Balanced House Distribution

Having a balance of planets in each house type is most desirable. You have this, and it indicates a "balanced" approach to life, a nice combination of initiative, follow-through, and inspiration or new ideas.

Solar Return Northern Hemispheric Preponderance

Charts most all of the planets below the horizon indicate a period of internalization rather than a push for outward achievement; an introspective and subjective year. It is the internal integration which is most important at this time. This is true even of 5th house placements, wherein the inner personality must be made external through some creative or artistic mode of self-expression. It is also true of the 6th house, where health and work changes result from inner processes moving toward outer manifestation. Emotional satisfaction and fulfillment are the primary goals and motivating forces, therefore a lot of attention is given to feelings and subjective thoughts. What others think has little influence if the personal perspective is strong. Some will be withdrawn or somewhat reclusive during the year, using this time for quiet reflection and the fostering of inner strength. You might appreciate evenings at home with family and friends rather than social or business evenings out on the town. Use this time to become more rooted and in touch with yourself and others. Allow intuitive pro¬cesses to grow so you will be better able to sense your true future direction.

The difficulty associated with the northern emphasis is that you may get so involved with your feelings that they overwhelm you and prevent you from living a normal life. You can neglect your responsibilities and lose all motivation towards success. It may become more important to express your negative feelings about your boss man to correct detrimental situations. If you cannot achieve a sense of fulfillment, you will grow bitter and sever relationships with little or no negotiation or warning. Nursing a wound is an inadequate substitute for emotional gratification.

This time can be used to get in touch with your sense of fulfillment and past achievement. You cannot understand where you are going if you don't understand where you have been. You cannot set goals for the future if you have not assimilated your past suc¬cesses, and you can't branch out if you have not created a good support system among those you love. This is a time for building the foundation necessary for a new cycle of external achievement. Although you may actually be very successful during this period, you will still be laying the groundwork for a new round of activity.

Solar Return Southern Hemispheric Preponderance

When most all of the planets in the solar return chart are above the horizon, this suggests that you are more interested in external manifestation and achievement than you are in internal processes. This is true even if the planets are mostly in the 8th or 12th house. When the planets are in the 8th, the emphasis is on change. Granted these changes are brought about by an increased perception, but still the emphasis is on external modifications in lifestyle and the need to gain power over one's situation. When most of the planets are in the 12th house, the emphasis is on a year-long project which can lead to recognition in the following year. The project is generally a product of personal integration; however, the external manifestation is still noteworthy.

This is a time when you want to succeed in a tangible external way which is measurable and obvious to others. You evaluate your success by what others think of you and are less satisfied with subjective appreciation. Peer pressure influences you, and you can feel compelled to modify your personality, or behave in a certain manner. This is even true of 11th house placements where the two themes, one of individuality and the other of peer pressure, play off each other. What feelings and thoughts you do have may be controlled or lost in a flurry of activity as you strive for external achievement. The focus of attention is on what you can do and accomplish and not on how you feel about yourself internally. This is a good time to acquire objective information while testing your abilities to succeed in an external way.

Since you might devalue your own subjective thoughts and opinions this year, it is possible that you will seek advice from others rather than using your own head. You may even believe everything you are told, and can be deceived easily. Hollow goals built upon the expectations of others rather than personal fulfillment are possible if you lose touch with your own emotional roots and spiritual purpose. In extreme cases, this southern emphasis could denote the workaholic who sacrifices everything for success.

But if you consciously remember your roots, this can be a very productive time, one in which you use information and feelings to achieve goals that were formulated when many of the planets were in the northern hemisphere. This is a time for action, the counterpart to the planning stage. You may not need to focus inward at this time if you already have a solid inner base for the activity you are involved in now.

If most planets are above the horizon (with the possible exception of a heavy emphasis on the twelfth house), there is a focus on external events, public life, and social and business concerns.

Solar Return Eastern Hemispheric Preponderance

With most all of the planets in the eastern half of the chart, one is either self-motivated or not motivated at all. During the year, it is the personal desire of the individual which pushes for success in almost any endeavor. For this reason, persons with the eastern emphasis chart do not have to depend on anyone else for guidance or support. They are already inspired on an inner level. Use this year to develop self-motivation, self-direction and self-reliance. This does not mean that important others are missing from your life; but it does show a need for personal action and the realization that there are some things that others cannot do for you, and you must do for yourself.

