Transiting Neptune conjunct Natal Mercury

This can be an extremely difficult transit to handle, because Neptune and Mercury are so different in their functions. But as with many other Neptune transits, this one has a positive side that you should seek to bring out.

The logical and rational faculties of your mind are likely to be scrambled by the influence of Neptune, so that you are no longer quite sure what you think about anything. or you may come under the influence of ideas that you would not have held previously. You are likely to make the worst mess of this transit if you try to organize and restructure your life now. The ordering function of Mercury is so much at odds with Neptune's lack of orderliness that any arrangements you make will not make sense later to yourself or anyone else. Consequently this is a bad time for making important decisions that will affect the direction of your life. It is also a bad time for most business decisions, because there is a danger that you are poorly informed about what is going on.

Neptune and Mercury combined always raise the issue of self-deceit, being deceived by others or your deceit toward others. be extremely careful of these hazards in any kind of negotiations. Deceit may be inadvertent. For example, you may find that you are unable to clearly express what is on your mind because the thoughts seem so complex and disorganized, and when you do say something, others misunderstand you completely. Be very sure that people really understand your meaning when they say they do.

On the plus side of this transit, you will be much more receptive to subtle influences around you. Your rational mind may be confused, but your intuition is likely to be very sharp. The only difficulty you might have is in making others understand the basis of your understandings.

You may become interested in psychic matters and in mysticism under this transit. You will arrive at a profound and direct knowledge of the inadequacies of unaided logic, and you may seek to expand your understanding of the more hidden aspects of the mind. You may even encounter hidden psychic abilities in your own mind.

Transiting Neptune sextile Natal Mercury

This transit stimulates your imagination in a creative way, giving you greater inspiration and an immediate grasp of ideas that are usually too subtle for the intellect. And you are better able to communicate these subtle ideas to others and give people some understanding of what you are seeing now. This can be a very creative time if you are interested in art, music or poetry.

If you have any latent psychic ability, this transit is quite capable of activating a kind of extrasensory perception within you. Certainly it increases the level of your sensitivity, and you are much more able to understand what others are trying to communicate to you. Previously these ideas have been too difficult to comprehend, requiring too much intuition and subconscious understanding. Now, however, you get an immediate idea of what they are feeling.

With your imagination so aroused, the everyday world may not seem very interesting, and you may begin to dream of strange regions in your mind where you can escape. But if you can tie yourself down to earth long enough, you will discover that the world of your normal life can be fascinating in its own right. This is such a great opportunity to understand aspects of the world that you could not usually comprehend; you shouldn't waste it by wandering off into a private world that has no relevance to anything else.

Because of your increased ability to communicate the spiritual or psychic experiences in your own life, this is a good time to teach others what you have learned. At other times it may have been difficult to convey to people anything more than the outer shell of your experience. Now, because of the vividness of your imagination, you are able to make them feel your experiences. It may be useful to associate with other people who are having similar experiences so that as a group you can teach others what you know.

In general, faith and reason are in a state of balance at this time. You do not believe anything simply because a guru has told you so, but at the same time you recognize the limits of rational intellect. You do not try to make either intellect or faith serve the functions of the other.

Transiting Neptune square Natal Mercury

The principal challenge of this transit is to keep your thinking and communications straight within yourself and with regard to others. The quality of your mind is being tested now, and any loose ends in your thinking or attitudes will become a serious source of trouble. Any unclear ideas will become a source of confusion to you in many aspects of your life.

You do not feel as articulate as usual and your writings may not accurately convey your intent, and you may be misunderstood. This is a challenging time to be organized, focused, reliable or mentally disciplined, and you may find yourself forgetting important items.

Avoid making important decisions under this transit, especially about your career and overall life objectives. Your thinking is very subjective and you probably are not seeing clearly enough to make intelligent decisions that take into account all of the relevant factors. You may have trouble recognizing the truth and this transit is a big indication that judgment is poor now.

Similarly avoid business decisions if possible, for commerce is not favored by this transit. You may be operating under a misconception about the transactions, or your buying and selling may be influenced by unconscious compulsions. It is also possible that the person you are dealing with is dishonest. Others may deceive you, and you may deceive others, either intentionally or inadvertently. Certainly you should not misrepresent yourself or anything else, because the deception may not succeed, which will undermine people's confidence in you. Guard against get-rich-quick schemes and opportunities which appear too good to be true.

You may also find it very difficult to confront challenging situations, but don't ignore any serious problems that arise now, just postpone contract negotiations and legal matters, if at all possible.

