Significance of Transiting Jupiter

Jupiter is traditionally known as the "greater benefic" and in old astrology was thought to produce nothing but good. And indeed a Jupiter transit is usually quite pleasant and often very beneficial. Life seems to flow more easily during a Jupiter transit, and whatever you set out to do usually succeeds just as you intended.

At the most fundamental level Jupiter signifies the individual reaching out to include more and more of the universe and its experience within himself or herself. It is a planet of growth and enlargement. In fact, at a trivial level Jupiter will sometimes just enlarge something or make an action grandiose or overdone. The effect of Jupiter's energy on your life can range from making you gain weight to enlarging your mind and consciousness.

Jupiter has a strong social dimension as well. It is concerned with the social "glue" that holds everything together. Thus it rules the law and the legal system, as well as persons in power and government officials, a function it shares with the Sun. One negative manifestation of certain Jupiter transits can be problems with the law. Of course, under other transits, Jupiter can confer legal power upon you.

The house that the transiting Jupiter is in indicates the area of life in which you are trying to grow and the means by which you are doing this. The process may be necessary growth that makes you a wiser and more successful person (in a philosophical sense), or it may be pathological growth- in other words, you are trying to get too much or go too far in this area. Wherever Jupiter transits, you should not take the matters ruled by that house at face value. The chances are that everything will work out very well, but you should always make sure that you aren't overdoing or going too far. Also it is important to avoid taking more than your share.

Planets in your natal chart that are transited by Jupiter represent energies in your personality that are working smoothly and attaining your objectives. But the warnings given above in connection with the houses apply here too. Do not overdo. One problem with Jupiter is that you should be careful about what you want, because you are likely to get it.

Nevertheless, most Jupiter transits are quite beneficial for the areas of your life that they relate to. Even the square and opposition transit aspects, which are difficult with most planets, are fairly easy with Jupiter. However, those are the times when you must be careful not to do things in excess.

Jupiter also signifies some of the higher aspects of your life- your overall life view, your attitudes toward religion, and your sense of idealism. Jupiter can be a very consciousness-expanding influence. So enjoy your Jupiter transits while exercising a little care. They could be the doorways to your objectives in life.

Transiting Jupiter in the Natal 1st House

This transit is the beginning of a major cycle of growth in your life. While Jupiter is in this house, you should try to discover what you really are as an individual. You should get to know yourself and what you can really accomplish, because under this influence you feel more secure about yourself and the impression that you make upon others. You feel less need to withdraw from people or hide your talents. But you should not react to this transit by exaggerating your own importance either. Look at the truth of who you are; that should be entirely adequate.

This is also a time for learning and gaining new experience. All this is part of your present need for growth, which effects not only yourself, but also the way you deal with the world as a whole. At this time it is very important to outgrow attitudes or prejudices that may have hung over from your childhood, parochial concerns that are not adequate to understanding the world that you face now.

Persons and resources are likely to be drawn to you now, and you should take constructive advantage of them. In other words, anyone whom you become involved with at this time should benefit from the association as much as you do. Only through mutual help will you really achieve growth.

The spiritual dimension of your life should be greater now. The concrete and tangible aspects of the world are not enough; you have to know the deeper dimensions of life as well; otherwise the rest becomes meaningless.

This year should be quite fortunate for you in personal terms. Your relationship and encounters with others should work to your advantage consistently, assuming that some more powerful influence isn't upsetting this one. Your increased self-confidence and poise should serve you well and enable you to increase the scope of your activities. But try not to be overbearing, Even if you score significant successes, don't delude yourself into thinking that you have all the answers. You are still learning under this transit.

Transiting Jupiter in the Natal 2nd House

This transit has traditionally been associated with making money or gaining wealth, and there is something to that, for you will attempt to grow in the sphere of material possessions and resources now. But in a larger sense, what you are doing at this time is actualizing in your life whatever it is that you value. If it is money or physical possessions that you value, that is the area you will try to increase in and through. Or if your values are more spiritual- involving ideas, a standard of justice, or whatever- you will attempt to increase this dimension of your life.

Obviously then it is very important at this time to understand how you use resources, because the chances are that you will indeed get more of whatever you want, within reason. Unfortunately there is greater potential for mismanaging resources with this transit, if you are not clear about what you need and want. It is very easy to get so much of something that it runs your life instead of making your life more pleasant and fulfilling. This is particularly true of efforts to gain more money.

What you must do at this time in your life is to look at your overall goals honestly and see what you really must have in order to achieve them. It will be relatively easy to make the necessary changes in your resources to help attain your goals, so plan these changes wisely.

