SR Pluto in the SR 1st House

A year of drastic and permanent changes is likely. Permanent relationships and financial matters will dominate, and both may change for better or for worse. Others may try to control and dominate you, so this is the chance to make permanent improvements.

Pluto in the 1st house indicates a strong desire for self-control and an emphasis on personal power issues during the coming year. Positively, you are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to. You have the ability to reshape your personality and control personal habits. Some individuals have used this time to quit smoking or drinking, or lose weight. This can be a great time for self-improve¬ment since you have the ability to start a regimen and stick to it. The personal changes you are able to make may lead to career changes or successes in other areas either this year or the next. The power you use to gain control of yourself can ultimately be used to guide others to personal power in the years to come.

But a self-improvement kick is only the superficial interpretation for Pluto in the 1st house. Personal power in all situations is the real issue. As the year begins, you may not like yourself and may want to make sweeping changes towards controlling your own behavior and taking charge of your life. An awareness of personal power or the lack thereof becomes the focus for growth during the coming year. Often there is a question of who is in control here; you, the unconscious, or those you are involved with. Unresolved psychological issues, conflicts, or current personality patterns can be stumbling blocks or barriers to success. You must investigate and understand those factors which hold you back from achieving your maximum poten¬tial. Psychological insight into yourself, your own behavior, and the manipulations of others will be essential in having power over your own life.

Pluto indicates a confrontive style, and in the house of self it ensures confrontation with the deepest self. All power issues arise from self-awareness and the recognition of either the ability or inability to assert personal needs and rights when interacting with others. To reclaim power over yourself, you must start with psychological insight into your own unconscious blockages. You should not rest easy while standing in your own way, allowing your fears to inhibit your success. You must investigate if you are to overcome inhibitions blocking freedom of action and meaningful encounters with others. This is a time to bravely enter what you would normally consider dangerous territory. We all have areas of the mind or patterns of behavior that seem difficult to understand and frightening to reclaim or correct. These blockages are built and maintained by fear born of past situations which were handled ineptly. These difficult situations occurred at least once, but often a traumatic pattern with an inept response was repeated. Now is the time to learn to deal with these situations successfully and undo the blockages and trauma that have stood in your way too long. If you are able to gain insight into the fear motivating the inhibitions, you can now repeat a past crisis successfully and undo the complex. If you eliminate fears, inhibitions and the complexes they support, you can reclaim personal power and respond rationally to future events.

Your past trauma or current blockage is activated by a present-day situation; consequently, your psychological idiosyncrasies tend to be obvious to those in the immediate environment. They will undoubtedly know what sets you off, and may use this knowledge to gain power over you. Using an extreme example, suppose you have a compulsion to gamble and eventually incur huge gambling debts. Your inability to curb your own habit leads to an excessive dependency on money. Others can use this monetary need and gambling compulsion to their advantage. If they love you, they will use this information to help you, but if they are unscrupulous, they will use it to control you. You need to learn more about your psychological make-up in order to deal with self-defeating behavior and free yourself from bondage to others.

Ignoring the issues only makes you powerless. The struggle you experience with self and commonly associate with others is only an external manifestation of an internal process or blockage. You must look inside yourself for the answers. Events mat occur during this year will affect you deeply, and may cause a permanent personality transition to new levels of awareness, self-expression and interaction. The potential is there for a milestone year. But the potential is also there for increased psychological pressure resulting from difficulties you refuse to face. Own your own power; don't give it away.

The task is to begin making conscious decisions rather than reacting from the gut level. If you refuse to face your own issues and claim what is rightfully yours, present circumstances and those you must deal with can have power over you. What you do not claim as your own can be claimed by lovers, friends and even enemies. You can choose to avoid the issues innate to your psyche, but then you also avoid the wonder of the power you possess and your ability to provide insight to others. The process of gaining control over yourself leads to power in all other areas of life.

This is the year to make a stand, and you are likely to confront others. Once you have healed yourself and owned your own power, you have the ability to give insight to others and influence their behavior also. The psychological power associated with Pluto can be used to heal more than one person. It can be used for your own healing or that of others. In the ideal situation, both healing processes occur simultaneously, with each individual involved contributing pieces of information leading to wholeness.

Be mindful not to control your environment unnecessarily. With Pluto in the 1st house, you may have a tendency to manipulate others in an attempt to divert attention from your own real issues. Even the facilitation of someone else's growth is suspect unless the facilitation is mutual. When in doubt, use insight to your own best advantage. Transform yourself first and then you will have the key needed to help others. You are the number one priority as illustrated by the placement of Pluto in the 1st house.

There are many avenues leading to transformation. Personal insight and vulnerability are but two. Manipulation and control are avoidance behaviors meant for diversion. The key to growth is to interpret everything that is said and done within the personal context first. Every experience drawn during the year will correspond to a personal need or lack. This is an excellent time for in-depth relationships and personal observation. Whatever the task for the year, it will be fueled by a need for intensity. Superficial or casual experiences will not suffice. Only power confrontations and intense relationships will have the depth of feeling necessary to foster transformative change.

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SR Pluto in the SR 2nd House

Dramatic changes in financial situations are associated with Pluto in the 2nd house. Your income may increase or decrease during the year and it is not uncommon to either enter or exit the job market at this time. Check the aspects from Pluto to 6th or 10th house planets for more information. In general, it appears that trines from Pluto to planets in these houses can indicate an increase, while squares tend to show the loss of income. Income losses can be preplanned and may not indicate any difficulty. You may wish to quit your job or retire. Unexpected salary cutbacks or financial difficulties are possible, but generally changes in salary come from self-initiated decisions.

The task for the year is to work towards controlling your own finances, including both income and outflow (spending practices). In the more positive manifestation, you will want to manage your own money. You must be the person in control, the one who decides how much you will or will not earn, and how you will spend it. It's time' to either draw up a budget or trim the fat off the old one. Perhaps you want your own checking and/or savings account if you do not already have these. Learn to handle money responsibly. The tendency with this placement can be to maintain tight control over expenses. All purchases can be well thought out in advance, with allocations for specific expenses.

The need for personal financial control might cause a problem for your spouse, parent or significant other if oppositions run from the 2nd house to a planet in the 8th house. But it is also possible that this opposition simply denotes the changes occurring in shared finances as you move towards greater independence and control. Financial struggles over debts and expenses are possible, especially if you have not maintained good control in the past or need to tighten your budget now. You may need to make some changes in order to meet your goals for the future. Changes generally involve spending less and saving a sum of money for a large expense further down the road. Some individuals realize that they must be free of financial concerns now in order to freely pursue goals which are not financially rewarding at this time. For this, you must stockpile funds now and learn to live on less money.

Financial control may be an all-or-nothing deal. It may be the total lack of control that rules your life. In this case impulse spending and large expenses will drain your capital. The inability to control spending results in serious financial disruption. In this negative case, disruption will last for the year.

Changes in self-worth are frequently associated with changes in income, since many measure their self-worth against a materialistic yardstick. For them, money equals self-value. Equations such as this reinforce psychological messages which define personal worth in the context of conditional love. Those with poor self-images will not be able to support their sagging self-esteem without external monetary confirmation. Once income stops or me flow of money tightens, one must face the issue of innate value separate from abilities and accomplishments. Grow to appreciate who you are regardless of what you are earning or doing.

