Transiting Jupiter conjunct Natal Sun

Traditionally this is considered one of the most marvelous transits, and indeed it is quite good. However, its influence may be masked by other transits that are longer lasting and more powerful. If your chart is severely afflicted by other transits at this time, this one will serve largely to give you a break.

At the very least, you will feel good at this time. Your health is good, and you feel very optimistic. for a while it may seem that everything is working out perfectly, and if you make an effort, it will. But if you simply sit back and enjoy this transit, its beneficent influence will pass away with little to show for it afterward.

This is the beginning of a new 12-year cycle of growth in your life. It is a time to initiate new projects and expand your activities so that you can experience life from a broader perspective. You may find that you can escape from some narrowing and inhibiting circumstance that has prevented you from realizing your full potential as a human being. Sometimes people travel under this configuration, but ususally the traveling is more in the mind.

This is a good time to study a subject that raises your consciousness or expands your view of the world, and it is an excellent transit for going back to school. You may also meet new people who expose you to aspects of life that you have never known before. Your freedom will certainly increase.

Even with this transit there are some pitfalls. First of all, your exuberant optimism can cause you to overdo or overreach yourself, so that when this transit is over, you find yourself out on the proverbial limb. Exercise a certain amount of restraint and build upon what you have rather than trying to increase your holdings beyond your ability to handle them. Be careful of extravagance, and if you invest money, remember that today's luck is not permanent.

Otherwise, you can have a good time under this transit. Remember, the feeling of well-being that you experience now is really closer to the truth of what you are than the gloomier or more depressed feelings that you have at other times.

Transiting Jupiter sextile Natal Sun

This is a time when life seems to flow very easily. With little effort, you are able to move in the direction that you intend, and even your ideals seem to be in reach. It is a period of growth, optimism, and taking it easy. In many respects this is a good time to sit back and take a long look at how well your life is working out.

Your relations with people in power or those who can help you out in some way are good. Because you project the image of someone who can accomplish, you attract persons who are similarly inclined. If you feel vigorous and energetic, this is an excellent time to advance your interests in almost any area, although that impetus may be lacking.

Relationships with others are usually quite good now, and you enjoy being with friends. This transit often indicates good times, as your enthusism for life bubbles over and affects everyone around you.

This is also a good transit for making plans, for you are inclined to think big. While you can overdo this tendency, you will probably be alert to opportunities that you would normally overlook or be afraid to take.

You feel generous and tolerant and not easily bothered when something goes wrong in your world. You recognize that there is plenty of time to correct the problem, so you dont get upset. You aren't annoyed by persons who usually irritate you, and you may even feel like patching up relationships that have gone bad or become difficult. You just cannot bear to be angry at anyone or have them angry at you now. But in the process of making peace, you wont compromise yourself; instead, you will do it in such a way that you both truly benefit from the exchange.

Sometimes this transit can bring about unexpected income, and this is certainly a favorable time for most financial transactions.

Transiting Jupiter square Natal Sun

This can be an excellent transit, but you must watch out for some pitfalls that could undo all the benefits. Basically this transit is a test of your discipline and self-restraint. If you are not a restrained person, you will react to this influence by going overboard in some way, overextending yourself or living in a fool's paradise where you think nothing can go wrong. Or you might squander a valuable resource, only to find on another day that you do not have enough of what you need. Sometimes there is a feeling that luck will provide everything that you need without any effort on your part, but this, too, is a false notion.

On the other hand, this transit can provide a chance for real growth and expanded opportunities. It is a matter of how much control you have over yourself. You have to know precisely where you are and what your real needs are in order to take the most advantage of this transit. You also have to know when you cant handle more. Knowing when to stop is the real trick.