This is not a call for total ascetism. If you want to buy something that is very expensive, perhaps a bit self-indulgent, there is no reason why you should not go after it. Just make sure that you really want it, that it is not merely a symbol of something you think you want. Many people acquire possessions simply because they think they are expected to in order to show social status. To acquire for reasons of this sort would truly be a waste. Nevertheless, during this time material resources can be a great comfort, and you can derive a real and honest pleasure from them.

In a larger sense you will learn more about yourself at this time through encountering possessions and having to handle them. Managing the material world will be of great value in promoting self-understanding. For this reason, this is a good period in your life to invest money with a little self-restraint or to buy possessions either for enjoyment or for investment.

Transiting Jupiter in the Natal 3rd House

The effect of this transit is to increase your contacts through and within your immediate surroundings. You will not have to go very far from your everyday world to find experiences that expand your perception of the world and increase your level of consciousness. This may manifest itself in several ways.

First of all, it is quite likely that through you everyday life you will receive an opportunity for advanced training in a field of study that could be useful to you. Your concern with communication will increase, and you may do some writing, even if that is not one of your usual activities. During this period, extended travel may be necessary for some reason, but you will come out of it understanding a lot more about your world.

Your relationships with relatives- brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.- will be very good. It is quite possible that you may receive some kind of financial benefit from one of them, but that is not the only way they could benefit you.

Perhaps more important in the long run is the possible effect of this transit upon your mind and c. Old thought patterns, attitudes that you have adopted more or less unconsciously or that you don't think about very much on a c level, will be broadened and expanded. Your thinking will be less subject to the limitations imposed by these attitudes. Consequently your attitude toward the world around you will be much more generous, understanding and tolerant of other people's differences. You are less likely to be influenced by prejudices. Instead, you will want to know everything on the basis of your own experience.

Your plans for the future will be larger and more expansive. You will realize that many of the limitations that you thought were imposed from without are actually self-imposed. Also, in looking at the world, you take more factors into consideration and plan more effectively than you might at other times. Just be careful not to go to the opposite extreme and overdo it. Don't commit yourself to projects that you cannot possibly fulfill.

As a general rule, communication with others is better than usual now. You are able to say what is on your mind, and you are less subject to failures of communication. At the same time you are frank and willing to talk about every aspect of a given problem, whether it relates to your emotional life or to some situation in the outer world.

Transiting Jupiter in the Natal 4th House

This is a time when you will seek inner peace and security. The fourth house is the house of all aspects of your innermost life- your home, your personal life, your family, your past and your innermost sense of self. Jupiter here will help you improve all of these areas of your life.

On an external level, you may express this transit by purchasing real estate or a new home. Land and houses are an external symbol of the desire for a stable inner world. Or you may expand, redecorate or otherwise improve your present home, thereby increasing it's value. This is quite a good time to invest in real estate, even if you are not planning to live there.

This transit supports your domestic life, and during this period one or another domestic problem should be cleared up, usually because something new comes to light that helps you straighten things out. You feel generous and open to your family, and they respond to you in the same way. If you have any problems at all during this time, your family is where you should turn for solace. They will be able to help you. Your relationship with your parents is also good, and they may be a source of benefit to you in some way.

There are times in your life when you have no choice but to go out into the world and forge ahead. At this time, however, you have a choice. If you wish to go out into the world, your personal life will not cause problems that distract you from your quest. But it might be even better to concentrate your energies on your personal life rather than making a great effort to get ahead in the world. Now is a time when you can make your home, family and personal life more secure than ever and guarantee that it will always be a source of support and comfort. This is the time to put down roots, if you are ever going to. You will find that having a real sense of belonging to a place, a community and family will prevent many psychological crises when circumstances get rough in the future. If you handle this transit properly, you are not likely to ever feel alone, lost or alienated. Security in life is a real need, and now is a time when you can do a great deal to gain it.

At the most psychological level, this transit helps to increase your sense of inner confidence. You are more in touch with your inner self now than at most times, and you are able to handle truths about yourself that you are normally reluctant to face, thereby preventing them from becoming a problem in the future. What you know you are is seldom a problem. The difficulties stem from what you are afraid that you are.

Transiting Jupiter in the Natal 5th House

At this time your creative self-expression grows as never before. You find the courage to be yourself and to express yourself to others without fear or apology but without selfishness or egotism. This has the immediate effect of improving your relationships with others tremendously. This transit by itself is not usually enough to bring about a sexual relationship, but it certainly helps one that begins at this time. Because you don't feel that you must hold yourself back from another person, it is possible to have a truly authentic relationship with someone, in which each of you knows who the other is.

If you have children, this transit will improve your relationship with them, and there will probably be many occasions when you feel proud of them. And you are able to give them whatever they need for their own development without feeling in any way diminished.

Your creative potential is also increased. If you have any artistic aptitude at all, this transit may very well bring it into play. You will produce more work, and it will be completely expressive of yourself. Also if you are working in a creative or artistic field, you may possibly make more money than usual with your art or craft.

