Transiting Mars conjunct Natal Moon

During this transit you may be much more irritable than usual and snappish with others, even though you cannot consciously recognize what you are angry about. Perhaps the most puzzling effect of this transit is that your irritability and anger seem completely irrational. They may not actually be irrational, but your anger may be about something that happened a while ago. Mars transiting the Moon may create events that remind you of past anger that you didn't show at the time. Now it is revived with such force that you have to show it. In this kind of situation a trivial incident makes you mad simply because it is the last straw.

You are likely to be more angry with close friends or members of the family than with people you don't know so well, immediate family members being the most likely targets of your anger.

v But this transit brings more than useless anger. It can also make you stand up for yourself and fight for your rights with complete confidence. Your whole emotional being is suffused with a feeling of strength and unwillingness to let others pull anything on you. Just be careful that your confidence doesn't become a kind of arrogance in which you refuse to accept any challenge. There is a strong tendency to project your ego into situations and make every issue that arises a test of your personal validity.

Transiting Mars sextile Natal Moon

This is a time of strong emotions when, much like the transit by trine, you seek out experiences that involve both your mind and feelings. You will have a strong desire to experience with all of your faculties as a whole person, not just with your mind. Also you will defend your beliefs and opinions with emotional and passionate fervor. It is not that you are looking for a fight, but you will not run from one either. You won't allow anyone to walkall over you so long as this transit lasts. Nevertheless, you are not irritable or pugnacious, merely high-spirited and unwilling to lose.

You seek out relationships and friends who will arouse your emotions as well as your intellect, and you may be on the lookout for someone with whom you can have a passionate sexual relationship. This transit also makes existing sexual relationships more intense.

You will have the energy to work very hard, but only on projects that affect you personally. This may take the form of working in your home or doing some kind of work for your immediate community. But unless the project appeals to you emotionally, it is unlikely to arouse your interest at this time.

There is some impulsiveness with this transit and a tendency to leap to conclusions. Also your thinking is not very objective, because you identify too strongly with your personal interests and attitudes, which colors your perception of the world. Even if you recognize that something is objectively true, that does not carry as much weight as your feelings on the subject. obviously this is not a good time to make a decision that must be unbiased and objective. Nor is it a good time to make decisions concerning matters that will affect you long after the present, because your current subjective orientation will change, and what is appropriate now will be inappropriate in the future.

Transiting Mars square Natal Moon

Be extremely careful of your tendency toward moody irritability at this time. You are very subject to outbreaks of irrational and compulsive behavior that will not serve your best interests. You may find yourself snapping at someone for almost no reason. Or an insignificant action by someone else may trigger a response that makes no rational sense whatsoever. Close domestic relationships are the most likely theater for your fireworks. It will be harder to deal with your loved ones because of the ferment in your own mind at this time.

On the other hand, long buried tensions may surface now and demand to be handled. The problem is that they may surface in such a way that you cannot readily figure out where they have come from. Frustrated energies in disguised form mean that you should not take emotional upheaval at face value during this transit. The tensions are significant, but not what they seem.

Be careful about falling into childish behavior patterns. You will feel like behaving childishly, but you don't have to act out these feelings. You must be very conscious of what you are doing at this time.

Your general rashness under this transit can lead to an accident if you are not careful. The problem is that you will tend to act from an unconscious impulse, suddenly and without thinking. Accidents are most likely at home or in some other domestic situation, for that is where you act with the least consciousness and forethought, simply because you are most used to it.

Be particularly careful of injuries to your eyes. This is not a normal manifestation of this transit, but you should be careful anyway.

Transiting Mars trine Natal Moon

During this transit you will experience life with greater emotional intensity than usual You will feel everything more strongly and deeply. You will want every experience that you encounter to touch your feelings, and they probably will Your relationships will be more intense, and you will seek out those that allow you to experience yourself very vividly.

Whatever you do will be done with complete unity of emotion and conscious intention, which gives an unusually strong intensity to your way of doing things and your manner toward others. Consequently you are much more likely to take events rather seriously, but this is not a problem, because your intensity makes it possible to

deal with others in a frank and straightforward manner. You are not willing to play games with people’s feelings, which makes them respect yours as well.

As with other Mars-Moon transits, there is a tendency to act according to the dictates of emotion, but this tendency is not so strong that you cannot control it Besides, it is very good to have your actions in touch with your emotional self as long as you maintain some balance, as you are doing now.

This transit often indicates a strong emotional involvement with the opposite sex. Iris hard for you to react neutrally to someone who comes into your life now. You either love the person or hate him with all your soul, and this intensity comes over into all your love relationships, whether they are new or old.

Although this transit does not make you feel violently aggressive, you will not allow anyone to step on your toes. You make very clear to others exactly where their limits are in dealing with you, and you will not let them transgress those limits You are in a fighting spirit in the positive sense, in that you will stand up for what you believe but still be reasonably tolerant of other people’s ideas.

Transiting Mars quincunx Natal Moon

Transiting Mars opposite Natal Moon

Emotionally based relationships may be somewhat difficult at this time. If you are not very self-aware, your actions will be dictated largely by irrational drives and compulsions and by behavior patterns carried over from childhood. Yet like every other opposition, this one can mean a time of culmination and climax, in this case in your close personal relationships. This is a period of testing and of confrontation, which will point out the pressures and tensions in those relationships, as well as the positive and strong parts.

Also, because of the nature of the opposition, you may find your own inward unconscious drives mirrored in someone else's actions. Usually this occurs as a conflict in which the other person acts very irrationally and compulsively in ways that are detrimental to your goals. Look at this person very carefully. Although it may seem very magical, he or she is really reflecting your own inward ego problems. The other person is yourself! This is because you tend to project your inner attitudes onto the other person, rather than experiencing the other person directly as he or she really is. Unpleasant as it may be to deal with someone who is being difficult, you may learn a great deal about yourself in the process.

Women may be especially hard to deal with at this time. You may have difficulty with women who know exactly how to set you off and make you experience your own emotions. This brings us to a central theme of this transit, which is that it creates emotional confrontations, some of which may be quite bitter, forcing you to encounter aspects of yourself that you are not usually aware of. You may see yourself directly through your own actions, or you may see yourself reflected in another, as described above. These confrontations will be most powerful in your closest personal relationships, at home with loved ones, spouse, children or parents. Conflicts at this time all serve to creatively release tensions that have been buried within you and to increase your self-knowledge, if you allow it.