SR Moon in the SR 1st House

A year of being emotional changes and tending to relationships and domestic issues. Take care that the emotions don't run away with you. Restlessness and a desire for travel and general changeability persist through the year, so don't make permanent commitments.

The Moon in the 1st house can indicate increased emotional self-awareness during the coming solar return year. Feelings and emotional needs will seem stronger and more urgent, residing just under the surface. Sometimes the emotional nature is overwhelming and cannot easily be controlled. Individuals with this placement tend to cry easily, and to feel deeply. They may also be socially withdrawn or quiet. There are several other lunar placements which are associated with overwhelming feelings (i.e., the Moon in the 4th or 8th house); but the Moon in the 1st house is distinguished by the fact mat not only are the feelings particularly strong, they are also readily apparent to others and ultimately carry great personal significance for the individual. Resolutions for the future are made from the subjective interpretation of these pressing feelings. Feelings do not just gain strength during this time, they become a motivating force. Feelings become useful. They have rhyme and reason within the context of events and they play a major role in decisions that you make. This is not the time to make totally rational decisions without considering the emotional ramifications.

For example, a new mother with the Moon conjunct Saturn in the 1st house of the solar return chart promised to return to work after the baby was born. Her full-time income was needed to support her student husband. She did not anticipate any problems with this arrangement, but she had not assessed how she would feel about this set-up. She had made an intellectual decision without any emotional input. Once she returned to work, she realized how unhappy she felt leaving her baby every morning. As the year wore on, she and her husband made decisions about their future that changed their work schedules significantly. The following year, the mother was able to stay home full-time to care for their baby. Her feelings about working while her child was young strongly influenced the choices she and her husband made. After this woman interpreted her feelings and grew to respect those emotions, she was able to work towards a positive resolution of the issue.

When the Moon is in the 1st house, your emotional nature is trying to tell you something important. Your feelings can be viewed as a connecting link between events in the past and guidelines or preparation for the future. It is common to find the Moon in the 1st house of the solar return when one is recovering from an emotional trauma, regardless of when that trauma occurred. It could have occurred in the very recent past or it could have occurred long ago (especially if the individual has a habit of suppressing feelings). Or you may be involved in a situation or personality pattern that is detrimental to your emotional nature or development.

Usually this situation or pattern is well within your power to change. Present events trigger feelings, both old and new, and force them to the surface. This is not meant to be a depressing time, though sometimes this is the case, especially in the early months of the solar return. Moodiness is a common complaint. The goal is to get in touch with your feelings and listen to them. Understand what they are saying to you. Some pains are inevitable and some pains are avoidable. You cannot change death, but you can change the way you handle emotions, situations and relationships. The Moon in the 1st house signals a very strong developmental stage for the feeling nature. This is not just a year of recovery; it is a year for great emotional growth.

This is also a time to become self-protective and self-nurturing. The Moon in the 1st house could be titled, "The Care and Feeding of your Emotional Nature." Many of us do not know how to soothe our own injured feelings and heal old wounds. Use this time to learn how to protect yourself from emotionally damaging situations while recognizing and fostering emotionally healthy relationships. Appreciate your own emotional needs and know when they are not being met. Allow your feelings to play a greater role in the decision-making process.

This is a time when you are able to feel the pain of another and walk a mile in his or her shoes, so to speak. Since you are becoming more sensitive to your own emotional needs, you are also more sensitive and aware of me emotional needs of those around you. For this reason, you can become increasingly supportive of immediate family members. Dependency is a possibility. The Moon in the 1st can commonly be seen in the charts of those with a new baby or elderly parent to care for. Your ability to be more nurturing at this time draws those who are in need of your care and assistance. Whether you are male or female, strong involvement with a woman is especially common.

SR Moon in the SR 1st House: Your emotions tend to be on your sleeve in the year ahead. Some emotional restlessness is likely, and acting on sudden impulses can be a theme. You are more sensitive to your environment and the emotional atmosphere around you this year. As such, changeable moods are likely. You tend to enjoy making connections with others this year, but, particularly if the Moon is challenged in your Solar Return chart, you could take on more projects and interactions with others than you can manage. The key to success will be some emotional detachment - something that can be hard to achieve but is essential for an emotionally healthy year. Moon-related people, events, and activities feature prominently in the year ahead - women, family, nurturing, dealings with the public, and so forth. Your sensitivity to the expectations of others may dominate your emotional life this year.

SR Moon in the SR 1st House: You will need to apply emotional flexibility. You may tend to be more restless than usual, and more sensitive to what is going on around you. Your moods reflect your environment. Your intuition is heightened. There is a likelihood that your mother‘s influence could mean more to you now. Your emotions are tied directly in with your outlook on life. You seek recognition and approval. This can cause you to be more reticent than usual about coming forward into the spotlight or taking action. Your imagination gives you an ability to pre-experience so many possible scenarios and outcomes that you can hold yourself back as worry turns to timidity. Just before you start you can get those butterflies in your stomach. This is natural for the Moon in first house placement and something you can overcome. You will find that once you get started, in a conversation, or a performance, it will be much easier and go far better for you than you feared it might. You have the natural ability to be very successful at putting yourself forward, although like many professional performers, no matter how much success you have, that timid feeling is likely to appear just before you go onstage.

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SR Moon in the SR 2nd House

The Moon in the 2nd house shows an emotional need for financial security. In order to feel comfortable during the next year, it is important for you to review your financial situation and formulate plans which will increase or insure economic stability. This financial plan should be capable of meeting your immediate and future material needs by addressing three major issues.

First, how dependent are you on others for your financial security? You may have been financially dependent on someone else in the past and at this point in your life, you could view your financial dependency as immature, unstable or undesirable.

Second, how stable is your present salary and what can you do to increase future earning power? Although a steady income would be reassuring at this time, it is more common to have a vacillating income. This is not the time to expect a straight, dependable salary. Most likely your income will fluctuate, but this could happen for several reasons. You might be self-employed or only work part-time when the need arises. Your schedule could be erratic or your earnings could be based on commissions or incentives. For some individuals, the Moon in the 2nd indicates a break in income, though usually this is not the case. Your overall income can actually change either positively or negatively, but it is more likely to increase if you actively focus on money-making ideas. The Moon in the 2nd house is generally a sign that materialistic attitudes are very strong and making more money is part of this trend. Even so, the need for money is usually more closely associated with an emotional need for financial security than greed or avarice.

Third, are you handling your present funds effectively in regards to spending practices, savings accounts and investments? Spending practices are changing and expenditures will go up or down depending on what you are purchasing and who is spending the money. If you are spending your own money, you are less likely to make frivolous purchases and more apt to budget, save or invest. You will tend to be more cautious and less speculative; with economic possibilities so varied, you would be wise to conserve money for rainy days and major purchases. Outside of investments, me one major purchase commonly associated with the Moon in the 2nd house is a home, particularly the initial house. This house is generally seen as an investment as well as a home, and a major step towards financial stability.

Since the interpretation of this planet in this house has centered so much on money, it is important to reiterate mat the focus is not generally money needed to fund materialism, but money needed for financial security.

SR Moon in the SR 2nd House: Your emotions are strongly tied to what you have and don't have this year - security derived from your income and possessions. Fear of lack can be behind many of your actions during this period. Fluctuations surrounding money may occur, but more likely you are more sensitive to them. Keeping things status quo is a tendency this year - too much change could frighten you now. In general, with the Moon in the "background" in your Solar Return chart, you tend to have a stronger hold on your emotions than usual.