At this time, you may also be susceptible to nervous problems, such as worrying about problems that don't amount to anything. Don't let yourself become overwhelmed by imaginary fears or anxieties- they are almost certainly not real. In rare cases this transit also coincide with some type of paralysis or other motor nerve problem, but this is not very likely unless there is a predisposition in your birth chart. Some individuals have lung or intestine problems with this transit.

You may be subject to gossip or rumors now, and some people become fearful, shy, timid or insecure. Almost everyone encounters challenges to confidence, purpose and inner strength, and tends somewhat toward introversion. Avoid harsh conditions, abrasive people and conflict.

You may have trouble with machinery, especially tape recorders, radios, televisions, telephones and computers, and anything else that conveys information. Like when Mercury is retrograde, messages may be lost. You may experience difficulties when traveling.

The main problem with this transit is that it stimulates your imagination to the point that you may spend too much time absorbed in fantasy. You may find it difficult to keep your attention fixed on the real world, or you may become obsessed with strange ideas and fanciful beliefs, especially religious and mystical notions. All the books say to avoid drugs that affect the mind at this time, for your mind already has enough unreality to contend with.

This may be a good time to study mysticism and the occult arts however, and certainly your appreciation for music and art in general is increased. Efforts at meditation and prayer can be successful, just beware of fooling yourself, because the tendency is there.

Transiting Neptune trine Natal Mercury

This is one of the most imaginative periods of your life in a positive way. Your mind will be able to create with unusual facility, but you will still be able to distinguish between reality and the products of your imagination, which is not the case with some other combinations of Neptune and Mercury. If you have ever wanted to write prose or poetry, this is the time to try, although success in this area requires some indication of writing ability in the birth chart. Transits can only stimulate the potential that exists in the birthchart; they can't create a talent out of nothing.

This combination of Neptune and Mercury signifies one of the few times in life when the rational intellect and the intuitive and feeling functions are able to work as a team. For most people these two areas of the mind usually operate at cross purposes. But now they can cooperate, which is what makes this such a fertile time.

Fortunately, the intuitive sensitivity stimulated by this transit extends to your relationships with others. You understand what people are thinking with much less verbal communication than usual, almost as if you can look into their minds and see what is happening there. Consequently your efforts to communicate with others will be much more effective now. Others will understand and appreciate the fact that you understand them.

You are likely to take an intellectual interest in metaphysical and spiritual subjects at this time, and your innate psychic abilities may be manifested. But your approach to these subjects is a bit different from most people's. You demand that spiritual matters make sense to you intellectually as well as intuitively. You want to know, not merely to believe. But your newly intuitive sensibility tells you that there are limits to understanding through rational intellect. Your understanding of almost any subject is greatly heightened by this transit.

If you are involved in any kind of teaching, this transit will be an invaluable aid. You will be able to communicate what you know in such a way that others really understand the subject and also your experience of it.

Transiting Neptune quincunx Natal Mercury

Transiting Neptune opposite Natal Mercury

Thinking and communication will be problem areas in your life for the duration of this transit. You are more subject to confusion at this time than at any other, and it is a very dangerous time to make important decisions. Either you misunderstand the circumstances that affect your decision, or you do not have all the facts. It is also possible that someone has deceived you about the facts.

In communicating with others, be very careful that what you say is clear, and if you don't understand what someone else says to you, clarify it to yourself. Misunderstanding others is a great danger at this time and can lead to most unpleasant situations.

You are more than usually subject to strange ideas now. be careful not to become obsessed by delusions, for you will find it very difficult to tell what is a delusion and what is not. The tried and true principles that have guided your life are more reliable than newer ones.

In business deals or any other buying or selling negotiation, be extremely careful, for you can easily be deceived. In difficult combinations such as this one, both Mercury and Neptune rule thievery, and you could be a victim. make sure that what you buy is exactly as it is represented, and always be sure to get a guarantee when you make a purchase. If you are selling, be sure to make some kind of contractual arrangement with the buyer.

Avoid getting involved in any scheme that you know to be dishonest. When it comes to deceiving others, luck is not with you; the one who gets hurt will be you.

You have to contend with strange nervous ailments at this time. These can be either physical or psychological illnesses. Psychological ailments are likely to take the form of peculiar anxieties and nervousness. Taking vitamins or herbs may be helpful in dealing with your nerves. Realize that any fears you have under this transit are most likely groundless, and have arisen from your overactive imagination.

On the other hand, you could have a real problem. This transit can signify nervous weakness or a condition in which the nerves do not transmit impulses as they should. If you are having severe psychological problems, they may have an organic basis. Consult a doctor to find out.