SR Mars in the SR 1st House

A year of exceptional energy, but good planning is needed to prevent wasting a lot of time in aimlessly running from interest to interest without accomplishing anything. Self-assurance is fine, but don't become arrogant and confrontational.

This is a year when you seem to have more energy, especially if you do your own thing and enjoy what you are doing. You can get an earlier start, last longer and work harder. For those who are interested in body work, this is a great time for physical exercise. You could have more energy than you can easily contain and it is to your advantage to work it off in a variety of ways, both physically and intellectually. The energy surge should also be channeled into practical projects. You have the ability to conceive of a plan and independently com¬plete a task. Most likely, the task you choose to work on requires much personal initiative and self-motivation.

This is the year to get in touch with your unique drive for accomplishment. Ego fulfillment and self-interest are important at this time since personal needs are more pressing and demand your attention. You could accomplish a lot if you focus on these needs and allow activities to develop naturally.

Much good can eventually arise from your desire to meet and fulfill present and future personal goals. For example, one individual started his own business with Mars in the 1st house conjunct Saturn. He was able to channel his physical energy and organizational ability into a productive accomplishment which required many hours on the job. By the end of the year, he was totally self-sufficient and able to enjoy a very independent lifestyle. Before quitting his former job, he was very angry and frustrated, but the positive use of his feeling of job dissatisfaction led to the new career.

It is true that the seeds sown this year tend to reflect self-interest, but the goal may not be selfish at all. The intent is to apply energy toward self-actualization, and in doing so the ego is able to foster new projects and develop strengths which were previously unrealized.

You should feel good about personal application and hard work as long as you don't overtax yourself and your energy is not drained away by conflict or, by too many diverse interests. Aspects to Mars in the 1st house correlate to interactions and interchanges with various people and situations.

Oppositions can indicate power struggles within yourself (yet involving others) as you try to balance your needs with the needs of others. If not understood, these struggles weaken and restrict personal energy. Balance is required. Square aspects can indicate activities which scatter your attention in different directions.

Despite your high level of energy, you can attempt to do too many things at one time. If Mars in the 1st house is squared by Saturn in the 10th house, you might feel pulled between your desire to fulfill personal needs and your need to meet job responsibilities. Time is limited and handling both activities adequately will be difficult. The conflicts you experience with others naturally push you toward functioning on your own (which may be the ultimate goal of this placement), but it is to your advantage to balance all the needs in your life. Failure to recognize personal needs while overemphasizing the needs of others can lead to much anger. Selfish preoccupation can lead to conflict.

Anger in any form is certainly an issue during the year. This is not the time for passivity, and you should be more vocal about what you want. If you feel compelled to defend your rights, you can do this without alienating others. Persistent anger is a negative manifestation and a misuse of energy. You can become your own worst enemy by either abusing others (in the name of anger and self-defense) or allowing yourself to be exploited (self-destruction). In either case, anger drains away your stamina and prevents you from being more productive. It undermines your ability to accomplish. Although your anger is aroused more quickly this year, it is important to handle conflicts effectively. Use assertiveness to take corrective action and then channel your energy in more positive ways.

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SR Mars in the SR 2nd House

For employed individuals, Mars in the 2nd house usually indicates an income based on commissions or sales. You are able to hustle for a higher income, and your earnings, at least in part, depend on how actively you focus on making money. Even if your income is normally based on a fixed hourly rate, you may be involved in an incentive program or contest which rewards you for the amount of work you are able to generate or handle. If you are considering self-employment on the side, then this might be a good time to piggyback a new budding career on top of a present full/part-time position. Your salary is then augmented by the second job. In some way, the amount of money you earn is at least partially tied to the amount of work you accomplish, and consequently, your income may be affected positively. If you refuse to put in any extra effort or even maintain your present level of involvement, your earnings might be affected negatively.

Mars in the 2nd is also indicative of individuals who either take a pay cut during the year, or do not charge enough for their services. Pay cuts are generally self-initiated, though not always. You can opt for a salary decrease if you really desire fewer working hours and more free time. If your focus is already shifting to other areas, you will not be willing to put extra time and effort into an old routine. Having more freedom gives you more time to work on future goals you are creating and pursuing. If you are self-employed or directly involved with the future success of your employer's company, you can accept a pay cut to insure the future viability of the business and your job. It is possible that both manifestations of Mars, hustling for money and accepting a pay cut, will operate within the same year. For example, if you start your own business, you may leave a steady job with a good salary. Initially, you earn less and have to hustle to establish your business and draw new customers.

Arguments over finances are possible if you are sharing resources with another person. How you earn money (or what you do for a living), and how you spend money (or what bills you pay, don't pay, and what you choose to purchase), may be points of contention. You feel the need to decide personally how you will earn money and what you will do with it once you get it. For those who are not employed during the year, but are dependent on others for financial support, this placement can be associated with arguments over the distribution of funds. With Mars in the 2nd house, you should normally want to participate actively in the money-making process, but if you do not work, the ambition normally reflected in your own earning power can be projected onto the provider. He or she may or may not have your same desire for success, but generally will not meet your expectations. His or her perceived ineptitude or mismanagement becomes a bone of contention. The underlying issue is not his or her failure as a provider; this person cannot meet your needs since these needs are innately your own. You cannot give away energy and expect others to use it solely for the purpose intended.