SR Moon in the SR 2nd House: This Moon placement suggests that you will experience flux in your resources, money, and possessions. When you are up, you could come down, but what is down could just as easily come back up again. Since money, your material possessions, and your ability to attain the security you associate with them are so important to you under this influence, your moods are likely to be directly tied to how you are doing at the moment. This can result in stinginess or great generosity, depending on how you feel about your financial outlook. You will find that you are more able to use your intuition to influence how other people feel about products or services. You are likely to be much more intuitive about what the public needs, and thus more likely to make wise business decisions. Gain could come through your mother or your spouse in the form of resources, or emotional support. Ask yourself how what role they could play in developing your talents toward self-sufficiency.

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SR Moon in the SR 3rd House

The Moon in the 3rd house is a sign that emotional influences compete or unite with rational thoughts for decision-making power. The interplay between these two levels of thought, the conscious and the unconscious levels, is key to the pattern of growth. If you depend too much on the conscious level, you might be trying to suppress or analyze your feelings before they are even apparent. This will not work. Feelings just are, and must be appreciated as they exist before symbols emerge and they can be understood. On me other hand, you may feel more ruled by unconscious urges than clear-headed rationalism. Within this scenario, feelings overwhelm common sense and burst into the open when you least expect it. Freudian slips are possible despite your conscious efforts for restraint, and you inadvertently say things that were better left unsaid. Although these comments honestly reflect your true feelings, they go too far and reveal more man is in your best interest or the best interest of others.

The key to working with this placement is understanding the need for conscious and unconscious appreciation, integration, and consensus. This is not the time to depend totally on either conscious thoughts or feelings. It is the integration of the two levels of understanding which is most informative. Emotions will be the basis of learning, but once feelings have reached the surface, it is most insightful to understand them within the context of the total experience, both rational and emotional. For example, if you attend group therapy sessions during the year, you will focus on the psychological meaning of what is being said rather than the actual physical details. However, once the emotions have risen to the surface repeatedly, patterns of response will be intellectually understood.

The combination of an emotional planet in a rational house can also indicate mat you get mixed messages. You may not be exactly sure when you are thinking and when you are responding from the gut level. You may even be of two minds, especially regarding a relationship. Your heart tells you one thing while your mind tells you another. Competition, rather than integration, is possible in those who do not work towards comprehension. Positively, this is a strong combination for those who yearn to integrate feelings and thoughts, and experience life as multidimensional yet whole. If you are a writer, artist, psychologist, counselor or holistic practitioner, the placement of the Moon in the 3rd house can indicate that you experience the conscious and unconscious mind as a unit working together. The artist can use creative projects to explore and understand emotional themes. If you are a counselor or involved in therapy yourself, you can use the conscious mind to decipher and interpret unconscious messages. Used wisely, mixed messages can lead to great insight.

You can become a more public personality, especially in your own neighborhood or area of expertise. For example, one individual with the Moon in the 3rd house of the solar return had been working for a large organization. He then started his own business and began pushing his own products. He was lifted from the obscurity of the company to a more public position. What you do and say will become more noticeable this year. Your demeanor and presentation are important. You can make a lasting impression on those who see or hear you in a public capacity. You may even be a role model for others. Therefore it is important that you maintain a good public image and reputation.

Neighborhood selection is important to those who are thinking of purchasing a home. If you are already settled, this is a good time to become more involved with your neighbors and community associations.

SR Moon in the SR 3rd House: An emphasis on communication, learning, and making contacts is indicated with this position. In terms of emotional orientation, this position can go one of two ways: you more easily give voice to your feelings or tend to rationalize your emotions to the point of not really knowing your heart's desires. There are likely to be frequent short trips, errands, visits, phone calls, and communications in the year ahead. You are likely to be "on the go".

SR Moon in the SR 3rd House: You are likely to be curious about the past and how it affects the present, more interested in historical things, trends, patterns. Focusing as much on how thing got this way as you do on how things are now, your quest for information can cause you to pursue a wide variety of subjects. If you are a student, you might change courses, even change schools this year. This will suit you just fine since you are probably feeling more restless and willing to travel. You are very intuitive intellectually, influenced by the people and settings around you. How you learn is as important as where you lean. You will probably discover an attraction to the power of the spoken word, information acquired at lectures or through videos will tend to hold your attention and remain in your memory better than written materials. You may find it productive to vary your schedules around your interests rather than sink into a set routine. Another benefit of this Moon in 3rd house influence is that you could find that your brothers or sisters are increasingly supportive and begin to play an important part in your life.

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SR Moon in the SR 4th House

A 4th house solar return Moon suggests an emphasis on two important areas: the physical home or domestic situation, and the emotional needs and perceptions of the individual. Usually these two major areas of concern parallel each other and changes manifesting in the home or home life are reflected in emotional changes the individual is experiencing internally. For example, if you do extensive remodeling of your home, it is likely you will also experience emotional disruption during the period of renovation. It can be argued that the emotional disruption is directly caused by the upheaval in the physical environment of the home; but, it is also possible that your emotional situation is changing rapidly and internal dissatisfaction actually caused the desire for renovation.

Perhaps a different example will illustrate this better. Whenever one moves into a new home, some amount of redecoration takes place. The priorities set at this time can be indicative of the individual's emotional climate. Those who are withdrawn or recovering from a difficult emotional trauma might decorate the master bedroom first. The master bedroom suite is probably the most private part of the home and is not always seen by a visitor. Yet it is viewed as the most restful room in the home, a protective inner sanctum that revitalizes energies. Establishing a priority of redoing this room first may reflect a desire to soothe injured feelings before all else. In this manner, internal emotional needs lead to external choices made in regard to the home.

You are apt to either change your place of residence or change something about your home when the Moon is in the 4th house of the solar return chart. You can purchase a new home and move, but it is just as likely that changes will occur within your existing home or domestic situation. For example, you could have a household member come or go during the year, perhaps a new roommate moving in, or a grown child moving out to a separate residence. Feeling "at home" becomes very important and you need to make changes in your home or lifestyle to attain this sense of comfort. Your aim will be to create a place of retreat reflecting your individual emotional style and needs. There are a number of different ways to do this and changes can be either physical or emotional, radical or minor.

Occasionally, domestic needs affect career goals. Interest in providing a comfortable home environment may become a career concentration. It is possible to begin a career in real estate, home design or interior decoration during the year. Security issues related to your home or future retirement may lead you to plan a career move or to change your job.

Emotional feelings are the second major area of concern with the Moon in the 4th. Your emotional needs are stronger and more urgent at this time, probably because you are coping with an element of change or disruption. You are very aware of the understanding and emotional support you receive from others, or the lack thereof. You want to feel a strong emotional connection to those around you, and need greater intimacy. If others cannot or will not match your needs, you withdraw emotionally and physically from disappointing situations. You tend to be more protective of others and can draw dependent relationships during the year if you feel the need to mother or be mothered. If grown children are leaving home, it is possible to experience the empty nest syndrome. New mothers may experience postpartum blues. These feelings are all related to a maturing emotional nature and changing circumstances. Focusing on your own emotional needs at this time will help you to make the necessary adjustments.

