Significance of Transiting Mars

Mars is the activating principle. Wherever it is transiting in the natal chart there is action. The energy must be used constructively or there will be strife and contention.

Mars has traditionally been considered a malefic planet in astrology, that is. more likely to produce evil than good. But this is not so, although as is the case with any planet, if the energies of Mars are allowed to operate to excess, its effects can be quite difficult. But usually there is nothing to fear from its transits, and in fact its energies are a vital part of life.

Mars is an energy planet. Specifically it rules the energy that an individual uses to maintain himself in the face of pressures from his environment The Mars energy says, "This is what I am and I can be no other way!” and prepares the individual to fight, if necessary, to maintain his position Obviously one can have no individuality without this energy. It is a fundamental part of the ego drive, and anyone in whom this energy is weak is not much of a personality Persons with a weak Mars often do the things that are attributed to a strong Mars, such as acting extremely pugnacious, irritable or argumentative These people have to constantly reassure themselves that they are strong, which would be unnecessary if they really were strong It is true, however, that a person with a strong Mars is likely to be rather domineering.

Mars is also connected with work and physical energy, and often its transits signify a day when you feel very energetic and vigorous In fact one way to ensure that a Mars transit will not cause disputes or arguments with others, which is a sign of malfunctioning Mars energy, is to have plenty of hard work to do. The negative side of Mars most often manifests itself when there is no other outlet for its energies

As Mars transits each planet in your horoscope, the areas of life related to that planet will become energized When Mars transits Venus, you seek out physical love When Mars transits Mercury, you look for mental activity But there is more to it than that When Mars transits a planet, your ego drives are likely to incorporate that planet’s energies You will try to establish your individuality toward others through the issues related to that planet. This can result in conflicts with others if the energy gets too strong or encounters serious resistance from others And of course, there is nothing wrong with a good fight, if it serves some purpose. Fighting is one way to learn about your own strength in an interpersonal sense

As Mars transits each house, the affairs of that house become energized, just as with the transited planets Also you will be most active or seek to assert yourself through

the affairs of the house occupied by transiting Mars. Here again you are most likely to have conflicts with others in these areas of your life.

The only real danger with Mars is that its energies, when sublimated to the physical level, can signify accidents, specifically from burns or fire, and illnesses involving fever and infection This is often the result of frustrated ego energies, although you may have to dig around in your psyche to realize this. You must learn to express your resentments and anger, for they are a legitimate part of your being.

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Transiting Mars in the Natal 7th House

While Mars transits this house, there is tension in your life, but it can be used creatively if you are conscious of what you are doing. If you are not, this transit can signify a time of conflicts, especially with those closest to you, such as your spouse and others whom you must cooperate with — partners, fellow workers and such.

The spirit of the seventh house is the intimate one-to-one cooperation of two people in a partnership. However, it is also the house of open enemies and people with whom you are in conflict, because being someone’s enemy or opponent is also a form of one-to-one confrontation. Because the nature of Mars is self-assertive, it is very likely that you will experience the seventh house as the house of open enemies. Even your intimate, positive relationships may suffer at this time. The problem is that you will find it difficult to give in and compromise as necessary for proper cooperation, either in marriage or in a business partnership.

There is a positive side to this transit, however. In any close relationship, there is often too much compromise, so that the real complaints and grievances are not aired, which in the long run tends to weaken even a fine relationship. Now is the time when these repressed grievances can be brought out into the open, which should result in a real clearing of the air between you.

This transit can be put to another positive purpose also If there is really a great deal of harmony in the relationship between you and your partner, this can be a time when you put a great deal of energy into working through and with each other. Despite the inherent contradiction between the nature of Mars and that of the seventh house, the real meaning of this transit is that you will use your energies most efficiently by working through a partnership As soon as you realize this and make the required adjustments, your affairs will begin to work smoothly.

Be careful of the primitive manifestation of this transit, however, and try to avoid unnecessary conflicts with others. Be sure that any conflict that occurs is over something worth fighting about. Sometimes this transit can signify legal conflicts and lawsuits. Try to compromise if you can, in order to avoid a needless controversy.

Transiting Mars in the Natal 7th House: Partnerships may suffer from ego conflicts, or adversaries may be challenging. Use this energy to work cooperatively on relationship problems. You may even find that you seem to need someone's help in order to do what you want to do during this cycle. Relationships are vivacious and dynamic during this period. When a difference arises, you are quick to settle it, and have little patience for sweeping matters under the rug. Your close personal relationships are lively during this cycle--full of conflicts and resolutions or reconciliations.

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