Mars in the 2nd indicates your own need to be financially successful, independent and in control of your financial resources. It is difficult to do this when you are not working. The best way to proceed is to take action on your own. Carve out your own little financial niche. Become a fund raiser for a non-profit organization or your child's PTA association. Help your spouse or counterpart by taking the initiative in areas he or she has not considered. Lend support by establishing yourself as an independent and equal financial partner. Don't squander your own abilities and ignore your own needs. Complaints are no substitute for financial potential and ambition. If you feel that you cannot work in any capacity at this time, realize that others cannot and should not be held responsible for your psychological need for success in this area. If you do not understand this principle, your behavior can become self-defeating. You can spend money impulsively, faster man your provider can make it, which is a negative form of financial control (or lack thereof).

The 2nd house is also the house of self-worth, material values and traditional morals. During the year, you will be very aware of how others treat you and whether or not you receive the respect you deserve. If you are not fully appreciated, you can assertively or even aggressively stand up for yourself, your decisions and your lifestyle. Your material value system is changing and you set new priorities which are more consistent with your personal perspective. Moral decisions are made independently and you are willing to support your stance vocally. You are not afraid to go against the grain and will actively pursue what you deem worthy or essential even if you must defend or protect yourself from the remarks of others.

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SR Mars in the SR 3rd House

During the coming year, you have the ability to speak with great urgency and can motivate others to respond to problems and solutions as you see them. Your speech may not be elegant and memo¬rable quotes are unlikely, but your main goal is to incite others to action. You are assertive, direct and to the point. In the assessment of any situation or dilemma, you are able to cut to the heart of the matter and concisely state the issues. If you must mediate a dispute, you will not pussyfoot around sensitive topics. Your mind is sharp and you will call a spade a spade. Your insights lead to action and your negotiation tactics will not include placation or appeasement.

Ideas move quickly through your head and therefore this is an excellent time for learning. A high level of energy and enthusiasm can permeate your studies and you can grasp central concepts with ease. But, if you allow your mind to wander aimlessly and scatter your thoughts superficially through many topics, knowledge will be based only on half-truths. There is a tendency to scratch the surface only and not follow through. Impulsive decisions based on incomplete information are possible if you do not wait patiently for all the facts to be made available to you. You can jump to conclusions and respond without thinking, especially if you are angry or unconsciously motivated. Mars in the 3rd is not generally associated with accurate thought processes, but more likely rapid thoughts, and unfortunately accuracy can be sacrificed for speed.

You might tend to lose your temper, or have a mind set that refuses to compromise when locked in conflict. In rare instances, a sibling plays a role in the conflict either directly or indirectly. During the year, your more forceful speech patterns can lead to arguments with others, especially if you are angry over past events or presently involved in a continuing dispute. Excessive anger or lengthy conflicts will color your perceptions and allow your offensive or defensive attitudes to spill over into everyday situations. Your remarks can be very cutting. Both in and out of the conflict, you tend to overstate your position and can alienate others if you are not mindful of what you say and how you say it. If anger truly motivates your responses, it is unlikely that you will enlist anyone's help; you are more likely to offend. It's true, you are good at fighting this year and you may be involved in a situation that demands self-defense. If you must defend yourself verbally, your words can be well-placed and insightful. You have the ability to be verbally cruel and you clearly see your opponent's Achilles heel. Even if you are all bark and no bite, the bark will still be impressive. If you are not angry but find that others are extremely nasty to you and tend to make many hurtful comments, reassess your own statements. They may be more damaging than you realize. For the most positive manifestation, focus on either physical or psychological self-defense. Study one of the martial arts or take a course in assertiveness. Become involved with community activism. Do not allow your voice to be simply heard - make it count.

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SR Mars in the SR 4th House

You are more likely to expend energy working around the house. You can redecorate or renovate your living quarters, but projects you decide to tackle will probably involve lots of do-it-yourself elbow grease. Renovations are not necessarily beautiful, but do tend to involve a lot of hard work or at least more work than would normally be required. Repairs and renovations tend to be "first time" projects. For example, a newly married couple may inherit a lot of used furniture from relatives which they decide to refinish before placing in their apartment or home. Consequently, the decorating project becomes more difficult than simply purchasing furniture. Minor repairs tend to grow into major hassles that require a lot of work once you get into them. Simply retiling a bathroom is hard enough, but when you discover you must replace the rotten walls underneath the tile, the job becomes much more demanding.

It is common to have a conflict occurring between family mem¬bers or within the domestic environment. If you live alone, the conflict will probably be with your parents or family members, but if you live with anyone, even a roommate, your conflict is more likely to be in the home. Sometimes the confrontations can encompass both sets of individuals and situations. It does not matter whether you are angry about events as they occur or situations in the past; the anger is just as real in either case. The reality of the situation is probably that past and present perspectives are connected. Circumstances similar to the past are probably occurring in the present and triggering old feelings of resentment and hurt.

This is a time to air old resentments and release hurt feelings so that circumstances in the future can be different. Unless you under¬stand me past hurts, you will not be able to correct present-day detrimental situations. It is possible that those closest to you are hurting you regardless of their intention. They may not see your pain, but you can explain it to them logically if you understand the mechanism yourself. Perhaps you are being taken advantage of or staying in a situation which is not emotionally healthy for you, but allows your conflicting emotions to surface.

For example, a teenager from a wealthy family expected to go on to college, but his parents were divorced and fighting over who should pay for his education. Neither one offered to help and it looked like both would refuse to lend any assistance. This caused great tension between the teenager and his parents and there were many fights in the home. The teenager honestly felt that he had raised himself to begin with, and had allowed his parents to take advantage of his willingness to accept responsibility for himself even at a very young age. It was during this Mars placement that he realized he had allowed an emotionally unhealthy situation to persist. All during his childhood he had managed alone and never had the luxury of being able to depend on his parents. He also never confronted his parents or his anger with them. He was now very upset that his emotional needs were never met either in the past nor in the present. He became very vocal about this specific pattern of relating, but less argumentative over little things. He zeroed in on me root of the problem and subsequently sought out a family counselor.

