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Ron Paul

ronpaul Ron Paul Book Collection; People are hungry to hear the truth!; None of Your Business!, 7/13/4; Honor of Ron Paul, 6/12/7 Illuminati Hand Signs and Handshakes, 12/9/7; Physical Opposition To Government May Become Necessary 08/20/08; Shift Toward Global Government Under Obama 11/5/8; Alex Jones, 11/7/08: New monetary system; Pt.2; On Reinstating the Draft, 2/17/9; End the War on Drugs, 3/30/9; On Secession, 4/20/9; Imagine Speech Remastered, 9/27/9; Putting Swine Flu in Perspective; Problem With The Healthcare Bill Is That It's Blatantly Unconstitutional, 3/22/10; Inside Sources Told Me Fed Is Panicking At Mass Awakening, 5/27/10; Repeal the War on Drugs, 7/28/10; Ron Paul questions whether there's gold at Fort Knox, NY Fed, 8/30/10; RP Comments On QE2, Says Fed Will Self Destruct, Shocked That Krugman Has "Any Credibility Whatsoever", 11/8/10; Ron Paul Introduces HR 6416: The American Traveler Dignity Act, 11/18/10; Ron Paul says enough is enough; blasts TSA for obscene pat-downs and police state tactics, 11/19/10; RP Debates TSA Screenings – CNN, 11/21/10; Revolt Against TSA, 11/22/10; Elitist Bankers and Congressional Leadership are Plotting to Stop Ron Paul, 12/3/10; Fed Works In Collusion With Goldman Sachs; Republicans Move to Block RP from Monetary Policy Subcommittee Chair, 12/3/10; Stop the John Boehner scam: Give Ron Paul monetary subcommittee chair, 12/3/10; Ron Paul calls Wikileaks Heros, 12/3/10; RP, Author of ‘End the Fed,’ to Lead Fed Panel, 12/9/10; Lying Is Not Patriotic, 12/11/10; Will Ron Paul Be Able To End The Fed?, 12/11/10; G.O.P. Loner, Comes In From Cold, 12/12/10; Audit the Fed in 2011, 12/15/10; Fed ‘monopoly’ could be broken if Americans use gold, silver as currency, 12/15/10; US Gov is More Dangerous than WikiLeaks, 12/15/10; Doctor No Comes Into His Own, 12/16/10; Fed transparency is his goal, 12/19/10; Smearing of Ron Paul, 12/21/10; Competing Currencies Can 'End the Fed' Softly, 12/26/10; Ready to Rumble with the Fed?, 1/5/11; Recipe for a Successful 2011, 1/5/11; Ron Paul vs. the Federal Reserve, 1/9/11; Toward Sensible Monetary Policy, 1/11/11; Why Government Cannot "Make Us Safe" by Mandating Security, 1/17/11; On Gun Control and Violence, 1/21/11; 257 Foreign Trade Zones across America, 1/24/11; Health Freedom vs. the State - RP interviewed by Joseph Mercola, 2/8/11; RP holds first hearing to scrutinize Fed, 2/9/11; RP Subpoenaed for Money Trial, 3/1/11; ‘New World Order’ Using Financial Crisis, Wars To Enhance Globalism, 4/6/11;‘Big Event’ Has Started, 4/6/11; Ten Principles of a Free Society, 4/7/11; Ron Paul Supports US Interest With Israel, 4/11/11; Liberty Defined, 4/18/11; RP on CNBC Destroys the Fed, 4/27/11; RP: End Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, 4/27/11; In Defense of Liberty, 4/30/11; 'Government invites conspiracy theories', 5/5/11; Milk Police, 5/17/11; Last Nail, 5/29/11; Beware, Citizen! Here Are Ron Paul’s 15 Most ‘Extreme’ Positions, 5/30/11; Stop Obama's Unconstitutional Power Grab!, 5/30/11; Enabling a Future American Dictator, 5/31/11; Ron Paul warns of 'dictatorship in Washington DC', 6/1/11; Rep. Paul to Fed: Tell Us