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A Loving Warmth

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051516d53 062316l32 082216k30 The Whole is not indifferent to me. Existence loves me and cares for me; as, I Am all of Existence; being as there is only One consciousness in all of Existence. Everything that happens is maximally for my benefit. Poverty or riches, sickness or health, life or death don’t matter - for they have no affect on Me. So I can relax, knowing full well that who I really Am knows what * is doing; and, I am provided with everything I need to know in this moment to the extent I am tuned into the subtle and the silence. When I Am silent, it is evident that ‘I’ am not the Doer, anyway. It is only * that Does Everything, always and at all apparent times. And there is no time. Just this timeless moment that never began and will never end. Time is in Me; not the other way around.

The Sun’s warmth is a loving warmth. The trees throb in a special way when I Am near. * anoints Me with Bliss & Benediction when ‘I’ am not in the way.

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102216h 120616b 102216k 111217i 091817s 122014g56 072716b55 010117y49 011417z46 111615a41 032017v39 Sun: Why is the sun made of plasma?; Sun and stars plasma universe; Space Weather; Bubbling & Boiling photo in detail, 11/17/9; Awakening ~ The SUN sends us information, 3/14/10; Sun-Earth Environment; Solar Cycle and Wars; First Light for the Solar Dynamics Observatory, 4/21/10; As the Sun Awakens, 6/4/10; Is the Sun Emitting a Mystery Particle?, 8/25/10; Strange emissions by sun are mutating matter, 10/5/10; Incredible new image of the sun's atmosphere caught on camera by amateur astronomer, 11/2/10; Huge Magnetic Plasma 'Snake' Spotted On the Sun, 11/21/10; Sun Pulls a 360 on its axis!, 11/21/10; Global Eruption Rocks the Sun , 12/13/10; What's wrong with the sun?; Forecasters keep eye on looming ‘Solar Max’, 12/29/10; Destroyer: Our Binary Partner and Why You Will Not See It Coming, 2/6/11; Backyard Astronomer Nabs Stupendous Sun Photo, 3/9/11; Best Sun Images From Solar Space Telescope’s First Year, 4/21/11; Sun is neutralizing radiation (among other things)?, 4/27/11; Coming Solar Minimum Could Chill the Earth, New Forecast Predicts, 6/15/11; Sun's Astral Companion - A Model for the Sun-Sirius System; What's going on with the Sun?, 7/11/11; Sun Gone Wild, 11/26/12; Sun is Not What we We Have Been Told, 1/26/13; Sun Is Not Behaving As Expected, 3/11/13; A storm is coming: Sun's poles are set to FLIP within four months and it could lead to bad weather and radio disruption, 8/6/13; Sun’s magnetic field set to flip, 8/7/13; What You Need to Know About the Reversal of the Sun’s Magnetic Field, 8/8/13; Sun will flip its magnetic field in 3-4 months, 8/20/13; Intergalactic Storms on the Way as Sun does a Flip, 11/19/13; NASA: The sun has flipped upside down, 1/5/14; Has the Sun gone to sleep?, 1/17/14; Ice Core Analysis Shows Fastest Decline in Solar Activity for 10,000 Years, 1/18/14; Secret Mysteries of the Sun Revealed, 2/15/14; Sun has gone quiet…solar cycle 24 continues to rank as one of the weakest cycles more than a century, 7/17/14; Purging By Our Sun, 11/15/14; Eskimo elders speak about the sun not in the same position as before, 12/14/14; Mystery at the sun's south pole: Nasa reveals huge 'coronal hole' on the solar surface where winds reach 500 miles per SECOND, 1/3/15; Sun has gone quiet again during the weakest solar cycle in more than a century, 2/17/15; Solar Hydrogen Production, 5/26/15; Solar cycle 24 activity continues to be lowest in nearly 200 years, 2/11/16; Is the Sun DISINTEGRATING? NASA spots monster hole open up on our star, 5/27/16; NASA's getting ready to plunge a spacecraft deeper into the Sun than ever before, 7/29/16