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SR Pluto in the SR 3rd House

The power of this placement lies with a psychological under¬standing of the workings of the unconscious mind as it relates to verbal communication. It is especially important to observe consistencies and inconsistencies between unconscious complexes and conscious thought patterns. Communication during the year is not intended to be one-dimensional, since what is meant is probably more important than what is said. Those who continue to focus their attention solely on conscious thought or word will lose insight into themselves, others, and what is really being communicated. New understanding gleaned from discussions is now meant to include psychological awareness. In order to grow and learn, one must begin to catch any discrepancies between what is actually said and body language or action taken by the person making the statement. Eventually one will become sensitized to most unconscious messages, whether obvious or not, consistent or inconsistent.

This is not the time to deal with superficial discussions of the cocktail party variety. You will need to talk at length and in depth about important and "gutsy" topics. It is during these conversations that the unconscious complexes are most likely to manifest. Since it is sometimes difficult to obtain objective insight during conversations with family members and friends, this might be a good time to see a counselor or join a support group.

Power lies in the underlying message which is meant to program the listener to respond in a particular way. Words have power; however, it does not lie in the words themselves, but rather in the total message that is meant to be expressed and responded to. Sometimes the words are meant to reinforce a message and at other times they are meant to directly contradict the intended message. In any case, power and understanding are gained every time communication is truly understood. Perhaps an example might make this concept clearer. Suppose you wish to travel alone for the first time in your life and you plan a long vacation overseas. Part of the purpose of your trip is to overcome your fear of being by yourself. Your roommate of many years may respond in several ways. If he or she is truly happy for you and wishes to see you grow in self-confidence and control, the verbal messages you receive will be very supportive and the body language consistent. If he or she feels neglected or angry about not being invited to come along, you can receive very negative messages about your trip. Manipulative tactics or even threats may be used. If he or she is not in touch with unconscious anger and disappointment, but verbally appears to be positive, supportive messages sprinkled with warnings and fears about traveling alone may be the order of the day. In each of these possible scenarios, the underlying message conveyed by your roommate affects you psychologically by either augmenting or undoing unconscious complexes associated with independent travel and aloneness.

Fatedness can be a product of the unconscious mind. What you do not know or cannot face about yourself can control your behavior. Free-willed choices can result from the conscious, rational mind working with the unconscious mind to bring understanding and consistency to both facets of thought. Enlightenment leads to freedom of movement, and during this solar return year, power over destiny is closely associated with power of thought. Positive ways to increase your understanding of the unconscious include studying psychology (and body language), joining a discussion group, or regularly writing down your feelings and thoughts. Without this kind of focus, some individuals will still naturally move towards psychological awareness, but it may take an ongoing disagreement to do so. Practicing a positive technique may help you to avoid conflict altogether.

In manifestations involving conflict, manipulations associated with power struggles over intellectual concepts, behavior, or decisions might take place on a daily basis. Someone can be intolerant of your new ideas or obsessed with an antiquated line of reasoning. Negotiations and discussions will not be straightforward since unconscious complexes will complicate communications. Power plays and psychological ploys are common. Gossip may be a problem and you must be mindful of your reputation. Spiteful comments, whether truthful or fictitious, can be used to undermine your effectiveness. It may be necessary for you to stubbornly adhere to your own convictions in order to prevail or survive.

As the year progresses, it will be more and more obvious to you how the unconscious plays a role in everyday life situations. You will become aware of how you are being manipulated and how you, in turn, manage to manipulate others. The interpretation is not meant to appear one-sided and the manifestations of your own unconscious mind play a major role in the learning process. Personal complexes surface along with obsessive and/or compulsive tendencies. Al¬though you are striving for a greater understanding of your own emotional and unconscious attitudes, at times you might feel more controlled by them than in control yourself. Major developments during the year might result from an unconscious need to undermine conscious decisions. Life may make a fated turn. It also becomes increasingly easier to dwell on one issue and allow it to rule your life, thoughts and moods. This is especially true if you are angry. Re¬pressed anger can cause you to lash out at inappropriate times and for insignificant reasons, with reactions overtaking rational thoughts, fears dictating responses. A mind this receptive to stimuli may be so strongly influenced by another as to be subject to control by that person. This is why awareness of communication is so important if one is to retain power over self. In very negative situations, mental stability is questioned and therapy is indicated. Counseling interven¬tion or consultation is common with this placement.

This is a great year for intense learning situations, even if the subject matter is not of a psychological or emotionally introspective nature. Any field of interest can stir a compulsive need to learn. During this period, you will not be satisfied with superficial explana¬tions. You will strive to know and understand the underlying principles.

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SR Pluto in the SR 4th House

Pluto in the solar return 4th house is the single best indicator of moving from one home to another. Uranus in the 4th house can also indicate relocation, but when Uranus is in the solar return 4th you are more likely to have changes or disruption within the domestic environment, particularly involving family members or roommates. Pluto, on the other hand, is more representative of moving from one home to another, or major renovations to the living structure itself along with a disorientation or upheaval that lasts for a period of one year. These are fine-line distinctions, and of course, variations will occur. If you purchase a home during this year, it may need a lot of work. Redecoration is likely, and the repair of unforeseen problems a possibility. It is in your best interest to have an engineer inspect any home you are seeking to purchase. Hidden or unanticipated difficul¬ties can then be made known before any transaction takes place.

Relocation complications can arise for a number of reasons, though, and are not limited to repair problems. If you are building a new home, construction can take longer than expected. You may have to live in several temporary residences or stay with relatives for a period of time. Once you finally move in, you must decorate from scratch, purchasing everything an established home is already likely to have. Moves over great distances are very complicated in and of themselves, and generally require a full year's time for preparation and settling in. The hassles of adjusting to a new state, climate, culture, or environment can take the place of problems with the house structure itself.

Major renovations are also seen while Pluto is in the 4th house. These kinds of renovations necessarily cause a prolonged upheaval in the domestic situation. Large additions, modernizations, or construction which involves moving walls or piping is likely, and the disruption caused by the dust and building will probably last for most of the solar return year.

If you do not move or renovate, it is still likely that changes in the domestic situation will occur. Commonly, someone either moves in or out, and living arrangements must be adjusted accordingly. New situations will take a while to get used to. All changes involve the consideration of many different factors, and simple decisions are not likely. In addition, transitions are likely to be complicated by psychological issues, and may even be unconsciously motivated. For example, your mother moves in and you must make arrangements for her to get to the senior citizen center during the day. She is somewhat incapacitated and needs daytime care. She also requires a living space on one floor and you must rearrange rooms and put in a new bathroom for her use. Psychologically, you must make the adjustment from living alone to caring for an elderly parent. Certain childhood issues might arise as you search for new patterns of behavior.

It is true that complications and struggles are associated with domestic situations when Pluto is in the 4th house; however, the complications and struggles are inherent in the project or transition you wish to complete and not the planetary placement itself. This is a time when individuals naturally seem to choose to make major changes in their home and/or living style, and it is unlikely that a transformation of this caliber could be made quickly and easily, without some hassle.