This type of chart can indicate too much emphasis on self-interest without any regard for others. You can ignore the effect your behavior has on others, make impulsive decisions without consulting the significant people in your life, or refuse to compromise when there is a conflict. You may become increasingly comfortable with yourself while becoming dissociated from those whom you love.

This is a good time to feel your own power and sense of achievement on a personal level. You want to test your own ability to make things happen. Being successful this year can lead to fur¬ther successes later in relationships and career. Many of your planets might be moving to the southern hemisphere next year, so this is a time for pilot studies and dry runs. You can develop talents and self-confidence to prepare for future endeavors. This year you can feel in control of your destiny; you can make your own decisions and feel empowered.

Solar Return Western Hemispheric Preponderance

Most all of the planets in the western part of the solar return chart signify that actions are not based on independent needs since you respond in combination with others. Even those with numerous placements in the 5th house push for self-expression while maintaining relationships. Those with placements in the 9th house reassess their beliefs according to their interactions with others and their ability to manifest spiritual concepts in daily situations. This is a time when actions are defined with consideration towards others. Carrying this interpretation one step further, you may not want to act independently this year. Perhaps you will not initiate activities on your own, but prefer to follow others or become involved with their projects. Some individuals will be waiting for others to either make major decisions or lead the way into new experiences. During this time, you can grow more dependent on others or they become more dependent on you. The focus is on other people and what they can do for you, what you need to do for them, and what you can learn from each other.

The danger with the western chart is that you may become too focused on others and lose sight of your own individuality. You can spend the year catering to the needs of others while your own needs are not met. The strength of any relationship you are involved in is no guarantee that the relationship will be beneficial to your personally. You could stand to lose a lot: all your initiative, independence and self-interest. You may feel that you don’t have (or at least the ability to exercise) your own free will.

But there are more positive interpretations. This is a good time to consult with others. You may achieve more through compromise and cooperation than independent action. Perhaps your goals can only be accomplished through the assistance of others and you need feedback and guidance to stay on the right track. Consulting with someone who is an authority in your field of interest or has experienced similar situations will make your tasks easier. This is a time for listening to others and gathering objective information.

Solar Return Northeast Quadrant Preponderance

Most of the planets in the 1st quadrant of a solar return chart can show self-preoccupation and a near-sighted personality. Your personal frame of reference may dominate your perceptions. Everything that goes on in your life is interpreted in a personal way. Very little is seen in an objective light unless there is a strong opposition somewhere in the chart or a natal propensity to do so. It could be very difficult for you to understand another's point of view or situation in an empathic way. It can also be hard for you to compromise on important issues. This is likely to be a very assertive year for you, and it is best to concentrate your energy on self-development and self-improvement. A 1st quadrant emphasis is commonly seen in those people who have given their all to relationships and family issues in the past, and now have time to work on themselves or build a life of their own.

Solar Return Northwest Quadrant Preponderance

If most of your planets are in the 2nd quadrant of the solar return chart, there is an emphasis on expressing yourself both personally and creatively. This is the quadrant where self (the northern part of the chart) meets others (the western side of the chart). The emphasis is on achieving personality inte¬gration and individualization while still maintaining strong relationships with your family, lovers and co-workers. You may need to learn to express who you are in spite of the risk of disapproval and disagreement. Working creatively with self-expression and your relationships can help you achieve a complementary exchange of love and assistance at home or work, and in one-on-one exchanges. Creative abilities will introduce changes in these areas, which could be beneficial for all involved.

Solar Return Southwest Quadrant Preponderance

When most of the planets fall into the 3rd quadrant of the solar return, this indicates a strong involvement with others or one relationship in particular. If this is a love relationship, your focus of attention will be on the needs and wishes of this other person. You will tend to overemphasize his or her needs while neglecting your own personal needs and preferences. In the most negative sense, you can abdicate all power and play a passive role in events. If you are involved in a very difficult lawsuit, for instance, it is very likely that most of your energy and time will be drained away by the struggle. The year's activities may not be totally directed by you but hinge on the decisions and actions of others. This is a good time to gain insight from others, but it is not meant to stifle all self-interest. Focus on cooperation, not subjugation. Work with others, not against or for. Learn how and when to compromise, compete, negotiate and share.

