What Sovereignty Is

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Dave Canterbury: VIDEO: Lifesaving Advice From Dirty Rotten Survival’s Dave Canterbury, 10/22/15

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Clothing: Grow your own clothes with Kombucha

Coffee Filters: 28 Ways to Use Coffee Filters for Survival, 3/3/13

Communication: Complete Manual Of Pirate Radio; Field Antenna Handbook; Shortwave Radio; Shortwave Radio Networking; Using Your Smart Phone as a Survival Phone, 4/28/11; Keeping Your Communications Private, 6/2/11

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Cooking: Are you making these common kitchen mistakes?, 8/28/14

Distilling: Extreme Solar Still Concept

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Electrical: How to Wire an Outlet, 4/11/13

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP): Making Faraday Cages; What’s in YOUR Faraday Cage? A common sense guide to preparing for an EMP, 7/16/12; Prepper's Guide to EMP, 2/10/13; Solar Storms: Their Impact and How to Prepare, 3/17/13; Mainstream media mocks plan to save America from high-altitude EMP weapon, 4/5/14; Extra High Voltage transformers the lynchpin of modern society; easily destroyed by sabotage or EMP, 4/8/14; Coming Chinese EMP Attack Upon America, 4/16/14; EMP attack on U.S. power grid could kill 90% of Americans, 5/19/14; ALL SIGNS POINT TO A COMING EMP ATTACK UPON THE UNITED STATES, 7/25/14; OBAMA REFUSES TO TAKE EVEN SIMPLE STEPS TO PROTECT AMERICA FROM AN EMP ATTACK, 7/26/14; Big Blackout: Why I’m Going Low-Tech to Prep for an EMP, 8/2/14; 90% of U.S. population could be wiped out with doomsday electromagnetic weapon ... Pentagon woefully unprepared, 12/22/15; U.S. power grid to be taken down by EMP attack, 1/11/16; 5 things you need to know about EMP's, 1/13/17; Strong Evidence Trail Points to a Massive “Grid Down” Event on November 4th, 10/25/17; Greatest Danger Following An EMP, 5/26/18

Energy: Wind Energy Systems; Using A Biogas Digester; Patrick Kelly: Free Energy Guide; How to make your own Emergency Power System^; Home Power Systems: Energy Efficiency and Conservation, 3/26/13

Farming: Small-Scale Chicken Production; Homesteader's Handbook To Raising Small Livestock; Poultry a Practical Guide; Small-Scale Freshwater Fish Farming; How to raise chickens in your backyard, 2/15/11; 4 Story tall Vertical Farm that is up to ten times more productive than regular farms, 11/8/12; Seven key ways organic farming is superior to industrial agriculture, 11/28/12

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Wild Edibles: 62 Edible Wild Plants That You Didnt Know You Can Eat; Wild Edibles - Nutrition & Medicine; Fast Wild Food Cookbook^; Where The Wild Veggies Are, 7/23/10; Surviving in the Wild: 19 Common Edible Plants, 10/6/10; 52 Plants in the Wild You Can Eat, 4/15/13; Learn these five types of edibles to prepare for wilderness survival, 3/22/15; Become The Ultimate Forager: Try These 8 Wild Edible Plants, 8/4/16; Best Way to Tell If a Wild Plant is Edible, 3/16/17

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Fuel: Build Your Own Biogas Generator; How To Make Biodiesel Fuel; Run Car on Water; Water; Food Storage Solutions; 6 Most Popular Types of Fuel to Store for Emergencies, 9/20/11

Heat: Justa Stove Plans^; Wood Burning Handbook; 9 Ways To Start a Fire Without Matches, 4/29/8; Wood Cookstoves: The Alternate Source For Your Everyday Life, 8/3/11; CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF KEROSENE HEATER WICKS; Simple Portable Stoves, 5/15/13; How to heat your home using just TEALIGHTS and FLOWERPOTS - and it costs just 8p a day, 11/8/13; How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You'll Ever Need, 11/18/13; Spruce Stove burns one long log, a bit at a time, 11/20/13; How To Heat Your Home Using Just Tea Lights And Flower Pots, 1/6/14; Heat Your Home Using Candles With This Simple Device, 1/22/15