The desire to make strong and sweeping changes in the physical home is accompanied by corresponding emotional transformations. Sometimes the two manifestations are directly connected; sometimes they are totally separate; commonly, they are at least symbolically related. For example, during a long period of domestic upheaval, you could feel disconnected or not grounded, without a sense of "home," or a base for operations. If you are living with others, caught in a limbo between residences, you might be forced to subsist for a while without your own space, possessions, privacy, personal control, or sense of organization. You might feel stripped to the essence of your being, devoid of any external trappings, left to exist as you are, without the familiarity of what you own or can accomplish. Without the inner sanctum of your home for protection, you could feel exposed, and it is true that you are vulnerable to the idiosyncrasies of temporary housemates. Emotions are bound to fluctuate under such conditions. Old behavior patterns break down quickly as new patterns and coping mechanisms are necessitated by changing circumstances. In this way, Pluto in the 4th house usually indicates an emotionally unsettled time, as well as a physically unsettled time.

Sometimes this emotional upheaval can occur because of a coin¬cidental physical change in another's situation, but a transition in the native's own consciousness is essential for growth. Suppose your parents decide to sell your childhood home and move out of state. If you are still attached to your parents' residence, you must make adjustments in your thinking. You can still visit your parents, but you can never go home again if the trip involves one particular building or location. Perhaps it is time for you to think of your own residence as "home."

When Pluto is in the 4th house, emotions are not only the motivating force behind physical changes, but also the end result. The purpose and desire associated with this placement is the need to establish an emotionally fulfilling environment, both on the internal and external planes. This is why moving or changes in the physical home (external) are as important as evolutionary growth in the feeling nature or unconscious (internal). The two levels of manifestation go hand in hand during the year, and you can be sure that if your physical surroundings are in a state of transition, corresponding changes are also affecting your emotional level.

By the same token, the inability to make wanted and needed external changes probably indicates the presence of internal blockages and external resistances. A search is underway to form stronger roots in the physical and emotional environment. Shallow connections will not do. One must either dig deeper or move on; reaffirm the commitment to the existing structure (renovation), or begin anew, (move). The same process is occurring on the emotional level. Individuals must reaffirm a commitment to family members and room¬mates, or seek support elsewhere.

Unlike other 4th house placements which also indicate changes in the physical and emotional home, Pluto generally indicates that not only are changes long overdue, but there are also some inner and outer resistances which must be overcome to fully realize the internal potential in the external world. Consequently, a power struggle with oneself and others is likely, both before and during change, and the arena for this struggle takes place in the home and among family members. Conflicts arise when others do not want the same home environment you envision. In the best of circumstances, negotiation and compromise may be all that are necessary to resolve differences. However, in some families the word "negotiation" is really a cover for manipulative tactics and controlling influences. Nothing is ever resolved, issues remain unsettled, and decisions are not finalized. Within this domestic milieu, the creative urge towards rootedness and its resultant manifestations on the physical and emotional planes are stifled before they can be realized. For this reason, you should consciously work to undo old, existing response patterns which allow others to psychologically control your emotional nature and rob you of its creative potential. Being emotionally controlled is generally synonymous with also being physically controlled, and therefore unable to create the home and home life you desire.

This is a good time to enter therapy, especially if unconscious manifestations (fear, guilt, negativity, power struggles, etc.) are blocking new and old commitments, or stifling your urge towards growth and change. Repetitive issues, unfulfilling emotional interchanges, and the inability to cope with your home and necessary changes signal the need to reassess response patterns for power leakages. During the year, heightened sensitivity will cause you to become aware of psychological games which rob you of personal power in the emotional arena. At this time, even an intellectual interest in psychology can give you great insight into domestic and familial patterns.

Because of the issue of creative emotional power and its manifestation on the physical plane, life seems more crucial, decisions more important, problems more complicated. Everything leads to some¬thing else and you have a vested interest in how matters finally turn out. Commonly, the meaning of life is discussed, and within this climate the issue of death arises, causing you to face the issue of your own mortality. There may be a death in the family during the year, but more often you are merely acquainted with someone your own age who must deal with a potentially life-threatening illness. His or her situation calls you to consider the possibility of your own death, and the reason for your existence. The interplay between the creative emotional nature and the issue of mortality leads you to understand the extent and limitations of your own power. One does not have control over death; all living things die. However, one does have power over the emotional response to death, and for that matter, all emotional responses. The need to direct your own emotions toward a rewarding and fulfilling expression is at the root of this Pluto placement.

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SR Pluto in the SR 5th House

Pluto in the 5th house commonly indicates a power struggle over self-identity and self-expression. Unconscious messages around you can be working to mold your persona into a reflection of somebody else's personal needs. As the year begins you suddenly realize that you are not solely the product of your own creation; someone else is exerting pressure on you to perform in a particular manner. The push for performance may or may not be in your best interest, but the ultimate goal for you to accomplish during the year is creative self-mastery. You must learn how to balance the external demands with the internal push for self-expression. Freedom to be your own person is crucial to growth. Two external forces are at work here and the messages to the unconscious are twofold. First there is the external definition of what one is meant to be. Messages commonly play on existing unconscious forces, such as fears, and therefore are accepted easily. After this message is inculcated, it is followed closely by a push for conformity. Because of this dual mechanism one can be partially controlled by others, since self-expression will be limited by one's own automatic reactions to unconscious messages, and by susceptibility to psychological forces exerted by another person.

For example, one man constantly received messages from his boss about how he needed to respond in order to be successful. The boss implied that not being a "company man" and a "team player" meant never working in the business again. The boss's messages played on the man's own fears concerning inadequacy, and he readily began to play the role of the dedicated employee. But then the job demands became excessive. The hallmark of the negative mani¬festation for this placement is the eventual emergence of excessive demands on the part of the person seeking control. For our young man, somewhere between the unconscious messages and the push for conformity, he began to lose his own self-identity. Numerous hours of overtime robbed him of any personal life.

It makes no difference who sends the messages to the unconscious. It may be a lover, a child, or another; realistically, it can be anyone you respond to at an unconscious level. Sometimes the lines of stress shown by the aspects to Pluto can denote the individual triggering the issues related to power over self-expression. Often it is an intense relationship which brings out facets of your personality normally hidden and subject to control. Negative relationships can be manipulative, but very positive relationships can encourage growth in this area. Responses can be healthy and not all situations are bad. For example, a mother responding to the demands of her newborn child is conforming to his or her needs. An intense and somewhat controlling relationship develops between the two, which in this context, is considered normal. Becoming aware of the controlling process and working towards balancing external demands with the internal need for self-identity can lead to self-mastery. By under-standing the psychological pressures, you can choose to conform to those which are positive experiences while refusing to conform to those which seriously jeopardize self-identity. In very difficult situ¬ations, the inability to balance the conflict between expectations and self-identity can result in more secretive behavior. You may prefer to do things on the sly rather than weather the confrontation necessary for true self-expression.

Generally, intense relationships are needed to spark the push for self-definition and personal control over self-expression. You will meet many people over the coming year who can either threaten or augment your ability to accomplish this task. Love relationships, especially new attractions of a Plutonian nature, have the intensity necessary for this process. The overpowering compulsions associated with these relationships usually force the individual to redefine the boundaries of self-identity by looking at the unconscious responses which prevent the self from being fully empowered.