Solar Return Southeast Quadrant Preponderance

Heavy emphasis on the 4th quadrant of the solar return chart shows that a cooperative or uncooperative relationship with society dominates the year. Your personal form of integration into the social milieu defines which activities you will be involved in. You may choose to work alone and withdraw from social activities and associations entirely. Withdrawal can enable you to work more efficiently. Negatively, you might want to avoid working completely. Some will choose to function within a group environment, contributing to a combined effort. If you are interested in personal success and recognition, you could work towards being a leader rather than a co-worker or an equal. The goal is to find a position within or without the social environment which enables you to function in a positive way and contribute to society as a whole. Those who cannot may assume the role of social agitators or hermits. But most will define a place in the world and the process by which contributions can be made.

Solar Return Angular House Preponderance

A preponderance of your Solar Return planets are in angular (1, 4, 7 and/or 10) houses. These are action houses. Especially if cardinal signs appear on your angles, this can show a truly significant year with a tremendous amount of activity (perhaps even too much activity). It is likely to be a year in which you begin many new projects. You may expend your energy in several different directions by working on a number of projects. Each of these projects will be well-defined and equated with a personal need; however, you may feel torn between all the things you want or need to do, and you may find yourself trying to do too much. If you must juggle a busy schedule, at least strive to streamline your routine and optimize your use of time and energy.

New relationships are likely to commence and the year suggests you will receive much attention - especially if the Sun or Moon are posited in these houses. At best, it signifies adventure and exciting beginnings. At worst, it may indicate unwanted or unflattering attention, and difficulties (fights) in relationships, or disputes at work. It may also indicate insensitivity and an egoistic craving for attention that turns others away. Thus careful attention should be placed upon your significant relationships this year. Insensitivity by you may lead to separations.

In short, this promises to be an eventful year; a time of new initiatives, physical activity, perhaps some impulsiveness and a lot of attention. The first four months of the year will probably be the most active.

Solar Return Succedent House Preponderance

A preponderance of your Solar Return planets are in succedent (2, 5, 8 and/or 11) houses. This signifies the completion of projects already underway at the time of the solar return, especially so if fixed signs are also on any angles. Conditions may be entered into that are difficult for you to change, or even get out of. You may anticipate a year of many responsibilities with the resultant effect being one of great character-maturity development. Your values are likely to become stronger, and your principles more firm, which could be a positive in the future. In addition your goals in life may become more established, which could ultimately lead to your future success.

In short, this is not likely to be a year of change - at least not voluntarily. It may favor finishing - or at least continuation of tasks that are already in process at the beginning of this solar return period. At its best, you may have a sense of security and stability, and possibly completion. At its worst, the year may be denoted by boredom, frustration, and lack of challenge or inspiration. It may also indicate a tendency to stay with something (or someone) too long, past the point of satisfying returns. This may be due to too much "pride", which may result in further loss of face due to your refusal to "cut your losses short", or refusal to give up something you are obsessed with when it is apparent (to everyone else) that it is not going to get any better.

If your life is already stabilized, then this is a time for building and maintaining resources. Further acquisitions can be had through creative use of what is already owned or known. It is an excellent time for finishing major projects that require plodding and sustained effort. But if major changes are occurring, this is also a good time to maintain a sense of stability and peace in the midst of disruption.

With a strong emphasis on succedent houses, this is a year of developing, building, and overall stability. Some resistance to change is likely, and inertia may dominate. Months 5 to 8 (that is, five to eight months after your birthday) may be most active.

Solar Return Cadent House Preponderance

With a strong emphasis on cadent houses (houses 3, 6, 9, and 12), there is a tendency to scatter energies, feel somewhat restless yet directionless, and it could be a year of some obscurity. Months 9 to 12 (that is, the last 4 months of the year) may be most active.

