Transiting Neptune conjunct Natal Venus

This can be a fascinating transit. It will stimulate the idealistic side of your nature in a most beautiful way, and you will see beauty in everything. For artistic and creative people this is one of the most powerful of all transits. Your imagination will be more active than ever before, presenting you with innumerable beautiful images to create from. Even if you are not especially artistic, this transit will bring poetry, music and art into your life.

Although this transit brings the "beautiful illusion," the "beautiful image," it does not bring the reality of beauty. You have an ideal of beauty in your mind that you project onto reality or onto a loved one, but otherwise it is not real. You have to create the fact as an artist would create his work. If you delude yourself that the ideal is already here, you will have problems. You may be so oriented toward seeing only the beautiful images in your mind that you overlook and refuse to deal with the very real and possibly difficult aspects of your life.

Relationships can be particularly difficult if you do not keep a clear head. Neptune conjunct Venus is the romance transit par excellence. You may fall madly in love with someone because he or she seems so perfect and ideal, although the truth may be quite different. Neptune does not automatically mean a bad love relationship, and the object of your love may or may not be worthwhile. That is not the point. Even if your loved one is worthwhile, that is not what is attracting you. If you are lucky, when the fog lifts you will find you have picked someone who is quite good for you. But you may have difficulty accepting his or her faults, because you were so wrapped up in your ideal of perfection that you did not notice them before. Disappointment in love is a frequent consequence of a Neptune-Venus relationship. And the disappointments will be more acute if you fall for someone who is not at all worthwhile.

One other theme that occurs in Neptune-Venus relationships is selflessness in love. This is the illusion that your only need in a relationship is to make the other person happy. Sometimes people will carry this theme to the extent of seeking out someone who is truly a loser in order to save him or her. A relationship with a sick person, alcoholic or drug addict is a manifestation of this pattern. Be very careful to avoid this tendency; when the transit is over you may find that you have committed yourself to a very ungratifying situation.

Another situation may arise that is related in reverse, if you feel that you are the unworthy person who needs to be saved. In this case you would seek out someone who could "save" you, rather like falling in love with a guru figure. The problem with both of these Neptune-Venus manifestations is that you are not relating to the other person as an independent equal.

Transiting Neptune sextile Natal Venus

This transit stimulates your creative imagination and is likely to put you into a very pleasant and dreamy frame of mind, in which you will be capable of great creativity. You may not act very practically, however. If you have any creative or artistic talent, this will be a good time for using it. Your sense of color will be heightened, and your sense of form and design will be improved. Even if you are not especially artistic, you should surround yourself with various forms of beauty in order to better appreciate it.

On the emotional front, you are inclined to idealize your partner in a love relationship and not deal very well with his or her less ideal aspects, the "warts," so to speak. This transit may in fact bring a very romantic new love. But even though you won't have a very realistic attitude toward it, you are unlikely to do yourself any harm. The effects of this transit are mild enough so that afterward you can make the necessary adjustment to reality. If the relationship turns out to have no real merit, you will simply drop it with little regret.

While this aspect affects love relationships most strongly, it will affect friendships also. In the name of love for your friend or lover you will be able to act much less selfishly than at other times. Love is more important than getting your own way at this time, and you want to do whatever you can for the person you love. Just make sure that the person you are devoting yourself to is worth the effort. But even if he or she is not worthwhile, the energy you put forth will help you greatly in the long run, because you have been able to act selflessly and give for the sake of giving.

If all other factors are right, this transit can bring a more spiritual love, a true "soul-union." You may feel that you have met the person who has always been destined for you. And this may in fact be true; with other transits this feeling is often simply an illusion, but with this transit it can be real.

Transiting Neptune square Natal Venus

Unrealistic attitudes in personal relationships may cause problems during this transit, and you may experience disappointments that will seriously affect your domestic life. You tend to avoid the truth about yourself and about your relationships at this time, and your reluctance to deal with reality could set you up for a very severe fall. This will undermine your self-confidence as well as the relationships. Your sense of reality in relationships and your ability to accept others as they are is being tested by this transit.

If a new potential lover comes along, you may be swept off your feet. You are not excited by the reality of the person but by something within yourself that you are projecting upon the other. When you finally learn the truth about the other person, you may have difficulty accepting it, even though the truth is perfectly all right in itself.

