Transiting Mars conjunct Natal Saturn

This may be a somewhat difficult day, full of frustrations and irritating occurrences. Do not plan to launch any daring or risky activity, because the chances are that you may not succeed. You may not have the necessary vigor or power. It is better to concentrate upon routine activities that require you to follow a well established pattern.

Other people may seem unusually irritating to you today. They may seem to be trying to "get your goat", or worse, to be taking actions that are quite destructive to you and your interests. You feel angry, but this transit does not give you the opportunity to express your anger. You may be forced to seethe in silence, although it is not a good idea to let the energy just sit inside you. It can become physically destructive. If you feel angry under this transit, find some hard work to do and really get into it. Then the energy will dissipate, and you will be able to face the problem without also having to deal with your anger.

In fact, this transit is especially good for work that requires concentrated energy and great discipline or very careful technique. Working with metals, especially steel and iron, or with cutting instruments is favored. But avoid working with cutting tools if you are experiencing the angry side of this transit. You could hurt yourself.

Transiting Mars sextile Natal Saturn

This is an excellent transit for carefully planning and executing projects that require great diligence and patience. But this is not a high-energy Mars transit, so do not expect to have great flamboyant energy. You will not feel like going out and moving mountains, but you will be capable of sustained effort.

This is a good time to undertake intricate work that requires attention to detail, such as working with hard materials like metal or stone. These materials represent the kin of energy that this transit puts out

You can work patiently now toward goals that will be fulfilled in the future, for this transit often means deferred results You are working more for tomorrow than today But your concerns are very practical, and if you know that your present activities will be of benefit in the future, you will be content with modest results now

The immediate demands of the ego are subordinated to your knowledge of what can be done. Reality and practicality are more important to you than self-gratification L fact you are capable of considerable self-denial if necessary. This transit can be very useful in times of scarcity or need, because you are willing to get along with considerably less Even in times of plenty you will have a sense of discipline and will avoid wasting valuable resources that may be only temporarily abundant.

If you feel anger or resentment, you will hold it back because immediate expression will not seem to be the most practical way to deal with the situation. Just be sure it doesn’t become part of a hidden reservoir of anger that will break o uncontrollably later on. Even though you have tremendous self-discipline at restraint now, you do have valid needs that have to be met eventually Don’t delay this gratification indefinitely, or there could be problems later on.

Transiting Mars square Natal Saturn

Under this transit it is necessary to proceed slowly and cautiously. The more thoroughly and carefully you perform any task, the more chance there is that it will succeed. If you are careless it has very little hope of success. Usually this transit is a very frustrating and irritating time, when all your efforts to assert yourself are thwarted in some way, more by a sense of internal inadequacy than by circumstances or other people. You may feel that your inner energies are struggling to assert themselves against your inhibitions and to get you moving in some way.

Fear may often be an important factor preventing you from being as effective as you would like to be now. You may think that you will fail because of your inadequacies as a person. The challenge is to recognize what you really are and what you can do without being overwhelmed by imaginary inner fears.

Authority figures, such as parents, employers or even persons whom you respect, may discourage you at this time. Somehow their remarks embody the very essence of your own worst suspicions about yourself. But you cannot derive your ultimate feelings about yourself from others, no matter how much you respect them. The purpose of this transit is to learn whether in your daily life you can act with true knowledge of who you are.

However, you are not likely to take negative reinforcement lying down, even if it comes from within yourself. The part of you that is struggling to break free from inhibitions will feel very angry at being held back. Consequently you are likely to be irritable and easily angered, although your inner doubts make you reluctant to show your anger openly. But no matter how you try to cover it up, everyone will be quite aware that you are seething inside.

The ambiguity that you feel during this transit makes it difficult to act successfully, for one part is holding on and the other part is trying to be free. The best way to handle this transit is to confront yourself and not try to initiate anything very grand in the outer world.

Transiting Mars trine Natal Saturn

This transit confers patience and willingness to do difficult and exacting work. In many other combinations, the energies of Mars are too difficult to control for work that requires concentration and skill. The bursts of energy that come with these transits are often too erratic and impulsive. But with this transit, the Mars energy is given off at a very controlled and regular pace, so you can direct it to any task that you must do and keep it concentrated there.

Therefore, this is a good time to do any work that you have to keep on plugging at, even though it isn't rewarding. Saturn does not demand that work be glamorous or instantly rewarding. It is satisfied simply to meet the demands of the day.

If this transit comes during a period that is otherwise difficult, it guarantees that for the moment at least you will be able to cope with your situation, no matter how difficult it becomes.

Intellectual or physical work that requires great attention to detail is favored by this influence. Intricate work with mathematics requiring perseverance rather than skill, fine detailed art work, and working with metals or stone are all examples of this kind of labor.

You will do any task very carefully. You never have to do the same job twice, and you will win at least modest credit for your careful work. Under the best circumstances you will win great credit from your superiors and may even get a promotion. And others will feel that you deserve the promotion because you have worked so diligently to get it.

As you work, your goals will be rather modest and very carefully defined. Because you know exactly what you want, you will be able to get it. Your concerns are extremely practical now, and your first question about any matter is, "How useful is it?" or "What good is it?"

Nevertheless, this transit will help you to get to know yourself better. The close attention to detail that characterizes your way of seeing now will help you see yourself and your own reactions very clearly.

Transiting Mars quincunx Natal Saturn

Transiting Mars opposite Natal Saturn

For many people, this is an extremely irritating transit, requiring great patience and forbearance as well as willingness to keep yourself in the background for a while. Also your relationships with others may not be as satisfying as usual during this time.

The problems that you are likely to encounter with this transit include the following. irritability, often justified by others’ actions, a tendency toward a “slow burn” rather than explosive anger; annoying ego conflicts; and a general sense of inadequacy about yourself vis-a-vis others.

One particularly serious psychological problem that you may have to contend with now is that others will hit you in your psychological weak spots. Usually when someone does something that makes you mad, you simply get angry and say or do something about it. However, under this transit, the attack is made in such a way that you feel incapable of really hitting back, so you internalize the hurt and suffer accordingly, or at least that is what you want to do. But the proper response is to recognize that the other person’s act has hurt you in some way and then to air your grievance. Holding in your anger will only make you feel more angry as well as inadequate.

Another characteristic of this transit is feeling lonely and cut off from others, as if you couldn’t get through to them or make an impression. You feel inhibited when you are with others, especially if some decisive action is called for.

However, this transit is not entirely useless or negative, although most people find it difficult to handle. At this time you can do work that requires great concentration of energy and meticulous care Also. if you have been working on a project of this sort it is now approaching completion and reaching a critical culmination. Since the last conjunction transit of Mars to your natal Saturn, you have been building up something slowly and carefully that is now ready to be finished. But if at the last square transit (roughly six months ago), you experienced a major defeat connected with this project, its total collapse will become apparent now. Usually this happen because other people’s aggressive actions have blocked your success, but also you di not prepare adequately for the challenges that any personal initiative must face.

At times this transit can signify illness, so it is not a good idea to strain your body unnecessarily. Try to relax and avoid situations that produce needless tension Physical tension at this time can be quite debilitating and harmful to your health.