Cadent House Preponderance: A majority of planets in the cadent houses in the solar return chart suggests a year of flux as far as your affairs in the world are concerned. This is more so the case if you also have Mutable signs on any angles in this chart. It may also indicate a year of mental activity and preparation for something in your future (beyond the current year). You may end up viewing this as a year of "training," apprenticeship, or some sort of preparation for another phase soon to appear in your life. Many of your plans will likely change, and you might not feel so much in control as usual, but if you are adaptable (and conditions will be such that this is advised), then many favorable alternatives to your current approach to life will arise.

If, on the other hand, you are not adaptable, then this situation generally indicates a year of irritation and frustration, for all significant affairs which you enter into seem to be with others who are uncooperative, or with unstable situations over which you have little control. Unless you wish to work on special mental projects, a majority of planets posited in the solar return cadent houses is not the most favorable condition. All cadent houses are the twelfth house of the angular house which follows. Hence an overriding majority of planets here can suggest the undoing of your former and current efforts (shown by angular houses). With this set-up (unless there is some sort of balance shown elsewhere, or else a writing project is contemplated), you might seriously consider traveling elsewhere for your solar return event, somewhere that will move the majority of planets out of the cadent houses, and perhaps into angular houses (i.e. eastward). It is advisable to make time available for meditation or daily contemplation during this year if you decide to keep this chart, i.e. not travel elsewhere for your birthday.

At best, the majority of planets in your cadent houses favor writing, teaching, and traveling ventures. It could indicate favorable legal matters, depending upon which planets are in or rule your ninth house. It may also indicate many experiences of inspiration, and even moments of a joyful outpouring of bliss (compassion) for others. It could be a time of great spiritual awareness. At worst, it suggests you have a great desire for change, but no real change is effected. It is thus a potentially restless period in which your direction in life is not very clear. It may also correlate to illness, possibly induced by psychological stress. You are advised to watch your diet carefully, and stay with an exercise program.

Solar Return Angular House Lack

A lack of angular Solar Return planets implies a need for simplification. It is common for the focus of attention to narrow from many activities to one major project or concern that dominates your perception for the year. For example, new mothers are usually primarily concerned with the care and feeding of the infant. Where many cardinal planets can show a scattering of energy, a lack of cardinal planets is more likely to be associated with a concentration of energy in one particular area.

However, the lack of angular planets can also imply a lack of activity. The pace of life can slow down because of external situations, or because of self-imposed limitations. You may decide that the schedule you keep is too hectic and consciously cut back on future obligations and activities. Occasionally illness will play a role, but generally this is only true if you are over-taxed and still have trouble saying "No" to new obligations. You will be less than energetic if you allow others to dictate your schedule and activities. Follow your own inner needs; this is a good time to work on the essentials only. Narrow your focus and push ahead full steam on that one project or issue that you want to concentrate on!

Solar Return Succedent House Lack

When succedent planets are lacking in the solar return chart, you may feel the need to initiate major changes and take greater risks. You will tend to welcome changes that come your way and actually see change as the natural way to improve your life situation. You have a desire for new experiences and can make major commitments to previously untried lifestyles. You might move a great distance, have a first child, get married, or experience a similar major transition. An element of insecurity or a lack of attention to security needs is associated with this modal lack. There is a tendency to jump now and think later. Your resistance to change may be so low that you lack stability during this time and make some changes unnecessarily. Use this year to be open to new possibilities. Prepare for times of great change by planning ahead.

Solar Return Cadent House Lack

The lack of cadent planets in your solar return chart implies that you are less willing to adapt to other people or situations. You have a strong desire to be yourself and refuse to modify your personality or change your plans for others. Instead, you may expect others to adapt to your needs and idiosyncrasies. If there are conflicts, you feel others should be the ones to compromise or take corrective action. This is probably not realistic or fair to all involved. More positively, you will be able to focus on a goal or task with a single-mindedness that will help you see things to completion.

Solar Return Fire House Preponderance

Solar Return Earth House Preponderance

Solar Return Air House Preponderance

Solar Return Water House Preponderance

1st House Preponderance

The First House is the angular, fire house. It's realm includes the Self, the personality, ones' demeanour and vitality. A strong need for self-expression and initiating action without the help of others. Opportunities for personal growth and self-development will likely arise.

