Transiting Mars conjunct Natal Mercury

Mars transiting natal Mercury sharpens the tongue as well as the pen and both need restraint. If these two planets are afflicted at birth this transit can set off verbal explosions. Nothing will be gained and much can be lost.

Today your ego is unusually involved in communications with others. Consequently you are unusually touchy and irritable and likely to get involved in disputes with others. Your anger may be touched off at the drop of a hat. Or you may unconsciously provoke opposition by making remarks to others that cause them to feel threatened.

On the other hand, you are also capable of great mental effort today. You have very high energies for doing any kind of work you want to do, but it is best to do work that keeps your mind occupied, so that the energies don't leak out in disputes. If you have to convince someone of a point of view or sell them something, you should be very effective, as long as you can avoid high-pressuring them. Assuming this, you will make a positive impression upon others with your enthusiasm, vigor and strength of purpose. But if you antagonize them, you will drive them away from your point of view.

These same high energies affect the way you move from place to place. If you drive anywhere in a car, be careful not to speed. You may be inclined to recklessness and risk-taking while you travel, which can lead to accidents.

Transiting Mars sextile Natal Mercury

This is an excellent transit for all kinds of mental work, especially if you have to plan a future course of action with firmness and decisiveness. This is also a good time to negotiate with others or arrange any kind of deal. You will be in a positive mood and have lots of confidence in your position, which will enable you to make a positive impression and probably convince people of your point of view.

This transit also favors working with others in a cooperative planning venture. You can make plans together or hash out differences of opinion in such a way that you make your point without anyone else feeling threatened. It should be possible for everyone to feel that they have contributed to the project.

This is a good time for traveling in connection with your work. Because your energy level is high, you are restless to get things done. This is not a bad time for recreational traveling, but it is more favorable for travel that gives you som outlet for your energy.

During these few days you will feel confident of yourself, your ideas and the effect you make when talking with people. It should be a successful time in a very general sense.

Transiting Mars square Natal Mercury

Be careful how you talk to others today. Your energy level is very high, and you tend to identify your ego very closely with your ideas and opinions, so that you are quick to take offense. you have great capacity for mental work today, but if any obstacle gets in the way of your energies, you will quickly become angry and irritable. And you are not likely to keep your irritation to yourself. There is considerable danger of arguments and disputes, particularly at home or at work. When you look back at this later, you may realize that there was nothing to argue about except egos; no real issues were at stake. But it is better if you have a real issue to argue about, for if you have to fight for your beliefs, today is the day to do it. You are sufficiently strong to carry your point of view. But it would be a pity to waste this energy on a matter of no importance and create hard feelings over nothing.

Others may seem to be picking fights with you even though you offer no provocation. Make sure that you aren't provoking them subtly by an attitude or an implicit point of view.

You should be careful under this transit, because you are likely to be accident prone. Be careful while traveling. Drive cautiously and avoid cuts and injuries to your legs and hands. Be very aware if you handle any cutting machinery. If you have any irritation or anger in you now, avoid using any kind of machinery or sharp instruments.

Transiting Mars trine Natal Mercury

This is an excellent time for all kinds of mental work and for negotiations and dealing with others. You should feel mentally alert now and able to put forth your point of view on any matter so that others understand it. Whether they agree with you or not, they will at least respect your opinions.

In negotiations with others, you will be able to assert your position and make it carry, if that is your intention. This is because you can explain your position clearly and unambiguously so that there is no question in others' minds.

This is an excellent transit for studying and broadening your understanding either through academic methods, such as taking classes and reading books, or through conversation with others. You feel sufficiently confident of yourself so that you can listen to others without feeling threatened by their views.

This is a good time for planning, writing or any other predominantly mental work. You have a good grasp of how situations relate to you personally, and you can make plans accordingly.

This is a favorable time for traveling, because you have lots of energy and want to be on the go. It is most favorable for travel that involves physical effort, such as walking or bicycle riding. Your mind may be too active for sitting on a bus or train, unless you have plenty of work to occupy your mind with.

Transiting Mars quincunx Natal Mercury

Transiting Mars opposite Natal Mercury

Whether or not you yourself feel irritable, and you very likely will, today may be full of disputes and arguments, unless you try to understand other people’s points of view This is not a good day for trying to settle arguments, because both you and your opponent will become so firmly entrenched in your own position that neither of you will budge an inch

What you must recognize today is that your ego is thoroughly bound up with your opinions and that you are acting as if a challenge to your ideas were literally a challenge to your physical self. On rare occasions this may be the case, but usually it isn’t. If you do have a real position to defend in any confrontation now, by all means work hard to defend it.. Your energies will be equal to the occasion; just make sure that there is a real issue at stake

This is an excellent day for any kind of mental work as long as you don’t have to work with others. The only difficulty is that you may tend to scatter your thoughts or be too hasty, because your energy is so high. But some self-discipline and care should overcome that.

Be careful of any situation that has a potential for accidents, especially traveling. Drive carefully and avoid speeding Also watch carefully at intersections for other people driving in a dangerous manner. Legal troubles would certainly ensue from an accident today. Also be careful of situations involving risk to arms and feet.