Transiting Mars conjunct Natal Ascendant

The symbolism of this transit is self-assertion with regard to others. It is not enough that you are yourself and able to do your own thing. With this transit, you have to show other people that you are someone to be reckoned with. Or you may have to defend yourself against an attack from someone, whether or not you have provoked it. This transit is most likely to produce conflicts, anger and resentment. The best thing to do, if a conflict situation arises, is to have it out immediately. If you try to keep things cool for the sake of propriety, you may only create a fund of resentment in yourself or the other person that will boil over at an even less convenient time. But if you deal with it now, the air will clear.

On the other hand, you also have the chance to show the world what you can do. You may have the opportunity to direct others in some kind of joint project. And as long as you pay attention to the feelings of the people you work with and try to win them over to your group aims, you will be very successful at such endeavors. But if you merely try to dominate the other people in such a situation, which is a danger with this transit, you will foul it up completely and create anger and disputes.

If you do not find a satisfactory outlet for your energies at this time, you will be easily angered, resentful, irritable and quick to take offense. If you must blow up at somebody, make sure that you understand the real source of the conflict, so that it can be aired. All too often, conflicts occur over phony issues that are only symbols of a much more profound problem.

Rarely, this transit will signify an illness or accident, especially if you do not have an adequate outlet for your energies. You should indulge in vigorous physical activity and avoid physically debilitating situations. Avoid overstraining yourself, either now or especially before this transit. If you are in good physical condition as you come into this transit, your health will be all right during it.

It is a good idea to avoid sharp instruments and cutting tools now, because Mars signifies steel and cutting in general.

Transiting Mars sextile Natal Ascendant

This is an excellent transit for working with others in a team effort, as long as you are a leader within the team or are given a lot of independent initiative. It is also important that the people you work with are energetic and can do their share of the work. You would be very impatient; with anyone who is slower or less energetic than yourself. Your physical energy level is likely to be high with this transit, and you are a bit impulsive, so you want things done quickly. Fortunately, with this transit you are likely to attract the kind of people you need. And if you do not, try to work alone.

With respect to your immediate environment, the surroundings that you encounter every day, you are likely to feel more self-assertive than usual This can be a good time for telling people how you feel about anything, for you are not willing to let others get away with intruding on your rights. Usually the energy of this transit is mellow enough that you can make yourself clear without causing a fight. In fact, people will probably respect you for your honesty.

Although you are not looking for a fight with this transit, you will stand up for your rights. If you have to present a controversial point of view to a group of people, you should be able to present it forcefully enough to win their approval, if it has merit.

Obviously this transit is good for any kind of work that depends upon your personal effectiveness.

If you are with friends now, you will be happiest doing hard physical work or being very physically active. With the energy of this transit, you are not likely to be very happy just sitting around.

Transiting Mars square Natal Ascendant

This transit is likely to coincide with a stormy period in your personal relationships. There will probably be a difference between you and your partner about some personal objective that you are both very closely involved in. Or a difference in your background and conditioning will cause you and your partner to see a situation very differently. Associated with these problems is the problem of identifying so closely with your own point of view that you feel your personal honor depends on having your views triumph. You are not likely to be in a compromising mood with this transit. Also it is possible that you will draw to yourself a person who behaves uncompromisingly, making agreement unlikely or difficult. Under this transit any kind of team effort that you become involved in is not likely to work. If you can possibly arrange it, try to work by yourself on a project in which you have the total initiative.

In personal relationships, especially in marriage, this transit can coincide with disputes. The only way to handle this is for each of you to make your position clear to the other, but don't try to resolve it now. If you feel you must blow up at each other, it is probably best to do so and release the tensions. This can often help out when a marriage becomes difficult. In fact, if you blow up more often, the conflicts become less acute, unless the two of you are really incompatible. Repressing the anger you feel now will only lead to a more violent outbreak later, with disastrous consequences and even physical violence.

On the other hand, if you can work out your aggressions by yourself, you will be able to get a great deal of work done. But even here there is a danger. This is not a good time to do dangerous work or work with dangerous machinery. There is the real possibility that you will act impulsively and injure yourself, unless you take every precaution and make sure that you are really calm.

If you do not express the energy of this transit consciously, you may experience a period of illness, especially minor infections and irritations.

Transiting Mars trine Natal Ascendant

This is a time of self-assurance and confidence in dealing with others. Without being overly aggressive or pugnacious, you get your point across to people in such a way that they respect you. You also have a great deal of physical energy, so that you feel like taking part in some kind of vigorous activity. If you are athletically inclined, this is an excellent transit.

In most areas of your life, you are able to act much more decisively than usual, especially in dealing with others. you know where you stand, and you ask others to let you know where they stand. And despite your self-assertiveness, you are able to create a balance in a group so that everyone benefits from working together and no one feels dissatisfied.

Under this transit you will want to enlarge the scope of your activities somewhat. it will not be enough to express your energies as you have in the past. At this time you want to find new expressions, and you will look for people to share in this. For this reason you want to be with active people who have enough energy to go along with your plans.

On the physical level, this is usually a period of good health, but t is important to remember that using your energy will have a very positive effect on your body. Also, if you don't use this energy now, it can build up within you and be expressed as irritation. This can lead either to disputes in relationships or to health problems the next time that Mars makes a more difficult transit to your Ascendant.

Transiting Mars quincunx Natal Ascendant

Transiting Mars opposite Natal Ascendant

This is the most conflict-prone of all transits! The point opposite the Ascendant, also called the Descendant, signifies open enemies and conflicts, among other things. Anything you try to do now is likely to encounter stiff opposition from anyone who has any reason to oppose you. You will have to fight for what you want, unless you are very clever at wheeling and dealing behind the scenes. Ego energies run very high in all your direct confrontations with others, and in many cases all you can do is be prepared for the confrontations and to release whatever tensions there might be. There is a serious conflict between your need to assert yourself and your need for relationships.

Even partnerships that usually run quite smoothly can be a problem. You may have to contend with a partner or spouse who is trying to dominate you or you may be the one who wants to dominate. This results in the most intense ego struggle. You will have to be somewhat conciliatory when dealing with a partner, as opposed to an “open enemy” as described above. It is possible to transmute the energy of this transit into an extremely energetic cooperative effort, but only if both of you are certain that your best interests are being served. Neither of you will want to play second fiddle to the other.

Physical activity with others is an extremely creative way of handling the energies involved in this transit. Team sports are particularly recommended because the encourage cooperation and use the self-assertive and the aggressive energies of this transit.

As with the transit by conjunction, there is some danger now of accident or illness, so be careful, especially if you are feeling generally frustrated. Avoid sports that are unusually dangerous and be careful of sharp instruments and cutting tools.