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091416c 010416s 042816f 120515k 081516y 063016w60 010916w40 Reality, obviously, exists. Obviously existence is. I know existence is, because I am; and, I am aware. This fact, expressed in three different redundantly meaningless ways, is the one fact that cannot be doubted. It is absolutely primary; beyond inference or philosophy; and, nothing else is.

Whatever I truly am is real. As there cannot be more than one reality, whatever I truly am not cannot be real; it can only be mere appearance.

Nothing that I can point to or see or perceive or conceive can be me. Therefore, whatever it is, it cannot be real. It can only be appearance; and, appearance is not and cannot be real. Appearance is nothing but illusion.

010216c 101416w33 The world is unreal. Thoughts and emotions and sensations are unreal.

Neither space nor time are real, as they appear only in the mind. They are aspects of perception but not of reality. Mind is not real, as it functions only in time and space. Matter is not real.

112116s59 112915v56 Reality is pure existent awareness always only here now.

To discover what reality is, it is first necessary to find out what it is not.

Reality isn't illusion. Illusion doesn't exist.

So, what is illusion?


d03 We were taught in beginning geometry that a dot (0D), a line (1D) and a plane (2D) have no volume and don't exist; yet; somehow, six (non-existent) planes tied together make a cube (3D) that does exist. How can non-existence4 = existence? There must be a fundamental error in the concept of dimensions we have been taught.

111314y51 An infinity of dots makes a line. Two intersecting lines define a plane. Multiple intersecting planes produce a three dimensional shape. They're all made of dots. Maybe it's exactly the other way around... Is it possible that only the dot (a singularity of infinite potential or point of infinite density that can be divided into infinity; nowhere and everywhere; dimension zero of pure awareness) exists and that everything a dot supposedly makes up (either perceived or conceived) is mere illusion?

Finite boundaries can be divided into infinity. There is no contradiction. The DNA in your body (or in a shovelful of dirt), if placed end to end would wrap around the earth 5 million times. Even an atom can be divided forever; akin to a mini black hole. [For the fun of it, see Room 8.]

Atoms are 99.999...% space or vacuum. There is vacuum at all levels everywhere. Maybe atoms are just divisions of the vacuum - the vacuum is what is really there, and the divisions of the vacuum (event horizons) are what appear to us. Radiations of the electro-magnetic field are what appear to us - scaling space-time structures of vacuum division.

Quantum theory concerns the smallest units in the universe and predicts finite and linear boundaries. It deduces that atoms can 'exist' only because the energy of a vacuum is infinite, which is a nasty infinity (technical term for not acceptable).

Planck's constant sets the smallest distance boundary possible in the universe at 1.616 x 10-33cm (which is very close to the golden phi ratio of 1.6180339887...). Consistent with this limit, one cubic centimeter of space could be packed to a density of 1093 gm/ cm3; or, way more than the mass of the entire observable universe within it; in fact a single proton can contain precisely the mass of the entire observable universe (1055g).

070214c Perhaps objects don't define the space; perhaps space defines the objects. Perhaps so-called empty space which is actually and paradoxically infinitely full of energy density is the source of all things. Isn't the fractal nature of a vacuum the fundamental structure of creation?; including the creation of 'you'? (People come out of other people; all with slight variations.)

matter_scaling The infinitely small exists in the same universe as larger forms of finite and linear bound-aries. Every- thing big is made of smaller things, so the very large and the very small must be intimately connected. All the way down from the immense universe to objects billions and billions of times smaller, there is structure and order.

Einstein's theory of relativity covers the cosmic scales and relationship between gravity, time and space. It predicts continuum to an infinite point of singularity or black hole. Our universe is too dense for light to escape it. For this and other reasons, our universe obeys the conditions of a black hole (obeys the Schwarzschild condition); and, this is true at all levels all the way down to Planck's distance. Science is very recently discovering that there is a black hole at the center of all galaxies. Is it possible that even every atom; and, in fact, every proton is a black hole?

n6u5ftNDTh An atom is made of subatomic particles, which are made of sub-sub atomic particles and so on to infinity. Each particle has a mass. Therefore, there is infinite mass at the center of atoms, indicating that they are mini-black holes. This is the crux of the unification theory that Nassim Haramein is currently bringing forward - the fact that even the atomic world can be decribed by Einstein's field equations. Even mathematically, all is One.

So, what is the structure of the vacuum? A tetrahedron is the most stable of the platonic solids. Is it tetrahedral?

Energy events across the solar system frequently happen along or near the 19.47 meridian, which is the base of the tetrahedron or inverted tetrahedron within the earth's sphere.

