis of your unconscious compulsions and drives. You experience your emotions as profound, real and intense, but not difficult. Because of this you can learn about aspects of your personality that are normally hidden even from yourself. This is an excellent transit for encountering philosophies of human potential and growth. But you wont have to deal with it abstractly, because even in your everyday relationships you will handle people with much more emotional depth and feeling than usual.

This transit can affect your personal and domestic life as well as your innermost psychological nature. It gives the opportunity to make creative changes and reforms in your relationships with the people you see everyday, such as your family, relatives and parents. You may make physical changes in your home that reflect the changes taking place within you, so that your immediate surroundings more closely harmonize with your feelings.

But there is little sense of turmoil with this transit. You have a strong sense of belonging, and those who are close to you support the changes that are happening inside you, which makes it easier to progress.

Past conditioning, which often causes difficulties by generating inappropriate behavior, will actually give you a boost now. You have a strong feeling that you have something solid to fall back on, and that whatever you have to do will work out favorably. But you will not be run by past conditioning. Because even as it operates, you can see its actions and understand it.

Transiting Pluto square Natal Moon

This transit produces very intense experiences in your emotional and personal life, and it will test your innermost psychological workings. You may be forced to dig down deeper inside yourself than you have ever done before to get the answers you need at this time.

On the psychological level, this transit dredges up past behavior patterns that may be quite inadequate for the present, and need to be purged and healed. Or it may bring up memories from the past that somehow affect the present. Driven by compulsions and irrational drives, you may do things that you would not do if you were entirely clear about yourself. Deep psychological changes are taking place that should not be ignored or swept under the rug. Instead, you should understand them.

You will be moody, sensitive and vulnerable, emotionally volatile, and probably too attached to your feelings, and you may become possessive and jealous.

In your personal life, this transit can bring an emotional power struggle with someone. Such a struggle can be quite destructive, because the tactics are very subversive, perhaps including manipulation of guilt, jealousy or sense of duty. You will not attempt to wield power directly and nakedly, which your opponent could fight easily. It takes extremely clear perception to see exactly what is happening.

This transit also may signify a relationship in which you feel fascinated by the other person, even though you feel that the relationship is bad for you. You seem unable to get away. Actually you are experiencing a repressed aspect of yourself through the other person.

In your domestic life there may be significant changes, which are external reflections of your inner change. Your most intimate life is the most perfect manifestation of your inner psyche and is therefore most affected. You may experience major family disturbances. You may find that considerable tension builds up between you and those closest to you, and there may be some very emotional confrontations. Your closest familial relationships are most subject to the kind of emotional power games described earlier; avoid these games, because they can be especially destructive in a family situation, where your most primordial energies are tapped.

Parents, especially your mother, are particularly likely to be the source of such conflict. Your mother's health may decline or she just may be excessively manipulative and domineering during this period. Beware of confrontations and power struggles with intense, controlling women in general. A man may have marital problems or discord in his love life now.

There may be other changes in your domestic life along with or instead of the ones listed above. You may change your residence or make significant changes in your present one, and again these will reflect changes within you. Activities with the public may also be problematic now.

Transiting Pluto trine Natal Moon

This is a period of profound experiences, which should be extremely positive and creative for your overall growth and evolution. You are concerned with making your life more profound and emotionally rewarding. No longer satisfied with living at the surface, you want to feel in your heart everything that until now you have understood only with your mind. At the same time your mental understanding will become more profound because it will be based on intuition as well as logic.

This deepening experience of life will affect your relationships as well. In fact it may very well bring about an important new relationship, which may or may not be sexual. IN any case you can be sure that it will be emotionally profound and a positive learning experience in which you will discover a great deal about your inner psyche.

Even your existing relationships will now have a great deal more emotional content than they have had and will become the source of much self-discovery. Again you need have little fear for the stability of these relationships.

The most important discovery you will make about yourself during this transit concerns the workings of your subconscious patterns. The Moon rules the unconscious habits and patterns that we carry from the past, and Pluto activates them so that we can get in touch with them. This is an excellent transit for psychotherapy or other consciousness expanding therapies. It is not that you need them necessarily, but they would be extremely effective at this time.

In your personal and home life you will have a chance to make positive changes. You can make repairs, construct new buildings and generally expand your activities. Your home life should be deeper and more emotionally rewarding now than at other times. This is often a good transit for buying real estate, especially if you plan to live on it.

Transiting Pluto quincunx Natal Moon

Transiting Pluto opposite Natal Moon

This transit can denote a period of extreme emotional confrontations with others in which you or they attempt to manipulate each other emotionally. For example, in a love relationship either you or your partner may use various combinations of guilt, jealousy or threats of abandonment to force the other into acting in a particular way. You may be involved in a relationship that is too possessive, in which you or your partner doesn't allow the other any freedom to relate to other people or to be an individual. In such a situation the pressures can build up to the point of explosion, with potentially fatal consequences to the relationship.

Sometimes you are acting from the best motives. You may not even be aware that you are smothering your partner, thinking it's just love, not a suppression of the other's individuality. And the other may not understand what is happening either, except that something is terribly wrong. Then the partner who senses that things are wrong feels very guilty, which can poison the relationship too. And this process is not limited by any means to lovers - it can effect any emotionally based relationship.

The best procedure is to be very honest with everyone with whom you are involved in a relationship and make it clear that you want them to be honest too. Then you can get these pressures and tensions out into the open where you can handle them.

If someone is not honest with you, perhaps it would be best to break off the relationship.

This transit can also signify a period of deep inner turmoil. Your unconscious mind may play tricks on you that are quite upsetting, for you become the "victim" of inner compulsions that make no sense in terms of your current experience. They don't make sense because they represent the reactivation of elements from your past that you have never really dealt with. Infantile patterns and childhood "programs" that you thought you had outgrown may surface now to disturb your adult ways of dealing with the world. What you must do is come to an understanding of what these patterns represent in your life. If you recognize them and give them a place in your life, you may find that these energies can be creatively harnessed in adult life. They appear to be "horrible" only because you are programmed to disapprove of them, which distorts your perception.

Be particularly aware of any obsessive ideas or notions. These can be very powerful under this transit and may require therapy to make them a useful rather than a rejected part of your life. Women in particular may become the screen upon which you focus your "projections." If you have trouble with women under this transit, look within yourself for the roots of the problem.