Changes in your emotional circumstances can be more relative than actual. Your situation stays the same, but suddenly you have realizations which open your eyes to new possibilities and problems. Intuitively, you now sense much more than you are told. This ability can give you a wealth of new knowledge and insight, though you might be reluctant to trust it at first. What you sense intuitively may or may not be different from what you are told verbally. If there is a discrepancy, you'll feel torn in two directions and not know what to believe.

Extreme sensitivity to issues related to the home is common, and what actually transpires in the domestic environment, physically and/or emotionally, tends to affect you deeply. Aspects to the Moon or other planets in the 4th house imply either increased or diminished physical and emotional satisfaction. If you are in a very difficult situation and your home life is disrupted, it is possible to feel homeless with this placement, but for those who work with their feelings, there awaits a new sense of roots.

SR Moon in the SR 4th House: Feelings tend to be very important to you, and right now you are probably feeling more sensitive about how much your home and family mean to you. You are likely to feel that you need to change your residence to order to establish a solid, nurturing foundation for your life. You need a place to relax and retire from the outer world, a place where you can surround yourself with your favorite things, photographs, antiques, and family heirlooms which fill you with the pleasant memories of your childhood. You could find yourself having to be flexible with your schedule and more concerned with care-taking. One of your parents may be involved in your considerations about where you will live and what you will need to do. You will be very motivated to make changes which take care of what is dear to you.

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SR Moon in the SR 5th House

The start of a new romantic relationship is the most common event associated with the Moon in this house. This new relationship can be viewed as a "first" in one way or another. If you are very young, it may be your very first relationship or first meaningful relationship. If you are a little older, it can indicate the year you begin having sex, especially if you are emotionally involved with one particular person. It might be the first time you live with someone or begin dating the person you are going to marry. If you are older and more established in these areas, it may be the first time in a long time that you are emotionally involved with a new person. Regardless of your marital situation, this can be a year when you feel an emotional connection to a new person, and usually this connection is very compelling. Unlike the Sun in the 5th house, the Moon is not necessarily associated with sexual attraction. The Sun seems to be more suggestive of a sexual affair. In fact, with the Sun in the 5th, me relationship may simply be a sexual fling with limited emotional contact. But the Moon is more closely associated with emotional needs in a relationship, and therefore the contact may or may not be sexual, though many times sexual involvement occurs. It is the desire for emotional sharing and expression that seems to be the main focus and motivation for the relationship. Then, as the relationship deepens and intimacy increases, sexual involvement develops. The need for emotional expression is probably the key to understanding the interpretation of the Moon in this house and romance is a wonderful means for expression. Though the give and take of a relationship is just one way to handle feelings, it is a way many people seem to choose.

If you are involved in a relationship such as this, your feelings will be very intense. You are more apt to express yourself emotionally, and consequently it will be more difficult to hide what you are feeling. This may not be a good time to keep a clandestine relationship secret. You will be subject to emotional swings. At times you will be elated, while at other times you might feel depressed. Your feelings may depend on how well the relationship is going and whether or not you can see each other. An element of "need" is many times associated with these relationships and dependency is a problem. The individual you are involved with could need your help in one way or another. The situation need not be crucial, but you will have the opportunity to express nurturing and protective feelings. If you respond in a mothering or overprotective way, the relationship may involve dependency issues. On the other hand, you may be the one who becomes dependent.

Your feelings are not necessarily stronger and deeper this year, but you are more apt to express them in an obvious way. This may include openly stating what you need or want. Being direct is probably the best way to express your feelings, but it is also common to seek secondary or alternative ways. Finding satisfying means for emotional self-expression is one of the tasks associated with this placement and may contribute to the romantic nature of the year. You may choose an artistic or dramatic means for emotional expression. You could, however, choose creative endeavors such as painting, writing, or acting. Or you might want to participate in intense situations which exemplify the drama of human life, such as being an emergency room nurse, or soup kitchen volunteer.

Your strong need for emotional expression can lead you to intense personal situations. You may have a baby instead of a love affair. If you are aware of your emotional needs, you can consciously choose an outlet for this energy. There is no limit to the manifestations you can pick so long as the situation allows for emotional involve¬ment and expression. If you are frustrated by your present circumstances and the people around you are unable to satisfy your emotional need for expression, look elsewhere. You need situations which allow for some external display of emotions. For a few, this may involve living life on the edge of an emotional crisis.

One final avenue for emotional expression can be intense involvement with children. You may be especially concerned with their emotional well-being or creative abilities. If you have children of your own, this can be a good time to reach out to them. Focus on understanding their needs. Your children may be more emotional this year, especially if your relationship with them is changing or changes are occurring in the home environment. They may require extra love and attention if this is the case. The difficulty with the Moon in the 5th is that a parent might view his or her children as an extension of his or her own personality. As a parent you can have certain needs that you assume only your children can fill, and this places unnecessary pressure on them.

Aspects to the Moon in the 5th house can suggest avenues for emotional self-expression or possible inhibitions and blockages. Aspects to the 2nd house imply mat your mode of self-expression can be either financially lucrative or expensive to maintain. Expenses related to children may increase. Traditional values associated with the 2nd house may or may not be compatible with your romantic choices. A conflict is generally the case if you are married and involved in an extramarital affair. Aspects from the 5th to the 8th house can also suggest financial concerns. If your children are starting college, you might assume a large loan to cover their education. A sexual issue or problem could affect any relationship you are involved in. The Moon in the 5th aspected by planets in the 11th symbolizes a freedom-closeness dilemma involving romantic involvements. "Are we serious lovers or are we just friends?" typifies this dilemma.

SR Moon in the SR 5th House: You are likely to make changes which will require more flexibility regarding marriage, romance and children in your pursuit of pleasure this year. Your emotions will be strong, and your desire to express the love you feel will spark both your charm and creativity. Affairs are possible, if only in your imagination. A fruitful marriage is indicated as are promises of early success . Be prepared to apply self expression with adaptability, to handle the fluctuations you can expect to experience.

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SR Moon in the SR 6th House

The essence of the Moon's nature is change and fluctuation. Its presence in the 6th house of the solar return can denote changes in working conditions and/or health and dietary habits.

Job changes are usually minor. The Moon is more closely associated with adjustments rather than major upsets. Some appropriate examples of these minor changes might be: you change departments or offices within your company without changing your job per se; you drop your full-time hours to become a part-time employee; if you are self-employed, you may hire an assistant to help you keep up with the demands of your growing business; or if new policies and procedures are instituted at your office, your daily job routine changes. The adjustments that occur may or may not be within your control and may or may not be beneficial.

With the Moon in the 6th, you are more likely to make decisions that either directly or indirectly cause job changes. You can consciously decide to make the changes yourself, or make changes in other areas of your life which eventually cause repercussions in your job. As an example of this, you could decide to move out of me city. Since you will now live farther away from your office, you convert a room in your house to a home office and do more work at home. It is possible that changes occurring in your job are truly out of your control. Your company may merge with another, reorganizing the offices and moving you to another department. All changes tend to be minor, even those that are beyond your control. Except in rare instances, it is unlikely that you would quit your job or get fired during this year; however, job security may be an issue. Even if the Moon is heavily aspected in the 6th house, it is more common to experience daily routine changes that are complicated and stressful rather than major career transitions.

There is a tendency to become more emotionally involved with co-workers when the Moon is in the 6th house, and if you are in a helping profession and/or have daily contact with the public, you may become more involved with those you help. This interaction includes a greater sensitivity to the needs of others while on the job. Because of your dealings with the public and co-workers, you are more apt to develop a reputation. This reputation is dependent on the quality of your work and therefore may be either good or bad.