The ancient Mayans represent this exactly in the pyramidal structures at Teotihuacan in Mexico. The position of the complex itself on the earth's surface maps the relationship of a tetrahedron within a sphere (the boundary condition) and lies along this meridian.

Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes on earth, also lies on this meridian. The largest volcano in our solar sytem is at this meridian on Mars as is also the great red spot on Jupitern.

isotropic_vector_metric Buckminster Fuller concluded that the fundamental blueprint of the universe is what he called a 4 frequency isotropic vector metric. There are 20 tetrahedrons in the four frequencies of an isotropic vector metric - 10 on the bottom, six in the middle, three on the third "floor' and one on the top.

The negative space in between the tetrahedrons are octahedrons, which are pyramids, base to base. There is another set of tetrahedrons in the negative, negative space. These tetrahedrons are reversed and rotated 180°.

One isotropic vector metric cannot be alone - it must be polarized. Stacking them base to base describes an egg, not a sphere. Pushing them into each other creates a star tetrahedron within a perfect sphere. The resulting middle form is a cuboctahedron, which is the only geometric form in perfect equilibrium in all vectorial possibilities at its center, which is a singularity. This must be the geometry of the vacuum.

082414v 072514g Buckminster Fuller reasoned that if the force of a vector is its length and two vectors are driven against each other in opposite directions, equilibrium results. It will be unstable equilibrium, however, because any other force in any other direction can break the balance. Two other vectors can be added at 90° to the initial point, but if so, the edge vectors which contain the geometry will be longer than the vectors to the center, creating instability.

Fuller realized that the edge vectors and the vectors to the center have to be the same distance, which creates a hexagon - or in three dimensions, a cuboctahedron, which is vector equilibrium. Nassim Haramein concluded that this structure must be the geometry of the vacuum, since in perfect equilibrium, all the forces cancel each other out and appear to be empty space.

64tetrahedrons However, another issue arose. The vector equilibrium in the middle would be completely covered with tetrahedrons, but the edges of the matrix would still have open faces, rather than perfect symmetry. Adding 24 tetrahedrons (to the 40) to cover those faces yields a total of 64 - 26 - a number found in many natural processes and esoteric traditions (such as the i ching or the flower of life); creating a center equilibrium surrounded by another equilibrium; producing fractal structures that can be scaled from infinitely big to infinitely small in perfect octaves; a true three dimensional fractal structure.

081715b58 072614x42 This structure can also be built with eight star tertahedrons; each made with eight tetrahedrons each; balancing the radiative with the contracting sides of the event horizon; thus, mapping out the structure of the vacuum; the key to understanding creation.

Now that vacuum structure is realized, how does it move?

The answer to this question requires updating the theories that preceded Haramein.

Einstein's theory of general relativity describes the structure of space-time as curving to produce a gravitational field; a change from Newton who believed gravity was a force generated by the object itself. Karl Schwarzchild discovered the first solution to Einstein's field equations, but this solution omitted any explanation of the black hole spin.

102816a56 Spin and charge were introduced in the 1960's in what is know as the Kerr-Newman Solution; however, this theory did not account for the gyroscopic effect. Haramein and E.A. Rauscher addressed this in a 2004 paper called The Origin of Spin, which defined a new way to describe the structure of space-time; that space-time itself has a fundamental spin; just like water going down a drain. Space-time, itself has a fundamental torque. This paper put torque and the Coriolis Effect back into Einstein's filed equations; giving a different picture of the structure of a black hole - instead of a spherical, smooth surface, it is a torus.

083015y 120216v72 062316i46 A torus is like a donut. It has a hole (space or vacuum) in the middle. A black hole is a dual torus structure; each torus spinning in the opposite direction from the other. For every spin, there exists a counter-spin.
Toroidal Vortex Flow - Heart Beat of the Universe, 12/17/14

An infinitely dense vacuum is at the center of every object, which connects all objects. There exists not multiple kinds of vacuum, just as there exists not multiple kinds of pure awareness.

Not only is spin inherent to the structure of space itself, but it is prevalent at all levels.

An electron and a positron exchange (across the vacuum). They disappear and reappear repeatedly at the speed of light.

072714k 080514b50 Half of the time, you're the vacuum. The other half of the time, you're an illusory appearance, giving feedback to the vacuum. In order to be self-aware, you must know that you exist; but, actually, only the vacuum (pure awareness) is real.

021715q63 How does the double torus geometry relate to the tetrahedral structure of the vacuum? Two isotropic vectoral matrixes surrounded by a toroidial field. Each represents a polarity of the Coriolus Effect. As the two come together to form the vectoral equilibrium, the double torus structure is generated. When all of the components are producing equilibrium at the center, the result is singularity. All of creation (maya) emerges from it.

