Sentient Beings

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It is not necessarily the case that only human beings are reached by the vibrations of the fifth body. There is a wonderful phenomenon in the life of Mahavira: it is said that even animals attended his gatherings. Jaina monks have been unable to explain this phenomenon and they never will. Now an animal does not understand human language but it understands the language of being very well. If I sit in a no-thought condition near a cat, the cat is already in the state of no-thought. With you, however, I will have to talk. To take you to the cat’s state of no-thought is a very long journey. Animals, plants and even stones understand the vibrations that begin from the spiritual body."
- Osho, In Search of the Miraculous, Vol. 2, Ch 5, Q 1

091713b 021214b 070717k 040316c 111713a 110213l 072115h58 Sentience: Animals are sentient beings; Sentience Mosaic; Animal Sentience; Animal Sentience and the Evolution of Emotion; Inner Lives of Animals; 8 Non-Human Tool Users; 5 Incredibly Intelligent Animals; 10 smartest animals; Top 10 Smartest Animals, 3/30/9; 6 Amazingly Intelligent Animals, 1/2/11; Amazing animals that talk back to you, 3/5/11; 25 Most Intelligent Animals On Earth, 6/3/13; Interspecies internet? An idea in progress, 7/10/13; Humans are not the only animals to engage in war - Similar behaviors are seen in chimpanzees, wolves, lions and even ants, 3/26/14; Animal Grief and Mourning, 8/6/14; 25 Powerful Images Of Animal Love Can Teach Us So Much About Ourselves, 2/17/15; Charlie Dog, Golondrinas, and the Impossibility of Ants: A Deep Study, 6/22/15; 10 of the Most Intelligent Animals on Earth, 8/22/15; Banksy Roams New York With Stuffed Animal Truck, Makes A Statement About Animal Rights, 4/23/16

Human Animal Communication: How leopard Diabolo became Spirit; Incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit - Anna Breytenbach, "animal communicator", 11/19/13; Animal Communicators Prove it’s Possible to Hear an Animal’s Thoughts, 1/19/16


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071313-38 022216f 101513-02 092016l 011916m61 050316t57 062816m51 090816t49 010117k47 072916p42 Animals: Encyclopedia of Animal Science^; Gale Encyclopedia of Endangered Species 2nd ed^; Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia 2nd ed^; Macmillan Animal Sciences^; Longman's Animal Classification^; No new animals have been domesticated in the last 4,000 years. Working for a Peaceful World; Compassion Circle; Free Endangered Species Ringtones; Hilarious British animal voiceovers; Unknown carnivore discovered in Madagascar lake, 10/10/10; When Animals Resist, 5/25/11; Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals In The World, 8/4/11; ‘A Toad-Eat-Toad World,’ and Other Tales of Animal Cannibals, 10/31/11; Safe way for animals to cross the road, 12/11; Little French Girl who played with Wild Beasts, 4/6/12; Humans wouldn’t do well in all-species Olympics, 7/28/12; Top 10 Most dangerous animals in the world; Top 10 Most Hazardous Sea Creatures, 9/13/12; Costa Rica to Close its Zoos & Release Animals into the Wild, 8/6/13; Animals instinctively turn to natural medicine to improve their health, 12/17/14; Schooled: Animals That Teach Their Young, 5/7/16; Digital Life aims to make a 3D scan of every animal species on Earth, 11/2/16; AnAge database of animal longevity and other aging databases, 9/12/18

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072115q56 021615v56 020516n51 050816v51 110514i51 101315q48 112414w46

032115d 010117m 122616s44 050615b43 092216r42 030715q37 Mammals: Researchers greatly improve evolutionary Tree of Life for mammals, 9/23/11; Largest-ever study of mammalian ancestry completed, 2/11/13; Which Animals Have the Most Enormous—and Tiniest—Babies, 8/28/15; 15 Amazing Hybrid Animals, 12/28/15

062815g41 Antelopes

Badgers: Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger; Honey badger Houdini; again

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120915e56 121816g56 062916m42 102816n42 021216z38 Bats: How vampire bats find blood, 8/3/11; Bats 'Taste' Prey Before Eating. 5/21/12; Bats Build Mental Maps of Their Surroundings and Remember Them for Future Flights, 2/28/13; Bats in a Roof; Bats, like humans, decipher where others are from based on their regional “accent", 11/5/17