Although sexual attractions and love affairs are not always seen with this placement, when they do occur the draw is tremendous and the allure of sexuality seems especially compelling. The person you are attracted to and your relationship with him or her will bring out the best and the worst you have to offer. Insights into your own motivations can be overwhelming and you will be acutely aware of when you are and when you are not in control. Sometimes you will not be totally rational. The relationship itself creates intense feelings which can defy logic and overpower common sense while giving great insight. Unconscious messages, fears and expectations might surface during simple everyday interactions, making it clear that you are not able to entirely control your own life, your involvement with this person, or your commitment to him or her. If you are free to pursue a love affair, you will learn a lot about yourself and your ability to give and receive sexual pleasure. If you are not free, the relationship will still be both compelling and conflicted while accentuating the need to address unconscious complexes.

Pluto in the 5th house can indicate a birth during the year. The intensity of the relationship between a newborn and its parent is consistent with the need to maintain some sense of self-identity while meeting the demands of the child. As a new parent with this placement, you may not be used to understanding all the effects children can have on those who raise them. Babies are little individuals with personalities of their own which may or may not fit your expectations and needs. Right from the moment they are born, they have the ability to elicit psychological responses from others and all parents must conform somewhat to the needs of their children. Infants demand the greatest amount of attention, but even as your children mature they will retain an ability to affect you and your psychological state. When they grow old enough to talk, they might question any conscious-unconscious inconsistencies you manifest. As teenagers, they can buck your authority. As adults, they may choose lifestyles which you find psychologically stressful. Whatever their age, there may be little you can actually do to control their behavior until you analyze the psychological responses coming from your own unconscious. If your children are young, you must gain some measure of control, but realize that complete control at any age is unattainable. You must bend and accommodate to a certain degree, while maintaining a sense of self-identity. Know which hang-ups are your own. Learn to make your own responses more appropriate to the issues at hand. You can easily overreact if the situations make you feel overpowered.

New patterns of creativity can evolve, especially if you are in a field where psychological and emotional issues can be incorporated into your endeavors. Issues associated with conflict, power and intense love might manifest in creative work. Artistic creations tend to exhibit more depth of expression, and major stylistic changes are possible. Mundane rather than artistic projects can also be highly creative. Usually tasks and projects foster personal power and increased expression of the inner self.

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SR Pluto in the SR 6th House

Pluto in the 6th house of the solar return implies changes in both the daily work situation and personal health practices. Changes in physical health are also possible, but generally not as likely. In regard to employment, your work environment could change dramatically. The most common manifestation involves an office which either totally reorganizes (e.g., computerization), or moves to another location. This causes a great upheaval in the daily routine until everyone learns the new procedures, or figures out where everything is located. Preparation, implementation and resolution time may take almost a year. In lieu of this, you alone may change bosses, or departments, or be given a new assignment or job description. Daily working conditions are likely to become more complicated until the period of transition ends.

This is a good time to eliminate unnecessary daily tasks. Obsessive-compulsive tendencies may have you doing more work man is necessary. You can get hung up on details, or feel pressured to stay on the job longer than your normally scheduled hours. In these situa¬tions, work begins to have power over you, and you are no longer in control. You can become a workaholic this year if you are not mindful of the need to balance your workload. If you analyze your productivity, you may discover that your time is not efficiently organized. Learn to streamline your day by creating more efficient daily routines. It is possible that tasks can be completed in less time and with less effort. Take corrective action in those problem areas. If you are self employed, hire someone to help you with the clerical work so you can be free to work on other projects. If you are working for a company, develop a plan of action and present it to your employer or manager. This is a time when even the lowliest employee will seek some power within the work environment. Positive use of this desire can lead to improvements on the job.

Power in the workplace becomes an issue, and you can use personal power as a lever for success. For example, one employee with a wealth of valuable information negotiated a higher salary and a position of authority. He was then able to use his position and abilities to transform a failing business into a successful enterprise. On the more negative side, power struggles with co-workers or lower level managers are possible. Someone may have a lot of power over you, watching what you do, when, and how. You may feel like you must be on your guard. Backbiting, gossip, and underhanded manipulative tactics can be the norm if you choose to participate. Undercurrents and back-room maneuvers dictate policy. Sources of contention are difficult to discern or confront since nothing is ever truly out in the open. Power over your own schedule or working habits might be totally out of your control as you are forced to conform to inane rules. If you wish to quit, you are likely to do so. Differences of opinion, conflicts with authorities and disputes over the implementation of new ideas can make it impossible for you to continue in the same position. If, however, you choose to remain on a job you sincerely hate, be forewarned that health problems will most likely arise.

You are capable of having a lot of control over both your physical and psychological health; however, early in the year it may not seem so. Instead, you may be struck by how compulsive your habits have become. A few of you may be locked into serious addictions to alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes, but most will only experience the need to control a craving for a particular junk food, or a resistance to an exercise routine. During the year, poor health habits can be a problem, and usually these habits do not arise suddenly; rather, they are longstanding patterns which only now demand corrective attention. The push for control is indicated by Pluto's presence in the 6th house. This is a good time to make conscious, rather than unconscious, choices about health practices. You can break addictions or bad habits, especially if you also treat the underlying psychological issues.

It is important to understand that your state of health or disease is directly related to your psychological diet. The more you are in tune with your inner self, the better you will feel; the more you are in touch with your environment and the people around you, the more likely you are to feel emotionally nourished. A healthy emotional climate breeds a healthy mind and body. On the other hand, the greater the stress in the environment and the more you are suppressed or manipulated by others, the greater the chance of health problems arising. Emotional upsets can directly affect your health, especially if you are caught in "damned if you do and damned if you don't," no-win situations. The emotional diet is as important as the nutritional diet, and even though you take care of yourself physically, mental-emotional stress or abuse can make you ill.

If you are in a difficult situation, consider these three options. You can walk away from unending conflicts or spiritually unhealthy environments. Secondly, recognize psychological games and refuse to be manipulated. Protect your unconscious from damage. Thirdly, use relaxation techniques and spiritual insight to alleviate stress. Realize your power to grow healthy, both inside and out.

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SR Pluto in the SR 7th House

While Pluto is in the 7th house, issues concerning relationships become complex interactions which must be analyzed to be fully understood. Awareness is being raised to a new level of understand¬ing and mere is no book or course you can take which will give you the information you need for this passage. Knowledge springs from the inner reaches of the mind, and is fueled by the compulsions and frustrations realized in both intimate and nonintimate relationships.

We must make a distinction here between two different relationship processes, and three different levels at which you may choose to work. The two different processes are love and hate, and the three different levels of interaction include nonintimate partnerships, intimate relationships, and soul-level attractions. (All three will be defined and explained.) It makes a difference whether you choose to learn through lessons of love or hate. Certainly the information gleaned will be different; however, the compulsion to see remains the same. Those who choose to see through love excel despite despair, while those who choose to hate will despair despite their ability to excel. The issue of power is innate to this placement and cannot be taken lightly. One must acquire and maintain personal and relation¬ship power through new insight and understanding. Power may be acquired through love as easily as through hate; the choice is yours, but generally those who seek to love gain power over self, while those who hate (control) seek to gain power over others.

Nonintimate relationships consist of everyday acquaintances and business partnerships. At this level, almost anyone can trigger the need to face the issue of power as it flows through relationships. Conflicts are either specific or diffuse; one person in particular may become the trigger to powerlessness, or a power deficit may exist in all relationships in general. For example, you may be locked into a business partnership in which each individual is trying to meet certain goals and needs. This type of struggle relates to a specific area of your life, and the intensity is mostly restricted to that area, though insight and tension may affect interactions with other people.