Everything, or Else, 6/1/11; Take the Gloves Off, RP, 6/8/11; Ron Paul: Freemason?; Four decades of drug war tyranny may come to an end with Ron Paul's new effort to legalize marijuana, 6/23/11; Ron Paul Bill Attacks Federal Marijuana War, 6/24/11; RP On 2012: Establishment, Media Unable To Exclude Me This Time Around, 6/29/11; Federal Reserve is Defaulting on the American People, 7/19/11; Truth About What Ron Paul Was Really Like 30 Years Ago, 7/24/11; Rep. Paul introduces bill to cancel $1.6T in debt held by Federal Reserve, 8/2/11; RP Sounds Alarm on “Disturbing” Super Congress, 8/2/11; RP on the Danger of Political and Social Upheaval, 8/2/11; "We Always Deliver More Authority To The Executive Branch Through Certain Commissions", 8/3/11; Ron Paul’s Great Compromise of 2012, 8/4/11; RP on CNBC Newsline: History says Gold is Money, 8/4/11; RP Introduces Pro-gun Legislation to Abolish Gun-Free Zones, 8/4/11; Stunning Ron Paul Video That Will Wake Up America - Please Share With Friends and Family, 8/7/11; Super Congress A Gift to K Street, 8/8/11; Ron Paul Slams Obama's "Monstrous Creature," the Super Congress, 8/8/11; Ron Paul: Congress just handed a huge amount of power to this hated group, 8/10/11; GOP Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, 8/11/11; Ron Paul Vs. Military Industrial Complex Establishment Shills, 8/11/11; Unwavering Consistency, Unparalleled Foresight, 8/12/11; Ron Paul rebukes Romney: Corporations are not people, 8/15/11; 40 Years Ago Today: The Day Nixon Created Ron Paul - August 15, 1971, 8/15/11; Jon Stewart Defends Ron Paul From Ridiculous Media Coverup, 8/16/11; Ron Paul 'They're Setting The Stage For Violence In This Country', 8/16/11; Ron Paul The Anarchist, 8/18/11; Donald Trump’s candidacy received three times more coverage than Ron Paul’s candidacy, 8/18/11; Ron Paul Excluded From US News Straw Poll – Hilarity Ensues, 8/19/11; Ron Paul educates some liberals, 8/20/11; Ron Paul Addresses Plans For 'Civil Unrest' Detention Camps, 8/20/11; The Relevancy of Ron Paul vs. the Coming Irrelevancy of the Status-Quo, 8/23/11; Illusion of Safety, 8/23/11; Ron Paul suggests spending cuts could lead to riots, 8/25/11; Peter Schiff: There They Go Again - Undermining Ron Paul, 8/25/11; TIME Magazine Pens Five Page Spread To Convince America Ron Paul Can’t Win, 8/26/11; People Will Hit The Streets Over Inflation Nightmare, 8/26/11; Ron Paul Is a Brilliant Investor, 8/28/11; Some federal disaster response is okay, 8/30/11; Vice Presidential Choices, 8/30/11; Greatest Plot Against the Ron Paul Camp To Date, 8/30/11; Paul wants to cut FEMA funding, 8/31/11; Marco Polo wrote about dishonest money, 9/1/11; Feds Preparing For “Breakdown Of Law And Order”, 9/1/11; Top 10 Reasons Why Dr. Ron Paul Is the Only Rational Choice, 9/1/11; VP Sweepstakes, Part II, 9/2/11; Ron Paul to Congress: Show True Compassion by Abolishing FEMA, 9/5/11; Ron Paul to attack Rick Perry in new ad, 9/6/11; Ron Paul Solution, 9/7/11; MSNBC Ignores Winner of Debate, 9/8/11; MSNBC distorts post-debate poll results to falsely depict Ron Paul as just barely winning, 9/8/11; Perry vs. Paul: A Texas-sized war, 9/8/11; Ron Paul Responds To President Obama's Joint Session Of