Transiting Mars conjunct Natal Mars

Ego energies and physical energies run very high during this transit. You will feel positively loaded with energy, for which you must find an adequate outlet, or you will have problems. The best way to handle this transit is to do some necessary heavy physical work. But that will work out only if you derive satisfaction from doing it. Otherwise you will feel resentful, which brings out the negative side of this transit. Sports, if you are at all athletic, is an excellent outlet. if you just sit around, you will begin to feel itchy and restless for no apparent reason and then become quite irritable. In this mood you will snap at anyone who comes along for no reason at all. or you may be spoiling for a fight, even if there is no justification for one.

If you feel none of these effects, look deep inside yourself. you will probably find that you are doing a good job of repressing your feelings. And this is the most dangerous response of all, because the energy will get out, either physically through an accident or by projection; that is, you will experience the energy through another. This means that you may have to endure another person's aggressive acts, which may bring you harm.

On the other hand, this transit is quite good for initiating any new project on your own. It is a transit of beginnings, and you should use it for that purpose, particularly for projects that you will be identified with and be given great credit for. Don't expect such projects to go along without opposition, however. Watch for strong resistance from others when Mars squares your natal Mars in about six months, although the precise time may vary. About one year from now, when Mars is in opposition to your natal Mars, you will know whether or not your project is successful.

Transiting Mars sextile Natal Mars

You will feel energetic and vigorous under this transit. Your physical health will be quite good, and you should seek activities that will give this energy an outlet. Sitting around will not have any particularly bad effects, but you would be wasting a valuable opportunity. Athletic activities are an excellent way of expressing this energy. You will want to work with friends and neighbors, so this is an excellent time for a group project such as a neighborhood clean-up campaign. You will probably enjoy whatever work you do because it makes you feel so alive.

If you have to personally effective in any activity, such as business or negotiations with others, you will be able to achieve the desired results now. Like other Mars-Mars contacts, this transit gives you the necessary self-confidence to influence others and make a positive impression. If you have to debate with someone on any matter, you should be able to carry the day. However, do not be tempted to rest on your laurels, for this transit does not signify energies that will force you to act. You may simply wake up with a feeling of smug self-satisfaction and do nothing at all. But that would be a waste, because you can work very effectively now.

This transit is favorable for traveling and expressing yourself through new experiences and new encounters. You are intellectually restless, and you want to do something different. You should- it will be good for you.

Your energies are in very good balance now, so take this chance to do whatever has to be done.

Transiting Mars square Natal Mars

Under this transit you should avoid rash and impulsive actions, for they will aliena others, create enemies and in the long run undermine your own interests. Your e~ energies run rather high now, but in such a way that you are likely to assert yourself inappropriately. You may feel that you can conquer the world and issue complete unnecessary challenges to the people around you. Most frequently you express this feeling as irritability, excessive impatience with others’ actions, argumentativeness and general touchiness.

On the other hand, you may have to contend with someone else who is acting this way. In this case there is nothing to do but be patient as long as possible, fighting back only if there is a serious issue at stake. Remember that with this transit you w have a strong tendency to regard all issues as serious if they involve your pride I very careful in your evaluations.

This is a good transit for getting work done, if you can control your impulsive behavior. Any task that requires sheer physical energy with little finesse or attention to derail is excellent, because it allows you to work off energy without total suppressing the natural impulsiveness and exuberance of this transit. Work requiring very carefully controlled energy is not very likely to be successful, because you tend to work in little explosive bursts. Frustration of any kind, even self-imposed, almost unendurable under this transit.

In the final analysis, the way you express this transit is a good index to what shape your ego is in, that is, your pride and sense of worth and personal effectiveness. you are off in any of these areas, you are likely to experience the disruptive at difficult side of this transit.

Under some conditions this transit can affect you physically through illness accident. Don’t take unnecessary risks, and avoid situations that might weaken your body and make you more susceptible to illness.

Transiting Mars trine Natal Mars

This is a time of vigorous self-assertion. Without being excessively aggressive, you can make it clear to people that you are willing to work for what you want. Your energy level is high, and you can accomplish a lot of physical or mental work in a short time, although physical labor releases the energy somewhat more effectively.

This is a good time to take the initiative and start a new project. it will go very well, because you have the insight as well as the energy to follow it through to the conclusion. Although you can work very effectively with others under this transit, it might be better to work alone, unless the others can keep up with your pace and don't need to be constantly told what to do. Mars is an ego oriented planet, and you will be most strongly motivated toward tasks that bring credit to you and express you as an individual.

If you are already working on a project, but it has become bogged down, now you will be able to resume your work with greater effectiveness than before. If you have been trying to do something, but have lacked the right opportunity, this transit should get it moving. Your work won't seem to resist your energies, as so often happens at other times.

Greater self-confidence usually accompanies this transit, so that if you have to present a project to someone, you will be able to do it much more effectively. Also, pushing your own interests will be much more successful than usual. Everything you do now will give you greater self-assurance and the extra drive and confidence that you will need in the future, when things may not run as smoothly. Probably the worst way to handle this transit is to do nothing, for you will lose an opportunity to prove your own worth to yourself.

Transiting Mars quincunx Natal Mars

Transiting Mars opposite Natal Mars

During this transit you have a very strong need to assert yourself, but you may do it in a way that provokes conflict with others. And if you try to suppress this need for ego expression, you may have to contend with someone else's attempts to be overbearing. On the other hand, this could possibly be a time of very vigorous and successful work, in which you succeed by asserting your own individuality toward others in some way. The lesson that you must learn is that your own success does not have to be at someone else's expense. But under this transit you may feel that it does, and so you respond either by trying to dominate others unnecessarily or by reacting negatively to anyone else's successful self-assertion. Be very careful about feeling jealous and resentful of someone else's success. You may feel that their success was stolen from you, but that is not necessarily true. Work for your own interests, but not against someone else's.

Even under the best circumstances you may encounter serious opposition from others. The best way to deal with this is to get the encounter out in the open and get it over with. Otherwise you will have to deal with your own or the other person's sullen irritability. If you feel a vague undefined anger at the world in general during this transit, it is because you have tried to ignore the anger or hurt within yourself. Now it is bubbling up in a form so disguised that you cannot readily diagnose its source.

But your energy level in general is very high now. If you can work with others without getting entirely wrapped up in your own ego, you can accomplish a great deal of work and bring many affairs to a successful conclusion. The effects of this transit depend on your ability to handle one-to-one relationships.