The Moon in the 6th also implies health changes. These changes are generally minor and can be caused by physical changes in the body or adjustments in health habits or diet. Body changes are usually the result of natural biological cycles and processes. Included here are those changes resulting from puberty, pregnancy, breast feeding, aging, physical fitness, and hormonal balance or imbalance. Weight gain or loss is also possible. It is likely that you will be more mindful of what you eat even if you are not eating well. The body is more sensitive to the way food and exercise (or the lack thereof) affects you. This is not a good time to go on a strict health regimen. It is a much better time to learn health from the inside out. Be aware of what foods and activities make you feel better and which ones actually hurt your health or drain your energy. Develop a health consciousness. This year conscious changes in health habits are more likely to be made because of greater awareness of how unconscious habits affect health. Make your changes gradually and incorporate them into your new lifestyle permanently.

Any illnesses you might have during the year can relate to emotional habits you refuse to change. It is very easy for psychological problems to manifest as physical illnesses. A healthy diet is not enough. You must also have a healthy emotional life, which includes fulfilling emotional involvements and psychologically healthy environments. Relationships and work habits can affect your health, especially if you experience a lot of stress, frustration, or anger in these areas. Look at your most intimate relationships. Are these relationships assets or liabilities, fulfilling or draining? Even if you find these relationships debilitating, you have recourse. Counseling can help you improve your situation or meditation can help you cope with the stress. It is also important to evaluate your working conditions and the effect they might have on your health. You should be able to make changes here also. If you are aware of your health needs and take corrective action, you do not have to be sick. The more you ignore the situation, the more difficult it may become. See a psychological counselor or holistic health practitioner if you should feel the need. It is a good time to acquire good emotional habits.

SR Moon in the SR 6th House: You are likely to experience changes in your work routines or occupation which will require you to adapt to new situations. Your emotional flexibility will be key to your successful transition. You have a willingness to work hard, and need to express your feelings about your performance expectations from others in a way that is considerate of your fellow workers. If you hold too much emotion in, you can become susceptible to stress related illness. Ask yourself where and how you could better adapt by improving your level of service.

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SR Moon in the SR 7th House

The Moon in the 7th house of the solar return shows the probability of being involved in a nurturing relationship. This relationship does not have to be an intimate one, though this is a possibility. The caretaker quality is pronounced even in business relationships. You may be caring for family members or you may donate your extra time and money to a needy family that you know. If you are a secretary, you may be very involved with your boss's personal needs and comforts rather than clerical duties. If you are a physician seeing patients, you will be very concerned with your patients as individu¬als.

Personal involvement and concern is characteristic of this placement. It is very likely that you will personally relate on a regular basis to the individual you are helping. And unless the relationship is also an intimate one, it is common for the relationship and the nurturing activities to appear one-sided. Non-intimate relationships associated with the Moon in the 7th house are not equal. One person has more knowledge, expertise, status or responsibility than the other; one has more power and control than the other; one is cared for and nurtured while the other does the nurturing; one shares his or her feelings and the other just listens and/or helps. It is very common to be involved in professional or informal counseling relationships during the year. The individuals tend to be unequal and one person gives while the other receives.

Intimate relationships have a similar, yet slightly different, manifestation. Dependency issues are also common in these relationships and the individuals involved tend to assume polarized roles during the year. Examples include caretaker roles, stronger versus weaker or traditional male-female roles. Existing relationships change in some way and many times this is the change that occurs. Even if you and your partner have established a balanced relationship over a long period of time, it is usually the case that during this year, one, more than the other, needs to be supported emotionally, economically, or physically. The more dependent individual in the pair finds it difficult to make decisions, be assertive, or handle daily problems. The more dominant individual is usually in control and becomes responsible for the couple's future and welfare. Occasionally this is caused by illness, but it is more likely to result from subtle shifts in power within the relationship, or a greater need for understanding and support. Long-range goals, education, pregnancy and child rearing may contribute to these power shifts. In very strained and difficult relationships, the balance of power is heavily weighted in one direction. The weaker individual finds it hard to attain a sense of individ¬uality and yet is afraid to leave the relationship entirely. In very balanced intimate relationships, mutual nurturing is possible.

You may meet someone and become romantically involved during the year. You need greater emotional intimacy. Ideally, you will be able to establish a pattern of mutual support. But the Moon in the 7th house does not guarantee that your relationships will be naturally fulfilling. If you are involved with a partner who is capable and willing to match your need for closeness and sharing, then it is likely that your relationship will deepen and grow. However, if your relationship depends on your ability to care for the other's needs, and your partner is unable or unwilling to reciprocate now or in the future, then your relationship will be emotionally draining and difficult. Expect your moods to change with the positive and negative shifts in this relationship. Since change and fluctuation will be such a major factor in your relationships during this year, moodiness can be a problem until you learn to handle the changes.

You will tend to be more emotional than rational this year and you will follow your heart more than your head. This is because you may be more interested in emotional fulfillment man intellectual analysis of your situation. Check the placements for Mercury, Pluto and Venus to better understand the Moon in the 7th house. If you are truly in love with someone and the relationship is good, you will be able to support each other and overcome any obstacles. Your relationship will grow more intimate. But strained or blocked relationships will only become more difficult. It is the emotional connection, whether good or bad, that draws you to someone; unfortunately, this need for intensity and lack of objective thinking may enable you to remain in a nonproductive relationship with unrealistic expectations for the future.

The Moon in the 7th house is also a sign that unconscious complexes can complicate your present relationship. Former relationships which reinforced negative patterns of relating and left you feeling wounded may have left psychological scars which must be faced and dealt with now before greater intimacy can develop. It is essential that you seek to understand these complexes. Irrational fears, obsessions, possessiveness, jealousy, and lack of trust are just a few of the forms these complexes might take. This is an excellent time to see a marriage counselor or attend a marriage encounter. If your relationship is basically combative and neither of you is interested in deepening your commitment to each other, then emotionally difficult scenes will be generated by your feelings of hurt and rejection, both in this relationship and others. In this case, individual counseling is more appropriate.

SR Moon in the SR 7th House: Your social popularity, emotional refinement and skill at developing interpersonal relationships will be required this year. A close partner may seem unusually moody. You will have to be more sensitive and emotionally responsive to people you come in contact with this year. Flexibility and your ability to live in the moment will allow you to adapt partnership situations and benefit from new opportunities. You may have more than one opportunity to marry during this period while having greater difficulty making up your mind whether to do so. Follow your intuition and avoid emotionally dependant relationships. Ask yourself what adaptations you would have to reach an emotional balance of give and take in your partnerships.

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SR Moon in the SR 8th House

The 8th house is the house of acute awareness of emotional forces and psychological powers. Nearly all of this awareness will result from a newfound ability to spontaneously perceive information on these subtle levels rather than from a rational analysis of any situation. It is the intense awareness of unconscious emotional and psychological issues that forces conscious insight into human behavior. These realizations can be upsetting and you may end up seeing or knowing more than you care to see or know. Acute awareness is also associated with the Sun in the solar return 8th house, but with the Moon here you are more apt to be emotionally involved with the people and issues concerned. It is likely that someone in your immediate family or circle of friends needs counseling. During the year, you grow more aware of your own emotional needs and psycholog¬ical forces and you also learn to recognize these influences in others.