This house represents the physical plane of experience that deals with the totality of the individual. It represents the physical body in general and the general constitution. The First House deals with what others pick up about us; that all important first impression. It represents some of the very early childhood experiences that shaped our self images and our outlook on life.

It also represents our aggression, motivation, survival modes and self-interest.

2nd House Preponderance

The Second House is the succeedent, earth house. It's realm includes money earned, possessions, material goods and values. The emphasis is on personal values and finances, as well as financial problems or opportunities. Earning capacity may be stressed, and personal self-esteem may become a problem.

The second house deals with the physical plane of existence with regards to what we have in the material sense. Money, money we earn, debts, and possessions, especially those we value highly. It is also our value system in general and our personal feelings of self worth. In other words, what we can allow ourselves to have, based on what we feel we deserve. Attitudes pro and con about money and material goodies are found here. This is the house of liberty, regarding options in life that having a secure financial picture produces.

Additionally, the second house also represents our personal likes or dislikes, deep emotions and attachments.

3rd House Preponderance

The Third House is the cadent, air house. It's realm includes immediate surroundings, close environment, siblings, school mates, short trips, transportation, communication, primary and secondary education, studies and apprenticeship. The expression of ideas, and research into those ideas, will occupy most of the spare time. Writing, travel, and relationships with family members are emphasised.

The third house deals with close relatives in general, especially bothers and sisters. Elementary school experiences and our first teachers other than mom and dad. It represents individuals that affect our lives by close proximity. Thus, city life, the community we live in and our neighbors fall under the auspices of the third house. It's also short trips and local modes of transportation such as cars, buses, city rail systems, etc. This house also represents reading, networking, writing, letters, small scale advertising, telephones, radios and any other form of communication. Additionally, the third house also represents teaching, education, our mentality, the realm of ideas, variety, duality and adaptability.

4th House Preponderance

The Fourth House is the angular, water house. It's realm is private and includes family, home, roots, origins, ancestors, heredity and the mother. Home, family, and health become major issues for the year. Get back to your roots, keep in touch with the family, and settle some unresolved family issues.

On the physical plane, the fourth house is primarily associated with our home base and the mother. However, not everyone had the influence of a mother and in this case the fourth house can be relied on to bring insights into our childhood upbringing and the environment we were raised in. The foundation which was laid for our emotional stability and ability to cope with challenges later in life may be revealed by studying the condition of the fourth house.

One's home, real estate and property concerns, domestic issues, our private life and family in general are fourth house domains. Additionally, the fourth house also represents our sense of security, self-protectiveness, our nurturing ability vs. our need to be nurtured and instinctive emotional responses.

5th House Preponderance

The Fifth House is the succeedent, fire house. It's realm includes love matters, pleasure, recreation, hobbies, leisure, children, risk-taking luck, pleasant things, generally, in life, and creations. Romance and creativity are highlighted, and care should be taken that a romance does not threaten relationships with your children. Have fun and play games, enjoy life and take some risks, or bet at the racetrack. Write a book, or make some paintings, or follow whatever creative streak you have.

The fifth house is mainly associated with all things pertaining to the creativity which allows us to be recognized as successful in whatever area our hearts direct us to, not just the creativity that is commonly associated with artistic pursuits, although those areas are found here also. The resulting attention and praise we may receive from fifth house activities feed the heart and soul of our inner child. Thus the fifth house rules children in general, especially our own. The fifth house rules hobbies, leisure time activities, play and recreation, and all forms of entertainment. Gambling, taking risks and financial speculation fall under the fifth house umbrella, as well.

This house also represents the area of love, romantic ventures and dating. Note that a certain element of risk exists when one decides to play the "game" of love. Additionally, the fifth house also represents our creative potential, false vs. true pride, our own will, getting recognition and the heart's desires.

6th House Preponderance

The Sixth House is the cadent, earth house. It's realm includes everyday life necessities, daily work, duties, responsibilities, minor obligations, co-workers, pets and health (particularly minor illnesses). Relationships in the work place, and the kind of work being done are likely to change. This change can be stressful, so physical health may suffer. The kind of work you do may be in a state of flux, so try not to make long range career commitments. Don't over work and burn out.