Sunspots: Big Bear Solar Observatory Snaps the Most Detailed Pic of a Sunspot Ever, 8/24/10; Say Goodbye to Sunspots?, 9/14/10; Researchers Crack the Mystery of the Missing Sunspots, 3/2/11; Sun Spots Solar Activity and the Financial Markets, 4/4/11; Stanford scientists find way to predict sunspots, 8/19/11; NASA Sees Monster Sunspot Growing Fast, Solar Storms Possible, 2/21/13; Sun and the Economy, 4/12/15; Sound of the Sun – The Voice of Universal Consciousness, 5/11/17

122713e-42 Solar Storms & Flares: Incoming, 8/1/10; Nasa says CME on Sun headed for Earth: Expected Arrival August 3rd; Solar Tsunami to Strike Earth, 8/3/10; C3 solar flare of 8/1/10; NASA: Study says massive solar storm could wipe out power grid, 8/21/10; Vast Solar Eruption Shocks NASA and Raises Doubts on Sun Theory, 1/3/11; Huge solar flare jams radio, satellite signals, 2/17/11; Experts warn US must take space storm threat seriously, 2/21/11; Solar storms trigger conflict, wars and death, 3/22/11; NASA issues warning of solar superstorm 2012, 4/25/11; Are We Prepared for a Catastrophic Solar Storm?, 6/30/11; This Morning's Solar Flare Was the Biggest Seen In Years, 8/9/11; A Massive Solar Eruption, the Strongest in 7 Years, Has Earth Bracing for a Radiation Storm, 1/23/12; A Massive Solar Eruption, the Strongest in 7 Years, Has Earth Bracing for a Radiation Storm, 1/23/12; Solar storms may cause cellphones to drop calls, 1/24/12; Solar storm's effects to lash Earth until Wednesday, 1/24/12; Spectacular solar eruption captured by scientists, 4/17/12; Solar flares keep on getting stronger - with latest hotspot the size of 15 Earths strung together, 7/9/12; Video Shows Huge Eruption on the Sun, 9/2/12; Two Monster Solar Eruptions Are Just A Taste Of More Damaging Explosions To Come, 11/20/12; NASA Videos Solar Eruption Aimed at Earth, 2/2/13; Sun fires off fourth major solar flare of the week--more expected, 5/15/13; NASA shows off whole year of solar flares in one photo, 6/6/13; Spectacular Sun Storm Sheds Light on Star Formation, 6/20/13; Solar Flares Fire Off Antimatter Particles, 7/9/13; Edward Snowden: Solar-Flare ‘Killshot’ Cataclysm Imminent, 7/23/13; Arch Crawford Interview - Expert Financial Analyst - that has been the top in the U.S. previously using Planetary Alignments. Predicting a Solar Kill Shot - November due to Alignments, 10/29/13; X Class Solar Flare Ejection May Hit Earth with Solar Storm, 1/9/14; NASA sounds red alert over solar flare that nearly wiped out human civilization two summers ago, 7/28/14; Potent Solar Flare — Auroras Friday?, 9/10/14; MASSIVE EARTH FACING X 1.6 SOLAR FLARE, 9/10/14; SOLAR 911!, 9/10/14; "Godzilla" Sunspot AR2192 causes Internet & Power Outages Worldwide 10-22-2014, 10/23/14; Earth was almost blasted back into the Dark Ages by a near-miss solar flare, 10/26/14; Sun could blast Earth with a solar 'superflare' 1,000 times larger than mankind has ever seen, 5/19/15; Another in a String of Flares Explodes From the Sun, Sending a Cloud of Solar Material Racing Toward Earth, 6/26/15; Solar Storm Headed for Earth, 9/29/16; A massive ‘coronal hole’ on the sun is blasting Earth with solar storms that could CRIPPLE power grids, 10/26/16

