Transiting Mars conjunct Natal Jupiter

This is an excellent transit for almost any kind of physical activity. Your energy is high, and you feel very strong and vigorous. If you have physical labor to do, such as working in the yard, housework or athletics, this transit will give you the energy you need.

The only problem to watch out for is that your feelings of exuberance may lead you to take unnecessary risks, especially in athletics or in work that has an inherent danger. If you are foolishly overconfident, you can have accidents with this transit.

You may also be inclined to indulge in other risks, such as gambling or speculative financial ventures. But if these ventures are at all valid or have any potential for success, you should succeed. This is basically a lucky transit - you have such total confidence now that your activities are much more likely to succeed. Mars-Jupiter has the general connotation of fortunate action and is favorable for launching any new enterprise.

Mars-Jupiter has a strong effect upon muscle action, which is why this transit is so good for physical exercise. In fact, Mars transiting Jupiter or vice versa is an extremely good childbirth transit, helping to make labor easy and short and guaranteeing a successful delivery. A mother and child often have the Mars of one aspecting the Jupiter of the other.

Transiting Mars sextile Natal Jupiter

This is a very positive transit, opening up opportunities for just about any kind of activity that you wish to engage in. Enterprises begun at this time are likely to do quite well, unless some very powerful negative transit coincides with this one.

This transit is especially favorable for all business and commercial ventures and is excellent for negotiating personally advantageous deals. Your objectives and goals in the matter will be much clearer to you than usual, which enables you to deal very intelligently with others, and thus get the best possible deal for yourself. Also everything you do has a kind of buoyant optimism that is also favorable to success. But you aren't so wildly optimistic that you overlook the details that are necessary to the success of any endeavor.

This is an extremely favorable time for dealing with authorities, for they will be open to your ideas and relatively easily persuaded to your point of view. Legal interests are also favored now.

Your physical energy is high, and you should enjoy good health and good spirits. This is an excellent transit for any kind of athletics, because this combination of planets relates to muscle tone, and physical exercise will improve your health even further.

Your activities under this transit should bring opportunities for personal growth by expanding your range of activities as well as your experience.

Transiting Mars square Natal Jupiter

This can be a time of very successful and energetic activity, if you proceed with caution, don’t act recklessly, and keep close track of what you are doing You will be tempted, however, to run off quickly, without taking all factors into consideration and reaching a balanced judgment. You may be infected with an unjustified optimism that anything you do today will “turn to gold.” It may, but it won’t happen by luck. It will happen through intelligent planning and foresight, which are available to you under this transit if you make a conscious effort to rake advantage of them.

You act for the future under this transit, because you are more concerned with what can be than with what is. Therefore this is a good time for furthering new projects But do not overextend yourself and go beyond your resources, which is another temptation now

As you extend your own sphere of influence and experience, don't overtax your own strength, psychologically or physically. On both fronts you feel so strong and vigorous that you may go beyond your normal energy limitations, but the time will come when you have to pay for this, and it may not be very pleasant. Also your fondness for taking risks can lead to accidents at this time, so be careful. You are not unlucky, you are just somewhat impulsive.

Jupiter rules your desire to include more of the universe in your own experience. This can mean being more conscious of the universe and experiencing more of it, or it can mean trying to dominate the universe for the greater “glory” of your own ego. The latter tendency is especially strong now, and it can lead to trouble later on. In a very real way this transit tests your efforts to grow as an individual The more flaws you have and the more mistakes you make, the more likely you are to do something foolish that will lead to trouble. But those energies that are working satisfactorily will do extremely well at this time.

Transiting Mars trine Natal Jupiter

This is one of the best transits for almost any kind of activity, for your energies are high, you feel good, and you believe that you can do twice as much work as usual, which you probably can. Your muscles have unusually good tone and vigor, so this transit is extremely favorable for any physical activity, especially athletics.

This transit is often characterized as lucky, but it is not really luck that is operating here. Rather you are able to act with a complete picture in mind of what you are doing. You can plan with greater foresight and thereby avoid pitfalls that others might characterize as "bad luck" if they encounter them. You will not encounter them, so you will be regarded as lucky.

This is a particularly favorable time for any work that can advance your own interests. Because you want to grow in as many ways as possible, this is a good time to do whatever will help growth take place in your life. One warning, however. Self-aggrandizement is also compatible with this transit, but if you take this course you may be in a more difficult position later, during more difficult transits. Instead use this transit to bring about a growth of consciousness and knowledge.

This transit is also favorable for most business activity, for your actions are blessed with insight that helps you succeed in business where others might fail. For the same reason, this is a good time for making decisions. You have a very clear sense of yourself and your needs, so that you can make decisions according to your best interests, in the largest and most enlightened sense of the phrase.

If you must take chances or do something that you can't foresee the outcome of, this is as good a time as any. Your optimism now creates a positive energy that will attract favorable results from your gamble. Besides, you have the sense at this time to avoid any real risky ventures.

Transiting Mars quincunx Natal Jupiter

Transiting Mars opposite Natal Jupiter

This can be one of the so-called “lucky” transits, or it can be a time fraught with conflict and foolish actions.

This transit represents the culmination of your efforts to expand the domain of your activities. There is more and more that you want to do, and you resent anything that narrows your freedom and limits your scope of action. The challenge of this transit is to be conscious enough of yourself and of what you are doing so that you can plan intelligently and work effectively with enlightened self-interest as opposed to pure selfishness.

The negative side of this transit is manifested when you are not conscious of what you are doing In that case you may act toward others in a domineering, overbearing manner, which will cause them to desert you later when you may need their help You may try to come on to others as more than an ordinary human being, which will tempt them to test your strength.

Foolishly overestimating your own abilities may cause you to bite off more than you can chew in a number of areas of your life. It may happen on the physical level if you overexert yourself and exhaust your body or take foolish risks that lead to an accident. Or it may happen in business if you overextend yourself so far that when resources become more limited in the future you won’t be able to meet all your commitments.

With self-awareness, however, this whole picture changes. As long as you stay within your own limitations — that is, your inherent limitations as a human being and the limitations of your situation or circumstances — you should be extremely successful under this transit. The sense of timing of your actions may leave others amazed and sure that you are lucky. But really you have succeeded because you have a complete understanding of the situation.

As long as you don’t suddenly overexert yourself your physical health is improved under this transit, and your muscles work better than at any other time. Pregnant women often give birth during this transit, for it favors the contraction of the smooth muscles that are involved in childbirth.