A danger you should watch for especially with this transit is that of being attracted to an unattainable person. You may be setting yourself up for a situation in which you cannot win. The other person appears as an unrealizable dream, someone who is too far above you to be attained. You have to recognize that your real objective here is avoiding an actual encounter. If you play this as a dreamy kind of game, you are unlikely to do anyone, including yourself, much harm. But if you take your "suffering" seriously, the resulting sense of defeat may be quite harmful to you. Also, others may find your martyred role in love very difficult to be around.

It is also possible that the person you choose to love can only be described as a loser who dreams that you can save him or her. Here again you play the martyr, suffering from the hurts and outrages perpetrated by your loved one. Again your objective is to avoid having to deal with the real person.

Neptunian relationships like these are often born of your feelings if inadequacy. By avoiding confrontations with real people, you also avoid a confrontation with yourself, in which you fear you will be the loser. Yet a real confrontation is just what you need. If you persist in one of these relationships after this transit, you will have to confront both yourself and your partner as real individuals. Whatever the outcome, this could be the most valuable part of the relationship.

Transiting Neptune trine Natal Venus

This transit will stimulate your romantic imagination considerably. This may lead you to an unusually romantic relationship with someone of the opposite sex, or it may arouse creative talents that you were not even aware of. The symbol of this transit is the beautiful dream or illusion. Even though it is an illusion, you have the ability now to make it real if you recognize that you must work to make any dream real.

If this transit does bring about a love relationship, it will probably be more romantic and idealized than any you have ever experienced. It will seem like a perfect soul union between the two of you, the realization of your most perfect ideal. However, even with the trine there is a danger of overidealization.

You will eventually learn to see your partner's flaws, but this relationship should broaden your understanding of people to the point that you can accept the inevitable flaws. This transit is not as likely to produce great disappointment in relationships as the other Venus-Neptune combinations. In fact, under this transit you will be more compassionate and understanding of your lover, almost as if you and your love were one, and his or her problems are yours too. This sense of oneness is based on a deep spiritual truth that you can recognize more easily now, that we are all one. Under this transit you are much more sensitive to the mystical aspects of love.

Only remember that a trine transit does not create anything. it will require effort on your part to make this relationship real and lasting.

You may not encounter an ideal love under this transit, of course, but even so you will display much more sensitivity in your relationships and understanding of other people. Any sort of love will help you gain understanding, which is the most positive result of this transit.

If you have any intrinsic creative abilities, this transit will stimulate them tremendously. This is an excellent time to begin the study of an art or a craft. But this influence is most favorable to the pure arts, those whose sole objective is the creation of beautiful images as opposed to useful art objects. Even if you are not artistic, your ability to perceive beauty in the world around you will be enormously heightened, and you will be much more sensitive to the spirit of life that animates everything in the world.

Transiting Neptune quincunx Natal Venus

Transiting Neptune opposite Natal Venus

During this transit, love relationships, especially, may cause problems because either you or your partner has an unrealistic attitude about the relationship. Disillusionment and disappointment are the likely result when the romantic cloud lifts and the truth about the relationship becomes clear. All of us idealize a new lover to a certain extent, for that is part of the normal process of falling in love. But this transit indicates that the problem can be much more severe because of your unwillingness to accept reality as it is. You are inclined to look for partners and relationships that can help you escape from the humdrum, everyday world into a magical world of fantasy and beautiful illusions. But unfortunately you must pick your partner from the human race, and the people who can truly fulfill a Venus-Neptune dream are extremely rare. So you create a beautiful image in your imagination and pretend that a specific person fits the image. And you are likely to persist, even though everyone can see, even you if you open your eyes, that your loved one is not what you fantasize. This is the most extreme manifestation of the Venus-Neptune transit, and it is not and uncommon reaction.

This transit can create other kinds of relationship difficulties as well, such as obscure problems within an existing relationship. For example, you may find it difficult to communicate with your partner, or one of you may do something behind the other's back, thus undermining your mutual confidence. it is important to play as straight as possible with your partners, because Neptune can leave long-lasting scars in a relationship, if you do not work to minimize its effects from the very beginning.

The most useful effect of this transit is that it stimulates the creative imagination. In fact, every illusion or delusion is really only a misuse of creative imagination or a confusion of imagination with truth. If you can keep truth and imagination separate, you will derive great benefit from this transit, especially if you are intrinsically creative. Artistic creativity is heightened by this influence, and even your relationships can be more interesting, if you don't lose sight of their real nature.

A new relationship that begins under this transit should be forced to withstand the test of time. Make sure that it can take the transition from dreamy ideal romance to hard reality. Perhaps it can, but it will have to undergo fundamental changes. You cannot assume that such a relationship will be able to survive the changes.