It is very likely that you will study some psychology during the year, but you may become aware of psychological influences naturally without any education. Initial insights can come from associating with mentally disturbed people. The intensity of their psychological abnormality is fascinating, yet frightening. It is common to have an 8th house solar return Moon if you are a professional therapist or astrologer just starting to counsel others. Disturbed individuals need not play an important role in your life and may be mere acquaintances. They are not the real focus of your realizations, they are merely the catalyst.

You need to become more aware of the psychological influences affecting you and your immediate relationships. Intense realizations associated with bizarre personalities will give way to insights into subtle manipulations and power plays. Eventually, psychological realizations can occur during the simplest interactions with others. If you are caught in an emotional power struggle, it will become more obvious how you and/or others manipulate rather man state clearly what you need. Psychological complexes and hurt feelings complicate relationships and make it more difficult to discuss problems rationally. Unconscious feelings may undermine conscious decisions. Ambivalence is common. Obsessive-compulsive behavior, jealousy, guilt, unexplained anger and helplessness are frequently clues that something is wrong.

Recognizing and understanding your own psychological idiosyncrasies will give you great power over your own life. Insights into your defensive reactions will help you overcome barriers to intimacy. Increased intimacy is especially important since superficial relationships and superficial discussions will not suit you this year. You need to be able to talk at length and in depth about what you are feeling and perceiving. It is during these discussions that initial realizations are triggered and later confirmed. It is also during these discussions that you formulate and express new behavioral patterns that sidestep psychological inadequacies.

Emotional situations tend to be more complicated and intense. Issues are no longer black or white, good or bad. Decisions are less straightforward, especially if you feel responsible for the well-being of others. For example, if you have children and were offered a transfer to another state, you would not make this decision without careful consideration. On one hand, the move may improve your career possibilities, but on the other hand, the move could have a great impact on your children. You must consider the emotional or psychological ramifications of your decisions since they are more likely to affect others.

If partners or family members are moody or unstable, you may have to think before you speak if you want to avoid upsetting responses. You may be in a delicate position requiring great diplomacy and tact. Others can interpret what you say incorrectly or overreact. You will be dealing with intense feelings and may expect others to involve you in very emotional circumstances. If you counsel others professionally, it will be easier for you to control these situations. If these situations are appearing in your personal life, you can deal with them effectively on your own or seek advice.

Increased intuitive accuracy will encourage your reliance on this mode of perception. Psychic and intuitive realizations grow stronger, but may seem less controllable. Even if you do not consider yourself psychic, this is a good time to trust your hunches, but if you are psychologically stressed, you may be less able to distinguish true psychic impulses from fears and anxieties. If this is the case, you should reserve judgment until your powers of discrimination grow stronger.

The Moon in the 8th house can show changing shared resources or economic dependency. If you share funds with your spouse or some other person, the amount of money you receive will change either positively or negatively. This change may be reflected in the aspects to the Moon. On the other hand, your own personal resources are more likely to decrease in comparison. The reduction need not be much, but you are more likely to feel like a dependent rather than an economic equal. There could be very valid reasons for this. For example, you may be on pregnancy leave or attending school. Financial power struggles are symbolized by the Moon in the 8th opposed to a planet in the 2nd house. You and your partner or someone else may fight over how to handle money or pay bills. These arguments might be very emotional and further complicated by unresolved psychological issues. Clarity and a willingness to discuss needs will help you to reach positive compromises. The Moon in the 8th house also indicates a change in indebtedness. Debts either go up or down but they rarely stay the same.

SR Moon in the SR 8th House: Your emotional state depends heavily on the condition of the Moon by aspect. If the Moon is mostly supported (for example, by trines and sextiles to other points), then you possess more emotional strength than ever this year. Your ability to step back and watch what is happening around you before reacting emotionally will benefit you, especially if you are usually a more emotionally reactive or impulsive person. You are more perceptive than ever, and better able to size up both people and situations you deal with. If the Moon is mostly challenged in its aspects to other planets and points, you may be dealing with very intense - even primal emotions and will have a hard time sorting out your feelings.

Changing sexual relationships may occur this year. You may find that your levels of intimacy with another person or persons changes rather dramatically, and this is an area of focus or sensitivity for you on an emotional level. Either sexual relations become more intense and you discover new levels of intimacy, or you are affected by a decrease in this area. An example of this in my files is a woman who discovered that her husband was having an affair. The eighth house Moon squared Mercury on the Midheaven, and because the affair was known amongst her friends and colleagues, she had to deal with her personal life becoming "public".

You are bound to encounter issues surrounding shared resources. If you depend on someone on a financial level, even in a small way, there may be cause for concern. Support from others in general is an issue that will concern you this year. The situation is likely to change, and you will need to work out strategies to deal with it. If you are married, or divorced but your resources are still tied up with those of your ex-spouse, your partner's changing economic status is likely to affect you and concern you. For whatever reason, you may feel more dependent on support from others, or may need to take on debt. Examples of this position in my files include a person whose ex-spouse declared bankruptcy and some of his debts that were originally co-signed became her responsibility, a year when an injury forced a woman to be dependent on physical and some financial support from others, and a year when a person's student loan came due and he faced debt repayment for the first time in his life.

SR Moon in the SR 8th House: Your need for emotional security may clash with changes in your love life producing intensely possessive feelings. Matters involving jointly held resources, sexual intimacy, and even inheritances are going to require great effort in order to adapt to new situations with any kind of flexibility. Control will be an issue. Your intuitive awareness will be enhanced. There is a possibility the you will be temped to misuse your sexuality or your enhanced awareness of the feelings and motives of other people to placate or manipulate the outcome of events. Life after death will interest you and you are more likely to have psychic experiences, indulge in taboo practices, and explore hidden mysteries during this year. Spiritual transformation through purification of cathartic events can lead to personal renewal under this influence.

See also: Moon in the 8th House;

SR Moon in the SR 9th House

The 9th house is the house of beliefs: religious, philosophical and mundane. The Moon placed in this house suggests a good time to reevaluate all beliefs in light of practical applications to daily situations. We think of the Moon as representative of common everyday experiences and domestic influences; therefore, your beliefs must now pass the test of useful application. Personal philosophy should help you cope with everyday situations and issues facing you. Higher knowledge and beliefs must be consistent with what is most practical and efficient on a mundane level. There might be times during the year when you feel you cannot reconcile higher knowledge with practical experience. What you believe does not help you with the decisions you must make. Discrepancies like these point out useless beliefs and the need for review. Emotional feedback from everyday situations and interactions with others will help you to find out which beliefs are working on a mundane level, and which ones leave you feeling vulnerable to life's pressures.

Your old beliefs may be outdated. Beliefs can grow stagnant from a lack of review, and you must keep your philosophy current and consistent with your pattern of personal growth. Beliefs are sometimes carried over from someone else's system. Don't accept higher knowledge, religious or philosophical, blindly; what others espouse may or may not fit your needs. You will find that some enlightened thoughts are not helpful when it comes to functioning on the mun¬dane, everyday level. They do not translate into practical rules to live by. Your philosophy must apply to your everyday circumstances. Review beliefs and personalize those which have meaning within the context of your own life.