This is a time when unconscious anger surfaces and individuals begin to see behavioral patterns reminiscent of the past and most particularly childhood. Seeing these patterns creates great stress, but the goal is not to live with the conflict, but to break the pattern. The need for emotional self-protection is implied by this placement, and you should want to protect yourself from future uncomfortable situations. It is up to every individual to seek new ways of interacting which fulfill rather than compromise emotional needs. Try to under¬stand the "why" of anger as well as the "when" and "how." Repeti¬tive conflicts which lack any insight allow you to spin your wheels without growth.

It is particularly important to understand family interactions since they are the key to all relationship dynamics. If Mars is in aspect to Neptune, conflicts may be built on misunderstandings and you should investigate. Once a divorcee with small children chose to live far away from her parents. She honestly thought that they would not want her around since they never offered to help her during the divorce proceedings. But her parents were very upset that she moved away and never sought their help. They assumed she knew she was always welcome in their home and they were ready to lend a hand. They held back, not wanting to interfere, while she left, not wanting to ask for help. Neptune was in the 10th house opposed to Mars in the solar return 4th house. This is a good time to take the initiative in handling emotional conflicts. If misunderstandings are occurring, open up the lines of communication. Seek counseling for very diffi¬cult and detrimental situations, and protect yourself from further stress. Use assertiveness rather than anger to dismantle unconscious complexes which lead to painful interactions.

A few may decide to set up a home office and work totally or partially out of their residence during the year. Mars can be indicative of a side-line business you start or enter into with other family members. If you retain your regular job, it may ease your workload if you can bring more work home with you in the evening. Adjustments or conflicts in the balance of work and home life can be an issue. This is true both for those who work out of the home and those who bring work home. It is also true for individuals or couples sharing household chores and repairs. The division of labor within the home can be a topic of discussion or conflict. Renegotiating responsibilities for family chores commonly occurs when life situations are changing and one individual is now home more or less than previously.

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SR Mars in the SR 5th House

Mars in the 5th house indicates a more assertive style of self-expression. This may be most evident in creative projects, but it can also manifest in the personality. You are less likely to practice self-restraint and more likely to take risks. You are willing to go out on a limb with a new train of thought. You gain confidence by trying new things, although in the beginning your confidence tends to be fragile. This is a time when you can state what you want and go after what you need. You are direct and concise with a no-nonsense style that lets you be who you want to be. You refuse to surrender your right to freedom of self-expression, and if someone is attempting to suppress your ideas or restrict your movements (regardless of their motives), you will fight back. For example, an astrology student with this placement consistently refused to give up her studies when her fundamentalist parents objected. Despite their feelings, she could not be swayed. You are very aware of the personality's need for self-preservation and integrity. If someone is a threat, malicious or otherwise, you are ready to defend yourself. If you are involved in a continuing conflict, you will be willing to take the offensive if the situation warrants it. Some may think you are too pushy, and perhaps you are if you need to be reminded of the rights of others. Use this energy for creative endeavors and free self-expression. Do not focus on dominating or controlling others (especially children and lovers).

It is not especially common to start a love relationship during the year, but if you do, the relationship can be very exciting and based on a strong sexual attraction. Desire and passion are most likely evoked by the person you are seeing, and these feelings play an important role in the relationship choices you make. Romance may not be as important as the electrifying energy that passes between the two of you when you are together. But there is no guarantee that a relationship will be all passion and no conflict; in fact, the fire that heats up your passion can also heat up your temper. In addition to the strong attraction, there is also a need for self-defense and unrestricted self-, expression as discussed above. How do you defend yourself against a strong passion which is essentially an invisible power difficult to control? How do you maintain unrestricted self-expression when you are strongly involved with another person? Conflicts in relationships are common since couples will feel both the pull of attraction and the push for expression, or the desire for merger balanced by the need for freedom. Learning to maintain some measure of self-control and self-expression while in a relationship is the key to this placement.

If Mars is strongly aspected in the solar return chart, the relationship will be further complicated by other needs and issues in your life. For example, if Mars is squared by a planet in me 2nd house and you are presently married with traditional monogamous morals; guilt can conflict with your passionate involvement. Mars opposed from the 11th can indicate a relationship which vacillates in its intensity. You and your partner may wonder whether you two are really lovers or merely friends. If a planet in the 8th house is square to Mars in me 5th, you and your lover may have different sexual rhythms, preferences or ethics which need to be discussed and balanced.

If you are a parent, your children may be pushing for new levels of independence, regardless of their age. One-year-olds go from crawling to running; toddlers enter the terrible twos; older children start school; teenagers learn to drive, get that first job, leave home to attend college, or start living on their own. The task they are working on is not as important as the reaction it causes in you. Basically, you are not ready for the changes and may disapprove of the choices they are making or the behavior they are exhibiting while out of your sight. Children appear more disruptive during this period of transition, but you are also less patient. They are probably coping with new situations, abilities and problems. The newness builds stress and they are easily frustrated. You, in turn, wish they would return to their old pattern of behavior which seems more settled and less taxing.

If your children are younger, they may disobey you, but if they are older, they will not only disagree with you, they will argue with you. They are probably intelligent enough to point out all the flaws and discrepancies in your restrictions and disciplinary tactics. Don't be surprised when they confront you with a logical attack on these inconsistencies. This exchange forces you to further define your position on any one issue and enables the child to push for change and freedom consistent with his or her real or imagined level of maturity. You, however, may not see it that way and attribute most of the tension to simple parent-child confrontations. These minor conflicts tend to be aggravating, but easier to handle than the well-planned, persistently orchestrated debate put on by some teenagers.