Sometimes this transit encourages ego inflation and excessive pride. There is an arrogant streak to the negative expression of Jupiter. Be careful not to act in an overbearing manner, for you will set people in motion who will try to knock you down a peg or two. Here too, you must know where to stop. This transit gives you feelings of great confidence, which allows you either to go ahead, knowing precisely what you are doing and what your limitations are, or to act arrogantly and overstep your bounds. At any rate, this transit tests your self-knowledge, and the more accurately you know yourself the better it will work out for you.

Under certain conditions this transit can trigger conflict with the law or with someone else in a court of law. You may or may not lose, but don't act the role of outraged honor and dignity. Try to find out exactly what the problem is and arrive at a solution that is satisfactory to all. Above all, show a spirit of compromise.

Transiting Jupiter trine Natal Sun

This is a very pleasant Sun-Jupiter contact. In fact it is so pleasant that you may be inclined to sit back, enjoy it and do nothing. However, this is really a very important time in your life because you can reach out into new areas and have new and rewarding experiences. Your creative power is tremendous at this time, and you can very easily accomplish a great deal that would be difficult at other times. Your energies are strong, and you are full of self-confidence and the feeling that you can do anything.

This transit usually indicates good health and a feeling of well being, although you may be inclined to put on weight if you are not careful. You may not feel inclined toward physical activity, but it would be a good idea to get some exercise. Make a particular effort to be outdoors. Hiking is very beneficial at this time.

If you are inclined to physical activity, especially athletics, don't take foolish risks through overconfidence. This is not an accident prone transit, in fact it is rather lucky for most people. But it does tend to overestimate your energies, and if another influence is operating that makes you accident prone, this transit could have a bad effect.

This is an excellent time for all financial matters. You will feel like making your surroundings appear more elegant, and you may spend quite a lot of money doing so. This is perfectly fine, and you should think positively in all ways, but dont let this concern with material aquisition blind you to some very real possibilities for inner growth.

Travel, either physically or mentally, often accompanies this transit. Take this time to broaden your understanding of the world around you. You have a strong interest in ideas that are different from what you normally know and encounter, and you are much more tolerant of different ways of living. Even people's usually irritating traits do not bother you at this time. Also your sense of humor is much greater than usual, and you can appreciate the dance of life in all its glory.

Transiting Jupiter quincunx Natal Sun

Transiting Jupiter opposite Natal Sun

This can be and usually is a very positive transit. But you can make more or less out of it, depending upon how you handle it. In most ways it represents a period of culmination in your life, and you will be tempted to expand beyond any reasonable limit. There is no question that you have a good chance for success in any one of a number of endeavors at this time and, within reason, you should pursue them. However, you should not restrict yourself solely to material and physical growth now. Even if you don't have all the material goods that you want, you should turn your attention to spiritual and inner needs. Ultimately, nothing satisfies like satisfaction. Objects that you acquire, possessions, money and even social prestige are merely devices to make you feel that you have satisfaction. They are not the state of satisfaction itself. It is your inner difficulties that make your life less than it could be, even if you have corresponding problems in the material world. You must look for the solutions within yourself, and this transit represents a turning point, where you should begin to look for the answers.

Under this influence, the tendency is to go after everything that you want in the material world without caring especially about whoever is in your way, to gather as much stuff as you can and indulge yourself in what you want. Then, as the transit subsides, you will feel that this effort has failed, leaving your life as empty as it was before. In the first half of this cycle, your growth has been material. Now it should be inward.

Do not be arrogant toward others or assume that you have everything right. Through meaningful encounters with others, especially intimate one-to-one encounters, you can find out which way you should go at this time. Work with another person and think in terms of mutual growth. By trying to achieve goals set by both of you and by trying to be a twosome, you each will become more conscious of what you are as an individual.

On a more mundane level, this transit can signify difficulties with authorities, if you overstep your bounds or are out of place. Your tendency to think that you have all the answers can only get you into trouble.

On the other hand, if you recognize the real meaning of this transit in terms of your own life, this can be an extremely productive and growth-oriented time, a period that will always have meaning for you.