Love relationships will also expand the range of experiences in your life. You may encounter persons from a radically different background or from a different country. But no matter what their origin, any relationship at this time will teach you more about the world than you ever dreamed possible.

But the most important point about this transit is that it brings you the opportunity for personal growth and increased wisdom, along with greater freedom of self-expression. You do not feel it necessary to hide from the world anymore, even if you did before. In fact there may even be a danger that you will act in an overbearing manner. This depends largely upon your attitude prior to this transit. Most people will respond only with a healthy increase in self-assurance and self-expression.

Transiting Jupiter in the Natal 6th House

This is a very good time for any kind of work and for fulfilling duties that contribute to your personal growth. This transit indicates good health, with one exception as noted below.

Very often the demands of this house come into conflict with one's personal growth and, especially, freedom, for this is the house of fulfillment of duty, responsibility and service. One's ego needs are gratified here only at a level that most people can not really understand. But with Jupiter in this house you are able to make progress in the world precisely because of these matters, and you realize this. Work is very fulfilling and enjoyable to you now, giving you a sense of purpose and a structure for your life. Quite often this comes about through an improved job situation, better working conditions, or even a new job with better pay or opportunities for self-fulfillment. But you are not likely to advance to a position of greater power or standing at this time. This is a period of work, and you will achieve the most satisfaction simply by doing the work as well as you can and to the highest possible standards. You are quite ready to take on even more work if you can, and even though you probably wont be promoted, you will certainly gain the esteem of your superiors and of those under you, which will ultimately put you in a good position.

This is usually an excellent period for health, because Jupiter gives your body physical strength and vitality. However, you do have to be careful about gaining weight. In both the fortunate and less fortunate meanings of the term, this is a growth transit on the physical level. If for some reason your body has to heal or recover from an illness, this transit will assist the process. But you should be careful of fat or sweet foods, for they will not only cause you to gain weight, but they are not very good for your pancreas. Avoid any kind of overindulgence.

Transiting Jupiter in the Natal 7th House

During this period your intimate one-to-one encounters with other people can show you aspects of yourself and of the world around you. By and large this transit favors the formation and maintenance of all kinds of partnerships, including marriage. Although this transit by itself does not especially indicate marriage, it does make a marriage work very well at this time.

During this transit you will encounter people who can help you out in various ways. You approach all relationships with the idea that you and the other person should help each other. You are not inclined to go it alone now, and you would be well advised not to. You very much need another person's assistance, not because you are a weak individual, but because the other person fulfills your individuality.

This is also a good time to call in a professional for any kind of assistance, especially a lawyer, but also a doctor or other consultant, as well as personal counselors. If you have to go to court at this time, especially in a civil suit, the outcome should be favorable, although it is important to make sure that you have every angle covered. Don't take this transit for granted, for you might overlook some detail that could trip you up. Also don't try to get more than you're due, nor overestimate what you are to get. That could get you into trouble. As with every other Jupiter transit, this one requires a certain amount of moderation in order to get the most out of it.

Since Jupiter refers to foreign places and persons, this transit could indicate a partnership or close relationship with a foreigner. Or it could indicate a relationship with someone whose background is sufficiently different from your that you have to expand your views and your understanding of the world simply to deal with him or her. Any intimate relationship at this time will certainly have a consciousness-expanding effect upon you. In other words, the relationship wont permit you to continue in a narrow frame of reference.

If you marry under this influence, your partner is likely to be a slightly older person who has established himself or herself in the world. Your respect for this person is one of the main factors that attracts you. This is a sign of a person more experienced than yourself.

Transiting Jupiter in the Natal 8th House

Traditionally this transit indicates an inheritance. However, this transit occurs several times in the course of everyone's life, whether or not you get an inheritance. But even though that old delineation is not usually applicable, it is based on correct principles, because with Jupiter in this house, you are likely to benefit from other people's resources. Consequently this is a good time to enter a relationship in which you and another person have to pool your resources, such as a business partnership. This is also a good time to request a loan from the bank, unless there is another transit at the same time that negates this reading. In general, other people are more than usually willing to help you out in some way.

On another level, there will be many powerful but fortunate changes in your life at this time. It may not always be obvious, but any sweeping change that happens now will be for the best and will make your life richer an more rewarding in the long run. It will also give you a much greater understanding of the psychological patterns that operate in your life. If you have recently been through a time of psychological stress or are encountering one now, this transit will help the healing process within you.

Sometimes this transit can indicate a time of religious and spiritual regeneration, what used to be called a "conversion experience." Certainly you would derive great benefit from studying occult and mystical literature at this time in your life, especially if you feel very troubled or distraught.