You could be asked to explain your beliefs in public, or teach, or write a book. In some way, you might be called upon to explain your beliefs. This is a good time to practice what you preach or make adjustments in the sermon. This is the key to utilizing the review process. Practice helps you formulate a philosophy mat fits your everyday life. You retain what works and discard what does not. Through this testing process, you can develop a philosophy mat works for you spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Because the Moon is in the 9th house, what you give and get out of relationships will be very important. Our beliefs set the tone for our interactions with others, and our responses to daily situations. For example, a common Christian belief is that one should turn the other cheek if offended, assaulted, etc. While this might be good advice for some situations, it may not be helpful all the time or in your particular situation. If you are being repeatedly abused, verbally or physically, without resistance, it might be time to develop a new tactic. A religion/philosophy which encourages you to remain in an abusive situation is questionable and should be reevaluated.

Your beliefs about relationships regulate the demands and ex¬pectations you have in a relationship. Your life is at least partially structured by your beliefs. If you think that all men are users, then you will tend to draw individuals who confirm your expectations. This is a good time to review your beliefs about others and relationships. It is likely that some beliefs will be changed and modified as you begin to work towards a more successful philosophy.

You may be involved in a legal matter during the year, and consequently become more familiar with the legal system and the judiciary process. You may consult a lawyer or you might be involved in a court case as a plaintiff, defendant, witness or jury member. You may be interested enough to follow a particularly fascinating court case. Legal matters are not necessarily strongly emphasized. The most common manifestation is seeing a lawyer during the year.

You may return to school or take a course during the coming year. Topics may be academic, recreational or artistic. On the other hand, you could be teaching rather than studying. Teaching may help you ground your spiritual thoughts. Certain topics require examples and applications from real life to be understood.

Travel is also a possibility with the Moon in the 9th house. Usually the more planets in the 9th house, the more likely you are to travel. Travel can be to a foreign country but you may only do extensive traveling within this country. It is also possible that you commute regularly and over a fair distance for your job or for other reasons. Increased travel time may occur without foreign travel per se.

SR Moon in the SR 9th House: Your inclination to explore deeper meanings can raise your emotional desire to explore beyond your normal rather orthodox views in order to adapt a better approach to study or teach about the meaning of life. You are likely to be feeling more restless, inclined to travel. You will be in the mood to look into the beliefs and belief systems of other people, especially those from foreign cultures. Your devotion to your ideals can help you to reassess your perspective and emerge with a workable and emotionally self-satisfying philosophy which you will not hesitate to share with others.

See also: Moon in the 9th House;

SR Moon in the SR 10th House

The Moon in the 10th house suggests changes in career, or professional tasks you are asked to perform. While the Moon in the 6th house can indicate minor changes in working conditions, the Moon in the 10th house generally implies changes that are far more significant, either in the immediate future or several years down the road. Minor changes can occur and may involve shifting positions or departments within the same company, but it is more likely that this shift includes important changes in your job tasks. For example, a secretary accustomed to working on a typewriter was asked to do secretarial work on a new computer. Eventually, this individual went on to a career in word-processing because of this experience.

Changes occurring during the year can be very beneficial. This is a good time to focus on career development and take advantage of professional opportunities as they arise. Many times your reputation plays a key role in the professional events of the year. Everything you do at work will be more public this year. If you perform well, you will receive the recognition you deserve; but if you perform poorly, your mistakes will be very noticeable.

Job security can be an important issue and you may feel that your position is threatened in some way. The company you work for could be having financial difficulties, or conditions within the company might seem unstable. The Moon is less apt to indicate that you lose your job or are laid-off; serious job changes are more likely to be suggested by Saturn or Uranus in the 10th house. However, firings and layoffs can and have occurred while the Moon was in the 10th house. Usually the individuals involved were controversial figures who were unpopular, and had acquired a negative reputation. As a rule, most changes are directly or indirectly within your control. Even those who lose their jobs play a role in their own misfortune.

The Moon can indicate public recognition as well as recognition within the company. You can have more contact with the public than previously. You could move to a position involving public service, relations or communication. For some individuals, the Moon in the 10th house indicates notoriety and a public reputation. The publicity can be either good or bad. This is a good time to focus on your dealings with the public and to use the media positively. If you are a politician, you can develop a following. If you are a salesperson, you can key in on the wants and needs of your customers. Emotional intuitiveness can serve you well in your dealings with the public at large.

SR Moon in the SR 10th House: Your heart is with your career and work goals this year--ups and downs in these areas are taken to heart, and are likely. There may be some pressure to "perform" this year as a result. You might find you are more involved with the public this year, and the extent of your popularity with same depends on the condition of the Moon. You would be wise to avoid letting emotions get in the way of your progress. This position of the Moon can go in one of two directions in terms of emotional orientation--you may adopt a business-like approach to your emotional life, or you might bring your emotions into your professional life. In some cases, people with this position of the Solar Return Moon take a more "motherly" approach to their work, or their work moves in the direction of nurturing or intuitive activities. Sensitivity to one's reputation, or feelings of being "in demand", can figure prominently this year. Sometimes this points to a change in marital status.

SR Moon in the SR 10th House: You are likely to experience a series of changes in your career which will affect your public identity and the amount of authority you have. Your reputation will be increasingly important to you. Your ambition and desire for advancement can dominate your normal sensitivity and emotional responses toward others. Your need to feel socially useful in an area of life which you feel is truly important will increase your desire to align your career with your vocational calling. Whether this will lead to advancement and recognition or shame and notoriety will largely depend upon the ethical or unethical quality of the choices you make this year.

You will have an increased ability to attract new people with your unique ideas. Your creativity will increase and your ideas and projects will excite the interest of others who desire to make changes in the status quo. Humanitarian efforts and the rights of others will be at the top of your list of things to do and will result in your participation in group activities which will be of great value to you and produce social improvement in the years to come. Your quest to express your independence is likely to make this a very unusual year for you. Science, technology, computers, music and design are some areas that may interest you this year. You are attracted to the unusual, and may surprise others around you with a sudden changes in your routines. Your new friends are likely to include someone who is very attracted to you, someone that will attract your attention. There might be something shocking about your new relationship which could lead to fights or disagreements with people already in your life. You are more willing to take a risk now, even if you realize that things may not work out later.

See also: Moon in the 10th House;

SR Moon in the SR 11th House

The Moon in the 11th house suggests that you have a dream or goal you are working toward. This goal should be personally fulfilling and rewarding, when and if completed. Major tasks started during this year generally involve personal commitment to a project, idea or belief. You should be your own motivator, and many times you will be working alone. The goal need not necessarily be humanitarian or idealistic. Teenagers trying to pick a college or career can have this placement. They gather the pertinent information and make choices according to their needs.

You might have to work towards your goal despite much opposition and lack of assistance from family members. For example, a woman with the Moon in the 11th started her own cottage industry despite her husband's insecurity and messages of doom. Opposition to your goal can be a blessing in disguise if the tension increases your conviction and dedication to the task at hand. It can be a motivating force that pushes you onward. This is a good time to accomplish something that is truly your own. The Moon in the 11th implies personal goals. Therefore, it is very important that you reassess your present and future goals to determine if they are truly the product of your own needs and desires. Do they have great personal value to you as an individual, and will they be emotionally fulfilling when com¬pleted?

You may draw closer to friends during this time while becoming more detached from your family. This is especially true if family members object to your future goals or present situation. The Moon in the 11th suggests that you develop closer bonds in what are normally more detached relationships. Friends become family and you are more apt to confide in them. They, in turn, are more likely to help you with your project than your own family. If you are at an age when peer groups are especially important, you will depend heavily on the opinions and support of friends. There could be a logical reason for this. For example, if you are selecting a college or job, other teenagers should know a lot about schools and work programs. Information acquired from other students or through the grapevine is most helpful. In this case, the dependency and close contact with friends are important to the task at hand.