For those more creative individuals, this is a time for original work in new areas of expertise. You should be willing to take artistic risks with your creations. If you are an artisan, experiment with new products or designs. If you are a writer, try a new style or genre. Innovations are important, and you can receive constructive criticism over your new approach. You should be ready to defend or explain your choices, but also use the information to refine your technique.

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SR Mars in the SR 6th House

The ability to work independently or with a limited amount of supervision is shown by Mars in the 6th house. You can work entirely on your own or set up your own business, but independence can be relative. A medical laboratory student completed a year-long intern¬ship with intense supervision and graduated to her first full-time job when Mars entered this house. During the coming year, her work no longer required constant verification; however, she continued to work in a large laboratory setting with others. If possible, it is better for you to work alone and/or be your own boss. You have the ability to be self-motivated and can initiate and complete projects without prompting.

Workaholic tendencies are likely, especially if you have dead¬lines to meet or if crises periodically occur. Compulsive work habits that are carried too far eventually begin to affect one's health nega¬tively. On-the-job tension is possible for those who work too hard or find the working environment unpleasant. You could be easily an¬gered or frustrated by your working conditions, co-workers or em¬ployer. Conflicts can ensue. A fellow who was used to a very profes¬sional environment found it difficult to adjust to the lackadaisical attitude of co-workers and managers when he changed jobs and began working at a new office. He was aghast to discover the poor quality of service being rendered to clients; consequently, the situation caused him great stress. If you are easily angered and frustrated by your work, make suggestions which will help to improve condi¬tions for everyone. Complaining is associated with this placement, but it would be more advantageous to take the initiative for problem solving. If presented tactfully, your ideas can be accepted and may help to straighten out office difficulties or conflicts.

Caution is warranted when Mars is in the 6th house of health. If your health is slipping, start to reassess your habits, specifically looking for health practices or routines which are not good for you. It is not uncommon to find you are working against your own well-being. If you are presently healthy and follow a beneficial program of exercise and diet, you need not have any difficulty with this placement. Problems are more apparent when you are doing something you should not be doing. Generally, negative patterns do not develop during the year, but only become more obvious. This is the time you begin to see the effect of these detrimental habits and possibly feel pressured to control your behavior. Basically healthy individuals are more likely to discover minor impediments which can easily be corrected. For example, one woman noticed that her cholesterol count was rising and realized she consistently ate foods high in fat content. Another realized she was overdosing her body with megavitamins.

Common minor problems include overeating, harmful dieting, consuming foods which upset the system (such as caffeine products, hot or spicy dishes, salty snacks, allergy-producing substances), failure to treat minor or chronic health problems, over-scheduling activities, and aggravating skeletal problems with strenuous activity or lifting.

Serious health problems are related to self-destructive habits which tend to be especially noticeable and threatening this year. The more serious threats to health correlate with the more excessive habits practiced over a long period of time (obesity; drug, alcohol or cigarette addictions; self-neglect or abuse; compulsive or stressful work habits; anorexia, bulimia, malnutrition, yo-yo dieting or other indiscretions). Surgery is possible during the year, especially those surgeries associated with infections (appendectomy and tonsillectomy), and those surgeries considered to be elective (sterilization, cosmetic, or corrective).

The purpose of this placement is to make you more aware of any detrimental habits you might have. Correcting the habit can alleviate the health problem. Learn to take better care of yourself. This is an excellent time to exercise your way to better health.

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SR Mars in the SR 7th House

This is a time to be energized by another person who can get you to do something you would not or could not do alone. In its most positive manifestation, collaboration with another carries you towards the initiation and completion of a project or joint endeavor. If the two of you can agree on mutual goals, you both can make great strides together. Your partner's enthusiasm and drive become the primary motivating force. Most likely, it is the other person's charac¬ter which provides the spark of inspiration and the encouragement necessary to begin the task, but it is the interactive qualities of the relationship which keep each of you at a high energy level, working towards completion.

Hopefully, you will be dealing with someone who has your best interests at heart. The problem associated with this placement is that you can be led down the wrong path if you do not choose your friends and partners carefully. If you are connected to individuals who are bad for you, their effect will be negative. For example, if you wish to start a food cooperative and your spouse feels you are too inept to succeed, his or her negative influence will hurt your chances for success. But if he or she is totally supportive, and in fact, leads the way, your chances are greatly improved. A lot depends on the partner's attitude. Since you are so susceptible to the influences of others, it is important to assess who the others are. Contacts can range from the most positive to the most detrimental, from successful achievement to damaging encounters. In the worst manifestation, involvement in a crime is possible. It is important to identify those relationships which are wrong for you and counteract their influence. Cultivate those more positive involvements which enhance your psychological health and soul qualities.

There is the possibility that you will be in a relationship which involves conflict. You may be angry with someone you see daily or this other person may be angry with you; anger in both directions is possible. It seems that every time you try to express your feelings to this other person, the two of you become involved in an argument. If this is your present situation, you could be involved in an ongoing conflict that continues throughout most of the year and colors your perceptions and attitudes.

Eventually, your frustration can spill over into other areas of your life and affect other relationships as well if you do not understand and contain the negative impact the conflict is having on your life. Disagreements may be poorly defined or specific, but generally involve a daily ongoing process. For example, a young man was to' have inherited his grandfather's watch, but unfortunately, just before the grandfather died, another relative had him change his will and the watch went to an uncle instead. It just so happened that the young man worked with the uncle daily in a family-run business. The uncle spent much time talking about his good fortune. The young man constantly felt angry and tense at work because of the uncle's presence and actions.

