Solar Return House Containing the Sun

The Sun is definitely the most important planet (star) to consider in the interpretation of solar returns, for the whole chart is based upon its principle. It is the only placement which is always identical (by longitude) in the natal as well as the solar return chart. Its house position shows where the greatest growth may take place during the year and where one may express the self creatively. It also denotes the area of greatest recognition as well as the area where the individual will "identify" the self this year. It is an indication of success according to house placement -- an area where the person may "shine" and show honor, a place where the individual may take pride in his or her accomplishments.

The houses have basically the same principles in the interpretation of a solar return chart as they do in a natal chart. The only difference is that the solar return houses are temporal in nature, and thus the actual interpretation of their meaning will be slightly modified because of this factor.

Solar Return Sun in the SR 1st House

A time of personal accomplishments which will be of benefit to oneself and the family. There is an enormous amount of energy available. A feeling of confidence and being in control persists throughout the year.

The Sun in the 1st house asks, "What can you accomplish on your own?" This is a time to do something by yourself and for yourself. It is likely that you have a project in mind that only you can complete. The 1st house is the house of self-discovery and you need to explore your talents and limitations in order to assess the feasibility of the project you have in mind. In reality, the project is only a focal point of attention urging you to investigate your own abilities. The true power of this placement lies in what you discover about yourself. Use the newfound traits for personal accomplishment. This is an excellent time for self-improvement, self-motivation, and personal change. Remember to initiate matters on your own since no one is going to push you along. Don't wait for others to do things for you. This is not to say that you will live alone, but this is a time to test your own strength and self-sufficiency. You want to be the one to make things happen.

This year is actually achievement-oriented, but all achievements are personal successes and not career triumphs. Advances are not so apparent to others since they tend to be internal rather than external. Growth is measured by the satisfaction that comes from reaching personal goals and making personal changes. During the year, char¬acter traits which either help or hinder your ambitions will surface. It is your job to foster the more positive qualities and to overcome deficiencies. This can be a year for healing and recuperation from a difficult relationship, or it can become more. It can be a time of great personal progress; it depends on what you are ready for.

If you start something career-wise this year, it will tend to grow and blossom next year when you will receive wider recognition for your work. Use this time to prepare for the career push that could occur next year when the solar return Sun will most likely be in the 10th house. You may need more professional training, experience, or education. But even personal changes and improvements you make now can support career or business goals later.

During the year, you tend to be oblivious to the needs of others unless there are strong oppositions in the chart or other indications. With a strong 1st house emphasis, the solar return shows a lot of subjectivity and diminished objectivity. Your perception of life nar¬rows as you focus on your needs, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. This shift in emphasis is probably essential for the task at hand. You may need to keep your attention highly focused in order to channel your most positive traits into highly creative and productive tasks. Communicating your enthusiasm to others will help them to under¬stand the importance of your endeavors.

SR Sun in the SR 1st House: You will tend to project a very confident and vibrant self for the coming year. Your effort will tend to be successful and bring you much recognition and attention. You tend to come across with radiance and happiness to others, with a sense of strength and "take charge". You may assume positions of leadership and control, and be the one "in charge" in your surroundings. Overall it portends good health and psychological strength, and a year of great personal growth.

It may also indicate financial fears. Even though there is much activity, there may be some question as to your ability to save or accumulate wealth. The "I desire" or "I am" part of the yourself at this time may be quite strong too, and you must be careful of coming across egotistical, self-centered, or to demanding of others.

SR Sun in the SR 1st House: If your Solar Return Sun is in the house of new beginnings, self focus, and personality style, you can expect to make fresh starts, and act independantly by taking the innitive in your self interest.

SR Sun in the SR 1st House: Encourages independent action. Makes one more appreciated than in other years. This general indication for personal success seems to be an energizer for the house with Leo on its cusp. This house will be highlighted, as well, in a year that the sun is in the first house.

Solar Return Sun in the SR 2nd House

In general, the Sun in the 2nd house is not a sign of monetary gain; in fact, it is more likely that you will feel underpaid. Check Venus, her aspects, and the other planets in the 2nd house to understand the financial picture. This is the year to reassess your worth as an employee or business owner and decide how much you should be earning. You may find that your work is not fully appreciated and it is really worth more than you are presently being paid. This is a time to map out a plan to earn more money; however, your salary will probably not increase much this year. Usually, individuals with 2nd house Suns do not get a pay raise until the following year when their Suns move into the 11th house, the 2nd (money house) of the 10th (career).

If you are running a business or a household, learn to budget your money or work with an accounting program. You need to pay attention to the way money is handled and spent; it may be slipping away wastefully. Financial practices that you incorporate this year can lead to money saved for future major purchases and projects. Lack of fiscal responsibility can lead to financial problems and limitations.

Reassessing your sense of self-worth will also involve analyzing how you are being treated by others. You may find mat you do not command enough respect. If you have very little self-esteem you may be involved in physically or verbally abusive relationships, but it is more common to have established a pattern of devaluing your own needs and abilities in comparison to the needs and abilities of others. If others come first in your life and you always come last, it is time to make adjustments. Although you have probably helped to establish this negative pattern, others have helped to reinforce it and now everyone needs to change consciously. Now is the time to stand up for yourself. Expect equal consideration; if you must, demand it.

Learning to value yourself is just one side of this issue. All values need to be prioritized. What you once thought was desirable is now no longer attractive. You may grow more materialistic; or conversely, you may stress inner qualities rather than money. But in either case you will need to make decisions and set priorities during the year. A moral or ethical conflict is common. Usually there is a shift towards more traditional codes of behavior.

Some individuals make a definitive moral or ethical statement. They feel compromised by their jobs, situations or relationships, and feel compelled to stand up for what they believe in, ignoring the physical, emotional or financial consequences their stand will bring. This is the placement of the whistle-blower.

The 2nd house is also concerned with overindulgence, such as overeating, smoking, drinking, impulse spending and promiscuity. You are more apt to be aware of excessive behavior during the year, and consequently seek to control it.

SR Sun in the SR 2nd House: Great emphasis is placed upon your values, and how you attract and deal with financial matters. The results, often financial, of your efforts prior to this time, tend to reap success this year. If you have been working on a project prior to the time of this solar return, then this year may bring into fruition the completion and success of that project. It may indicate very creative financial ideas - new ways to increase profit or income. In fact, your attention may be heavily focused on money, income, or profit - for better or worse. If you are focused purely upon money, then a quality of "greed" and/or "possessiveness" may be noticed unfavorably by others. You may also come into possession of valuable goods. Overall, it favors growth in income, savings, and security, particularly if in trine to the Midheaven.