061114d 101614s Sunlight & Vitamin D: Vitamin D myths, facts and statistics, 1/1/5; Vitamin D in a New Light, 9/10/7; Possible 75% cancer mortality reduction; Can Vitamin D Improve Your Athletic Performance?, 9/23/9; 10 Foods High in Vitamin D, 10/5/9; Dr. Joe Prendergast; Scientists find why "sunshine" vitamin D is crucial, 3/8/10; Virtually all babies need a vitamin D supplement, 9/15/10; Gwyneth Paltrow reveals vitamin D deficiency caused osteopoenia diagnosis, 9/15/10; Forgotten Necessity of Life, 9/25/10; Vitamin D controls genetic expression for health, disease, 12/1/10; Don't fall for it: US and Canadian governments unleash propaganda campaign against vitamin D, 12/1/10; New vitamin D recommendations promote nutritional deficiency, protect cancer industry, 12/2/10; UK non-profits end era of sunlight ignorance and vitamin D denial, 12/19/10; Deficient newborns have high risk of infection, 12/31/10; Vitamin D fights urinary tract infections, 2/3/11; Sun exposure and vitamin D may prevent multiple sclerosis, 2/8/11; Helps prevent multiple sclerosis, 2/12/11; Vitamin D lowers colon cancer risk, 2/22/11; 8000 IUs of vitamin D daily necessary to raise blood levels of "miracle" anti-cancer nutrient, declares groundbreaking new research, 3/3/11; Mega-doses of vitamin D help prevent breast cancer and other diseases, 3/7/11; Vitamin D Deficiency is Associated with Different Types of Obesity, 4/26/11; Betrayal of a Nation: Why U.S. health authorities are keeping you vitamin D deficient and who stands to gain, 4/27/11; Vitamin D influences brain proteins to protect against Alzheimer's disease, 7/18/11; Vitamin D discoveries keep growing - lack of vitamin D linked to muscle injuries and Alzheimer's disease, 7/19/11; Vitamin D and calcium slashes risk of skin cancer by 50%, 7/21/11; Vitamin D deficiency causes mental disorders in children, 7/27/11; Relieve joint and muscle pain, maintain healthy bone density with high doses of vitamin D, 8/15/11; Understand the importance of vitamin D and essential nutrients to prevent chronic disease, 8/23/11; Increased vitamin D in blood adds years to life and helps prevent colon cancer, 9/20/11; As Winter's Dark Days Loom, Why Vitamin D Supplement Experts Explain Why We Still Need a Daily Dose of Sun... From a Bottle, 10/15/11; Vitamin D triggers natural immune response against tuberculosis, 10/27/11; Vitamin D Helps Prevent Depression, 11/7/11; Vitamin D3 does even more than publicized - it enhances mental health, 11/21/11; New research finds possible reason for obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemics in kids: lack of vitamin D, 12/6/11; Low vitamin D in children behind current explosion of new diabetes cases, 12/15/11; Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Depression, 1/5/12; Vitamin D prevents stress fractures in preteen and teenage girls, 3/16/12; How vitamin D helps prevent lung cancer, 3/18/12; Vitamin D3 and curcumin synergistically clear brain tangles to help prevent Alzheimer's dementia, 3/23/12; Take a vitamin D supplement during pregnancy, 4/9/12; High vitamin D level essential to prevent chronic inflammatory diseases, 4/27/12; Vitamin D Guide, 6/1/12; 'Vitamin D Guide' infographic explains importance of vitamin D for optimal health, 6/11/12; Vitamin D protects against colds, flu and viral infections, 6/14/12; Not getting enough vitamin D could cause you to lose mobility, become disabled, 7/11/12; Vitamin D revealed to be miracle anti-cancer 'drug' with astonishing chemical properties, 7/26/12; Vitamin D supplementation can cut risk of respiratory infections in children by half, 8/24/12; Vitamin D helps prevent prostate cancer, 9/10/12; Can humans generate metabolic energy from the sun?, 9/28/12; Mastectomy no more! Prevent and treat breast cancer with life-affirming vitamin D, 10/8/12; Vitamin D: How to maintain healthy levels during winter, 10/22/12; Vitamin D scientifically shown to treat tuberculosis, significantly speed recovery time, 11/14/12; Vitamin D Shuts Down Cancer Cells, 11/29/12; Vitamin D cuts cavities in half, 12/2/12; How vitamin D prevents cancer, 12/4/12; What You Need To Know About Vitamin K2, D, and Calcium, 12/24/12; Dry skin? 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Lower risk of nearsightedness associated with more time outdoors, 9/16/15; Heliotherapy: Using sunlight to cure disease, 12/3/15; Sun’s Healing Benefits, 12/6/15; Miraculous Results of Extremely High Doses of the Sunshine Hormone Vitamin D3, 4/7/16; Wearable 'flexible UV exposure sensor' helps you reach daily dose of healthy Vitamin D from sunlight, 10/13/16; Take Vitamin D, Not the flu vaccine, 3/2/17; Best way to obtain vitamin D is from the sun, 5/17/17; High-dose vitamin D found to HEAL sunburns by activating skin repair genes, 7/19/17