Generalized power struggles are caused by an inability to actu¬alize personal power in any relationship. In this case we are not dealing with one particular situation, but with a diffuse problem which encompasses all interactions. The inability to be assertive is the most common manifestation of this nature. Both types of struggles, whether specific or generalized, cause external confrontations which force the individual to look at the unconscious need to maintain power while interacting. This need can be met through an increased understanding of the mechanisms which govern the power flow.

Psychological issues are crucial with this Pluto placement. It is at the nonintimate level that one first begins to understand how psychological motivations and fears affect the way one communicates and relates. Blatant manipulation can be the primary form of expression, in which case much of the struggle will be nonverbal in nature. You may be the instigator or you may be the victim; it makes no difference since each position correlates with psychological complexes you must understand and conquer. There is never the one-sided attack; all struggles represent a mutual process whereby the aggressor either knowingly or unconsciously triggers reactions in another. In the most negative manifestation, power struggles are difficult hate battles that last most of the year. Legal confrontations are possible. Enemies can arise and some attacks seem unwarranted. But those who master the psychological influences create new patterns of relating which repre¬sent power delicately balanced. Old partnerships, regenerated, be¬come cooperative. Even those with generalized assertiveness problems can learn to express personal needs to others.

Intimate personal or family relationships lead the individual to make further distinctions in the understanding of psychological influences as they affect relating. External conflicts may be very apparent (similar to the nonintimate level), but it is only in intimate relationships that daily exchanges can produce the subtle insights necessary for understanding psychological complexes at a deeper level. It is within this context that old psychological problems such as obsessions, compulsions, addictions, jealousies and control issues tend to surface full-blown and begin to play a much larger role. Personality traits and idiosyncrasies also affect the ability to relate in a meaningful manner. During the year, your relationship with another, usually a lover or spouse, will go through a period of transition.' Both of you must look at the mechanisms by which you relate. The desire to control another is usually a central theme with manipulation and game-playing inherent in the process. You need to be aware of these ploys since they are impediments to greater intimacy and freedom. Complex power dynamics involving love and hate elimi¬nate the possibility of freedom for one or both partners. Each must do as the other bids in order to suppress the unconscious fears motivating the need to control.

It is only through insight and an understanding of the underlying fears that one is able to dismantle the psychological complexes and begin to handle relationships clearly. The year can bring greater intimacy to those who are willing to work together to strengthen their commitment to one another while at the same time dismantling the control mechanism. Because of the placement in your solar return, you must make the transition, but it is up to others to decide whether or not to also make the necessary changes. If you are in need of a deeper, more intimate relationship man your loved one is capable of at this time, you may seek counseling, sever your present commit¬ment, or seek other avenues for intimate exchanges. There are no easy solutions to the complex problems of relating.

If you are not already in a relationship, this can be a milestone year for you, one in which you are strongly attracted to someone new or someone you have been previously only acquainted with. Lost loves may return. Intimacy needs are increased at this time and you now need in-depth encounters. Intensity will be the norm and you do not care to waste time on superficial interactions. Even nonromantic relationships can have an overpowering effect on you. Your psyche is vulnerable to the insight of others. Even those you meet only briefly can have a tremendous effect on your life.

Soul-level manifestations involve new relationships which are karmic attractions that force the individual to seriously question all past and present relationships. The triggering mechanism is a desire for a new level of intimacy. The person you are drawn to may not be representative of someone you would choose for yourself on the conscious level. The implication here is that the unconscious chooses and there is no room for clichéd romances. Only something very different will create the intensity necessary for the overwhelming growth pattern associated with this placement.

The issues that are dealt with this year involve a serious challenge to your ability to handle intimacy in a new way. The questions one should ask when faced with a relationship of this intensity are, "To what depths am I willing to go in order to acquire the insight necessary to understand my relationships as they exist now? Am I willing to face myself truthfully as one-half of and contributor to a complex interaction that affects both my capacity for soul growth and also the ability of others to excel? Am I willing to pay the price of vulnerability and honesty to acquire the highest level of intimacy to which I may aspire?" Intimacy at this level and intensity demands that one dismantle all defenses, and stop all ploys for power. True power comes from shredding the persona to reveal the true self. By doing so, one gains power over self and encourages all others to let go of useless power ploys also. It is at this point mat meaningful relating on a karmic level can begin.

See also: Pluto in the 7th House;

SR Pluto in the SR 8th House

It is very common for financial arrangements to change during the year. If you live alone and are your sole financial support, the amount of money you earn could either increase or decrease. The same is true if you receive money from parents or other relatives. If you share resources with another person, either one of you can decide to quit your job or cut back on hours. Rarely, one may lose his or her job. A raise is also possible, but budget adjustments are most likely in either case. Debts are an issue and you may endeavor to wipe out all debts. In instances where one person is the major spender, he or she should be asked to personally cover the bills. The debt situation may have grown out of control, in which case it could be time to cut up your credit cards. If you are in serious trouble, bankruptcy, foreclosure and poor credit ratings might ensue.

In actuality, though, the amount of money is generally not the issue; control is more important. If you live alone and are your own financial support, you will not want to be controlled by money or the lack thereof. This is not the time to stay in a job strictly for financial reasons. This is not the time to spend wildly without any sense of control. Financial power struggles are associated with this placement, and if you live alone and are your sole support, the struggle for control could be with yourself. In other situations, the power struggle may occur with your employer. You could feel mat your employer is not treating you fairly; salary inequities are possible, or you may be asked to sign an exclusivity contract, limiting your ability to moonlight and earn outside income. If you live with another person (spouse, lover, or roommate), monetary struggles between the two of you are possible. Who is or who is not controlling the money, and how it is allocated, become important issues. The two of you may have different ideas about how money should be earned or spent. Sometimes demands are made or money is withheld. In very negative situations, manipulative games are played in which money is traded for sexual favors and financial blackmail occurs.

Sexual harassment is a rare yet possible occurrence, since the struggle for power can occur in almost any situation. You might be harassed by a professor, employer or fellow employee. It might be very important for you to defend or define your sexuality during the year. Overbearing personalities can confront you or block your progress. Sexual prejudice and sex-role stereotyping rob you of your effectiveness in competitive circumstances and are ultimately just another struggle for power and control.

Difficulties with insurance companies and insurance claims seem to be associated with this placement. Individuals have reported canceled policies, unpaid claims, disputes over coverage, and general mix-ups. If you have dealings with insurance companies during this year, allow extra time to work out conflicts or errors. Don't be afraid to fight for what is rightfully yours, because you can win.

These struggles all emphasize the importance of financial control rather than the amount of money. Struggles can sometimes occur over very small amounts when the principle of the thing is involved. The underlying concept is the need to reassess and control your own monetary situation, especially when other people are involved. Money can be handled more equitably. You must have power over your own financial future, and dividing certain expenses in a fair way may be the best answer. In very difficult circumstances, you may have to assume all financial responsibility. To gain any control, one must be aware of psychological influences affecting the financial situation. Spending practices and monetary power plays are more likely to be motivated by unconscious complexes than by logical reasoning. If you are psychologically insightful, your understanding of the issues associated with this placement will be more complete.