SR Sun in the SR 2nd House: This year, your focus will be on creating security through money and personal resources, developing your talents and working on your sense of values.

SR Sun in the SR 2nd House: Earnings come more easily. There is a clarification of perception concerning ones earning potential, values and the use of personal resources. Under strong affliction this position will still bring the clarity, but that clarity will highlight the difficulties in this area of life. Ambition and firmness of purpose usually are stronger this year, but pessimism about one's abilities and stubbornness can be manifest with affliction.

See also: Sun in the 2nd House

Solar Return Sun in the SR 3rd House

The Sun in the 3rd house of the solar return emphasizes your intellectual abilities and mental stability or the lack thereof. Intellectually, this is a time to gather information. Your mind is very active and you will want to read everything, know everything, and think about everything. Ideas abound and you are open to looking at life from a new perspective. But organizing your mind may be difficult, which is why this is a good time to study, write down your thoughts, or purchase a computer.

One way or another, your mind plays a crucial role in the events of this solar return year. The mental processes are key to the activities you are involved in, or central to the major problems you encounter. Your mind can work for or against you, and make or break the year. Acquiring knowledge may be the main focus of your attention and it is certainly advantageous to learn as much as you can during this time by attending school or taking a course. But you can feel intellectually inferior or frustrated by your educational attempts if you allow nervousness, indecision and impulsiveness to affect your ability to think clearly and logically.

Mental instability is a possibility with the Sun in the 3rd house of the solar return. The Sun here is an even stronger indication of depression than Saturn. Check Mercury and its aspects to better understand the Sun's manifestation in the solar return chart. Depression, anxiety, irrational thinking, confusion and neurosis are possible extremes. Your mind is working overtime, and if you do not direct your thinking to-ward meaningful or educational pursuits, mental difficulties can arise.

You are probably more interested in thoughts than feelings this year (depending on the position and strength of the Moon and Pluto in the solar return chart). The Sun in the 3rd signals an emphasis on the thinking processes, so you will spend more time thinking about feelings than actually feeling them. Feelings will be analyzed and dissected rather than felt as you try to understand them from an intellectual perspective. This is not to say that you are cold this year, but you will have a greater tendency to screen your feelings and make logical decisions rather than emotional ones. If the Moon and/or Pluto are prominent in the chart, you may find it difficult to integrate what you feel with what you think. If this is the case, unconscious material may compete with rational thoughts for control of your thinking processes. The Moon in the 1st house is a major contraindication to the dominance of thoughts over the emotional nature.

The Sun in the 3rd can also show community involvement or activism. It becomes important who your neighbors are and what your neighborhood is like. You can expect to be more involved with those around you. This can be on an individualized level (one neighbor needs your help or one neighbor creates a problem) or this can be on a community level.

All means of communication are stressed, and you might want to work on your communication skills to increase your effectiveness with the spoken or written word. Some individuals will even take a course in communication-related topics such as effective listening, resum6 writing, advertising, etc. This is a time when you are more likely to use the telephone or the mail system regularly to communicate with people.

SR Sun in the SR 3rd House: Great growth may take place in your mind and mental activities. Very creative ideas may lead you to engage successfully in writing, speaking, or sales. This year may be favorable for marketing ideas, or writing projects. It also indicates a year that may highlight relationships with your neighbors, brothers and sisters, and/or correspondence with others (i.e. short journeys, letter-memo writing, telephone calls, etc.). Furthermore it can indicate a year in which you purchase a new automobile, or some durable communications good (i.e. computer), that enhances your efficiency. Overall, you are apt to identify yourself in terms of your ideas, and your success in relating those ideas determines the degree of your self-confidence for the year.

This placement might also indicate domestic problems, maladies involving members of your family or apprehensions of such. A tendency towards worry may be overcome through creative mental pursuits, like writing or studying something of interest.

SR Sun in the SR 3rd House: This year, you will be exploring ideas, seeking knowledge and information, reading, writing, talking, making contacts, and getting involved in commerce and your local community.

SR Sun in the SR 3rd House: Indicates a year with more than the usual interaction with siblings or neighbours. With squares or oppositions, there may be conflict with same. With trines there can easily be an opportunity to make new friends close to home. The other natural focus of this year is learning new modes of communication or brushing up on old ones. Writing, talking, chatting and socializing all increase this year. Unless there are hard aspects and sometimes even if there are, it can be a good year for initiating and signing important applications and petitions. Success in studies should be judged from the aspects.

See also: Sun in the 3rd House

Solar Return Sun in the SR 4th House

The Sun in the 4th house is basically concerned with finding a physical, emotional and spiritual home or niche. There is a special place for everyone in me Universe, a place that reflects their spiritual purpose and fulfills their emotional/physical needs, a niche that defines, directs, and supports. It is the place where you function at your best while feeling protected and encouraged by your environment. On a physical level, this niche is a warm and comfortable home. On the emotional level, it is a supportive relationship, and spiritually, it is a fulfilling purpose or goal. With the Sun in the solar return 4th house, you need to find that niche on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This is a time for grounding your existence with purpose and establishing the roots that will support you in the years ahead.

Finding the physical niche means finding or constructing a home that is a comfortable place of revitalization. Your pleasures are simple and center around whatever you call home, but it is not uncommon for "home" to become unsuitable during the solar return year. Your needs have changed and you must now make some adjustments in your surroundings. With only the Sun in the 4th house and not too many aspects, you probably only want to redecorate or reorganize your home situation. Those individuals with Uranus or Pluto also in the 4th house may want to make sweeping changes that tend to involve greater disruption.

The search for a home on the physical level leads many people to purchase new homes or fix up their old ones. They need to have a physical place of retreat in order to replenish their energy. The physical niche is crucial since it is the beginning base of operation which goes on to support both the emotional and spiritual levels. The external emphasis on purchasing or repairing a home reflects the internal emotional need for a supportive environment. If you exam¬ine your living or working environment now, you will discover that there is something which physically impairs your future goals. In most instances, there is a need for a private place for thinking, working or studying. This need for space is important and must be satisfied if you are to build a multi-level supportive environment which will augment your future abilities. Work begins with the physical home. Watch the symbolism of what you are doing to the physical home. As you are satisfying physical external needs, corre¬lations can be drawn to improvements occurring on the emotional and spiritual levels.