The sixth house represents the area of work. To expand this idea further, we can include our employees if we have them and co-workers. The work found in the sixth house is work that is necessary, and so everyday chores and daily routines are to be found here, along with service to others and volunteer work. Nurses often have an active sixth house. Jobs that we take to survive are also described by the sixth house. This is the house of physical labor as well. In order to be able to use our body to perform physical labor, we must take care of it and so the sixth house is also diet, your attitude towards food, health issues and personal hygiene.

Small animals, the weather and clothing are other sixth house matters. Additionally, the sixth house also represents categorizing and order, worry and concern, self-improvement and using powers of discernment.

7th House Preponderance

The Seventh House is the angular, air house. It's realm includes the Other, partnership, unions, marriage, other people, associations and contracts. Marital, partnership and legal issues need some work. This may be a good year to get married, or to end a marriage. Let others express their opinions without getting angry, but remain diplomatic, and try to see the other person's perspective. Resolve conflicts and differences through negotiation, rather than direct action.

Since the first house represents ourselves; the seventh house being directly opposite the first is other people in general. Committed relationships are found here, along with the contracts and legal obligations which often form them, though there are exceptions to this rule. For instance, best friends form a kind of committed relationship that exists outside of legal documents. Marriage and business partners are usually legal commitments. Here also, is where we find those who might openly oppose us.

Additionally, the seventh house also represents giving and receiving and balance of power issues.

8th House Preponderance

The Eighth House is the succeedent, water house. It's realm includes passions and crises, power, death, transformations, death, inheritances, the occult and sexuality. Settlements in partnership disputes as well as in legal and marital affairs are likely. Inheritances, taxes, or alimony may get some attention. Birth, death, and other major changes are emphasised. This is an excellent time to make money, especially through real estate and other investments.

Several areas fall under the rule of the eighth house. Sex and sexual intimacy are eighth house matters. The eighth house may reveal one's ability to share deep, intimate bonding with another person.

The eighth house is the house of major lifestyle changes. Whatever planets fall into this house will be completely transformed in some way and the individual's approach to the things represented by that planet emerge drastically altered. Surgery is associated with the eighth house. Death and all matters pertaining to death belong to the eighth house.

Inheritances, other people's money in general and the spouses money are eighth house matters. Support from others, both financial and moral, and the value system of others are eighth house issues.

Mysteries, magic, secrets, ulterior motives and the investigation of these things are all eighth house matters. Additionally, the eighth house also represents extreme conditions, drastic changes, as well as, control and power issues.

9th House Preponderance

The Ninth House is the cadent, fire house. It's realm includes travels, foreign matters, abstract and higher concepts, higher education, spirituality, religion, philosophy and law. The urge to travel and expand your horizons may be very strong, or may be enjoyed vicariously by reading books. Other people's legal affairs may intrude on your personal life. Involvement with churches or political groups is likely.

The Ninth house represents the development of the mind. Here we find all things related to higher learning, such as universities, professors, and continuing education programs. The ninth house is really like third house matters expanded. Life philosophies, religion, gurus, preachers, spiritual experiences, our ideas about God and belief systems of any kind belong to the ninth house. The religious aspect of the ninth house is generally more orthodox and dogmatic in nature, than not. Foreign people, places, languages and things are ninth house areas, as well as long journeys and visits overseas. Large scale publishing and big time advertising campaigns are ruled by the ninth house. The ninth house is also courts of law, judges and the judicial system in general.

Here in the ninth is where we also find the great outdoors, country life, nature, getting away from it all, large animals, sports and athletic pursuits. First spouse in-laws reside here. Additionally, the ninth house represents expansion of anything, wanting freedom, and moral codes and ethics.

10th House Preponderance

The Tenth House is the angular, earth house. It's realm is public and includes social status and success, career, professional destiny, and the father. Career and business matters come sharply into focus. A change in professional status is likely. Relationships with parents, or behaviour as a parent, become major issues. There is a desire for public recognition and social approval.

