Transiting Mars conjunct Natal Sun

This transit has tremendous potentials and definite risks. You will have to be careful in everything you do, because the high energy level of this transit can have explosive consequences.

Your ego energies are high, which means that you can stand up for yourself against almost anyone today. You have great confidence and will not easily allow someone to take advantage of you. Unfortunately this may also mean that you will get into fights and arguments. Try to remember that other people have egos too. You don't have to defeat others in order to maintain yourself. You should be especially careful in your dealings with supervisors. They will not expect you to be as assertive toward them as you are likely to be today.

You have a great deal of physical energy also, which means you can work hard and long. You prefer physical work to mental work, because it uses your energy more completely. After extensive mental work you may still feel very restless and in turn irritable. Here again there is the danger of getting carried away with your energy and taking unnecessary risks or overstraining yourself. If you are not careful, you could have an accident or injury, but only if you have been accident prone in the past. Otherwise you needn't worry about it. Certainly fear of an accident should not make you avoid activity. In fact if you suppress this energy it is most likely to come out negatively in arguments, fights, accidents or injuries.

However, if you use these energies intelligently, you should be able to accomplish far more worthwhile work than on other days.

Transiting Mars sextile Natal Sun

This transit stimulates your physical vitality, giving you the chance to work hard and accomplish much. Your health is good under this transit, and you are able to approach everything you do with vigor and self-confidence. And this carries over to the psychological level as well, as an ability to assert yourself toward others and stand up for your own views in any controversy.

New opportunities to be personally effective often open up under this transit. For example, in your job you might get a chance to take on an important responsibility, which will lead later to a promotion or increased salary. This is a good time to demonstrate that you can work on your own and do it well. But you can also work with groups now, because your energies complement the group's energies, and you are able to work together for individual ends. The group work you do now will also show you off as a person who can be effective.

During this time you work with great consciousness of your objectives. You know what you want and how to get it without forcing people to resist you. You simply take advantage of every chance that you get and use it to the utmost.

In your everyday exchanges with others, you will project your ideas with more power and energy than usual. Thus you will be able to get your point of view and objectives across in any group that you deal with. Others will recognize your achievements.

If you have to debate or argue with anyone, your self-confidence will put you in a good position. Business and commercial negotiations are similarly favored. If you need to bargain a price down or get more favorable terms, you can do it because you are clear about what you want.

Transiting Mars square Natal Sun

This is a very energetic time for you, when you can assert yourself effectively and accomplish a great deal of work. The problem is that you will be tested all along the line and forced to demonstrate the validity of what you are doing. You may be challenged either by circumstances or by other persons. Your success depends largely upon how well you express yourself in a situation. If you act unconsciously and follow your own ego drives blindly, you are likely to fail.

Even at best your high energies now will probably lead to disputes and disagreements. Being quite unwilling to back down on any issue, you are not moved to make compromises with others. But that is precisely what you should do, especially if you can manage to compromise without giving ground on essential points. Be careful that you don't become so wrapped up in your own beliefs that you cannot see which parts are essential and which are not.

Anger and irritability are frequent with this transit. Here again it is your responsibility to stand up for yourself on important matters but give way on little ones. Nevertheless, you may have to have a knockdown, drag-out battle with someone in order to clear the air of tension that has been building up.

However, if you make a successful stand in any confrontation at this time, your efforts will bear real fruit at the next conjunction or opposition of Mars to your natal Sun, which will probably occur in about six months. If you do not make creative compromises now, or if you manage to create more opposition, in that same period you will experience significant failures, as the opposition becomes too strong for you to handle.

Transiting Mars trine Natal Sun

During this transit your energies are high, and you feel vigorous and willing to work. At the same time, your self-confidence is unusually strong. You feel no need to struggle against others, because you know your normal energies will carry you through any situation. And since you are able to work from such a calm position, your work is more effective and more competent than usual.

This period is favorable for initiating all kinds of activity, especially physical activity, but it is much more likely that you will work on projects that you have started earlier.

You do not feel violently competitive, but if someone offers a challenge, you won't back down. Therefore this is a good time for all types of athletics. You will enjoy the contest, but you will not feel driven to win at all costs. The game will seem satisfactory by itself. And you carry this viewpoint over into all activities you become involved in at this time.

This is a favorable transit for situations that require decisive action. Your mind is operating with great energy while maintaining equilibrium. Consequently, you are very clear about your intentions, and you know what course to follow at every turn.

No matter what you do under this influence, others will see you as someone with a definite personality. Your vigor and enthusiasm will make a favorable impression, so you will be in a good position to deal with bosses or other persons in power. In general this is a favorable time for dealing with men, regardless of your own sex.

If you are involved in a love relationship, this is a favorable transit for that. The present balance between your needs and your loved one's needs for self-gratification enables both of you to give and gain from each other.

Transiting Mars quincunx Natal Sun

Transiting Mars opposite Natal Sun

This transit can have two completely different effects, depending upon how you have handled your affairs in the recent past

On the negative side, this can be a time of furious conflict with others. Recent actions by you or by other people may have created energies that lead to anger, rage and general disagreement between you and others. If you have not been careful to enlist people to your side in any work that required your individual initiative and if you have alienated them thereby, you may find now that the forces of opposition have become too great to control. Thus this transit of Mars can represent your defeat in some matter.

If you yourself have not taken the initiative and have remained largely inactive, this transit will stir up all manner 0f subconscious energies that will make you irritable and difficult to get along with Because of the nature of the opposition, you will feel this most strongly in intimate one-to-one relationships such as partnerships and marriage

The other side of this transit is quite different and much more positive, because an opposition can also mean a time when some activity of yours Is brought to a triumphal climax. Quite often this activity was started during the last transit of Mars conjunct your natal Sun. However, at the last transit of Mars by square you had to face a challenge either from other persons or from circumstances that tested the validity of what you were doing. If you survived that challenge successfully, you will now enjoy the fruition of that effort

But even though you have completed a great achievement, you must be able now to achieve a creative working relationship with others, because your present actions will create consequences for the future What you do now will largely determine how the whole project will work out in the long run In other words, you can still ruin everything, even though it may seem that you are “home free.”

Mars afflicting the Sun makes self will and aggressiveness strong. Active and combative combination that needs handling. Quarrels can arise. Physical energy high. Take it easy. Use this energy - do not abuse it.

For the inwardly angry person Mars transiting the natal Sun or Moon can bring disputes, strife and accidents. To the one free from discord this transit of Mars can give renewed energy and revitalization of any project in which he is involved. We do not have trouble if we learn how to avoid it.