The Sun in the 4th house is also focused on the emotional level. This is a very strong position for individuals seeking emotional satisfaction and fulfillment. For this reason, you will tend to be more vocal about your feelings of loneliness and lack of emotional support from friends, family, co-workers and bosses. You will also be more appreciative of the support these people give you. Loneliness may be the result of delayed grief. You may grieve for those who have died or left even though the separation occurred several years before. The Sun in the 4th is meant to be a time of emotional healing; it may not be a year for personal achievement, independence or assertiveness if you are more concerned about emotional fulfillment and intercon¬nections with others. Gains can be made internally rather than externally.

Family involvement grows and this is a good time to improve or renew relationships with estranged family members. Resolve old resentments which clog up the emotional nature, making it more difficult to express positive feelings. This process of emotional house-cleaning may involve reevaluating your childhood and your relationship with your mother and father. Your memories during this time may not be especially pleasant; working to give yourself the emotional support you will need in the future can involve reconciling past conflicts. If you still cannot get what you need emotionally from your relatives, then you will seek comfort elsewhere and grow apart.

Dependency issues are common. An increased need for physical or emotional support can evolve into an obvious dependency. You may be physically or emotionally dependent on someone else as a result of real or imagined limitations. Those individuals who are already emotionally unstable can regress and exhibit childlike characteristics. This is a very negative and, fortunately, very rare manifestation.

You may feel physically and emotionally abandoned by your parents, and their lack of support becomes an issue. They would feel that your demands are too great; you would say their help is nonexistent. On the other hand, you might be asked to give your support to others. Sometimes grown children or elderly parents turn to you for assistance if they are emotionally drained or physically weakened themselves and greatly in need of help. It is good to remember that we all have different needs at different times. They wax and wane according to our spiritual, emotional, and physical diet.

Usually the Sun in the 4th moves to the 1st house in the following solar return year, so now is a good time to practice using your emotional and intuitive processes in a positive way. They are important sources of information, essential to your growth. If you get in touch with your emotional-intuitive nature, you will learn to trust the information you receive. Gradually, as the year moves on, you will become aware of factual or physical evidence supporting your intuitive impressions. You need to break through emotional fears and begin to work positively with your insights so that your intuitive feelings will flow easily. Next year when your Sun moves to the 1st house, you will have a good information base for independent action and personal assertiveness.

And finally, you must find a spiritual niche in this world. Everyone is here for a purpose. Your spiritual purpose may be renewed, clarified, or changed at this time. You need to redefine what your higher purpose will be in the coming years, and how you can best serve the needs of me Universe. You will be guided in your search by what makes you feel fulfilled. This is why emotions are so important this year—they put you in touch with your spiritual purpose. Next year (when the Sun will probably be in the 1st house), and the following year (when the Sun will most likely be in the 10th house), you will be involved with expressing yourself more assertively to the world. With a clear sense of spiritual direction, a strong intuitive nature, and a supportive environment, confidence will be maintained and growth will occur easily. You will use the supportive physical environment, emotional connections and spiritual goals you establish this year to back up your efforts in those years to come.

SR Sun in the SR 4th House: Great personal growth may be experienced in regard to your home, family, parents and/or spiritual direction (the "ultimate" home). You may now come into contact with your "true self," your most inner nature and basic needs. This year may provide a very personal and very deep understanding of your very essence. In family matters, and all types of domestic concerns, you are the one who may have the expertise. Here you are confident and exhibit fine qualities of leadership. Your role in the family is central this year, and in this realm, you may shine. You may become the "hero," and thus receive much attention from those who are closest to you. You may identify yourself closely with your role and successes in the family or home environment. You may be placed in the role of the "benevolent parent", or if you are a child, you may bring great honor to your family.

However, there may also be fears involving your children and/or lovers. There may also be fears associated with taking specific risks.

SR Sun in the SR 4th House: This year, home, family, and creating firm personal foundations will be important.

SR Sun in the SR 4th House: Does not only emphasize the normal things of this house... home, parents, roots, property... but also seems to have it's greatest impact in the last quarter of the year. Depending on the aspects to the sun here, this could be a year of changing homes or involving oneself in real estate.

See also: Sun in the 4th House

Solar Return Sun in the SR 5th House

The Sun in the 5th house emphasizes the need to express yourself more fully. When the Sun is in the 1st house you try to find out who you are, but when the Sun is in the 5th house, you know who you are, and have a stronger-than-usual urge for expression. Having your Sun in this house can mean watching your personality bloom. This is a wonderful position for those who have been compromised in the past and now feel the need to be more assertive. The outer expression of your personality should become more useful to your future goals and also more consistent with your inner qualities. "To thine own self be true," should be the motto for this placement. But keep in mind also the desire to maintain relationships with others. Although self-expression may disrupt relationships somewhat, the purpose of this placement is to foster good relationships while increasing your self-expression.

Self-expression can take several forms, some of which are artistic and most of which are creative. Artistic pursuits include painting, writing, poetry, and music; however, you may concentrate on a more mundane project such as creating your own lesson plans, developing your own business style or founding your own nursery school. The medium for self-expression is not important, it is the self-expression itself which is creative, and it need not necessarily be artistic.

The Sun in the 5th house can also show a strong involvement with children; if you are a parent, they may be the major focus of your attention. If you have a tendency to express yourself through your children, you must be careful not to dominate their lives. On the other hand, this can be a rewarding time, one in which you are very proud of your children and their achievements.

There is always the possibility of romance with this placement, and if a relationship occurs it is usually very exciting. Sexual attractions play a major role in determining to whom you are drawn. Romantic interchanges and affairs are likely. This can be a heart-pounding infatuation at its best, but remember that the 5th house rules unbounded relationships rather than marriage. Although you may discuss marriage with your newfound love, it is very unlikely that you will tie the knot this year.

Because the 5th house is also the house of speculation, you are more likely to take risks this year. You do not necessarily gamble or speculate (though you may), but you are willing to bet on your own abilities. The chances you take may or may not involve money, but you are open to asserting yourself and trying new things. You readily risk failure because of a desire to stretch me boundaries of self-expression.

SR Sun in the 5th House: There is great potential for creativity, fun and happiness this year. Favorably highlighted are romance, entertainment, creative self-expressive pursuits, and conditions involving your children (or younger people). This year may deal more with "new" loves rather than "old" loves. You yourself may be the center of much attention and adoration, particularly if the Sun trines the Ascendant. It is a year of great creative self-expression, and one in which risks seem to pay off. If you have children, either they "shine", or you "shine" in their eyes. There is much to be proud of here. In financial matters, this year may favor speculation. It certainly favors a year of entertainment, so you are encouraged to go to many parties, and even throw a few yourself!