In the tenth house we find one's primary career goals. The career found in the tenth house is what we would prefer to be known for vs. the sixth house, where we take certain jobs out of necessity. Hence, the tenth house is also described as one's fame, reputation, honor and highest achievements. It's also the boss; either your attitude towards the authority of others, or you as the authority. When you think of the tenth house, think of traditional institutions that have withstood the test of time. Government and political aims naturally fall into the domain of the tenth house. The tenth house is the public eye vs. the fourth which is your private life. Traditional astrology teaches us that the tenth house is the house that represents the father.

Additionally, the tenth house represents taking responsibility, and the rewards of resolving karmic issues.

11th House Preponderance

The Eleventh House is the succeedent, air house. It's realm includes friends, collective projects, supports and protections in life. Old or new acquaintances become very important. Work related creativity might acquire an outlet. Social activity of all kinds takes up a large amount of time.

Traditionally the eleventh house is related to friendships and acquaintances, though generally not as close as those we consider to be best friends or partners, which are 7th House relationships.

Our personal hopes and wishes is another eleventh house area. Groups of people in general, especially those groups which have a common bond or goal are found in the eleventh house. This can include, humanitarian causes, clubs and social organizations of any kind. Science, technology, computers, airplanes and all things that represent either ideas that are ahead of the times, or progress for mankind are eleventh house areas. This is the house of ingenious ideas and new inventions. Some of these new ideas upset long held traditional viewpoints and so this is the house of the revolutionary. The individual who may be forced into a kind of self imposed isolation because he finds it difficult to march to the same drumbeat as everyone else. This could also refer to the leader who has the ability to inspire action in others, and yet because he is the leader, he feels inside that he must maintain a kind of solitary detachment. In this case, intimate or deeply personal entanglements are simply too messy for those who must manage large groups of people.

Additionally, the eleventh house represents bizarre circumstances, being or feeling different from the "norm", rebelliousness, and unexpected events.

12th House Preponderance

The Twelfth House is the cadent, water house. It's realm includes hidden enemies, hidden ordeals, difficulties, major inner crises, serious illnesses, solitude, confinement (hospitals, prisons, etc.), and secrets. The need to relax and get away from work and other pressures becomes very important. This may take the form of romantic affairs, involvement with drugs and alcohol, or spiritual pursuits. A year to be spent in quiet surroundings to recharge the emotional batteries.

Here in the twelfth house we find areas of life that tend to place one away from the rest of society. Hence, this house is most commonly known as the house of large public institutions, hospitals, prisons and asylums. Monasteries naturally fall into this category, as well. Sometimes this isolation is self imposed. A writer who needs long periods of uninterrupted time is an example of self imposed isolation.

We often see the phrases 'behind-the-scenes' or 'hidden from view' used in connection with twelfth house matters. This covers a fairly large area of potential experiences. That which is purposefully deceptive as well as, actions taken for the sake of simply doing rather than for glory or recognition. The latter leading naturally to altruistic acts of helpfulness and kindness, in which the act itself is the sole reward. Hidden enemies are in the twelfth house as opposed to the open opposition in the seventh house.

Any planets in this house may represent something that the individual either doesn't have a clear view of or doesn't want a clear view of. The edges of reality become blurred, allowing one to exist in the more ideal scenario that one creates on the mental plane. Or, in other cases, the use of addictive substances or self indulgent habits that allow a person to escape unpleasant realities for the time being, though never eliminating the source of pain is another possible manifestation of this reality avoidance syndrome.

Traditionally this is the house of suffering and self undoing; how we tangle up our own webs; how we avoid appropriate boundaries and reality.

This is also the house of spiritual inspiration, cosmic consciousness and enlightenment. Addicts who join support groups are often strongly encouraged to put their faith in a higher power. Even those who doubt the existence of God, can find comfort in tuning into the notion of a higher power. The spirituality found in the twelfth house is more in tune with what some might call "Universal Consciousness." Religious dogma is dissolved along with the boundaries that separate us from other dimensions. Psychic channeling and miraculous healing are higher potentials found in the twelfth house.

Additionally, the twelfth house represents the influence of past lives, forgiveness, atonement and mysterious disappearances.