112013i 031415h56 100314m49 100215b49 031715j49 121313s 110313q
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062316c66 072115y63 052316o62 072315c59 092016g56

010317m 032516n 112216d 071116k47 010115g43 100614b41 120514x41 081814o29 Bears: Big Bear Love; How Brown and Polar Bears Split Up, but Continued Coupling, 7/23/12; A Man Found Two Bear Cubs Beside Their Dead Mother - Words Can’t Describe What Followed, 12/24/13; Polar Bear Love; So you taught your dog to roll over - watch this; Black bear cub wanders aisles of Rite-Aid store in Ashland, Oregon, 10/22/14

Beavers: Beaver Bites Man To Death In Belarus Attack, 4/11/13; World's largest beaver dam explored, 9/19/14

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120717o 101616f 091916z 120716r59 060416c64 102216p53 112116f50 040316u21 011716u19 121114m19 Camels

050816q49 Capybaras

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112616o 082816g 063016t 062116v 012717i 080416q 012717c
121915x71 082216p69 110614i72 031216o59 070115j56

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Coyotes: Coyotes on psychedelic mushrooms are staring down and attacking cars, 2/9/16

Coywolf: Meet The Coywolf, 7/27/15

092314o 111113-45 122213-26 022314 020314d1 122814n 121314a 080615m 091315o
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101017z 082417f 110417k 112515w51 102916y50 081616q50 062615o49 121316m43 Deer/ Elk/ Moose: Showdown In Elk Town, 2/25/11; Wapiti vs Photographe; A real-life miracle - wild elk save boy from freezing to death; Rare white-faced deer rejected by mom, but in loving hands, 6/3/15


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031616u42 012016b42 102816w42 062216u41 021615h40

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031715e mn9r1wuJLf1q Donkeys & Mules: Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes or shark attacks. (So, watch your Ass.)

050916y Ferrets

013016e 120713-06 111113-24 110213a 102317o 120513-22 020914y-49 Foxes: After Being Rescued, a Sweet Fox Shows Her Saviors Amazing Gratitude, 10/22/13; Arctic fox using the earth's magnetic fields to hunt, 7/5/13

081213-15 010613b 020914f mfbwc6W6wd1rxv 070913-19 030514b 022514b 071814d 121314n
081213-25 040415b51 102713g 041514r-49 050314y49 091613-11 100314i49

040815f 082313r mm6zov0qE 071414z42 070413_19 Giraffes: Fighting Giraffes, 1/8/13

012316x 112715j 121514t 021316s 021216a 013116x 021615c 100416q

073114l49 122014h49 122214w49 0628148349 Goats: Baa, Baa Mama! Goats Remember Their Babies' Cries, 6/19/12; Goats Found To Be Much Smarter Than Previously Believed, 3/27/14; Are goats more clever than many of today's weak-minded humans?, 4/3/14; Tree Goats, 9/14/15

120414m 021415z 051014l 010217u

022414z4-49 041215o48 043016h41 Hippos: Pablo Escobar’s hippos: A growing problem, 6/25/14

070413_06 110413d 081213-11 081213-07 082613h IGOR-ZENIN-606721 122313p 010513y 042514b
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052714f65 102914n59 052014i58 081714z56 091214n56 081714y54 082914l49
100314u42 092814g42 112714d42 021915u42 082613s 081414x37 100513z
012015t53 121414w49 110514x49 021615m49 081414n49 022815n49 031915p48
061115u 032015r 032915o 021515e 051415r 061115c 052815t 043115x 062115h 071615l
122515t50 060515j49 122615x49 101315y48 051015v46 111815t44 042815y42
011816p 011216l 100815j 010416l 110815d 121715c 012516n 021716j 100815u73
072916d49 082116w46 052316s46 011216v44 052416r43 022216d42 042015z42
102316a 032916k 080316d 102316t 082916x 053016k 060416g 112116i 092916i
120616l51 040316v51 052316k49 052816y49 011716m49 011416v49 012017k49
121115s64 011611t63 010316g59 071016y59 121915r56 031616f56 032616i55
053016m55 031516r55 041115g52 102216u52

