Transiting Jupiter conjunct Natal Venus

This transit helps to smooth over all difficulties in your relationships, as well as promote friendship and give you a strong desire for happy and peaceful times. You enjoy being with and talking with friends and will probably attend or hold several social gatherings during this time. You may also be the center of attention for some reason, and you will enjoy basking in the limelight.

This transit occasionally will bring a new love interest into your life. If it does, and other factors are equal, the relationship should prove to be an unusually sucessful one in which you both grow a great deal and in which there is an excellent balance between love and freedom. Such a relationship will be devoid of jealousy or pettiness to an unusual extent.

The same energy affects existing relationships, so that you are able to relate to loved ones with great ease. Because you are concerned with the larger issues in your relationhips, you are not about to cause trouble over any problem that is not extremely important. And such a problem is not likely to surface under this transit.

At this time your taste is likely to become more elegant, and you may be tempted to buy something that is very expensive or fancy. At the worst it might even be gaudy or tasteless. In fact one of the few real dangers to watch out for under this transit is the tendency to waste or squander money or other resources. Depending upon your own state of mind, however, this transit can also bring in money and increase your resources. Whichever way it goes, it should be well under your control.

Another, less severe danger to watch for is related to the foregoing. There is the danger of self-indulgence at all levels, but particularly with food and drink. It is even possible to make yourself quite unwell this way, so proceed with caution.

You have a strong desire to surround yourself with beauty. Sordid or ugly surroundings are much harder than usual for you to bear, so make an effort to avoid them. You are concerned with the beautiful side of life at this time, and you should do everything to expose yourself to it.

Transiting Jupiter sextile Natal Venus

This is a very pleasant transit, although you may not feel it very strongly. But if you know it is coming, you can act in certain advantageous ways during this period. However, you will have to take the initiative, which you may not want to do, because one effect of this transit is to make you feel very pleasantly unambitious. It may be difficult to rouse yourself to action. Therefore this is a good transit for a relaxing vacation or any other kind of good time that doesn't require much energy.

This transit favors relationships, romantic and otherwise, because you are able to project warmth and friendliness more easily than at other times. You are attracted to other people, and they are attracted to you. Sometimes this transit can signify the beginning of a major love relationship. At the very least you feel like flirting and drawing in people who are similarly inclined.

If you have to make a good impression on someone, this is the time. You are much more able to feel subtle nuances of relationships, which helps you make the right moves. On top of that, your feelings for other people are sincere, which they recognize and respect. In general with this transit, you act honorably in relationships and attract others who do also, aside from the flirtatiousness that has been described. However, this is very unlikely to put you in a comprising situation.

With some persons, this transit brings out a taste for the gaudy and the flashy. If your tastes usually run this way, you will be quite ready and willing to spend a considerable amount of money on some flashy bauble.

You will be attracted to pleasant and beautiful surroundings at this time and more than usually repulsed by ugly and sordid conditions. You may very well feel compelled to do something about such conditions if you encounter them now, although this is not usually a very socially conscious transit.

Financial affairs usually run quite well at this time. Money may come your way unexpectedly and if so, you will probably be tempted to spend it on something frivolous. Follow your own conscience!

Transiting Jupiter square Natal Venus

This transit can create within you genuine warmth of feeling and the desire to give and express love to others. Unfortunately it can also make you feel very unenterprising and passive, so that you wait for things to come to you when you ought to go out after them. It is very hard to tell which of these two broad classes of response to expect, but generally speaking, the first is more common.

On occasions this transit may mean that you will attract someone with whom you could have a significant relationship, but it may not be an easy relationship. It is likely to be quite constructive, however, and whether or not you realize it immediately, you will gain from it in wisdom and maturity.

The principle difficulty with this transit is that it inspires rather compulsive feelings, which do not leave you enough room to maneuver and handle the new relationship properly. Because you act compulsively, your feelings may overwhelm the other person. And it is very important to realize that in all Venus-Jupiter combinations there is tension between the closeness of Venus and the love of freedom of Jupiter. It is quite possible to combine these into a very creative relationship that will be pleasant and constructive for both of you, but you will have to calm yourself down a bit and proceed with less excitement. If you can do this easily, this transit should be very good for you.

Because this transit combines the two most pleasure-loving planets, you will find it difficult to get much work done. You feel much more like having a good time and socializing, which is perfectly all right in itself, but don't put yourself in a position where you have to assume much responsibility. This is a good transit for taking a trip for purely recreational reasons.

As with other Venus-Jupiter transits, this one stimulates your love of beauty. Make every effort to surround yourself with beauty, such as pleasant surroundings, art objects or beautiful scenery. With some people, this feeling becomes perverted into a love of gaudy, showy things that have no real worth. To each his or her own, of course, but do not get seduced into wasting money on some trifle that you will regret in soberer moments.

Transiting Jupiter trine Natal Venus

This is one of the most pleasant transits of all, in a light and passing way. You feel very light-hearted and sociable now and want to spend as much time as possible with others. This is a good transit for taking a vacation, attending social gatherings, or participating in other forms of amusement and fun. It is not conducive to any kind of serious effort, because you are inclined to feel pleasantly lazy and unenterprising. There is also a very strong self-indulgent streak to this transit. Be very careful not to eat or drink too much. Even with the pleasantness of this transit, you may feel bad afterward.

Fortunately you have the ability to make others feel good if they are unhappy or depressed, and as a result, people enjoy being around you at this time. You may have the chance to do favors for others that will eventually be returned. And since you feel generous and giving, you will not mind doing them.

Sometimes this transit can signify the beginning of a new love interest, but it is much more likely to mean a passing, flirtatious encounter with the opposite sex. A relationship that does begin under this transit will probably be quite good for you.

In some instances this transit has a way of drawing money or other material resources to you. But dont sit around planning how to spend a sudden windfall from heaven, as many people do with this transit. It is a possibility, but only one among many and not the most likely.

Actually it is more likely that you will spend money on objects that you consider beautiful. Others may not appreciate your taste at this time, however, because it tends toward the flashy or gaudy. Be careful that you dont get stuck with something that will offend your own taste in a more sober moment.

You have a great desire for beauty, however, and if your taste is sound you will surround yourself with objects that you can enjoy for years and that will also gain in value.

Transiting Jupiter quincunx Natal Venus

Transiting Jupiter opposite Natal Venus

This is usually a very pleasant transit, indicating harmony in relationships and perhaps even a new relationship that will be of great significance in your life. You want love very much, and you are able to give it to those around you. You feel that you can fulfill yourself better through being with others than through being alone.

This transit encourages a taste for the lavish and beautiful, and you are not likely to let much stand in the way of what you want. Therefore you must be careful not to waste valuable resources and squander money. If you are cautious, it is possible to make excellent investments at this time, but only if you examine all of the possibilities very carefully. Like all Jupiter transits, this one has the negative attribute of carelessness, so you must concentrate on being careful.

On occasion, especially if other, more negative transits occur at the same time, this transit can signify a period of emotional turmoil in your relationships. This is because of a struggle either within yourself or between you and a loved one about how free you should be with each other. Venus demands close emotional involvement, while Jupiter demands room to move. The opposition brings out this polarity very strongly, so that in a love relationship one of you may want more freedom, while the other wants a more possessive relationship. Ultimately the issue boils down to respect and trust, and only by bringing everything out into the open can the two of you resolve this controversy.

On the physical level, this is another Jupiter transit that signifies the danger of gaining weight, because it stimulates your desire for rich, sweet and otherwise fattening foods. It may be necessary to avoid such food for awhile.