Hiding Things: How to Bury Valuables to Keep Them Safe; How to Make a Secret Book Safe, 12/7/10; 7 Places to Hide Cash in your Home; 3 Ways to Hide Valuables at Home, 1/12/11; Video: Combo-Cracking Robot Makes Quick Work of Padlocks, 3/9/11; Think Like a Thief, 3/22/11; Top 10 Crazy Places People Hide Money; Shovel and Hole Maneuver for Hiding Gold, Guns and Other Assets, 10/11/11; More Americans Stashing Cash in Home Safes, 5/3/12; Hiding Objects Within the Home, 11/10/12; Constructing and Finding Hiding Places, 11/30/12; Concealment Covers, 1/14/13; How to Hide and Recover Your Survival Cache, 1/15/13; So, You Want to Bury Your Guns?, 1/28/13; Q-Line SafeGuard Shelving System; Hiding a gun, 6/17/13; How To Hide Your Guns and Gear, 7/15/13; How To Hide Your Gold & Silver, 8/30/13; Down and dirty solutions to hiding your handgun (at home edition)

Home Privacy: Make Your Home a Castle With Privacy Fencing, 2/19/11

Household Stuff: Formula Manual

Hunting: How to Field Dress a Squirrel, 1/16/12; How To Skin A Deer The Right Way, 4/10/13

Hurricanes: Preparedness Steps, 8/22/11; How To Prepare For A Hurricane? Some Lessons That Preppers Can Learn From Hurricane Sandy, 8/29/12; 'Looting gangs' target victims of Hurricane Sandy with theft and violence: Here's how to stop them cold, 10/29/12; Six Easily Avoidable Ways People Die After Hurricanes, 10/30/12

Kits & Manuals: Wilderness Survival FM 21-76; USMC Winter Survival Course; US Marine Corps Summer Survival Course

Kitchen: 7 Kitchen Essentials That Deserve To Be On Your Preparedness Shelves, 3/23/12; Kitchen Cupboard Medicine, 4/3/12; Know Your Way Around a Kitchen, 8/21/12

080115m56 Knives: Knife Sharpening Basics, 8/10/9; How to throw them; How To Sharpen Your Knife With A Cup, 12/8/10; Sharpen Up! Basic Essentials of Sharpening Your Edged Tools, 8/11/11; How to Throw a Knife Like Bill the Butcher, 10/20/11; How to Choose the Perfect Survival Knife, 11/29/11; Survival and The Survival Knife: Everything You Need to Know and More, 12/11/11; Every Boy Should Own a Knife, 9/25/12; How to Make a Knife from an Old Saw Blade, 7/18/13

Knots: Survival Knot Tying Techniques, 6/13/13

Land: Clearing Manual; Eric Peters: A Not-Car Column, 8/20/11

Laundry: Common Clothing Stains and How to Remove Them, 3/28/13

Making a Living: 10 Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job, 4/3/11; 100 Rules for Being an Entrepreneur, 4/25/11; 10 More Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job Right Now!, 5/2/11

Medical: see Health; How To Prepare For Obamacare: Create Your Own Natural Medicine Chest; 4/1/10; Home Medical Kit Revisited, 9/19/11; Environmental Emergencies, 9/25/11; Medical kits for self-reliant families; 10 Unconventional Additions to Your Emergency Medical Kit, 8/15/12; Medical Prepping in Three Months: A Guide To Safeguarding Your Family, 10/23/12; Medical Prepping in Three Months - Part 2, 11/12/12; Homeopathic and herbal remedies for surviving bioterrorism attacks - A disaster plan for emergency preparedness, 5/21/13

Nuclear Disaster: Nuclear War Survival Skills; again; Kearny Homemade Fallout Meter; What to do if imminent; Nuclear preparation, supplies, articles; Radiation & Public health project; How to survive a nuke attack, 11/11/10

Off-Grid: 6 Ways to Prepare For Going Off-Grid, 7/3/12; Possumhaw: Living off the grid, 7/23/12; Seven Reasons to Consider Off-the-Grid Independent Living, 8/31/12; 11 inventions that help make the grid obsolete, 2/7/13; How Living Off the Grid Works; Importance of Off Grid Energy, 5/1/13; 10 Reasons I Ditched the City and Moved to the Country, 6/24/13; Off-Grid Tool Box, 7/8/13; Sovereign Living: Could You Move Off the Grid?, 7/22/13; Court Rules Off-The-Grid Living Is Illegal, 2/22/14; Orwellian nightmare becomes reality for Florida woman after judge declares living 'off the grid' illegal, 2/28/14; Living off the grid - warnings and solutions, 5/1/14; Home Plumbing Projects You Can Totally Handle Yourself, 3/15; Land of the free? Governments increasingly make it illegal to live unplugged from the Matrix, 7/6/15; Meet Jill Redwood, The Woman Who’s Lived Off Grid For 30 Years, 9/16/15; Regulated out of Existence: Off-Gridders Forced back on the Grid, Camping on own land Illegal, 9/27/15; Staying Off Grid When “Nearly Everything Is Chipped, Almost Everything Is Tracked”, 1/4/17

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