However, excessive amounts of self-indulgent activities and "running about" may be detrimental to one's health, and a certain amount of self-restraint is advised. Fears involving work, or "quality" of one's work, might also prevail.

SR Sun in the 5th House: This year, getting recognition through creative self expression, romantic affairs, and having fun are on your agenda.

SR Sun in the SR 5th House: As with the sun in the first house, the sun here is very dependant on its rulership for expression. Ruling the first, third or ninth it focuses on expansion and expression of awareness. Ruling the second or tenth the focus would be on business, money, career, etc. If it rules the seventh or eleventh then the issues of relationships will dominate the year. As to its fifth house connection to children... that may occur, but here it behaves as any other planet and is highly dependant on its aspects.

See also: Sun the 5th House

Solar Return Sun in the SR 6th House

Health is a concern when the Sun is in the 6th house, and it is probably wise to start taking better care of yourself. Your health needs and/or attitudes are changing and it is time to maintain a line of communication between your mind and your body. Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you; it is more important that you eat and exercise right according to your body than according to some nutrition book or philosophy. Health should come from the inside out. Pay close attention to the effect of various foods on your system and make adjustments accordingly, and don’t ignore your body's warnings during this year.

If your work is not meaningful to you, then you might find yourself seeking creative means of escape from it. This is the year you crave to identify yourself with your work, and if you cannot do this favorable, then instead of good health, you may experience a series of ailments that are related to job stress.

The emphasis of the 6th house is more on the daily details of work than the overall career. Consequently, you are more job-oriented than career-oriented with this placement. The difference is very subtle. You are aware of major career issues when the Sun is in the 10th house, and you are more apt to work for promotion, recognition, and career change during this time. Important decisions regarding profession are possible while career fulfillment is likely. But when the Sun is in the 6th house, your profession will tend to be stable, and the emphasis will be on immediate job issues and working situations. It is the daily procedures which are in a state of transition. This is an excellent time to reevaluate your work routines and make adjustments towards greater efficiency. Even if you love your job, you will find parts of your day tedious and boring. Streamline your operation and make changes where appropriate. You may be asked to adapt to changes beyond your control. Mergers and reorganizations can occur, affecting your work environment, position or job description. In a very negative manifestation, you may be laid off or forced to work overtime. Personal problems, illnesses, or family matters can also disrupt your work schedule. Work schedules may be changed and flexible hours might be an option.

Growth may take place this year in regard to your health and work matters, service given to or received from others. The year emphasizes the nature of your work - the craftsmanship involved in it (if any) and the value of your creative expressions. You may tend to be very creative in applying your craft or skill, should you have one. Much recognition for your talent may come to you if you do have a talent, particularly if the Sun trines the Midheaven. This is a year in which you might enjoy great personal satisfaction from your work, assuming your work has a creative challenge to it.

SR Sun in the SR 6th House: Great growth may take place in regard to one's health and work matters, service given to or received from others. The year emphasizes the nature of one's work -- the craftsmanship involved in it (if any) and the value of one's creative expressions. You may tend to be very creative in applying your craft or skill, should you have one. Much recognition for your talent may come to you if you do have a talent, particularly if the Sun trines the Midheaven. This is a year in which you might enjoy great personal satisfaction from your work, assuming your work has a creative challenge to it.

If your work is not meaningful to you, then you might find yourself seeking creative means of escape from it. This is the year you crave to identify yourself with your work, and if you cannot do this favorable, then instead of good health, you may experience a series of ailments that are related to job stress. During the year you may also experience fears concerning marriage and partnerships and the possibility of deception through partners. If your partnerships are very important to you and you are currently encountering stress, then you may wish to consider traveling for your birthday and moving the Sun to the 5th or 7th house.

SR Sun in the SR 6th House: This year, you will be developing your work skills, improving your health, organizing and giving service to others.

SR Sun in the SR 6th House: Focuses the year on health, or brings about a need to be very busy with the issues of the house that the sun rules. As a health focus it is generally unfavourable... but can be eased by a strong conscious attention to the body's needs... in terms of rest, diet, exercise and stress alleviation. As the sixth house is one of service, (here to the issues of the house the sun rules) it is important that the service be given freely, without resentment. Again the aspects will give more information. In hard aspect to mars and connected (by rulership or aspect) to the 10th house, for example, one might do injury to the career by too hasty an action that was meant to better the status.

See also: Sun in the 6th House

Solar Return Sun in the SR 7th House

The Sun in the 7th house indicates that relationships are more important to you than your own individual identity. You are more interested in relating to others (and possibly someone in particular) than pursuing personal goals or working alone. It is very likely that your Sun was in the solar return 1st house two years ago and in the 10th house last year. For these two years, you probably stressed independent action and self-sufficiency. This emphasis on self and self-motivated endeavors is over and now you have a strong need for companionship, sharing and feedback. Focus on relationships, and spend time with those you love who may have been feeling neglected. Their needs seem stronger than yours and it feels right to support those who have supported you over the past two years. It may not be easy for you to shift from a self-centered orientation into a partnership commitment, but you will find that fulfillment comes from sharing and cooperation. Your greatest successes occur when working with others or through the assistance of someone else. Generally, this is not the time to do things on your own.

Relationship problems are possible. Renewing old relationships can be difficult because others may have established a pattern of getting along without you if you were too distant in the past. Hopefully, they appreciate the time you are now able to spend with them. An old and useless relationship might end during this time so mat a new and rewarding one can form. Use this time for a transition to a new and exciting commitment. Generally, new relationships are of a personal nature, but occasionally the emphasis is on a business partnership. The 7th house is the house of marriage, partnerships and strong relationships, and it is likely that you will be deeply involved in one of these types of relationships during the year.

Partnerships can be either supportive or restrictive. There isn't a guarantee that relationships will be beneficial to you, but you mold them with your responses. This is an excellent time to work with someone on a project. Consult those offering objective feedback or expert information in your field of interest. You can accomplish more through cooperation or competition than you would have accomplished on your own.

Some individuals experience this placement as restrictive, espe¬cially if they always emphasize the needs of others without considering their own needs. The Sun in the 7th house can indicate a very consuming relationship, one which totally compromises your individuality and personal needs. In this situation you become too passive, refusing to assert yourself at all, while allowing a relationship to become everything as you become nothing. You accept limitations passively, are easily imposed upon, and tend to follow, never lead. You grow more insignificant the longer you remain in this type of relationship. Most likely, you are trying to hold together an impossible partnership, one that should be ended. If you continue to bite your tongue so things will run smoothly, your own needs will not be met and the strain of meeting the needs of others will drain you.