Congress Address, 9/8/11; A Gallon of Gas Cost a Silver Dime... Inflation is the Problem, 9/8/11; Ron Paul explains 'confrontation' with Rick Perry, 9/9/11; How the media work their voo-doo against Ron Paul, 9/10/11; Vintage Ron Paul - always the champion of honest money, 9/13/11; 9/11: Ask the Right Questions and Face the Truth, 9/13/11; Ron Paul DOUBLES His National Support In Just 2 Weeks, 9/13/11; 10 Reasons Not To Vote For Ron Paul, 9/20/11; Time to De-Recognize the United Nations, 9/26/11; Ron Paul: A Palestinian State?, 9/27/11; Ron Paul, Upping the Ante in His Campaign for Liberty, Hoists the Flag of Hayek, 9/29/11; Ron Paul: "American Citizens Can Now Be Targeted With Assassination!", 9/30/11; Time To Wake Up, 9/30/11; Ron Paul: Obama impeachment a possibility, 10/3/11; Audit Bernanke, 10/5/11; Five Lies of the Religious Right About Ron Paul, 10/6/11; Economy is biased against the poor, 10/6/11; C.I.A. could begin assassinating journalists claims Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul, 10/6/11; Unadulterated, Unfiltered, Uncensored, 100 Octane, 10/7/11; Against the Financial Power Elite, 10/8/11; Greatest Antiwar Ad Ever Seen, 10/8/11; A Dangerous Precedent, 10/10/11; Ignoring Ron Paul Has Reached Comic Proportions, 10/14/11; Ron Paul's plan being announced Monday. Cutting $1 trillion. Cutting his pay to $39,000, 10/14/11; Study Confirms Establishment is Terrified of Ron Paul, 10/17/11; Ron Paul Highlights - CNN Las Vegas Debate 10/18/11; Blame the Fed for the Financial Crisis, 10/21/11; RP says unemployment is 20%, 10/23/11; Student Loan Racket: Ron Paul Right Again, 10/24/11; Ron Paul Calls TSA 'Jack-Booted Thugs' in Response to Highway Checkpoints, 10/25/11; Ron Paul names his pick for Federal Reserve chairman, 10/27/11; RESILIENCE OF RON PAUL, 10/30/11; What Would Really Happen If Ron Paul Were To Be Elected President?, 10/31/11; Leaving Iraq?, 11/2/11; Ventura: Americans Should Riot If Ron Paul Excluded From Debates, 11/3/11; Another perplexing Ron Paul oversight from the Times, 11/5/11; RP Is Right About Gold and Money, 11/9/11; Ron Paul: Obama Presidency on the Verge of Being a "Dictatorship", 11/9/11; Be Honest CNBC - You Are Biased Against Ron Paul, 11/10/11; CNN Defends the Fed – Calls Ron Paul Economically Illiterate, 11/11/11; Ron Paul Gets 89 Seconds in TV Portion of CBS Debate, 11/12/11; warpeace_dees American Upset - December 16th, 11/12/11; Ron Paul Only Republican Candidate Not Calling for Iran Attack, 11/13/11; "It Is Estimated That US Banks Have Over A Trillion Dollars Tied Up At-Risk With German And French Banks", 11/14/11; Reasons Why Dr. Ron Paul Should Not Be President, 11/15/11; Ron Paul: Obama health care more fascism than socialism, 11/16/11; Ron Paul talks gold and silver, 11/17/11; Ron Paul on Politics and Freedom, 11/18/11; Ron Paul on Waco, 11/18/11; Bernanke Launches an Old Testament Diss Against Ron Paul, 11/19/11; Fix is in: Republicans make sure Obama serves second term, 11/19/11; Ron Paul Takes Down Bob Schieffer, 11/21/11; Ron Paul on the Super Committee, 11/21/11; War on drugs undermines civil liberties, 11/22/11; Ron Paul Explains His Plan For "Monetary Freedom" And Returning To The Gold Standard, 11/28/11; On