The conflict may only involve a general dislike for a person you see on a regular basis, or it can be more. Interactions range from mild irritation to legal battles, personal vendettas, both sexual and nonsexual harassment, and aggression of any kind. More than likely, another is an aggressor if you allow yourself to be the victim. Don't lose sight of your self-esteem and need for self-expression. Be aware of your rights in any given situation. Someone may be telling you what to do, what to wear and who to be. You need to learn to practice assertiveness this year and it could be necessary to learn to protect or defend yourself. In very difficult situations, you need to decide whether you will fight or retreat. Some situations can be ignored, or controlled; others require a more definitive response.

Learning to cope with angry people and angry situations may be part of the lesson associated with Mars in the 7th house of the solar return chart. Now is the time to deal with unresolved issues even if they have lain dormant for many years. Time is running out and you must act now. Learn to handle the curt responses and hurtful remarks and go for the heart of the conflict. Do not get sidetracked. Force the issues into the open so they can be discussed and understood from all sides. As long as anger remains denied or insidious, problems cannot be resolved. If resolutions are totally unattainable, learn to shield yourself from the barbs or retreat to more beneficial situations. Do not stay in situations which are detrimental or counteract positive growth and insight.

Mars is also the planet of competitiveness. Here in the 7th house, it shows that the spirit of competition spurs you to action. You will be motivated to work harder if you are competing with peers or even enemies. The "I'll show you" attitude can work in your favor. You are very sensitive to criticism from others this year, and anticipation of future criticism, either real or imagined, can motivate you to work harder now and get more done.

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SR Mars in the SR 8th House

There is a transforming quality associated with Mars in the 8th and much energy can be applied towards gaining insight into sexual, financial and psychological matters. Resulting changes may come through enlightenment or through conflict. Either way, changes are likely to be very strong and powerful.

Sexual issues revolve around changing sexual needs, attitudes and ethics which are in a state of transition, possibly affecting others.

During this time, physical needs may increase or decrease and sexual practices can change to meet those needs accordingly. Owning your own body, recognizing your sexual desires and taking responsibility for your own actions can be an important process leading to mature sexual ethics. The quality of any sexual relationship is particularly important and you will become aware of the full range of expression either in your own life or through contacts with friends, neighbors, family or casual acquaintances. Exchanging sexual information will help you weigh your experiences and can be crucial to further enlightenment and understanding. Should you be involved in a fulfilling sexual relationship, the transforming quality of your involvement will augment your growth and positively influence other areas of your psyche. Should you feel sexually unrewarded, used or abused, the physical demands on the body and the psychological damage to the psyche will impede growth.

Very negative situations exist when partners struggle over sexuality and ethics, or end up exchanging sex for money, position or control. Purely sexual conflicts focus on the differences in moral standards. You, yourself, can be of two minds concerning your own sexual behavior, or you may conflict with those you are emotionally involved with. Sexual difficulties between couples (including con¬flicting needs, schedules or idiosyncrasies) are possible when Mars is much stressed. Aspects from the 8th house Mars to any other succedent house planet can illuminate the characteristics of these dilemmas. Sometimes the conflict involves both sex and money. For example, married couples who have built their relations around conflict and a persistent lack of cooperation may exchange money for sex. If the wife has sex with her husband tonight, he gives her money tomorrow. Other, more subtle variations of this scenario can occur, such as a business associate who uses sexuality to sleep his or her way to the top.

Financial issues related to Mars in the 8th house usually reflect the partner's need to control his or her own resources and the possibility of cost-cutting measures. Concern over debts is likely, if the debt situation is severe, and this is a good time to see a financial advisor. Disagreements or even fights over spending practices and joint resources are possible. The tendency will be to haggle over "who pays for what," but major conflicts need not ensue. Separated or divorced partners might fight over alimony or child support, and the conflict can end up in court, especially if the litigants are stubborn, and oppositions run between 2nd and 8th house planets in the solar return chart. Contested wills and inheritance conflicts are also pos-sible.

Psychologically, Mars in the 8th house can be indicative of deep-seated anger and long-lasting resentment. You might be upset with someone for transgressions that have occurred in the past or conflicts that are occurring in the present. If your disagreement was in me past, Mars here shows the resentment you still hold and need to resolve. Until you do release this negative energy, you will feel as if you are at war with yourself. Pervasive anger blocks you from achieving your fullest potential. This is a time meant for reviewing old resentments and defining exactly what you were angry about. Understanding past situations in the light of new information and more mature attitudes can help you release psychological blockages. Confronting anger intelligently can lead to greater freedom.

If you are involved in a present-day conflict, you can be locked into a never-ending battle with another person if neither of you will agree to a compromise. This conflict can be detrimental to your mental health if it involves psychological manipulation. Guilt and fear are the main manipulative tools used to control the psyche and you may be the victim or the perpetrator. Do not allow manipulative people to control your behavior by pushing your buttons. Dismantle those responses mat are not in your best interests, and deal intelli¬gently with manipulations, controlling messages and power issues.

Regardless of whether the conflict is a past or a present one, your anger will not fade easily until it is examined and understood. Learning to gain control will be an important task for the coming year and the more you understand about your own anger response mechanism, the greater the power you will maintain over your destiny.

