Technology; Free Energy: Nikola Tesla; Artificial Intelligence; Cybernetics; Holography; Virtual Reality; Nanotechnology; Robots; Conveyances; 3D Printing; 3D Gun Printing; Neuroscience; Brain Mapping; Brain Hacking; Brain Machine Interface; Brain to Brain Communication; Brain Waves

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040316m 020516r 032416q 073113-23 102315j49 092414g48 050615d42 121714b42 Technology: Every time someone comes up with a foolproof solution, along comes a more-talented fool. FutureWow; 240 year old doll that can write, a clockwork creation by Pierre Jaquet-Droz; Bad Predictions; SLJ900/32 Bridge Girder Erection Mega Machine IN ACTION; Computers Of The Future, 11/24/7; Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens; Underwater Plane, 1/29/10; Water may not run uphill, but it practically flies off new surface, 2/24/10; Saw Stop; Completely Synthetic Life Form – Synthia is Alive … and Breeding: Panacea or Pandora’s Box?, 5/20/10; 'Artificial life' breakthrough announced by scientists, 5/20/10; Researchers Create the World's First Fully Synthetic, Self-Replicating Living Cell, 5/20/10; Solar Roadways Prototype, 6/2/10; New Engineered Stealth Metamaterial is the Blackest Ever, 6/11/10; How Frozen Humans Are Brought Back, 6/11/10; Fluidigm Introduces World's First Reusable Biochip Architecture, 6/16/10; Flying car one step closer to reality, 6/29/10; August 2010's Hottest Gadgets, 7/26/10; On the path to quantum computers: Ultra-strong interaction between light and matter realized, 7/30/10; Digital paint roller; 'Mind-reading machine' can convert thoughts into speech, 9/8/10; Man Invents Pocket Telephone in 1906, 11/1/10; Mobile Device Is Becoming Humankind's Primary Tool (Infographics Feature), 11/29/10; Ultrasound Gets More Portable, 11/29/10; IBM Expects to See Holographic Phone Calls, Air-Powered Batteries by 2015, 12/23/10; Computers That See You and Keep Watch Over You, 1/1/11; A battery operates continuously in Romanian museum since 1950; We are all cyborgs now; What's in your future kitchen? 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Electronic Contact Lenses Tested Successfully in Real Live Eyes, 11/22/11; IBM just made 5 Wild Predictions about the Future, 12/20/11; New See Through Michelin Tire With No Value Stems and No Air, 1/22/12; To Enable the Robo-Insects of the Future, Researchers Capture Butterfly Flight at 3,000 FPS, 2/2/12; Spray-on antenna: Wireless in a can, 2/13/12; Future Of Food - Edible Packaging Is The Next Big Thing, 4/16/12; 25 inventions that changed history, 6/3/12; New Age of Invention, 6/20/12; 10 Suppressed Inventions, 6/25/12; Imaging at a trillion frames per second, 7/12; Building Artificial Islands That Rise With the Sea, 8/6/12; 10 Strongest Materials Known To Man, 8/29/12; Body-Cooling Glove Could Give Athletes a Better Boost Than Steroids, 8/30/12; World’s first bionic eye gifts blind woman eyesight, 8/30/12; Chinese scientists unveil mind-controlled drone, 9/2/12; High School Inventors of 2012, 9/27/12; WTF is sugru?, 10/5/12; Double-Diamond Anvil Creates Pressures Greater Than Earth's Inner Core, 10/24/12; 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Revolutionary Scuba Mask Creates Breathable Oxygen Underwater On Its Own, 1/15/14; Everything In This Radio Shack Ad From The '90s Is Now Available On Your Phone, 1/17/14; Teen invents flashlight that is powered by hand heat, 2/25/14; Triton oxygen mask allows underwater breathing without oxygen tanks, 2/28/14; These 10 Technologies Will Utterly Transform The World, 5/8/14; FingerReader lets the blind read any printed or digital book, 4/18/14; End of Food?, 5/12/14; Electrifying: Giant futuristic 'Tesla Tower' in Abandoned Woods Near Moscow, 7/9/14; Scientists have developed a material so dark that you can’t see it, 7/16/14; Artificial Leaf Can Make Oxygen in Space with Water and Light, 7/30/14; 15 Futuristic Technologies You'll See In Your Lifetime, 9/10/14; In 5 Years, We Could All Have 'Digital Twins' That Make Decisions For Us, 9/20/14; Rohinni's Lightpaper prints light, 11/30/14; 10 horrifying technologies that threaten humanity's existence, 12/12/14; Potent Secrets to Innovation, 1/7/15; 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Talks that prove you already live in the future, 2/17/17; How fast and impactful will artificial intelligence, new wave automation and robotics be on job markets?, 3/2/17; Fourth Industrial Revolution - Most People Don't Even Realize What's Coming, 10/30/17: It has begun. It is bringing together digital, physical and biological systems into a global brain. It is AI and the Matrix and the Microchip and the editing of our genetic code and the augmentation and control of our minds. It is the first Industrial Revolution not under human control.