Unless your partner is physically ill, your dedication to another should not be so demanding as to be all-consuming. Should you choose to remain in a detrimental relationship with demands this great, be aware that the situation is probably psychologically unhealthy for you and may eventually involve verbal or physical abuse. Learn the fine art of negotiation. This is not the time for complete surrender. One hand washes the other and it is through cooperation that you progress and grow. The task is to learn to compromise and share within a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. Give willingly without allowing yourself to be used.

This is the time to walk a mile in someone else's shoes and become more aware of different points of view. Be objective; most importantly, see yourself as others see you. Those with strong and difficult personalities will find it hard to relate until they correct their offensive behavior and irritating personality traits. If you are determined to get your own way, life will not run smoothly. You must consider the way you affect others. People will no longer make allowances for your behavior and it's time to clean up your act. If you can't learn to cooperate and share equally, you will have little chance for success and a greater tendency to create enemies. Correct those habits which block intimacy and sharing with others if you want to increase interpersonal gratification.

SR Sun in the SR 7th House: You are likely to identify yourself in terms of marriage (or thoughts of it), partnerships, legal matters, and popularity with others this year. It is a very active year in matters to do with others -- especially others with whom there is a significant relationship. There may be an emphasis upon who represents you in public - and how they represent you. There are quite possibly many new and advantageous unions entered into, such as marriage if you are single prior to this birthday. This year favors mixing with others, as it portends great social upswing in one's status among others. If you are married, this can indicate a year of great success and recognition for your partner, or for both of you as a team.

However one must be careful of seeking status too gregariously. A tendency to lose one's identity - or to "sell out" one's own principles - in order to be accepted by others, is a real danger this year.

SR Sun in the SR 7th House: This year, your focus will be on relationships, partnerships, giving advice, and negotiations based on creating balance and harmony.

SR Sun in the SR 7th House: This position favours the partner more than oneself. If already in a relationship this would be a year of re-definition of that relationship. This would be initiated by the partner. For singles this is a year of interacting with others on a one to one basis far more. The aspects will indicate whether this will be easy or hard, stressful & painful or exciting and joyous. The sun in close opposition to the ascendant can bring conflict... putting the power over your life in someone else's hands. In competitions or lawsuits that may arise during the year, the strength is on the other's side. The house that the sun rules may give strong clues to the underlying basis of relationships begun or reformulated during this year.

See also: Sun in the 7th House

Solar Return Sun in the SR 8th House

This is often a year of tremendous change. It is common for individuals with an 8th house Sun to change their lifestyle completely during this year. There is a death of sorts associated with this house, but it is the kind of death that comes from strong transformation and change. Common examples are quitting work and returning to school full-time, leaving home and getting an apartment, transferring to another part of the country and living in a totally different climate and neighborhood (e.g., moving from the city to a rural area). The empha¬sis is on radical change. Usually there is at least one major change during the year accompanied by many minor changes. Mental stress can result from the number of changes handled within a short period of time.

An increased perception on both the psychological and intuitive levels is common. During the year, you become more aware of subtle energies. Usually, individuals with this placement begin to feel that they see and know too much. They become overly perceptive of others' true feelings, motives and psychological inadequacies. For those who can use this new ability positively, this is a time of tremendous growth and enlightenment. Concurrent with this insight into human behavior is generally an interest in psychological and esoteric topics. Knowledge of this nature will help you to both understand and cope with your perceptions. Your own actions can become immune to manipulative ploys.

For those who do not understand or cannot appreciate their newfound abilities, this is a time of disappointment and helplessness. Unconscious reactions will take the place of rational interchanges as you respond from the gut level without thinking clearly. It is easy for others to push your psychological buttons and manipulate your behavior since stressful situations or relationships have a greater effect on you. This is more likely to occur if the air element is also lacking in the solar return chart. Examples of compulsive behavior or obsessive/phobic thought patterns will occur regularly. The less aware you are of your own drives, the more easily you will be controlled by them. The awareness of psychological complexes in others should make you more aware of your own psychological idiosyncrasies. Merely reacting to external forces is not as desirable as planning and directing your own life.

The whole purpose of this year is to gain power over yourself and your life. You may do this by understanding and overruling your unhealthy psychological impulses. If you don't, others can gain power by using your own unconscious against you. Guilt and jealousy are just two of the more common manipulative emotional tools others can and will use. You also gain power by recognizing when others are not thinking clearly. It is not necessary to respond to irrational demands. The first step to controlling psychological complexes is recognizing how they influence behavior. The second step is to become aware of why these counterproductive feelings and situations exist. The third step is to simplify your life by eliminating those psychologically unhealthy influences which block rational thinking and meaningful relating.

Obviously this is a good time for therapy, for you and/or for those you are involved with. People who seek therapy while the solar return Sun is in the 8th house generally only need counseling for a specific problem rather than deep psychoanalysis. Although some individuals have found this placement very difficult mentally, the greater number of mental illness cases are associated with the Sun in the 3rd and 12th houses, not the 8th.

Power struggles over money and morals are common, especially if there are also planets in the 2nd, 5th or 11th houses. Your conflict may involve another person or you may be struggling to control your own behavior. Spending practices usually change and debts either go up or down dramatically; they rarely stay the same. Many individu¬als rip up their credit cards and pay off their bills, but others take out a large loan. Generally, there is nothing in between these two manifestations. If you normally have high credit bills, you will feel the crunch this year and begin to cut back. If you are normally very cautious, you may be asked to take a financial risk because of the changes you are making.

SR Sun in the SR 8th House: Your greatest growth this year may come from experiences with other people's psychological values and moneys (i.e. gifts, insurance's, grants, scholarships, loans, etc.). Matters involving death and consequent estate settlements may be highlighted. So too may long-term investments and research projects requiring much investigation into "hidden" or "unknown" matters. In fact, your identity may be strengthened considerably if you are involved in some research project. The completion of that project may bring great recognition or reward to you. In the course of conducting research, or investigation, you may become quite excited with what you find. It may be quite a "discovery" process, and in so doing, all kinds of opportunities and choices may open for you. In addition, this year may place great emphasis (favorable) upon your partner's financial outlook, especially if the Sun favorably aspects the Midheaven.

However the year may also portend the ending to love-romantic-affairs. Thus it may also indicate a change in one's social nature, usually precipitated by some outward crisis between work (duty) and relationships (love), particularly if the Sun is located very close to the midpoint of the third quadrant. The year may also highlight sexual matters and areas in your life which will now be transformed -- endings and starting over again.