There is a black hole at the center of every galaxy. Galaxies are the result of black holes. Material 'reality' emerges from the black hole, which is prior to the 'material' 'reality' of galaxies. Black holes absorb and radiate.

There is not just one big bang. There is continuous creation at all levels of singularities along the scaling of the universe.

Stars emerge from the central black hole of their galaxy and move in spiral pathways away from it towards the edge. At the edge, they enter into the galactic halo, which is the edge of the double torus and then they fall back in at the top.

072614k56 Black holes are a fundamental pattern of the vacuum itself, whether it be in the center of a galaxy or a sub-atomic particle.

ls986q1d9 123115l57 When you're inside a black hole (i.e. inside our universe), it appears black. If you're outside of the event horizon, it appears brightly white. Every black hole is really a black/white hole.

1st Level Summation

090415i56 072614w44 So, if you eliminate the space, you can fit the entire visible universe and all of the 'matter' in it into a volume the size of a single proton; and, the entire universe and everything in it is a black/ white hole. Also, it is holographic, by the way

Only the vacuum (or void) exists. All else is maya or illusion.

All I Know

021115h 071715y All I know is that I Am.

070814f 072514f Upon inquiry, it is immediately evident that I don't know what I am, so how can I presume to know anything else? Until the question 'Who am I?" is answered, how can I even ask anything else?

What I'm Not

First of all, it is obvious that I'm not anything I can point to. How can it be, unless I am both the pointer and what I am pointing at?

112515i 072514r 061914l68 Physical Body: Can't be Me. I can point at the physical body and everything in it. There seem to be tons of tenants in it - germs, particularly - who certainly have more property rights than I have. Their human body's main function seems to be as an absolutely efficient shit producing factory, right up to the day it dies. Even then, it will continue to provide for most of them.

To be honest, I am cognizant of nearly none of the things this body does. The shit gets produced, for sure, but no one in this body consults with me as to how it gets done; and, it's good they don't, because I don't have a clue. Once the food goes down 'my' throat, I don't even keep track of it anymore, let alone be able to supervise the glands and nerves and organs and germs to do their work. I don't know how they do what they do. If I was the doer and it was up to me, this body would be dead in less than a minute. Frankly, I can't even tell you where most of the glands, for instance, exactly are.

Even the things this body does that I could presume that I'm the doer of, I don't understand how it works. Even the 'simple' physical act of pointing a finger seems like telekinesis to me.

At any rate, I am only here, obviously; and here is not there. This body and everything in it are all somewhere over there.

022715g 011414-38 C&H-letter-from-past-self Subtle Body: Same for the mind or subtle body, as all of the sensations and feelings and thoughts and emotions are also all somewhere over there. There is a distance between me and them, because I witness them.

093016y 100316t 083013i The subtle body is rooted in memories of pleasure and guilt from the past; and, fears & desires of the future. Like the physical body, it is constantly changing; mostly automatic. It is obviously not me. What is in the gap between the thoughts?

082414k mdbfthg9L71rjdn 050314s72 071016m 112216t57 062414g53 mmi0wkVDl11q The Witness: This witness is changeless; unaffected by what it observes; always only here & now. It witnesses all attributes of the mind equally, including any and all thoughts of 'I' or 'mine'. There is no 'I' or 'mine' in it, itself; it is impersonal. Undoubtedly, this is not 'me', either. Is separate self-hood is simply an illusion? How can there be free will if there is no separate self to have it?

050314c53 112814e46 Non-Duality: Superficially, there appears to be a dichotomy between observer & observed; inside & out; but upon closer examination, there is just observing. With no 'I', there is no 'thou', either.

Question: What is there when there is nothing to observe?

Waking Life: Waking life is filled with objects and actions to observe; all against the backdrop of pure awareness. There appears to be an 'I'; a doer.

adrie-2390644 Dreaming Life: Dreaming life is also filled with objects and actions to observe; also all against the backdrop of pure awareness. There also appears to be an 'I'; a doer.

090313e Deep Sleep: Other than the bliss and peace it yields, there is never any memory of it. Where did the 'I' go? Where was it in the first place?

071016a mmhukcNYQt1 Great Causal Body: What is termed the causal body is that pure existence prior to mind. It is pure potential and has no-thing in it; certainly, no 'I'. It exists not in space and time, though it appears to be. Is this mere inference upon awakening? OR Is this something which can be observed?

Nonetheless, I can't find Me in it; and if I'm not it or in it, how can it even be 'mine'?

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