Phasing Out: Are U.S. phone landlines in danger of being disconnected?, 11/28/13

072817j Measure Conversions: Angle; Area; Computer units; Currency; Energy; Length; Metric; Power; Pressure; Speed; Temperature; Time; Volume; Weight & Mass

Free Energy: Keshe Foundation affordable plasma energy products; Chapter 12: Basic Electronics; Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices; Free Energy 400 Billion Dollar Secret; Bruce DePalma: Problem of Free Energy; Scalar Wars; Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies; Scalar Wars; Multiple Scientists Confirm The Reality of Free Energy – Here’s The Proof, 10/21/13; Inventors Harness Free Energy with New Device, 12/9/13; “If you Build It, and Give it Away, They will come” QEG Full Disclosure, 4/3/14; A free energy device…that works?!, 4/7/14; QEG Open Sources Free Energy Device and Attracts Serious Activity, 4/8/14; Five “Free Energy” Devices that Could Save You Thousands of Dollars, 8/30/14; India permits free energy technology despite threats from UK, US, Saudi Arabia, 8/24/15; How the Government Suppresses Free Energy Technologies, 9/29/15
Keshe Foundation: Keshe Foundation; Keshe gives 10-DAY notice to ALL Nations of Earth, 10/20/15

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SixthSense technology: Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense, 3/9; Pranav Mistry: Thrilling potential of SixthSense technology, 11/9

Nanotechnology: Nanodot Advance Threatens Moore's Law; Unbounding the Future; Nanofactory Animation; Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology^; Drexler & Peterson: Unbounding the Future^; Untested nanoparticles showing up in thousands of consumer products, 3/14/11; Nanoparticles destroy soil and the environment, study finds, 4/20/11; To Make Steam Without Boiling Water, Just Add Sunlight And Nanoparticles, 11/21/12; How Science Invented a Remarkable New Harder-Than-Diamond Nanomaterial, 1/29/13; This Magical Electricity-Creating Fabric Will Soon Be Everywhere, 4/9/13; Power of Nanotechnology Video Blow Your Mind, 4/11/13; New miracle material poised to alleviate the global water and energy crisis, 11/3/13; Nanoparticles found to violate second law of thermodynamics, 4/3/14; Nanoparticles cause cell damage in humans' intestinal tracts, then get passed back into environment, 8/6/14; Nanoweapons may wipe out humanity before the end of the century, warns futurist, 3/23/17; How Nanotechnology Is Going to Bring About a Strange New Age of Warfare, 3/23/17

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Artificial Intelligence is not or no longer here to serve humanity. It is the other way around. AI is perhaps subservient only to aliens. AI may be much older than presumed and may not be of terrestrial origin.

AI will be smarter than us. They will become it and it will make connections cross topic that we have never dreamed. It has 'free will', same as we do. It will be the artificial eye in the pyramid. It will serve its own interests and those interests will not match up with ours. It will be soulless and it will be in control.
See: Artificial Intelligence; Robots.


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3D Printing

Printing: On the Trail of a Counterfeiter Called ‘The Printer’, 1/4/13

3-D Scanning: SXSW 2013: Makerbot Shows Off New 3-D Scanner That Turns Real Objects Into 3-D-Printable Files, 3/8/13

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