SR Sun in the SR 8th House: This year, deep bonding, intimacy, and personal transformation are on the agenda.

SR Sun in the SR 8th House: Is usually an indicator of a death during the year. Who or what will die can be seen by a thorough examination of the aspects, their rulerships and their natures. When the death will occur will be shown by the progression of the moon during it's day's travel or more often, by the Quotidian progression of the angles in the chart. If there is no indication of death in the progressed chart then the "death" in this case is either not close to oneself, or is of a thing or situation rather than a person. With "easy" aspects this is a good year for investments, increase in revenues, and decrease in debts. Any conflict situation (see 7th above) will likely be won by oneself. This is especially true if the sun is at the end of the 7th and being read as in the eighth. Hard aspects do not mean disaster here necessarily, and can best be looked upon as opportunities for transformation.

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Solar Return Sun in the SR 9th House

The Sun in the 9th house of the solar return chart indicates the need to reassess beliefs. The 9th house is not limited to higher thoughts only, but includes all beliefs, mundane as well as philosophical, nonreligious as well as religious. This is also the house of prejudice, intolerance and fanaticism. Beliefs that are erroneous, impractical or unsuitable need to be confronted and eliminated during the year.

Now is the time to reevaluate all beliefs, including those about yourself, your abilities, and relationships. If you have a long-standing belief in your ability to accomplish something difficult, this is the year to make the attempt. As you test your beliefs, one or more of them may prove to be a "misbelief" or misconception. Not all will be accurate or valuable. True beliefs must be proven so they can be built upon. They are the cornerstones of future actions. Misconceptions, on the other hand, can have serious consequences. They distort your perception of reality and stunt your emotional and spiritual growth. They must be corrected so that evolution will resume.

An example of a misconception is a male chauvinist with the solar return Sun in the 9th house square to Moon in the 7th house. This individual was considering marriage and wanted a faithful traditional wife who would stay home and care for the children while he continued to play the field and go out with his buddies. He wanted the stable home environment and someone to come home to, but he did not want the responsibility and restrictions that normally come with marriage and children. His beliefs about relationships hurt his chances for a successful marriage and stressed his relationship with his fiancée.

The spiritual philosophy which is the guiding force behind your everyday actions should be grounded in practical application. You should be able to live comfortably with your beliefs without the pain of continuing disillusionment. Some spiritual philosophies are too idealistic and self-defeating, encouraging the individual to remain in situations which are psychologically unhealthy. Turning the other cheek when you are being abused makes no sense. Your spiritual and religious beliefs should lead you toward fulfillment and peace. Philosophies which do nothing to improve the Universe and lack realistic manifestations may be meaningless mental exercises. A focus on coping with continuing disappointment shortchanges the individual. Use this time to find a philosophy that improves your life and the lives of others.

This is also the time to practice what you preach. If you are not aware of the inconsistencies in your beliefs, the contradictions will manifest themselves in your behavior. Others will notice the discrepancy between what you say and what you do. If you are truly hypocritical, you will tend to attract situations which accentuate this conflict even more.

This is a wonderful time for learning. If you have been out of school and wish to continue your education, do so now. Professional refresher courses will help you next year when the Sun moves into the 6th house of work. You can study any topic during the year and courses do not have to be part of a formal education. Concentrated study is likely and you may do this on your own or within a structured environment. Those who have completed their education may prefer to lecture or teach. As an alternative, you might sell a book proposal with writing and editing taking most of the year.

The Sun in the 9th can also indicate extensive traveling. You are more likely to travel outside the country and overseas, especially if there are other 9th house placements. Experiencing other cultures should make you more tolerant of others and their belief systems.

SR Sun in the SR 9th House: Great personal growth is now possible in regard to education, law, dealings with foreign peoples, philosophy, and long travel. This is a time that favors preparation (with much anticipation and/or excitement), as in education or training, for something greater that may actually evolve the next year. All matters tend to go well that deal with publishing, foreign affairs, or affairs with those who are of a different nationality than the native. It furthermore favors second marriages (should it apply) and court decisions. If the Sun is trine to the Ascendant, then you are likely to feel exuberance, happiness, and a general sense of growth this year.

However, they may very well be fears concerning one's vocation or life direction in a mundane sense. Keep in mind that this is a year of training and preparation, and these fears will likely give way to more concrete developments after this year.

SR Sun in the SR 9th House: This year, adventures are indicated as well as an openness to new experiences, foreign cultures, higher education, and the development of a personal life philosophy.

SR Sun in the SR 9th House: Produces a year of learning. This need not be formal but may show itself as spiritual development, and, often, as travel. In the latter case timing of a trip will show through the Quotidian progressed angles more often than the moon. With hard aspects to the sun, these issues will still dominate but there may be hurtles, blockages, opposition, or down right failure. For example a student who drops out of university in a year in which the solar return sun is in T-square in the 9th. This year is one of higher than usual ambition.

See also: Sun in the 9th House

Solar Return Sun in the SR 10th House

If you want a strong career year, this is it. The Sun in the 10th house places a strong emphasis on all career endeavors. This is a good time to push for advancement and work towards greater career fulfillment. You are more likely to make major career decisions or be recognized for professional achievements at this time. You are also more likely to be reprimanded for professional misconduct. The reputation you have developed in the past catches up with you and it can be good or bad depending on what you have or have not accomplished and your methods along the way.

If you have positive feelings about your job and have worked hard all along, push for advancement. If you have negative feelings about your job, do not let them threaten professional goals. You are better off changing jobs or starting your own business than staying in a job you hate. If you choose to remain in a difficult situation, you will find work too taxing, physically, mentally, or spiritually. Personal needs will begin to conflict with the job requirements and you will feel pulled between home, work, and relationships.

If there are aspects into the 1st house, your personality quirks might not lend themselves to career tasks, thereby threatening advancement. You can handle these conflicting feelings positively by integrating your career with your personal needs and balancing all the areas of your life.

With the Sun in the 10th house, you have a lot of control over the direction of your professional life and also the direction of your life in general. Since the 10th is the house of destiny, you can make decisions about where you are headed for the next set of years. Pick a new path or life direction. Normally the focus of attention shifts to a new area of major concern, and this focus of attention persists for several years. Changes usually relate to or affect your career, but not necessarily.