Psychological information is important generally, and not just in regard to financial and sexual situations. The study of astrology, iridology or any other esoteric or occult practice can also be important. Information and knowledge of a less obvious nature is indicated by this placement. Perception is increased, though others may not be aware of your new insight. You do not have to rely solely on what you are told. For example, you could become adept at reading body language. You grow to know more than you are told and see more than you are meant to see. In positive situations, your newfound skills are used for healing. You are able to correct or modify difficult behavior patterns in yourself and others during the year.

In very negative situations, you are faced with intense psychological confrontations involving guilt, resentment and manipulative tactics. The issue of control surfaces in the psychological arena and you have to deal with unconsciously motivated actions, someone else's or your own. Association with aberrant personalities might occur at some point during the year, but more likely behaviors will remain within normal limits, though therapeutic intervention might be required. The focus of attention may be internal rather than external if a push for self-knowledge becomes the focus of your new insight. If others are using your own unconscious complexes to control you, you can dismantle the manipulative games through counseling. You need to limit your own unconscious contribution to power struggles with others. Self-knowledge and learning to stay at a rational level of communication will enable you to regain power over yourself, your involvements and your situation.

See also: Pluto in the 8th House;

SR Pluto in the SR 9th House

An intense learning period can occur while Pluto is in the 9th house, and this is regardless of whether or not you are actually in school. Generally it is not the academic environment which is most notable, but the obsessive interest in one particular topic, and the philosophical shift which is caused by the influx of much new information. Like a good book you cannot put down, your newfound interest may cause you to skip work or neglect chores. Learning becomes both a time-consuming process and an overwhelming influence. Your belief system will be strongly affected by what you learn.

During the year, you can take a home-correspondence course, study on your own, or attend a formal school. Problems at school are possible and they can range from minor inconveniences to major difficulties. Those in a structured learning environment may have to cope with classroom disruption or curriculum complications. The school building itself could be in the process of renovation. School policy changes could affect you or your course of study. Classes you want or need can fill up early, forcing you to take courses in a nonsequential order. Building renovations, policy changes and scheduling difficulties are usually minor inconveniences. More difficult problems involve the disruption of your ability to concentrate and do your best. You may be psychologically affected by circumstances at school which make it hard for you to study or respond rationally. For example, you may have very positive or negative feelings toward a particular professor which inhibit your ability to contribute to classroom discussions. The atmosphere in the dormitory is probably not conducive to study, and if you are used to more quiet a period of adjustment will be necessary. Your relationship with your roommate, boyfriend or girlfriend may break your concentration. If you disagree with school policy, you could choose to buck the system or become a disciplinary problem. All of these facts and more can influence your educational experience. For those who have been in a traditional school or college up until this time, this probably is the year you leave the academic environment for one reason or another.

If you are a teacher or lecturer, some of the above might apply, but you are more likely to see disruption in the 10th or 6th house because it is your employment. If you disagree with school administration policies, or if you are in me process of rewriting those policies yourself, both 9th and 10th house placements are likely. This is a time when you can be very forceful concerning your beliefs, and your attitudes probably carry over into the professional arena.

Radical philosophical changes are likely, especially if your beliefs are directly challenged by someone during the coming year. Within an academic environment, you will be challenged by what you are learning. Within a social setting, interactions with people of different religions, cultures, or ethnic backgrounds will challenge your preconceived ideas and prejudices. Familiarity with these foreign cus-toms or religious practices may be especially helpful in furthering your understanding of different lifestyles. But a philosophical con¬frontation is not essential for you to change. Even everyday life situations can directly contradict a long-held belief or perspective on life.

One factor consistent with this placement is that the effect on the belief system tends to be stronger and more noticeable if you are emotionally involved with the very person or people who cause this philosophical revision. The impact of an emotional or psychological connection makes the conversion, attack or insight much more effective. The new information you are learning can drastically change your beliefs and make you feel disoriented until you have adjusted your philosophy accordingly. Do not lose sight of self. Remember to maintain a personal perspective. Beliefs about yourself are just as likely to be affected as beliefs about others. Opinions you retain may have to be defended against the attacks of others. Challenges are meant to force you to review and solidify your position.

At issue here is a philosophy of life. Belief systems have a controlling influence on our behavior, and many times they form a basis for operation. To be at your best, you must be clear about what you believe, and beliefs must be an accurate representation of your reality. A constant interaction between your experience of the world and your understanding of that experience leads to a healthy philos¬ophy. Feedback systems and constant review are important. If what you believe to be true is directly contradicted by your experience, and you still continue with the same mind-set, this could be a very difficult time for you. Tightly held misconceptions can eventually cause psychological abnormalities. Reality is a strict teacher.

Some individuals are more controlled by their philosophies than served by them. These people are subject to prejudicial attitudes and intolerance. Their belief systems have no continuing basis in reality and therefore they must close their minds to any new information or interaction which is contradictory. These people respond in an over¬bearing or belligerent manner because they cannot afford to listen. Fanatical tendencies are possible. The whole purpose of this Pluto placement is philosophical change brought about through new insight. Belief systems were meant to be dynamic in the first place, but dramatic shifts are likely during this year. If you can step back, listen and observe without preconceptions, much will be learned. Insight and wisdom can be gained by those who accept the challenge to either defend or revise beliefs, but the greatest advances are made by those who stop to listen first.

See also: Pluto in the 9th House;

SR Pluto in the SR 10th House

Pluto in the 10th house is indicative of a strong career or destiny transition. Important decisions are made during the year, and these decisions will have a lasting effect. The tendency is to come to a fork in the road, and your psychological response to the options offered sets the pattern for future growth.

On a mundane level, most of the emphasis centers on a career push which may or may not involve a change in profession or employment. Some individuals change or lose jobs, while others forge ahead in their present positions, acquiring power and authority through promotion. Generally, changes are occurring on external and internal levels, so both job and attitudinal changes are likely. If you own and operate your own company, it is time to reassess your goals for the future, and the way you do business in the present. Certain practices or structures can limit your future business needs. You might choose to expand, streamline or shut down.

Pluto rules births, and deaths, and complicated processes. Problems must be addressed, and whatever you plan to initiate, the transition will probably evolve over a year's time. If you are employed by others, you might wish to change jobs, especially if old professional pursuits are no longer fulfilling. On the other hand, you can instill new life into your old job. Introducing new concepts, tasks and philosophies to your manager or co-workers can lead to a changed job description, or future career possibilities. Ambition is implied by this placement, and advancement is possible for those who are willing to work for it, or are able to negotiate the corporate power structure. A compulsive push for success now will enable you to make career moves which propel you to a higher professional bracket. Use ambition to hang in there for the long haul and finish those long-term projects which are crucial to advancement.

Career difficulties are also associated with Pluto in the 10th house. Sometimes the push for success ends in a power struggle for advancement or a manipulative conflict for psychological supremacy. Controlling power is an issue here, and sometimes the emphasis is on a negative exploitation of position and authority. You can be the victim or the perpetrator; most likely you play both roles. An obsession with advancement breeds workaholic tendencies and an unhealthy working environment. Within this climate, power plays begin to take precedence over promotion as manipulative tactics disrupt normal business. Just as hard work and healthy ambition push you towards success, psychological complexes and power struggles can thwart your efforts. Within this arena of struggle, conflicts with an authority figure are possible, and not just those in the business world. Government officials, probation officers and some-times parents fall into the authoritarian category. If you are in a middle management position, how you handle authority can be as important as how well you follow directions.

