Transiting Mars conjunct Natal Venus

This transit is most likely to arouse your interest in the opposite sex, because it represents the union of the two planets that most strongly affect the sex drive. Sexual energy is strong and you will have a strong desire for physical love-making. These energies are high and demand some kind of gratification, and with Mars involved, there is considerable ego drive here. You may want to make love with someone even though you do not care for him or her emotionally. And if there is no outlet for this energy, it may cause arguments and discord between you and you lover.

The effects of this transit ar not limited to physical love, however. In a larger sense it arouses all creative energies. This is a good time to be involved in any creative work that requires you to be physically active. Abstract or intellectual creation, such as writing poetry or music, would not satisfy the Mars side of the combination. But performing music, especially some of the current popular forms, would be excellent, as would vigorous work in sculpture or another art form that demands physical energy, such as dance.

If Mars crosses your Venus slowly, it can signify the beginning of a new love relationship, which will almost certainly be physical. It is very certain that if such a relationship is not consummated, it will not be very happy or long-lasting. You are kidding yourself if you think you can be "just friends" with someone of the opposite sex whom you meet under this transit.

Transiting Mars sextile Natal Venus

Like all Venus-Mars contacts, this one arouses your sexual drives and makes you seek a physical relationship with someone of the opposite sex, if you do not already have one. This transit favors an existing relationship, for both of you will be able to give and receive from each other and thereby gain gratification through the relationship.

Entertainment and fun are two key themes of this transit, which favors get-togethers and parties. You will get the greatest personal satisfaction from associating with others and having a good time. You will enjoy any activity much more if you can share it with others, for this is a very gregarious transit.

This is a good time for artistic activity, as well as for getting together with others for artistic purposes. You feel a strong need to express yourself through beauty, and even if you are not artistic, you may want to beautify your immediate surroundings. This is a good time to repaint, clean and redecorate your home.

Whatever you do will be guided by your need to express and receive affection from others and your need to experience and create beauty. This transit should present you with ample opportunities to fulfill both needs. Financial activities are also favored now.

Transiting Mars square Natal Venus

Mars afflicting Venus is lust versus love. If these two planets are in harmony at birth this aspect can release harmony. If they are afflicted this will increase lust and greed and negate lovingness.

During this transit you may try to assert your individuality in a relationship. Sometimes this occurs when you feel that you are giving too much in a relationship and getting too little. You are driven to wanting more self-gratification from it. Or the situation can be the exact opposite; that is, you have been giving too little, and your partner is resentful. Any successful relationship, especially a sexual one, is a delicate balance between the needs and desires of each person as an individual ego and their desire to achieve meaning through a relationship. This equilibrium is very delicate and easily upset now.

At this time the two of you have to define what you want from each other and what you are willing to give. Then you must try to reach a balance between them. It is sometimes necessary to be quite explicit about what you want, because whatever is left unsaid may very well the main source of conflict between you.

However, this transit does not inevitably lead to conflict by any means. If the two of you are generally harmonious, your relationship will allow for ample self-gratification and expression, which you both will seek and receive at the same time. Sexuality is very strongly aroused by this transit, and especially if you are not presently involved with someone, you will very much want physical sex. But sex under this transit is demanding and vigorous rather than soft and loving. Above all, it will be very bad for your relationship if one of you is uninterested in sex, for that can create the kind of relationship that leads to disputes. For this reason, two people who want to have a relationship should have favorable Mars-Venus contacts between their horoscopes, so that both horoscopes will be transited at the same time.

Your creative and artistic energies will be stimulated now, and it you have any artistic inclinations, this will be a very productive time.

Transiting Mars trine Natal Venus

This transit is favorable for sexual relationships and for all kinds of creative activity. The trine between Venus and Mars symbolizes the perfect balance between your need to be yourself and your need to relate to another. Thus you will be able to express yourself very well in a relationship, deriving complete gratification and allowing your partner to do the same.

But like all Mars-Venus combinations, this transit is strongly physical rather than psychological in its effects. A purely romantic relationship with no physical sex would not be very satisfactory, but such a relationship is not likely to occur under this influence.

If you are not currently involved in a sexual relationship, this transit by itself is not quite strong enough to bring one. That would require the assistance of other similar transits. However, your erotic fantasies will certainly be stimulated, and persons of the opposite sex whom you would not usually look at twice seem much more attractive now. In fact you need to have a certain amount of discretion, lest you get involved in a totally inappropriate relationship. But again this transit is not usually that compulsive.

Artists and creative people will find this transit extremely stimulating, although it does not provide creative inspiration. That must come from other sources. But it does provide the energy to actually do the creative work, which will be unusually expressive of who and what you are.

Transiting Mars quincunx Natal Venus

Transiting Mars opposite Natal Venus

Mars afflicting Venus is lust versus love. If these two planets are in harmony at birth this aspect can release harmony. If they are afflicted this will increase lust and greed and negate lovingness.

Almost more than any other transit, this one stimulates sexual desire, but it can also produce problems within a sexual relationship. Mars and Venus are complementary principles that both strongly determine the nature of sexual attraction Venus rules the mutual attraction between two people and the desire for a relationship, while Mars rules the ego’s need for gratification Psychologists are aware that sexual relationships in all animal species show characteristics both of a ‘loving relationship” and of combat This dichotomy is true in humans as well and is particularly strong during this transit.

Sexual relations at this time may lack real tenderness You seem to be using sex as a way to dominate your partner, and you may find it difficult to give as much to your partner as you want to get This can create a situation in which one of you feels that the other has stolen love rather than allowed it to be freely given. Consequently this transit can lead to conflict between the two of you. Sex tends to have no real emotional commitment now, and to be nothing more than the desire for release from physical tension that is part of the sex drive.

However, all that is really necessary is to make sure that your partner is in a similar frame of mind as yourself. Then there is very little likelihood that either of you will exploit the other.

If you suppress your sexuality in platonic relationships with the opposite sex at this time, you may become irritable and feisty. This effect may be so subtle that you are not even aware of what is happening at the time. If you cannot fulfill your secret desire to make love to someone, you may become angry and harsh with that person.

There is nothing to be done about this except to be aware of it and not take your feelings too seriously But if there is any possibility of a sexual relationship with the person in question, feel free to initiate it.

Persons in creative activities such as arts or crafts can also express the energy of this transit through their work. If you have any ability along these lines you will be able to express yourself through your art more effectively than usual, and your work will have a unique and special quality about it.