052316m 052216v Paloth-2010651 mil3inTHVJ1rdkcbdo 081014k57 mlo87uyxWk 121715q49 040916p35 Sunshine: Jem Melts Rock; Vitamin D: Sun Exposure, Supplementation and Doses, 6/2/10; Sunlight alone does not cause skin cancer, 7/6/10; Truth About Sunlight, Cancer and Vitamin D, 7/6/10; Some cancer industry groups finally admit that advice to avoid the sun may be causing vitamin D deficiencies, 10/27/10; Spending time in the sun does not constitute dangerous behavior, 5/26/11; Scientists reverse stance on sun and cancer: Now they admit sunlight can prevent skin cancer, 5/27/11; Truth about tanning beds: They boost vitamin D production, 6/23/11; Seeing the Light: Why Sun Exposure May Be Good for Your Eyes, 6/28/11; More cases of rickets turn up in UK, lack of sunshine exposure to blame, 8/2/11; Study confirms benefits of tanning, sun exposure for the production of health-promoting vitamin D, 11/10/11; Sunshine helps prevent skin cancer while sunscreens promote it, 12/27/11; Swiss woman dies after following Indian guru's 'sunlight only' diet, 4/26/12; Sun exposure reduces pancreatic cancer risk by nearly 50%, 6/21/12; Seven amazing health benefits of sunlight, 1/18/13; Want to reduce your Type II diabetes risk? Get some sunshine and up your vitamin D intake, 2/22/13; Saccadic Sunning; Supercharge your brain with sunshine, 3/26/13; Sensible Sun Exposure Can Help Prevent Melanoma, Breast Cancer, and Hundreds of Other Health Problems, 7/2/13; Prevent Alzheimer’s by Sunning & Skipping Sunscreens, 7/5/13; Sun exposure tremendously improves MS symptoms, 7/7/13; Sun and Skin Cancer: Examining the Truths, Pseudo-Truths and Lies of Mainstream Science, 7/23/13; Treat hypertension naturally with vitamin D, 8/1/13; Frequent exposure to sunshine lowers rheumatoid arthritis risk, 8/14/13; Catch late summer and fall sun rays to experience significant health benefits, 9/14/13; Biophotonic rhythms are an essential factor for human health, 12/19/13; Sunning sensibly has numerous health benefits for the body, 2/19/14; 4 major screw ups with your sun exposure and how to correct them, 5/12/14; How to use the sun to improve eyesight and boost immunity, 5/17/14; Natural sunlight in hospitals would improve health and well-being of staff and patients, 8/14/14; Prevent skin cancer by avoiding the sun? Not necessarily, 9/1/14; How sunshine cuts blood pressure - and makes you thinner! New research reveals benefits that AREN'T linked to vitamin D, 5/2/16

031916w 032416k 122916a49 082915a49 Sun Gazing: Super human abilities confirmed by NASA, 6/11/13; Sungazing: Discover the bright rewards of this ancient practice, 6/26/13; Can ancient 'sun gazing' therapy help reactivate a calcified pineal gland?, 5/22/15; Sun Gazing: : NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained, 3/17/16; Sun gazing enables Super Human Awakenings & Abilities, 10/8/16
Michael Holick: Healing Power of Sunlight & Vitamin D^; Jakob Lorber: Healing Power of Sunllight^; Hira Ratan Manek: Solar Healing Center; Living on Sunlight^

Sunups & Sundowns

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111117w 100517w 102216n72 010117x70 111616w68 121316c67 080416o56 110816x56 103016q49 102216g46 103116r39 070616g37 060715a36 011811j33 Sunups & Sundowns: Astronomical Hijinks of the Shortest Day of the Year, 12/8/13