Power issues are not limited to the work environment but will arise in all areas of life. The type of power you are attuned to will be representative of the area of awareness you are working on. Some will be made aware of physical force, others psychological control, still others will focus on spiritual power. Each level of insight can corre¬spond to an awakening. Although the 10th house is the house of career, it is also the house of destiny and of those issues and choices which will have a strong effect on the destiny path.

It is during this year that some are given a destiny choice. They may continue in their current pattern of growth and behavior, or they may make a leap in consciousness. There is a fork in the road and a decision to be made. You will not pass this way again. The opportu¬nity is now and the only thing standing in the way is fear. Options are so far reaching mat they produce remarkable changes which might force old situations and relationships to fall away or completely transform. The magnitude of the decision will not escape you. But the choice is there for those who wish to go on to greater things. The destiny change is made through the use and awareness of power on one level or another. A choice of this caliber can be made in the career arena where one learns to effectively use power in the business world, or the choice can be made in the personal arena. For some the choice concerns the use of spiritual power. Choices and the effective use of power affect the pattern of growth for many years to come.

See also: Pluto in the 10th House;

SR Pluto in the SR 11th House

Pluto in the 11th house commonly implies involvement in a group and the experience of power and transformation within this setting. You may be the leader or a follower, but in either case you must handle the issue of power as it relates to individual needs versus group needs. This can be a time when you accomplish more through group efforts than you do on your own. On the other hand, you might feel that your goals are compromised by a shared effort, individual differences between various members and the distinction between the needs of the one and the needs of the whole become more apparent. One can't always do it alone, just as one can't always be the corporate player. For this reason, group power struggles are likely, and not only do you witness the struggle, usually you are a part of the interplay within the hierarchy. Sometimes you are able to make your way, learning to handle power gracefully. Sometimes you feel the need to fight for what you believe in. Other times you choose to withdraw entirely. Situations can become very complicated and mere, are no easy answers to issues that arise.

Psychological influences affect group interaction, and for this reason they can have an intense transforming quality. If you can catch the moments of manipulation within the power plays, you can learn about yourself, others and group dynamics. Motivations are never totally altruistic, and one should look for the real reason certain events are occurring. Look within as well as without. Circumstances which make you feel out of control are especially important, for within them is a power leakage. Truly difficult situations can leave you feeling drained and emotionally overwhelmed. A more positive possibility for this placement could be joining a self-help or encounter group which engages in intense in-depth conversations meant to stimulate insight.

All of the above interpretations can apply to friends or one friend in particular, as well as to groups. A special friend who is willing to risk intimacy can have as strong an effect on you as an encounter group. Power struggles are also just as likely when expectations are involved. One woman depended on her friends to help her in a new business and this became an issue when they could not always show up. She sought to press them into service by equating support with loyalty.

Changes in goals commonly occur. As you develop new ones, old ones are given up. What was once feasible is no longer realistic; what is new shows great potential. Highly specific and very ambitious goals are possible, and this is the route many individuals take. The possibility of never completing tasks is very real. Difficulties in attainment are associated with psychological blockages and power struggles. When this is the situation, life seems too difficult or complicated to allow for the formation or attainment of goals.

The urge to direct power at a specific goal can be shortsighted for those who are capable of more. The true wonder of this placement does not lie in the attainment of any goal, but rather in the process of individualization. A specific goal is finite; the recognition of your own ability to be different, an individual on your own terms, is infinite. Many use the specific attainable goal to initiate the process of awareness, but others tend to stop there without doing the real work that needs to be done. As long as you use power only for an attainable goal, you sell yourself short. You lose even more power if you allow yourself to get locked into a power struggle. You have the right to be your own person, so the freedom needed to manifest your individu¬ality need not come from strife. It is already yours. Power struggles represent a need to establish an individual identity. Some can do this on their own; some only through the experience of otherness. Some work with; some work against. You choose the path of awareness, but the basic need is to recognize and develop the power that lies within your own individual differences.

See also: Pluto in the 11th House;

SR Pluto in the SR 12th House

The 12th house rules things that are hidden, behind-the-scenes, and/or not easily recognized. When Pluto, the planet associated with unconscious and hidden forces, is in the 12th house, the interpretation is particularly subtle, but also especially important. What is happening behind-the-scenes may be more important to growth in consciousness than what is happening in the public environment. Use this time for backroom negotiations if it is to your advantage not to be very public about what you are doing. For example, you might be designing and testing a new product, or having a love affair. The power of this placement lies in what you know, but do not say or make others aware of. A son comforted his father during his illness with massage and holistic techniques. Because the father had strong religious beliefs, the son never talked about what he was doing or the holistic concepts behind the techniques. It was enough to comfort his father. This can be a time to deal with behind-the-scenes issues in a quiet, rather than confrontive, manner.

A more negative interpretation might emphasize manipulation and underhanded tactics rather than a positive use of discretion. Motivations are not necessarily noble. Undercurrents might be ignored and not discussed. Sometimes you are not aware of the problem yourself. If Pluto doesn't cross the Ascendant by transit into the 1st house during the year, a hidden focus will remain; however, as Pluto crosses over, the personal urge will be to reveal or deal with what was previously hidden.

The same is true with major changes that are waiting in the wings. When Pluto is in the 12th, but close to the Ascendant, there is usually a change of significant magnitude being formulated. It is more likely to occur during the year if Pluto actually crosses. If Pluto comes close, but never actually transits into the 1st house, look in the following solar return chart for an indication of change. You may not quite make the change, or only partially make the change this year.

Psychological complexes are very important with this placement, but they are also less controllable and more difficult to recognize. You may try to ignore your own issues. It is easy to point the finger at someone else and declare that the other person has the problem without being aware of how you, yourself, contribute to their difficulties with your own psychological idiosyncrasies. Compulsive tendencies are common. For example, you may feel compulsively drawn to a new love relationship. There is an interplay here between the compulsion, your urge to control the unconscious, and the frank realization that this is hard to do. The past comes back to haunt you, and present situations may be of a deja vu nature, making control especially difficult. If Pluto stays in the 12th, you are less likely to confront your own psychological complexes; however, if it crosses, you should feel the need to do so.

The higher concepts associated with Pluto, or any planet for that matter, are not always readily understandable to the individual. There are levels and degrees for all interpretations. You must work for the higher manifestation and there is a price to pay. You cannot be focused on personal power or gain and be in touch with Universal consciousness. Personal motives and true spirituality are the antithesis of one another, like oil and water. The oil (personal gain) covers the water (Universal consciousness) so that it cannot reach the surface and is drowned out by the oil. If you try to reach down for the water, your finger will come up greasy and barely wet. Personal motives must be put aside to truly understand the Plutonian process and work with it in its purest form. The point of focus for Pluto in the 12th is the ability to draw Universal power through the unconscious mind. The free-association and visualization capabilities of the unconscious are the perfect vehicle to enlightenment and growth. Those who are pure of heart and mind and soul become universal receptors, receiving information that needs to be on the earth plane. For this, there is no need for compensation or glory; it is enough to know.

See also: Pluto in the 12th House;

Natal Pluto on the SR 1st House cusp

The 1st house (Ascendant) pertains to all of your efforts; the manner in which you come across to others; your immediate surroundings, and how you tend to conduct yourself, or present yourself to others. This deals with your health, your basic energy level, and in general, describes how you see your year - the "umbrella" of the year. It describes what you desire of yourself and for yourself this year.