New patterns of closeness and independence evolve during the year and some vacillation may occur in all relationships. The basic interpretation for the Moon does not blend easily with that of the 11th house. The Moon is emotional and dependency-oriented while the 11th house is detached and independent. The lack of common ground can suggest a freedom-closeness conflict. You may be at a critical time period for your emotional maturation when you are about to take a big step towards greater independence. You could be planning to go away to school, live on your own, and become self-employed or self-supporting. As much as you welcome the move towards greater independence, you will also be anxious, hence the frequent revisions in your plans.

Your sense of attachment to others will also fluctuate and you may experience some relationship issues. You may not be able to depend on significant others in your life for one reason or another. They may not be dependable or supportive, or you may not want their assistance. It is difficult to actively seek out nurturing situations while at the same time struggling to establish your independence. You can experience this freedom-closeness dilemma as relationship conflicts which seem to alternate between restriction and abandonment. Reassuring others of your love can ease these growing pains. Realize mat if you appear unpredictable, others will feel threatened by your need for independence. Or this struggle might be completely reversed. You may be moving towards greater intimacy. If you have been on your own for a long time and you are now romantically involved, you could fear giving up your independence and committing to a permanent relationship. The dilemma is the same, only the situation is changed.

This placement is associated with all kinds of groups, but group meetings and activities will tend to be emotionally charged. Positively, you might be very concerned with an injustice or cause. The emotional impact of the group's efforts is a motivating force. Negatively, conflicts break out among members. Emotional and psychological factors within the group tend to complicate gatherings. This is an excellent time to join a therapy or self-help group. The Moon suggests emotional attachments within a detached setting, and you can spend a lot of time discussing your problems with your friends or group members. Whatever the situation, the goal is to share feelings. The give and take needed in relationships this year works well within support group situations where camaraderie occurs in a somewhat detached setting. In this type of group setting, you are able to experience strong emotions without being weighed down by emotional responsibility, a good combination for the individual with a freedom-closeness dilemma.

SR Moon in the SR 11th House: This is a year in which you may plant one or more significant "seeds" in terms of projects that will be carried forth down the road. It is a period of dreams for the future--an excellent year in which to come up with progressive new ideas. Still, if the Moon is unfavorable, some of these dreams may be pipe dreams. You may also find that you put a lot of effort into generating income from a business. Connections with friends or groups figure prominently this year, or a longing to belong grabs hold of you. Your emotional orientation this year is likely to be somewhat conservative but also quite steady and objective. If you are normally an intensely emotional person, you could find that you are better able to detach yourself emotionally this year. An important new friendship with a female is possible.

SR Moon in the SR 11th House: Your emotional desire to create change combines with a friendly, social adaptability to make you more of a joiner this year. You will probably enjoy working in future orientated organizations and groups, feeling more comfortable in the company of a circle of helpful acquaintances and friends than you will in one on one situations. You are likely to be more objective in your viewpoints, to approach human circumstances as concepts and ideas. This tends to gives you a certain amount of detachment and an intellectual flexibility which when viewed from the outside could appear to be a bit cold. Your high ideals and grand humanitarian concerns are usually applied to the larger concept rather than a concern with the experience of a particular individual. No matter. Your easy rapport with others, bright ideas, and mental flexibility can translate change into a brighter future for you.

See also: Moon in the 11th House;

SR Moon in the SR 12th House

You may not be very open with your feelings when the Moon is in the 12th house. This can be a time of intense emotions, but commonly they lack a clear avenue for expression. For one reason or another, you find it difficult to reveal what you are feeling or sensing intuitively. Even when you do make a revelation, you suspect you are misunderstood or ignored. Others may seem distant or detached, leaving you to cope alone with pressing emotional issues; or you might not have someone immediately available who truly understands what you are feeling. The Moon in the 12th house is common in the charts of those who have recently changed their environment and entered a new situation where they have not yet had the opportunity to foster strong emotional connections to the people around them. The perception of emotional loneliness may or may not be accurate; you could simply be more reluctant to disclose your emotions though others are willing to listen.

But there are certain situations associated with the Moon in the 12th house which typically warrant emotional restraint. If you are involved in a clandestine affair, the person you are seeing may not want to get involved emotionally. If you are dealing with the sick, disabled or dying, you might hide your feelings so as not to convey the full extent of their injury or illness. If you think that someone has purposefully tried to hurt you, you would not want him or her to see if they have succeeded. Consequently, this can be a time when you keep emotional secrets because of the anticipated reaction to their revelation.

The reasons for emotional restraint are very important. You must ascertain whether or not your situation truly prohibits emotional expression or if your own fears are limiting their expression. Even if your present relationships are restrictive, this does not mean that you cannot or should not find others to confide in. You can cultivate new friendships that allow a greater opportunity for expression. Learning to express your feelings quietly to those with whom you are most closely involved will be one of the tasks for this year.

You may be socially withdrawn and retiring, preferring to be left alone, withdrawing from the public eye. You might enjoy quiet moments at home with your family, friends or loved ones instead of social evenings out. You need extra time, and perhaps privacy, for your own interests. If you are normally an outgoing, active person, this may seem like a time of seclusion. If you are romantically involved with someone, you will want to be alone, or may have to be alone. The individual you are involved with might not want to be seen in public.

The Moon in the 12th house indicates that the emotional nature is more sensitive to those in need. This can be a year in which a lot of time is spent helping, nurturing or caring for others, especially if there is someone close to you who has a health problem. This Moon placement can suggest that someone close to you, and possibly a family member, is sick or requires hospitalization. If no one in your family is ill, you will still care for someone who is in need. You can be a Good Samaritan who willingly gives time and energy to assist others. The danger with this placement is the tendency to get involved with those who refuse to help themselves, e.g., the alcoholic, drug user, unhappily married person, or counseling candidate. You, yourself, could play victim. If this is the case, seek professional guidance in these matters.

If the Moon will cross the Ascendant by progression (approximately one degree per month) during the solar return year, this can indicate a time when emotions are released or matters emerge more into the open.

SR Moon in the SR 12th House: This influence indicates changes in your moods, your psyche, and in your spirituality. You will need to let go of your normal ego boundaries and apply great flexibility to accommodate the feelings you perceive and the needs of others. You might find that you gravitate toward and enjoy familiar places, and will not be fond of disruptive environments. Your enhanced empathetic and intuitive awareness will seek solace amid emotionally comfortable surroundings. The Moon in the 12th house indicates the possibility of changes through hidden love or love affairs. It also bids you to be aware that not every person around you has your best interest in mind. This placement indicates hidden enemies. As you transcend spiritually, you are moving from the viewpoint of a single person toward a greater oneness with life and humanity. Adaptability to trust in a higher force and in the natural outcome can serve you well on your journey.

SR Moon in the SR 12th House:

See also: Moon in the 12th House;

Natal Moon on the SR 1st House cusp

The 1st house (Ascendant) pertains to all of your efforts; the manner in which you come across to others; your immediate surroundings, and how you tend to conduct yourself, or present yourself to others. This deals with your health, your basic energy level, and in general, describes how you see your year - the "umbrella" of the year. It describes what you desire of yourself and for yourself this year.