020817u 120116i 091817a 070717w 082317w 101717l 091317x 111815t44 051816a39 032916j38 120914s27 081814g27 mp1ixlZm8H1 050314e16 Horses: The horse rises from the ground on its two front legs first. Horse Named "Reckless"; First Openly Gay Racehorse; Horse & Ball , 8/17/10; Loyalty of Arabian Horses (Desert Kings), 11/27/7; Martin Tata Argentine Horse Whisperer, 4/25/11; Frederic Pignon et ses etalons, 6/15/12; Magnificent World Percheron Supreme Champion, 1/30/14; Baby Clydesdales; Our Horse Kept Disappearing, So We Set Up A Camera To Find Out Why… Now We Know!, 3/31/14; Wild Horses: Portrait of the Wild Stallion Tecumseh from McCullough Peaks, 2/11/15; Most beautiful horse you have ever seen, 8/14/17

022216p 070913-15 063014j49 101414j41 Kangaroos

063016k 112713-29 052114h45 Koala Bears

013117x Manatees

011514k 112714u 042716p 101714k49 051614f31 Mice & Rats: African crested rat uses poison trick to foil predators, 8/3/11; Mice can sing in harmony, 10/27/12; I Can't Believe Someone Trained Their RATS (Yes! RATS!) To Do This! Really Amazing!; Consciousness tests reveal rats are capable of feeling regret, 6/22/14; Rats are full of wanderlust and dream about places they want to go, 6/27/15

050814l53 111814i42 Opossums

042116k 010816t

Otters: Swimming Lesson

011716z 062614h Panda Bears

040816w 092216j 021714g-65 071413-13 042016y58 052816l54 081213-26 040415d50 062414r41 Pigs: Just how smart are pigs?, 2/24/8; Pigs are Smart, if Not Vain, 11/9/9; We're Losing The Battle Against Wild Pigs, 4/25/13; Marijuana waste helps turn pot-eating pigs into tasty pork roast, 5/20/13; This small Bahamas island is full of swimming pigs (but no humans)!, 7/10/13

032214q-56 Platypusses: How the Venomous, Egg-Laying Platypus Evolved, 7/30/16

Prairie Dogs: Prairie dogs have a language all of their own and 'can describe what humans look like', 1/21/11

071313-01 120415g 102817k 102817e 020517f 062014b 051816q50 011414-43-49 Rabbits

120514d56 070215c53 031415l50 011414-83-46 Raccoons

mn4dcw9 070413_46 123115c 090216v 053115u Frogdot-1777216 030615b LESZEK-BUJNOWSKI-2323247

081714t62 122014u57 121014v56 032115k54 091615q49 082313m 031716e46 092916r42 091916u39 Rhinos: 3 Rhinos Make A Daring Escape As Zoo Guard Sleeps, 1/16/15

030614h-55 101114e42 010814g-42 021515q42 102113t 100114c39 031514t-37

Seals & Sea Lions: Seal befriends woman sitting on the beach, 11/13/13; Divers meet extremely playful wild seals off the coast of England, 1/17/14; This Terrified Diver Prepares To Die As A Predator Approaches, When Suddenly..., 4/19/14; Watch This Sea Lion Chase Down A Boat Going 25 MPH, 11/7/14

100513o 011414-47 103016y ml512s49OC 121814y 120616w 041314j 010815w62 071316w49 011511l49 Sheep

112113e Skunk:

Sloths: No Need To Rush: 8 Adorable Sloths Taking It Easy, 4/19/13

093017b 031014e 050214l 050214y64 112715o57 022214z6-56 110815c54 022214z9a-49 012514x-41 Squirrels

102113p 110614l46 Walruses

011414-37 071513a 011514m 022414h 030614b 031414p 051914s 061914h
020314f4-65 mb19pgrh 122213-36-56 122914c56 022414q-55 050314p55 021216o55
080215u 122414j 110115l 010416z 013116t 091615j 021915q 020215c

040316f 061616i 080817z 071416c 062316v 053016v 051516p 100616y58 090914d49 032015s46 102315n44 102114e42 111214b30 Wolves: How Wolves Change Rivers; Wolf That Changed America 11/27/8; again; TRUTH ABOUT THE WOLVES, 2/9/10; Why Wolves are Forever Wild, But Dogs Can Be Tamed, 1/21/13; Giant Idaho Wolves, 2/11/13; How Wolves Change Rivers; New Canine Discovered For First Time In 150 Years, 7/31/15

06281447 112216e 092215p 011414-23 120716g59 Zebras