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SR Mars in the SR 9th House

This year you will identify strongly with your religious, philosophical and ethical beliefs, and this is a good time to actively pursue further investigations in these areas. Round-table discussions of these topics lead to a clearer understanding of issues and possible implications. Spiritual concerns and dilemmas may be especially important during the coming year. Learn to share your thoughts rattier than force issues. Support your words with actions and work for those causes you believe in. Motivate others with the strength of your conviction. Your commitment can be inspirational. Positively, this is a time when you can become a strong proponent of truth and justice; but, negatively, you may be prejudiced or intolerant of the beliefs of others if you use your convictions to assume a holier-than-thou stance. There is no guarantee your beliefs will be beneficial to your spiritual growth or to those you come in contact with.

The 9th house is the house of all beliefs, not just those that are philosophical in nature. With Mars in this house, if you believe you have been wronged in the past, you will tend to take an offensive rather than neutral position regarding similar issues, events or relationships. Anger could be inherent to your belief system, making you feel duty-bound to correct past situations or eliminate the possibility of recurrence. If you work in the humanitarian field, you can fight for the rights of underprivileged people rather than brood over a per¬sonal problem. Mars in the 9th is noted for soapbox warfare (standing on a soap box and pleading with the masses to end this deplorable situation). But the difficulty with this placement is the very negative manifestation which allows the individual to justify offensiveness in personal matters. Inequities in the past should not become an excuse for inequities in the present. A strong defense is more appropriate to this placement than a strong offense (as long as the defense is not an impenetrable fortress).

During the year, review your responses to anger-producing situations and consider ways to express anger in a more constructive manner. You need to learn to cope effectively with certain common or recurring situations in your life. You may not be able to control these difficult situations completely, but you are able to control your reactions. Choose a course of action which provides you with a good response while not escalating the problem. Now is the time to develop a game plan for handling anger-producing events, especially if you presently find it difficult to cope. Your anger might have been ineffectual in the past. Jumping up and down and screaming is generally ineffective. So is total retreat. Learning to express anger intelligently is an important task to be mastered during the year.

The 9th house is also the house of travel. With Mars in this house, you tend to take quick and perhaps nerve-wracking trips. Most likely, you may not be able to relax while traveling, and problems with weather, travel connections, and accommodations are possible. That does not mean mat you can't enjoy traveling, but you should be careful not to pack too much into each trip. If you are very careless or angry, it is possible to have a minor accident while traveling, but this will probably occur only in very difficult, careless or angry situations. The mind can be very active, and consequently this is a good time to be self-taught. You can motivate yourself to gain knowledge while studying on your own. You should be involved in some intellectual pursuit, either alone or with others, be it school, teaching, lecturing, learning, etc. This is not the year to let your mind lie idle. Do research and find your own truth. Actively acquire information and organize it according to your beliefs.

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SR Mars in the SR 10th House

Mars in the 10th house suggests an aggressive business style or energetic attitude towards career tasks. Many times the individual with this placement realizes that he or she must work harder during the coming year either to get ahead or stay ahead. Competition from other businesses or co-workers can provide the impetus towards greater productivity, but many times the individual is only in competition with himself or herself. There may or may not be a specific change in the work environment that indicates this need to switch into high gear. Internal signals are as likely as external motivations.

This is a good time to focus on career ambitions and use the energy surge for both immediate career goals and long-term developments. During the year, you should take the initiative and capitalize on your ability to be self-motivating. Projects that require originality, independent work and/or aggressive action are suited to your style. Try new techniques, tools and directions. Use this time to initiate a project or start your own business. Professional success can result from independent efforts, and as a rule, you will prefer working alone. Specific situations which are consistent with this interpretation include: working on a commission basis and trying to land the "big deal"; attracting new clients, particularly those requiring active pursuit; and starting a new business or relocating an old one to a new area, since you must hustle to make things work, break even or move ahead.

Those who cannot find a positive outlet for this energy surge will feel frustrated with their present employer or career responsibilities. If you are not self-employed, or do not have the freedom to work independently, clashes with authority figures are likely. In some instances you can be motivated by your boss's demands, but generally, tension between you and upper management can build into a stressful situation for one reason or another. High pressure situations and workaholic tendencies are associated with this placement and if your boss is too demanding, your workload can be overwhelming or even impossible. You can accomplish a lot this year, but do not do so at the expense of your mental or physical health. (Check aspects going to the 6th house.) Do not allow workaholic tendencies to prevent you from going on vacation. It is important that you practice relaxation techniques and take time off. It is also important to learn to control, deflect or address tension-producing issues.

In very negative situations, the stress at work is exacerbated by unreasonable or difficult authority figures. It would be best if you could work alone, since you may not like working for, with, or under anyone. The natural creative energies will be more evident if the motivation is internalized and allowed to flourish, but this is not always the case. If you must deal daily with an argumentative boss, you need to look at your professional priorities and reassess your options.

In the most positive manifestation, energy is expended towards professional achievement, but if the road to success is blocked, extreme frustration will follow. Making job or attitude changes can be the only way to open doors to more positive opportunities.

Although the 10th house is associated with career choices, this is also the house of the destiny path. New personal directions are possible while Mars is placed here, regardless of whether or not these new directions are directly tied into career choices. Occasionally this placement shows that you are able to go on in life alone. This is particular true for those individuals in the midst of a divorce. The ability to function independently while pursuing a course of action which can have a major effect on the life path is an interpretation consistent with Mars in the 10th house of the solar return chart.

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SR Mars in the SR 11th House

Mars in the 11th house shows an intense desire for freedom of action and the aggressive pursuit of goals. You will not allow or accept limitations on options. You do not want your present short-term goals or your future long-term goals to be dominated, controlled or restricted by others. You will protect your right to proceed in any area of personal or professional endeavor. The goals you set during this year can generally be accomplished without the support or assistance of others and despite any objections. To accomplish your goals, you may have to bend a few rules or break a few family traditions. You are not afraid of independent action and it may be necessary for the task at hand. For some individuals, goals will be very self-oriented and self-serving, perhaps even selfish.