This denotes where many changes -- and hence, events -- may occur for you during this year. This is an area where you may have great needs, especially emotionally. Your public image for the year may be effected by circumstances that unfold in this area of life. It also indicates the areas of life in which you may form significant relationships (intimate ones) for the year. It can indicate a potential partnership or marriage in that area of life during the year. It may also indicate an area of life where dependencies upon, or with, other people may form, and these dependencies may not be healthy for you if a high degree of trust is not present. Personal qualities exhibited in this area of life are sensitive, caring, emotional, and perhaps fickle and restless.

Natal Moon on the SR 2nd House cusp

The 2nd house pertains to your money, income, savings, and new possessions.

This denotes where many changes - and hence, events -- may occur for you during this year. This is an area where you may have great needs, especially emotionally. Your public image for the year may be effected by circumstances that unfold in this area of life. It also indicates the areas of life in which you may form significant relationships (intimate ones) for the year. It can indicate a potential partnership or marriage in that area of life during the year. It may also indicate an area of life where dependencies upon, or with, other people may form, and these dependencies may not be healthy for you if a high degree of trust is not present. Personal qualities exhibited in this area of life are sensitive, caring, emotional, and perhaps fickle and restless.

Natal Moon on the SR 3rd House cusp

The 3rd house pertains to your mental state and intellectual ideas; communications; automobiles and computers - or anything that assists in communications; neighbors, brothers and sisters; your writings and correspondences.

This denotes where many changes -- and hence, events -- may occur for you during this year. This is an area where you may have great needs, especially emotionally. Your public image for the year may be effected by circumstances that unfold in this area of life. It also indicates the areas of life in which you may form significant relationships (intimate ones) for the year. It can indicate a potential partnership or marriage in that area of life during the year. It may also indicate an area of life where dependencies upon, or with, other people may form, and these dependencies may not be healthy for you if a high degree of trust is not present. Personal qualities exhibited in this area of life are sensitive, caring, emotional, and perhaps fickle and restless.

Natal Moon on the SR 4th House cusp

The 4th house (I.C.) pertains to your home and your family; also your basic needs, your inner self, the "real you." This has to do with your domestic setting, the people you live with, and your parents.

This denotes where many changes -- and hence, events -- may occur for you during this year. This is an area where you may have great needs, especially emotionally. Your public image for the year may be effected by circumstances that unfold in this area of life. It also indicates the areas of life in which you may form significant relationships (intimate ones) for the year. It can indicate a potential partnership or marriage in that area of life during the year. It may also indicate an area of life where dependencies upon, or with, other people may form, and these dependencies may not be healthy for you if a high degree of trust is not present. Personal qualities exhibited in this area of life are sensitive, caring, emotional, and perhaps fickle and restless.

Natal Moon on the SR 5th House cusp

Natal Moon on the SR 6th House cusp

The 6th house pertains to your health and work setting. Regarding work, it deals with "how" you work and with whom you work, and who works for you or with you.

This denotes where many changes -- and hence, events -- may occur for you during this year. This is an area where you may have great needs, especially emotionally. Your public image for the year may be effected by circumstances that unfold in this area of life. It also indicates the areas of life in which you may form significant relationships (intimate ones) for the year. It can indicate a potential partnership or marriage in that area of life during the year. It may also indicate an area of life where dependencies upon, or with, other people may form, and these dependencies may not be healthy for you if a high degree of trust is not present. Personal qualities exhibited in this area of life are sensitive, caring, emotional, and perhaps fickle and restless.

Natal Moon on the SR 7th House cusp

The 7th house (Descendant) pertains to your marriage and partnerships (including business); it also pertains to others who represent or misrepresent you (lawyers, spokespersons, open enemies).

This denotes where many changes -- and hence, events -- may occur for you during this year. This is an area where you may have great needs, especially emotionally. Your public image for the year may be effected by circumstances that unfold in this area of life. It also indicates the areas of life in which you may form significant relationships (intimate ones) for the year. It can indicate a potential partnership or marriage in that area of life during the year. It may also indicate an area of life where dependencies upon, or with, other people may form, and these dependencies may not be healthy for you if a high degree of trust is not present. Personal qualities exhibited in this area of life are sensitive, caring, emotional, and perhaps fickle and restless.

Natal Moon on the SR 8th House cusp

The 8th house pertains to your dealings with taxes, insurance, estate and death matters, and also sexual issues. It may describe the nature of threats you encounter during the year, but if positive, may also describe gifts, loans, scholarships, grants, etc. It describes the nature of one's research or investigative pursuits. It may also indicate conflicts between obligations to others versus work which one wishes to pursue.

This denotes where many changes -- and hence, events -- may occur for you during this year. This is an area where you may have great needs, especially emotionally. Your public image for the year may be effected by circumstances that unfold in this area of life. It also indicates the areas of life in which you may form significant relationships (intimate ones) for the year. It can indicate a potential partnership or marriage in that area of life during the year. It may also indicate an area of life where dependencies upon, or with, other people may form, and these dependencies may not be healthy for you if a high degree of trust is not present. Personal qualities exhibited in this area of life are sensitive, caring, emotional, and perhaps fickle and restless.

Natal Moon on the SR 9th House cusp

The 9th house pertains to your long distance travels, legal decisions, publishing, and educational pursuits, as well as in-laws and second marriage, if it applies. It also deals with philosophical matters like religion and "the meaning life".

This denotes where many changes -- and hence, events -- may occur for you during this year. This is an area where you may have great needs, especially emotionally. Your public image for the year may be effected by circumstances that unfold in this area of life. It also indicates the areas of life in which you may form significant relationships (intimate ones) for the year. It can indicate a potential partnership or marriage in that area of life during the year. It may also indicate an area of life where dependencies upon, or with, other people may form, and these dependencies may not be healthy for you if a high degree of trust is not present. Personal qualities exhibited in this area of life are sensitive, caring, emotional, and perhaps fickle and restless.

Natal Moon on the SR 10th House cusp

Natal Moon on the SR 11th House cusp

The 11th house pertains to your friends, as well as people you have "power struggles" with; your professional rewards and accomplishments; the realization of your efforts; your dealings within groups.

This denotes where many changes -- and hence, events -- may occur for you during this year. This is an area where you may have great needs, especially emotionally. Your public image for the year may be effected by circumstances that unfold in this area of life. It also indicates the areas of life in which you may form significant relationships (intimate ones) for the year. It can indicate a potential partnership or marriage in that area of life during the year. It may also indicate an area of life where dependencies upon, or with, other people may form, and these dependencies may not be healthy for you if a high degree of trust is not present. Personal qualities exhibited in this area of life are sensitive, caring, emotional, and perhaps fickle and restless.

Natal Moon on the SR 12th House cusp

The 12th house pertains to your dealings behind the scenes, or the behind-the-scenes-dealings which effect you; hospitals, prisons, jails, places of confinement; your "fantasy" world; places of reclusion; your secrets and private world.

This denotes where many changes -- and hence, events -- may occur for you during this year. This is an area where you may have great needs, especially emotionally. Your public image for the year may be effected by circumstances that unfold in this area of life. It also indicates the areas of life in which you may form significant relationships (intimate ones) for the year. It can indicate a potential partnership or marriage in that area of life during the year. It may also indicate an area of life where dependencies upon, or with, other people may form, and these dependencies may not be healthy for you if a high degree of trust is not present. Personal qualities exhibited in this area of life are sensitive, caring, emotional, and perhaps fickle and restless.