Worldwide Quantitative Easing, 12/3/11; ‘I’d like to think of myself as the flavor of the decade’, 12/4/11; Open Letter to the Republican Jewish Coalition on Ron Paul, 12/5/11; 45th President Of The United States, 12/5/11; Ron Paul Tells Newsmax: I Support Israel, 12/7/11; Forbes Op-ed Gives Glowing Endorsement of Ron Paul, 12/8/11; Sarah Palin: Ron Paul ‘Is The One Americans Need To Listen To’ On Domestic Spending, 12/8/11; Ron Paul: Bush administration reacted with 'glee' after 9/11, 12/9/11; No Mandatory Mental Health Screening for Children!, 12/12/11; Ron Paul Hits It Out of the Park, 12/12/11; 4 Legitimate Reasons NOT to vote for Ron Paul, 12/12/11; Ron Paul: Defense Bill Establishes Martial Law In America, 12/13/11; Ron Paul and the Environment, 12/13/11; Ron Paul calls for criminal charges against Eric Holder, 12/13/11; Ron Paul's Inaugural Address, Written by His First (and Only) Speechwriter, 12/21/11; What Would Ron Paul Own?, 12/23/11; Ron Paul’s House record marked by bold strokes, and futility, 12/26/11; Ron Paul Quotes of the Day, 12/26/11; Rep. Paul says defense bill assures ‘descent into totalitarianism’, 12/26/11; Propagandist or Prophet?, 12/26/11; New Republican Primary Rules Make It Possible for the Republican Establishment To Steal the Nomination From a Candidate They Don’t Like, 12/27/11; Jews for Ron Paul, 12/28/11; NDAA Repeals More Rights, 12/28/11; Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul, 12/28/11; Ron Paul’s Support Is Much More Widespread Than Reported, 12/29/11; 10 PRINCIPLES OF A FREE SOCIETY, 12/29/11; Ron Paul's Lonely Breakfast of Champions, 12/29/11; Marginalizing Ron Paul, 12/29/11; Ron Paul and Israel, 12/29/11; 30% of people who watch this whole video change their vote, 12/31/11; Ron & Rand Paul Speak at Polk County Whistle Stop, 1/2/12; Predictions in Due Time, 1/3/12; Liberty Defined, 1/4/12; Ron Paul Doubles Vote Tally, Captures Equal Number of Delegates As Romney & Santorum, 1/4/12; Ron Paul Will Win In The End; Ron Paul vs. Goldman Sachs, 1/19/12; Ron Paul starts campaign to end the TSA, 1/24/12; Ron Paul FIX Is In, 1/23/12; Ron Paul's Biggest Supporter Is A Bilderberger, International Financier, 1/31/12; Ron Paul: Free Money for Banks Does NOT Stimulate the Economy!, 1/31/12; Ron Paul: Grilling the Fed, 3/28/12; 'My ultimate goal remains to repeal the 16th Amendment', 4/17/12; Penny Unwise, Dollar Insane, 4/18/12; Ron Paul versus Barack Obama, on Weed, 5/28/12; Fractional Reserve Banking, Government, and Moral Hazard, 6/14/12; Ron Paul Crossword Puzzle, 6/28/12; The Pauls' New Crusade: “Internet Freedom”, 7/5/12; Ron Paul's predictions from 2002: So good that at first I thought the speech was faked, 7/15/12; Fed encourages never-ending war, 7/20/12; Hot Mic Catches Republican Praising Censorship of Ron Paul, 8/29/12; Teleprompter Had the Results of the Vote Before the Vote was Taken!, 8/30/12; Top 10 reasons to get your mony back from Ron Paul Inc, 8/31/12; That's it. I'm done. No more GOP, LP, GJ, or any of it, 9/2/12; 16 Year Old Boy Questioned By FBI Over This Ron Paul YouTube Video, 9/11/12; Why Ron Paul's Campaign Manager Is Now Taking A Job With The GOP Establishment, 9/13/12; Government Dependency