This is an area in which you may experience potential greatness and/or may influence others with considerable power. It is an area in which things, matters, and people may be eliminated, removed, terminated, or at least transformed. It is an area that may require many reforms and major changes within your life flow. This is an area that may describe your relationship to, or position within, groups. It may describe your relationship to other people's assets and values. Oftentimes, something "dies" here, something is taken from the life here, or at least threatened with termination or removal in some way. A healing may be necessary in this area of life during the course of the year in question. The qualities you tend to exhibit are intensity, deep, profound and powerful, but perhaps obsessive and coercive, pertaining to this area of life.

Natal Pluto on the SR 2nd House cusp

The 2nd house pertains to your money, income, savings, and new possessions.

This is an area in which you may experience potential greatness and/or may influence others with considerable power. It is an area in which things, matters, and people may be eliminated, removed, terminated, or at least transformed. It is an area that may require many reforms and major changes within your life flow. This is an area that may describe your relationship to, or position within, groups. It may describe your relationship to other people's assets and values. Oftentimes, something "dies" here, something is taken from the life here, or at least threatened with termination or removal in some way. A healing may be necessary in this area of life during the course of the year in question. The qualities you tend to exhibit are intensity, deep, profound and powerful, but perhaps obsessive and coercive, pertaining to this area of life.

Natal Pluto on the SR 3rd House cusp

Natal Pluto on the SR 4th House cusp

The 4th house (I.C.) pertains to your home and your family; also your basic needs, your inner self, the "real you." This has to do with your domestic setting, the people you live with, and your parents.

This is an area in which you may experience potential greatness and/or may influence others with considerable power. It is an area in which things, matters, and people may be eliminated, removed, terminated, or at least transformed. It is an area that may require many reforms and major changes within your life flow. This is an area that may describe your relationship to, or position within, groups. It may describe your relationship to other people's assets and values. Oftentimes, something "dies" here, something is taken from the life here, or at least threatened with termination or removal in some way. A healing may be necessary in this area of life during the course of the year in question. The qualities you tend to exhibit are intensity, deep, profound and powerful, but perhaps obsessive and coercive, pertaining to this area of life.

Natal Pluto on the SR 5th House cusp

The 5th house pertains to your lovers, children, and people you socialize with (i.e. party with). It also has to do with speculative ventures and pursuits of fun and entertainment. It also rules creative pursuits, but mostly it has to do with your capacity for enjoyment of life and relationships with children.

This is an area in which you may experience potential greatness and/or may influence others with considerable power. It is an area in which things, matters, and people may be eliminated, removed, terminated, or at least transformed. It is an area that may require many reforms and major changes within your life flow. This is an area that may describe your relationship to, or position within, groups. It may describe your relationship to other people's assets and values. Oftentimes, something "dies" here, something is taken from the life here, or at least threatened with termination or removal in some way. A healing may be necessary in this area of life during the course of the year in question. The qualities you tend to exhibit are intensity, deep, profound and powerful, but perhaps obsessive and coercive, pertaining to this area of life.

Natal Pluto on the SR 6th House cusp

The 6th house pertains to your health and work setting. Regarding work, it deals with "how" you work and with whom you work, and who works for you or with you.

This is an area in which you may experience potential greatness and/or may influence others with considerable power. It is an area in which things, matters, and people may be eliminated, removed, terminated, or at least transformed. It is an area that may require many reforms and major changes within your life flow. This is an area that may describe your relationship to, or position within, groups. It may describe your relationship to other people's assets and values. Oftentimes, something "dies" here, something is taken from the life here, or at least threatened with termination or removal in some way. A healing may be necessary in this area of life during the course of the year in question. The qualities you tend to exhibit are intensity, deep, profound and powerful, but perhaps obsessive and coercive, pertaining to this area of life.

Natal Pluto on the SR 7th House cusp

Natal Pluto on the SR 8th House cusp

The 8th house pertains to your dealings with taxes, insurance, estate and death matters, and also sexual issues. It may describe the nature of threats you encounter during the year, but if positive, may also describe gifts, loans, scholarships, grants, etc. It describes the nature of one's research or investigative pursuits. It may also indicate conflicts between obligations to others versus work which one wishes to pursue.

This is an area in which you may experience potential greatness and/or may influence others with considerable power. It is an area in which things, matters, and people may be eliminated, removed, terminated, or at least transformed. It is an area that may require many reforms and major changes within your life flow. This is an area that may describe your relationship to, or position within, groups. It may describe your relationship to other people's assets and values. Oftentimes, something "dies" here, something is taken from the life here, or at least threatened with termination or removal in some way. A healing may be necessary in this area of life during the course of the year in question. The qualities you tend to exhibit are intensity, deep, profound and powerful, but perhaps obsessive and coercive, pertaining to this area of life.

Natal Pluto on the SR 9th House cusp

The 9th house pertains to your long distance travels, legal decisions, publishing, and educational pursuits, as well as in-laws and second marriage, if it applies. It also deals with philosophical matters like religion and "the meaning life".

This is an area in which you may experience potential greatness and/or may influence others with considerable power. It is an area in which things, matters, and people may be eliminated, removed, terminated, or at least transformed. It is an area that may require many reforms and major changes within your life flow. This is an area that may describe your relationship to, or position within, groups. It may describe your relationship to other people's assets and values. Oftentimes, something "dies" here, something is taken from the life here, or at least threatened with termination or removal in some way. A healing may be necessary in this area of life during the course of the year in question. The qualities you tend to exhibit are intensity, deep, profound and powerful, but perhaps obsessive and coercive, pertaining to this area of life.

Natal Pluto on the SR 10th House cusp

The 10th house (Midheaven) pertains to your career and vocation; your status in the community; your accomplishments; your role as the head of the company, enterprise, or household; the father-figures in your life (father, employer, supervisor).

This is an area in which you may experience potential greatness and/or may influence others with considerable power. It is an area in which things, matters, and people may be eliminated, removed, terminated, or at least transformed. It is an area that may require many reforms and major changes within your life flow. This is an area that may describe your relationship to, or position within, groups. It may describe your relationship to other people's assets and values. Oftentimes, something "dies" here, something is taken from the life here, or at least threatened with termination or removal in some way. A healing may be necessary in this area of life during the course of the year in question. The qualities you tend to exhibit are intensity, deep, profound and powerful, but perhaps obsessive and coercive, pertaining to this area of life.

Natal Pluto on the SR 11th House cusp

Natal Pluto on the SR 12th House cusp

The 12th house pertains to your dealings behind the scenes, or the behind-the-scenes-dealings which effect you; hospitals, prisons, jails, places of confinement; your "fantasy" world; places of reclusion; your secrets and private world.

This is an area in which you may experience potential greatness and/or may influence others with considerable power. It is an area in which things, matters, and people may be eliminated, removed, terminated, or at least transformed. It is an area that may require many reforms and major changes within your life flow. This is an area that may describe your relationship to, or position within, groups. It may describe your relationship to other people's assets and values. Oftentimes, something "dies" here, something is taken from the life here, or at least threatened with termination or removal in some way. A healing may be necessary in this area of life during the course of the year in question. The qualities you tend to exhibit are intensity, deep, profound and powerful, but perhaps obsessive and coercive, pertaining to this area of life.