Authority issues are strong at this time. If you are the authority figure at work, you should be very mindful of managerial techniques and concepts. Your professional success is directly tied in with your ability to lead and motivate those under your control. If you are not the person in charge, then you must learn to please those who are. They are the ones who recognize and reward your hard work.

If you are self-employed, success will come from your ability to perform well and please the public. In any of these situations, how well you cope with career tasks will determine the measure of success you achieve by year's end. Your interest in learning and mastering effective business techniques at this time will help you improve your chances for success.

Your parents can influence your decisions either positively or negatively, especially if you still see them as authority figures. If you consider either your father and /or your mother an authority in your field of interest, go to them for advice. You may make decisions in spite of them, especially if you feel the need to break any authoritarian hold they might have over you. This is the time to determine your own future. You are the final authority. Great opportunities wait for those who are prepared to meet the challenge and take responsibility for their decisions.

SR Sun in the SR 10th House: Much success and great growth are highlighted in regard to your career and professional status (or even social status inasmuch as the former enhances the latter). You may now identify yourself closely - and favorably - with your vocation and standing in your community. This is a period of accomplishment and the rewards that go with it - both financially and socially. Much recognition and praise may come your way due to these successes. The year may also favor relationships with one's father, employer, supervisor or superior of any kind. In a sense, you may now be a person of destiny, because of your nature to set up and pursue goals, and furthermore to accomplish them in the forthcoming year. There may be a sense of one's "work to do" during this year, as in a spiritual sense.

However, this house may also indicate disappointments and apprehensions concerning your friends. Perhaps they are not so happy with your changes. The fact that these successes are relatively new to yourself as well means that you may even experience fears of failure, which may seem strange since it is at a time when you are likely doing so well. There may be insecurity in regard to emotions and feelings, although your efforts will now be designed to achieve more security and do away with such unrealistic and negative illusions.

SR Sun in the SR 10th House: This year, your ambition, career progress, authority, and public identity will comcern you.

SR Sun in the SR 10th House: Will bring prominence in the career and in the public life. The reputation will spread and unless there is strong affliction, one will have no difficulty finding support, credit, patronage, and aid. This is frequently a year of promotion or some outstanding achievement. Afflictions here do not usually deny the prominence but may make it more difficult. Again the house that the sun rules may likely indicate a connection to the rise, acclaim, or reputation.

See also: Sun in the 10th House

Solar Return Sun in the SR 11th House

Capricorn and the 10th house are associated with the laws and rules that are written for the masses. These laws structure society as a whole. Aquarius and the 11th house rule the personal reassessment of those laws, their meaning and application on an individualized level. Conscientious objection and a disregard for societal norms are also Aquarian themes. The 11th house in the solar return chart is the house of "Why not?" Why not have an affair? Why not start your own business? Why not sail around the world alone? Why not, why not, why not! The sky is the limit.

When your Sun is in this house, you must personally accept or reject all rules that affect your life. Rules are questioned, and either broken or found to have great personal validity. Morality and ethics are subject to personal scrutiny. You must decide what is right for you, your life situation and the people around you. This testing of rules and laws can be a mental exercise that lasts all year or it can be a difficult struggle involving strong urges. Those individuals with strong Uranian themes in their charts are more likely to act out. Those with strong Saturnian themes in their charts are less likely to act out but more likely to be upset by the review process. This is because strange thoughts can be associated with the Sun in the 11th house. These are not conservative, practical thoughts but wild crazy urges sometimes lacking a basis in reality. If you are not aware of the purpose for this process, you may be frightened by your own erratic thinking.

The important task for this year is to weaken Saturnian restric¬tions mat are outdated and inhibit your growth potential. Next year your Sun moves to the 8th house where many changes will occur. The Sun in the 11th house indicates the need to prepare for these changes by reviewing meaningless patterns of behavior. By the end of the year, you should develop a personal code of behavior that makes sense within the context of your situation and allows you to make necessary changes.

The 11th house is also the house of future goals and hopes. This is the year to activate goals, or at least determine if they are realistic, practical or suitable as a future endeavor. Some dreams will survive the test, while others may not. Begin to work on those goals which are feasible and worthy of your attention.

Freedom is a major issue, and the amount of freedom you experience in your life will either rise or fall. If you have been feeling suppressed and limited, this will be your year to break those restrictions. You may actually forsake your former code of conduct or pattern of behavior. For this reason, the married individual is affair-prone, especially if there are also placements in the 5th house. Friends may become lovers and lovers are friends and it becomes difficult to draw lines between the two. This is as true for single people as it is for those who are married. It is also possible that your freedom is seriously restricted as you strive to meet your goals or fulfill your dreams. Children and babies can be the fulfillment of a dream but at the same time, they do limit your freedom.

When the Sun is in the 11th house (the 2nd of the 10th), it is probable that your income will increase. Last year, if your Sun was in the 2nd house, you decided how much you were worth in the labor market. This year you set out to earn that much or at least increase your income. There is the possibility of advancement or promotion.

Group interaction will be important and this is a good time to experience or observe group dynamics. You are more apt to perceive subtle shifts in power within the group, or' more obvious power struggles between members. You may or may not actively participate in these struggles yourself, but you will be aware of the power individual members possess and also the power the group possesses as a unit. Your experience can be mostly passive (in which case you will tend to go along with the crowd), or more aggressive (you strive for a position of influence). If you are interested in a cause or project, you should be able to harness group energy to accomplish the task at hand if your intentions are honorable. This is a good time to experience your own power and ego as expressed through a group. But if you waste this time on mindless in-fighting, all victories will be hollow.

And finally, the Sun in the 11th house relates to developing and also fading friendships. Those friends who did not treat you with respect last year are no longer around. New friends that you attract should be more appreciative. Relationships are less intense than the one-on-one partnerships of the 7th or 5th house, but no less meaningful. You can have in-depth but intermittent encounters with several friends or many superficial acquaintances. This year you are learning to express yourself to a variety of people and consequently your circle of friends expands. Both new and old friendships might be instru¬mental in the achievement of your goals.

SR Sun in the SR 11th House: This year highlights professional or career rewards and accomplishments; the realization of one's vocational-professional efforts. It also highlights one's friends and successful conditions existing with them that interest you. Great growth is shown in contacts and experiences with group activities, especially when involving a position of leadership and powerful influence on your part. You may identify closely with the realization of many hopes and wishes this year.

However, if the Sun is near the midpoint of the 4th quadrant, it may signify a year in which your authority is seriously challenged by another. A power play may emerge in a group setting. Your motivations and dedication to the "cause" may be questioned (as opposed to being in it "for the personal glory"). You may be forced to examine your own intentions, and this may actually have a positive result. Regarding the power play... you win.