Will End in Chaos, 10/10/12; Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show, 11/9/12; Ron Paul: Secession an Important Constitutional Principle, 11/12/12; SNL Skit: Member voted Ron Paul! - 2:20 into the clip, 11/12/12; Ron Paul Debates Obama on Marijuana Legalization, 11/13/12; Farewell to Congress, 11/15/12; Ron Paul's Farewell Address, and His Legacy, 11/17/12; Ron Paul's 32 Questions, 11/17/12; 32 Questions That All Americans Must Answer, 11/18/12; 13 Reasons Why America Is Doomed, 11/18/12; Ron Paul's Farewell Address: An Anomaly in American History, 11/19/12; What Does Ron Paul Read?, 11/20/12; 5 Greatest Dangers to a Free Society, 11/26/12; Ron Paul: How to End the Tragedy in Gaza, 11/27/12; Ron Paul’s exit interview, 11/28/12; Ron Paul: The Film, 12/6/12; Ron Paul condemns "terrible treatment" of Bradley Manning from House Floor, 12/8/12; Astonishing Ron Paul, 12/21/12; Ron Paul: Government Security Is Just Another Kind of Violence, 12/25/12; Ron Paul's Final Question: Is There Any Explanation For It All?, 12/26/12; Why Ron Paul Never Fit in on Capitol Hill, 1/3/13; Ron Paul's Liberty Movement Spreads in Congress, 1/7/13; ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Vote Shows How Washington Really Works, 1/7/13; Ron Paul: Guns Are Americans’ “Line in the Sand”, 1/10/13; Illusion of Choice, 1/11/13; Ron Paul warns journalists: You could be next on Obama’s ‘kill list’, 1/16/13; Ron Paul: People Have a Natural Right to Defend Themselves, 1/17/13; Ron Paul: 'They Will Come With Guns To Take Our Guns', 1/19/13; Inside Look at Ron Paul's Portfolio, 1/21/13; Ron Paul: Krugman’s Trillion Dollar Coin Is Not Real Wealth, 1/23/13; Immigration ‘Reform’ Will Turn the US into a Police State, 2/4/13; Ron Paul Calls on United Nations to Confiscate Domain Names of His Supporters, 2/8/13; Ron Paul: For 6,000 Years, Gold Is Always Money, 2/12/13; Trade War & Economic Collapse Coming, 2/14/13; Drone Threat, 2/18/13; One group of Americans should be disarmed: federal agents, 2/26/13; Ron Paul With an AR-15, 3/7/13; Great Cyprus Bank Robbery, 4/1/13; Homeschooling: The Future of Liberty, 4/8/13; Ron Paul: Bradley Manning Promotes Peace More Than Obama, 4/12/13; Gold Collapse Is Personally Costing Ron Paul A Fortune, 4/15/13; Ron Paul: Why Can’t We All Travel to Cuba?, 4/16/13; Ron Paul: Congress Exploits Our Fears To Take Our Liberty, 4/22/13; On BitCoins: "I don't think it fits the definition of money", 4/23/13; Ron Paul Blames Obama Administration, Goldman for Gold Decline, 4/23/13; CISPA would create 'Big Brother' culture, 4/25/13; Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston, 4/29/13; Boston lockdown, police state manhunt resembled 'banana republic' military action, 5/2/13; What No One Wants to Hear About Benghazi, 5/13/13; Fix IRS by shutting it ‘once and for all’, 5/20/13; IRS’s Job Is To Violate Our Liberties, 5/21/13; Ron Paul and Jim Rogers: Government confiscation of private bank accounts to happen here, too, 5/21/13; ‘Common Core’ Nationalizes and Dumbs Down Public School Curriculum Even More, 5/27/13; I'm Waiting For The Fed To Self-Destruct, 5/29/13; Ron Paul gets to the heart of the Benghazi circus, 6/2/13; Ron Paul Warned Us About '1984' - in 1984, 6/9/13; Government Spying: Should We Be Shocked?, 6/10/13; Look What This ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Had To Say Back in 1984: ‘A Disgusting Procedure for a Professed Free Society’, 6/15/13; Ron Paul: If You Like The Surveillance State, You’ll Love E-Verify, 7/1/13; Truth About Neoconservatism, 7/10/13; Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum, 7/18/13; Obamacare is a brainchild of Big Pharma, 8/19/13; Homeschooling Revolution, 9/9/13; again 9/10/13; Has The Tide Turned Against the Warmongers?, 9/17/13; Internet Sales Tax Could Crush Small Businesses, 9/23/13; Ron Paul Warns of Martial Law and Economic Collapse, 10/13/13; Public Schools Look Like the Prisons They Are, 10/15/13; Ron Paul confirms U.S. empire will suddenly collapse like Soviet Union did, 10/18/13; Empire, Blood, and Banking, 10/18/13; Debt Ceiling Deal: DC Wins, Americans Lose, 10/22/13; Ron Paul Basically Called for Armed Revolution This Week, 11/5/13; Federal Reserve Steals From the Poor and Gives to the Rich, 11/18/13; Bitcoin could 'destroy the dollar', 12/4/13; BitCoin Could Go Down In History As Destroyer Of The US Dollar, 12/9/13; Ron Paul Is Calling Dr Greg Brannon "The Next Ron Paul", 12/10/13; My muzzle has been removed, 1/13/14; Ron Paul Warns that Bundy Ranch Standoff isn’t Over Just Yet, 4/16/14; Ron Paul Rewind: A Warning Against Arming the BLM in 1997!, 4/28/14; CIA Using The Drug War To Fund Covert Ops, 5/18/14; Ron Paul 'End the Fed' on Jeopardy - June 12, 2014; Ron Paul to Make Acting Debut In 3rd Installment of ATLAS SHRUGGED Trilogy, 6/19/14; Celebrate Independence Day By Opposing Government Tyranny, 7/2/14; Collapse Is Close, 7/13/14; What the Media Won’t Report About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, 7/21/14; End Torture, Shut Down the CIA!, 7/29/14; Why Did Ron Paul Say Gold Could Go To Infinity?, 8/2/14; Ron Paul "To be an Anarchist is a great idea", 8/8/14; Ron Paul on 9/11: “I Believe That If We Ever Get The Full Truth, We’ll Find Out That Our Government Had It In The Records Exactly What The Plans Were, Or At Least Close To It”, 9/5/14; National Service is Anti-Liberty and Un-American, 10/19/14; Ron Paul on the global conversation triggered by the Swiss gold referendum: Politician-Created Money Is Coming to an End, 10/27/14; 2-party US Political System in Reality a Monopoly, 11/6/14; Defeat of USA FREEDOM Act Is a Victory for Freedom, 11/24/14; Ron Paul: Evangelicals' Support for War at Odds With Fundamental Teachings of Jesus, 12/4/14; Janet Yellen's Christmas Gift to Her Masters, 12/23/14; Inner City Turmoil and Other Crises: My Predictions for 2015, 1/10/15; IRS and Congress Both Hold Our Liberty in Contempt , 4/6/15; Ron Paul: CIA is a Secret Government, Involved in Domestic Assassinations, 6/3/15; Ron Paul: 'I don't want to distract' from Rand, 6/6/15; Death Penalty: The Ultimate Corrupt, Big Government Program, 6/16/15; Concentration Camps in America Again?, 7/28/14; Hiroshima at 70: Have We Learned Anything?, 8/6/15; Future of Homeschooling, 9/22/15; Rise of America's Secret Government, 11/3/15; War on Terror is Creating More Terror, 11/30/15


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