Letters & Testimonials

12/25/10: "...an amazing website. Thank you for helping on our journey." - Luke

12/18/10: "...you are doing a fantastic job on you site...one problem once I'm on your site it is hard to get off..... the resource is incredible." " - Thomas

12/18/10: "Your site is the most complete and important website that exists for me. It covers everything that I have interest in. I will share it with everybody I know." " - Sokol

9/1/10: "...I would to thank God for you... Your website has taught me so much and I hope you continue to bless more people with this information... " - Edwin

8/5/10: "I can honestly say that I have never seen a compilation quite like yours. It must take such enormous work to do that. To answer your question...NONE on this level... I have been around what is known as the Patriot community for at least ten years and I have seen quite a bit of what is on your site relating to the commerce and banking, but never in one place. And now I get to order essential oils too! How incredible." [To which we replied (to the immediately below): "What other websites have you found that are amazing?"] 8/4/10: "That is one of the most amazing websites I have ever seen!" - Bobbie

1/4/10: "Thank you for all your efforts... I will study your site and respond with my own efforts to inform others, declare my sovereign birthright, and raise the vibration. Blessings of love and light," - Chris (Taos, Mew Mexico)

10/22/9: "Thanks for an incredibly resourceful site." - John

10/4/9: "... Thanks for the hard work, your site is incredible." - Sampson

7/16/9: "Are you really three wise me, or just One? Best site on the web - I almost cannot imagine one that could be better. It is a treasure trove. Obrigado. Obrigado. Obrigado." - Waldete (Frankfort, Germany)

7/12/9: "Hello, Just a quick thank you from the bottom of my heart for being "onewiseman" ! :) I have been intermittently viewing the plethora of insightful information on your website for approx. 2 years now. Suddenly, in a moment of inspiration, it dawned on me. Many thanks are in order and well overdue might I add! You see, as the problems of the world we live in seem to be getting bigger and bigger by the day, what we fail to see many times is what is staring at us in the face, so to speak. Taking control of our own lives is a pre-requisite if we are going to truly be the potential that we all are. As we know, information is the key, or should I say, the key is in it's application! Anyhow, as I travel on my personal journey through this reality we call life, I wish to say thank you and all the best on your journey also! Regards, gratitude and best wishes, - Zak (Melbourne, Australia) p.s. In my view, gratitude is always "better late than never"! Peace."

7/11/9: "You have really made a big impact in my life. I mean good impact. I have grown greatly in wisdom ever since I came across your website. Many thanks, again." - Everett (Wheaton, Maryland)

7/4/9: "Just wanted to let you know, that I received my order I think quicker than anything else I have ever ordered on the internet - it must have gone out on the very day that I placed the order. The sandalwood oil was a gift for my 'nephew -in-law' for some housesitting he had done for us during his visit - I thought I was going to have to ship it to him and it arrived the day before he had to leave. By the way, it has not always been easy for me to find real rose otto and I know that you know it is heavenly (or perhaps a little more sexy than that :)! Much appreciation." - Sharon (Redding, California)

6/29/9: "...listened to your Gayatri Mantra. It made me cry." Helena (Louisville, Kentucky)