SR Sun in the SR 11th House: This year, your individuality and innovative solutions will bring you into group activities which change the status quo.

SR Sun in the SR 11th House: Unless poorly positioned or strongly afflicted, favours the realization of plans and goals... especially those that relate to the house that the sun rules. With squares and oppositions and especially with inconjunct aspects this year may be the time to set goals and plans for the future rather than realize them. It can be a time of increased activity on a group level but often acts to bring a new friend into one's life. As with the ninth house this can be a period of increased ambition.

See also: Sun in the 11th House

Solar Return Sun in the SR 12th House

The Sun in the 12th house indicates that this is a behind-the-scenes year for you unless the Sun is close to the Ascendant. This is not a year in which you will seek to be noticed. Recognition is more likely to come next year and you can be noticed then for something you accomplish now. Socially, you will tend to be quiet, more withdrawn and preoccupied with internal thoughts or projects.

It is time for the important task of organizing information you have collected while the Sun was in the other cadent houses. Consequently, you will need time alone for reflection and introspection. You may daydream and fantasize a lot, or spend time contemplating your existence and the meaning of life. A religious theme is common, but all information is reorganized and not just data with a philosoph¬ical or religious theme. You will tend to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself since they are usually only partially formed or partially understood for most of the year. You tend to be tolerant of different beliefs and will not push your incomplete opinions onto others.

Year-long goals and projects are often a direct result of the reorganization process. This is usually not the year for short-term success. You should be preparing for the future at least one year ahead. This is not to say that this is a wasted year; this is an excellent Sun placement for those who are working on a long-term project and do not expect to be rewarded or praised until they complete the task at hand. Generally, the fruits of their labor will not be evident until the start of the next solar return year. If the Sun should go to the 10th house the following year, this would be the time of career recognition and praise. If the Sun should fall into the 9th, this could be a time for publication. Authors who write their books with the Sun in the 12th house often present them to publishers as the Sun moves into the 9th.

If you are working, you may find it difficult to gain recognition now for the work that you are doing. Again, you might have to wait until next year when you complete a long-term project. But some individuals with this Sun placement work in a back room forgotten by management. They rarely deal with the public on a regular basis unless they are a voice over the telephone. The work they produce is unsigned and anonymous. A good example of this kind of work situation would be the publication of a newsletter that does not carry your name as writer or editor. You may hope to finally receive the recognition you deserve in the following year, but if you have your doubts, you might consider switching jobs.

If you are a housewife with children, you may prefer to spend more time at home. A demanding domestic situation will cause you to retreat from extra commitments and a hectic social schedule. You might have a major project you are working to complete, such as redecorating your home, but more simply, the demands of your family and children can be overwhelming. Numerous responsibili¬ties will drain your energy and time alone helps you to recuperate.

This is also the year of the "closet personality." People will wonder where you have been and what you are up to since you will tend not to be self-disclosing. Perhaps your reputation is clouded. You might feel egoless. You are less likely to make demands on others and more likely to accept things passively, even though it is unusual for you to act this way. You can ignore feelings, thoughts or even desires for the sake of another person, especially if that person is in need. Negatively, you may be trying to bite your tongue and keep peace rather than defend yourself or say what is on your mind. If you are consciously trying to hide something, you can be secretive and deceiving, but it is also possible that others actively deceive you. It is more usual to be confused than deceptive or deceived; more positive to be enlightened than disillusioned.

This might be a year when you are involved with the sick or disabled. The individual with Sun in the 12th is usually a good Samaritan. He or she spends time helping those who are incapacitated or confined, visiting friends, neighbors or relatives in the hospital. Compassion increases this year, but it is better to help those who are truly in need than those who refuse to respond or take responsibility for themselves. Beware of the savior-victim syndrome. This is a very negative manifestation resulting from intense involvement with alcoholics, drug addicts, or mentally unstable people. You may think you can help them, and they may look to you for assistance, but as the year progresses you see that they are slipping back into their old patterns and you feel drained, used and disillusioned. Steer clear of these kinds of people in personal relationships and use your compassion to direct them towards professional therapists. Working with these kinds of individuals professionally, however, may be very fulfilling for you.

This is a year that can be unstructured and Neptunian. Your goals and philosophy may evolve slowly as the year goes on; consequently, it will not be to your advantage to structure and plan your schedule far in advance. Some individuals will feel that they have little control over situations because the needs of others overwhelm their own needs and they are easily sidetracked. Some will not have good control over their minds either. Those individuals who were counsel¬ing candidates before the year begins usually find this to be a very difficult year. Mental afflictions and neurosis are possible for those who do not seek counseling when they need it.

Healthy individuals may notice more anxiety and nervousness as unconscious patterns surface and create difficulties. You might be phobic, worried, indecisive, less confident, or less assertive. If you are already in therapy and have been for a while, this is the time when you begin to see previously hidden patterns of behavior. You are able to put everything together and long-term issues finally become resolved.

It is important that you get proper rest and nourishment. When the Sun is in the 12th house, you may be more easily drained physically and emotionally. You need time alone for contemplation and planning; illness is one way to get it. This is more likely to happen if you are overwhelmed by numerous responsibilities which you do not allow yourself to avoid. Learn to say no. Time spent alone in reflection can give you a renewed sense of faith in the Universe and a new sense of dedication to the role you play in its creation and evolution.

SR Sun in the SR 12th House: This year, healing, helping others, letting go of individual ego, meditation, and connecting directly with your spiritual reality are part of your focus.

SR Sun in the SR 12th House: Usually acts to enlighten one to the nature of this house. It generally does so through some discomfort... the revelation of some hidden disease that causes one to have to seek treatment. If the sun is very afflicted it will threaten the health but this is generally a good position for all things governed by the twelfth house.

SR Sun in the 12th House: During this year, you may identify yourself closely with efforts behind the scene, or out of the public's eye. The year favors charity and volunteer work. It may also favor rest, relaxation and seclusion, as it may signify a withdrawing phase of your life. It may be beneficial for work with institutions, or even psychic development and meditative pursuits. It favors research and doing activities by oneself, and out of the limelight.

However you may experience feelings of vague apprehension and self-doubt. If planets herein are not favorable by aspect and you fail to utilize proper care, then it may mean hospitalization, imprisonment or confinement of some kind. This is not the most desirable house to find a majority of solar return planets, or the Sun, unless the favorable goals listed above are of great value to you at the moment. Perhaps think about traveling somewhere else for your solar return.

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