For example, a woman about forty years old had worked at her husband's side in a family-run business for twenty years. When Mars was in the 11th house, she discovered a great love for another professional field while pursuing a hobby. She decided to quit her current job, but her husband objected, saying he needed her to manage the office. Eventually she did quit despite his objections and began working for herself. She initiated the business on her own despite the family objections and continued to pursue a goal only she was interested in.

The goals you seek during the coming year will normally be in keeping with your personal needs and abilities and are the product of your own mind and not an offshoot of someone else's ambitions. This is a time to feel both self-sufficient and self-possessed. External manifestations are meant to reflect inner qualities. The active creation of dreams will help you to discover your own ability to function independently. Your range of future activities will no longer be restricted by a need for help or agreement from others. You are capable of initiating things on your own and following through. Focus on your own unique individuality and value your abilities, whatever they may be. Develop and pursue talents and ideas that may have been lying suppressed for many years. This is a time meant for reviving those dreams lost when they seemed, at the time, too selfish to pursue. You can now accomplish projects abandoned in deference to others, but you must be assertive and ambitious in your desire for fulfillment.

From the perspective of others, family and friends, you may be somewhat unpredictable and undependable. Others may be concerned about your newfound independence, but assurances should be enough to calm their fears if you maintain a measure of stability. More difficult is the total disregard you might have for the needs of others and your responsibilities to them. You are capable of making decisions impulsively and without consultation. You are also capable of forming goals without adequate research or reflection. Some individuals will truly not handle their new-found freedom wisely, and consequently, they become the cause of great concern to others who find the increasingly aggressive and independent behavior threatening and out of control.

Rather than choosing to work alone, you may become involved in a group effort or work on a project with a number of your friends. But even in this situation, you will most likely gravitate towards leadership positions. You can be a great motivator for others and you, yourself, will also be energized in return. If you act as an independent within the group setting, others will resent your preoccupation with personal needs or fulfillment. Conflicts within the group are possible, and you can be drawn into any power struggles.

Conflicts with one or more friends might also occur. For example, a young college woman was involved in a very difficult friendship with two close friends who were using drugs. Eventually, the woman withdrew from her friends because of the drug use. She returned to her studies and went on alone. During the year, you and a friend may be at cross-purposes and this will cause contention, but you can instead be motivated by common interests and shared goals.

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SR Mars in the SR 12th House

While Mars is in the 12th house you have the ability to work independently or behind the scenes. This is a great time to focus on projects which require some degree of "aloneness." You must provide your own sense of direction and motivation while working towards achievement, but what you ultimately accomplish can be very original and unique. Year-long projects are associated with this placement since many people will not know what you are working on or have accomplished until late in the solar return year. The tendency with this placement is to prevent the left hand from know¬ing what the right hand is doing. It is even less likely that others will know what you are doing. This is your time to work in secret or "go undercover." Suppose you wish to surprise your spouse or parents with some secret home-made project you assembled in the basement; now is the time.

This is not your year to be openly aggressive or angry. You tend to check your temper and bite your tongue, ignoring even offensive remarks from others. Your reflexes are slow and therefore you miss your chance to respond. More than likely, you think of a good comeback hours later. Occasionally, you will realize the next day that you should have felt insulted the day before. You do not have adequate or timely defense tactics, and even anger itself can be delayed or vague. For these reasons, you are more likely to withdraw from confrontations, especially those with family members. You may still feel angry, but you are less likely to express your anger openly and will not be as argumentative as you have been in the past. If you do not correctly understand your responses and your situation, pent-up emotions could cause you to feel very stressed and irritable. As the tension builds, gut reactions will tend to take the place of informed responses. Distortions in reality perception can occur. Actions and words will be inappropriate for the immediate situation if you are responding now to something that happened yesterday. If you allow tension to build to this extent, suppressed anger can cause you to act in a way that is counterproductive to what you hope to accomplish. In very negative situations, anger is displaced, moving from the truly annoying person to a less threatening adversary or innocent victim.

Extreme anxiety during this year is ordinarily associated with the inability to express anger or defend oneself in difficult situations. The inability to understand what is happening psychologically contributes to the nervousness. Specific situations and people are most likely to trigger the undue stress. Normally, anger and a feeling of defenselessness underlie all anxiety.

In many cases, there will be logical reasons for your lack of aggressiveness. You may be dealing with a situation where the use of force or even assertiveness is useless. We all know people who are unreasonable and belligerent. Some of us are even related to a few of these individuals. Angry responses may not be appropriate in present circumstances. In delicate situations, humor or evasiveness can be the best way to handle difficult issues. Do not allow yourself to become a victim of your own anger or the recipient of another's negative energy. With psychological insight and understanding, you can become immune to negativity. What is understandable becomes less threatening. Within this scenario, the lack of response becomes a conscious choice.

You will probably tire more easily this year. There are two possible reasons for this. If you are continually involved in frustrating situations, your energy will be drained by the conflicts. But if you are absorbed in a project of your own choosing, you may need more quiet time to contemplate your next move. If you are actively pursuing your dreams, creating your vision, you are likely to have plenty of energy.

See also: Mars in the 12th House;

Natal Mars on the SR 1st House cusp

The 1st house (Ascendant) pertains to all of your efforts; the manner in which you come across to others; your immediate surroundings, and how you tend to conduct yourself, or present yourself to others. This deals with your health, your basic energy level, and in general, describes how you see your year - the "umbrella" of the year. It describes what you desire of yourself and for yourself this year.