Transiting Jupiter in the Natal 9th House

This house is a very good position for Jupiter. At this time the perspective of your life can be expanded tremendously. You may have opportunities for extensive travel, for learning and also for teaching others in either a formal or an informal setting. Your desire to learn, however, is very great, and you will probably do much more reading than usual and about more abstract and profound subjects. Philosophy, metaphysics and religion are typical studies associated with this transit. And you will encounter these not only as books, but as real issues in your life. Your need is for real and useful knowledge about your world.

This is a good time to become involved in a human-potential effort or some other consciousness-raising group.

If you are a writer or have any desire to be on, this is an excellent time for it, because the ninth house is the house of publishing and other communications media that reach the world at large.

As you are exposed to a wider world, your views on life will change. This transit is a powerful maturing influence in the most positive sense; in other words, you become wiser now than at any other time in your life. Nut you have to be fundamentally open to this process. If you think you know all the answers already, this transit may only make you smug or self-righteous, which would be a terrible waste of this energy.

Along with the possibility of travel to foreign countries, there is also the likelihood that you will become increasingly involved with foreign persons or lands either in your business or in your personal life.

The main effect of this transit is to make your c grow so much that you can no longer live with your old prejudices and beliefs. You must know rather than just believe, and the more you can replace belief with knowledge, the better off you will be.

Transiting Jupiter in the Natal 10th House

During this transit your attention will turn toward your profession, career, social status and reputation. It is a time when you will try very hard to move ahead in any or all of these areas, and any reasonable effort should result in considerable progress. For most people this is a time of getting ahead, but you should observe several cautions.

First of all, it is very important to avoid being overbearing, domineering and arrogant. Some people have trouble with superiors at this time, because this transit can indicate an inflated ego, that is, thinking you are much more than you are without anything to back it up. If you start thinking that you are truly significant or special, sit down and review your real accomplishments to see if they justify your feeling. But even if they do, be careful not to behave in a way that will cause others to resent you and even work against you when this transit is over.

However, this is not a general problem, for many people have been taught to underrate their achievements. In that case this transit is likely to signify recognition for what you have accomplished. You can expect a promotion at work, public recognition, or the esteem of your contemporaries during this time, as long as you don't fall into the trap described above. You will also feel more confident about yourself, and this may be one of the few times in your life when you are really in touch with what you can do.

You may also experience other effects of this transit. For example, you may have to travel in connection with your work, or you may have increased dealings with foreign persons. It is also possible that you may change to a field of work that pertains to the nature of Jupiter. These fields include medicine and healing, the law, higher education and travel. In this case you should not expect the same recognition that you would if you stayed in your established line of work.

Transiting Jupiter in the Natal 11th House

At this time your hopes, ideals and wishes for the future play an important role in your life. Your friends may be of considerable benefit to you now, and you will become more involved in group activities, for you understand the importance of group goals and values to you as an individual. This is not a time when you should try to go it alone, nor should you limit yourself to working with one other person. You need to be with many people, for through working and dealing with them you will learn a great deal about yourself. Friends will be more than usually supportive, and you may make many new friends who will prove to be extremely valuable as time goes on. But this will not be a one way street, for you will help them also.

At this time in your life you will be more than usually idealistic and will want to improve the world around you in every possible way. If your perspective is relatively broad, you will want to translate this desire into broad social reform or at least make changes that will affect both you and your friends. Lacking such a perspective, you may work only to improve your personal situation in accordance with what you have always wanted. However, this is not a time to be selfish. The nature of this house is such that if the improvements in your life do not affect others, the changes will not be as meaningful or long-lasting. Whatever you put out will come back in an even greater quantity.

Transiting Jupiter in the Natal 12th House

This is one twelfth house transit that is likely to be quite beneficial, although the benefits wont be as obvious as they are in other houses. At this time you have the capacity to learn a great deal about the spiritual and religious dimensions of life. You also can learn a great deal about yourself without encountering the fear or resistance that you often experience when you come face to face with the aspects of yourself that you consider less desirable.

This is a time when the demands of your ego are less exacting than usual. You can look dispassionately and even compassionately at yourself, the world and other people. You feel more direct empathy for the suffering you see, and you genuinely want to help. You seem to have a new understanding of the fact that we are all in the same boat and that what is done to help one person is done for all.

During this time you may find a person who acts as a spiritual teacher for you, but remember that such a person can come in any guise. He or she need not be someone who is publicly recognized as a teacher. Even an old friend may suddenly assume this role. You may feel that something in you needs to be healed now, and this person will come forward to help you.

It is also possible that you will play this role for someone else. You are very concerned about spiritual truth and wisdom now, and you may pass on what you learn during this transit to others.

In a general way this transit may incline you to the study of metaphysics or the occult. In the hidden aspects of existence you seek knowledge that will give you support and comfort, as well as meaning for your life. This transit may even signify a greater involvement with orthodox religion and the church.