These are areas of life where you are likely to initiate new ventures. These are areas where you may initiate a pioneering spirit and eagerness to try new things, and if favorably placed and aspected, then success is very possible; if afflicted, then you must guard against an over-impulsive nature which could lead to failure of pursuits. This is an area of great motivation and activity -- an arena of "action." It also denotes where you tend to be competitive, or meet with competition from others. Furthermore, this shows where you are likely to experience discordance with others, and possibly engage in quarrels or disputes. It may be wise to utilize great caution and self-control in these areas and relationships ruled by these areas, as you may tend to be over-impulsive and rash here. The qualities you tend to exhibit in this area are assertive, competitive, driven, but perhaps argumentative and pushy.

Natal Mars on the SR 2nd House cusp

Natal Mars on the SR 3rd House cusp

The 3rd house pertains to your mental state and intellectual ideas; communications; automobiles and computers - or anything that assists in communications; neighbors, brothers and sisters; your writings and correspondences.

These are areas of life where you are likely to initiate new ventures. These are areas where you may initiate a pioneering spirit and eagerness to try new things, and if favorably placed and aspected, then success is very possible; if afflicted, then you must guard against an over-impulsive nature which could lead to failure of pursuits. This is an area of great motivation and activity -- an arena of "action." It also denotes where you tend to be competitive, or meet with competition from others. Furthermore, this shows where you are likely to experience discordance with others, and possibly engage in quarrels or disputes. It may be wise to utilize great caution and self-control in these areas and relationships ruled by these areas, as you may tend to be over-impulsive and rash here. The qualities you tend to exhibit in this area are assertive, competitive, driven, but perhaps argumentative and pushy.

Natal Mars on the SR 4th House cusp

Natal Mars on the SR 5th House cusp

Natal Mars on the SR 6th House cusp

The 6th house pertains to your health and work setting. Regarding work, it deals with "how" you work and with whom you work, and who works for you or with you.

These are areas of life where you are likely to initiate new ventures. These are areas where you may initiate a pioneering spirit and eagerness to try new things, and if favorably placed and aspected, then success is very possible; if afflicted, then you must guard against an over-impulsive nature which could lead to failure of pursuits. This is an area of great motivation and activity -- an arena of "action." It also denotes where you tend to be competitive, or meet with competition from others. Furthermore, this shows where you are likely to experience discordance with others, and possibly engage in quarrels or disputes. It may be wise to utilize great caution and self-control in these areas and relationships ruled by these areas, as you may tend to be over-impulsive and rash here. The qualities you tend to exhibit in this area are assertive, competitive, driven, but perhaps argumentative and pushy.

Natal Mars on the SR 7th House cusp

Natal Mars on the SR 8th House cusp

The 8th house pertains to your dealings with taxes, insurance, estate and death matters, and also sexual issues. It may describe the nature of threats you encounter during the year, but if positive, may also describe gifts, loans, scholarships, grants, etc. It describes the nature of one's research or investigative pursuits. It may also indicate conflicts between obligations to others versus work which one wishes to pursue.

These are areas of life where you are likely to initiate new ventures. These are areas where you may initiate a pioneering spirit and eagerness to try new things, and if favorably placed and aspected, then success is very possible; if afflicted, then you must guard against an over-impulsive nature which could lead to failure of pursuits. This is an area of great motivation and activity -- an arena of "action." It also denotes where you tend to be competitive, or meet with competition from others. Furthermore, this shows where you are likely to experience discordance with others, and possibly engage in quarrels or disputes. It may be wise to utilize great caution and self-control in these areas and relationships ruled by these areas, as you may tend to be over-impulsive and rash here. The qualities you tend to exhibit in this area are assertive, competitive, driven, but perhaps argumentative and pushy.

Natal Mars on the SR 9th House cusp

Natal Mars on the SR 10th House cusp

The 10th house (Midheaven) pertains to your career and vocation; your status in the community; your accomplishments; your role as the head of the company, enterprise, or household; the father-figures in your life (father, employer, supervisor).

These are areas of life where you are likely to initiate new ventures. These are areas where you may initiate a pioneering spirit and eagerness to try new things, and if favorably placed and aspected, then success is very possible; if afflicted, then you must guard against an over-impulsive nature which could lead to failure of pursuits. This is an area of great motivation and activity -- an arena of "action." It also denotes where you tend to be competitive, or meet with competition from others. Furthermore, this shows where you are likely to experience discordance with others, and possibly engage in quarrels or disputes. It may be wise to utilize great caution and self-control in these areas and relationships ruled by these areas, as you may tend to be over-impulsive and rash here. The qualities you tend to exhibit in this area are assertive, competitive, driven, but perhaps argumentative and pushy.

Natal Mars on the SR 11th House cusp

The 11th house pertains to your friends, as well as people you have "power struggles" with; your professional rewards and accomplishments; the realization of your efforts; your dealings within groups.

These are areas of life where you are likely to initiate new ventures. These are areas where you may initiate a pioneering spirit and eagerness to try new things, and if favorably placed and aspected, then success is very possible; if afflicted, then you must guard against an over-impulsive nature which could lead to failure of pursuits. This is an area of great motivation and activity -- an arena of "action." It also denotes where you tend to be competitive, or meet with competition from others. Furthermore, this shows where you are likely to experience discordance with others, and possibly engage in quarrels or disputes. It may be wise to utilize great caution and self-control in these areas and relationships ruled by these areas, as you may tend to be over-impulsive and rash here. The qualities you tend to exhibit in this area are assertive, competitive, driven, but perhaps argumentative and pushy.

Natal Mars on the SR 12th House cusp