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Privacy; Snitch Society; Public Predation; Surveillance; Big Brother; Fusion Centers; Big Brother in School; Sex Offender Registry; Targeting Preppers; NSA; NSA Blackmail; TSA; National I.D. Card; Census; Mailing/ Shipping; Bank Spying; Police State; Police; Right to Drive & Travel; Border Patrol/ DUI/ VIPR Checkpoints; Police Encounters; Stop-and-Frisk; Surveillance Technology; Surveilling All Communications; Car Tracking; Telephone Surveillance; Cell Phone Tracking; Spy Drones; Biometric Scanners; RFID; Microchip; Internet Privacy


010613d 052815h 062715u 012914t-26 Privacy: Surveillance Technology; Privacy World; Cryptome; Eternal Value of Privacy, 5/18/6; Privacy Equation, 12/22/10; Vanishing In a Digital Age, 12/31/10; Keep Your Home Address To Yourself, 1/18/11; My Privacy Library, 3/2/11; How much should we give up for "safety"?; How to protect your mobile phone and computer from illegal police searches, 7/13/11; Patient Privacy Rights and Private Hospitals, 10/5/11; Protester Privacy, 10/7/11; Fun With a Decoy Drive, 1/28/12; Bill Rounds: 7 Effective Privacy Techniques for Reducing Risk of Identity Theft, 3/20/12; Personal privacy under constant assault by governments, corporations, 3/20/12; Privacy as a Positive Good, 8/8/12; It Won’t Be Easy, But Here’s How You Can Keep All Your Conversations Private, 6/6/13; Your Privacy Is Yours, 6/11/13; When You Need To Disappear, 6/19/13; Low Tech: 3 Ways to Beat the NSA, 6/29/13; Want to Defend Your Privacy?, 7/5/13; There Is No Right to Privacy, 7/13/13; Liberty Slipping: 10 Things You Could Do in 1975 That You Can't Do Now, 7/22/13; How To Make A DIY Anti-Surveillance Spray, 8/2/13; Government agencies at all levels selling personal data to marketers, 9/1/13; Alessandro Acquisti: Why privacy matters, 10/18/13; Total Privacy = Total Destruction Of The State, 1/6/14; Privacy vs. Security: A False Dichotomy, 2/15/14; United Nations declares U.S. government spying on its own citizens is a crime against Human Rights, 7/30/14; Why privacy matters, 10/13/14; New Website Reveals Personal Information Even Google Can't Find, 7/24/15; How to disappear without trace, 9/18/15; 5 Shocking Facts About You That Anyone Can Find Online, 1/16/16; Man jailed indefinitely for refusing to decrypt hard drives loses appeal, 3/20/17

Snitch Society

superbowl-xlv Snitch Society: Walmart Public Service Announcement, 12/6/10; Homeland Security Recruiting Neighborhood Busybodies as Informants, 12/6/10; Szandor Blestman: I See Something and I'm Saying Something, 12/7/10; Please report suspicious activity at Wal-Mart to the Department of Homeland Security, 12/7/10; Big Sis Set To Expand Spy Program To Sports Stadiums, 12/9/10; iPhone snitch network launched, 12/13/10; Complaint About DHS/Wal-Mart Partnership Leads to Wiretap, 12/16/10; US government ‘creating vast domestic snooping machine’, 12/20/10; Walmart's Federal Spying Campaign, 1/1/11; Oklahoma: “Sniffin’ Dirt”…Snitching on your neighbor will keep us all safe!, 1/18/11; Become a multi-millionaire… as a tax snitch, 4/13/11; See Something Say Something Act Seeks To Turn USA Into East Germany, 4/30/11; Government recruits doctors to become thought police, pinpoint potential terrorists among their patients, 6/8/11; Aunt Sam Wants You to be a citizen-spy for the regime, 6/9/11; FBI Wants Surplus Stores To Spy on Customers, 8/10/11; If You See Something, Say Something, 8/20/11; Big Sis Tags Coffee Cups With Big Brother Eye, 9/20/11; DHS takes counterterrorism to the NHL, 12/29/11; Introducing the government’s newest unpaid spy: YOU, 2/8/12; Innovative Apps: Rat Out Your Neighbor Anonymously, 2/12/12; Infraguard - a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the private sector, 9/9/12; DHS Enlists Citizen Spies Via New Smartphone App, 9/20/12; Fury After Paper Publishes Names, Addresses of Legal Pistol Owners in New York, 12/24/12; Amerikan Gestapo Wants You (To Snitch), 4/23/14; Obama Regime Wants Parents to be Snitches, Terrorism Recruiters, and Target-Spotters, 4/23/14; Snitch or Suffer, 7/31/14; Turning Americans into Snitches for the Police State: ‘See Something, Say Something’ and Community Policing, 9/24/14; ‘See Something, Say Something’ Promotional Items Handed Out at NFL Games, 11/11/14; Is Your Child a Terrorist? U.S. Government Questionnaire Rates Families at Risk for Extremism, 2/9/15; Full Document; Motel 6 Sending Guests' Personal Info to Police Every Night, 4/27/15; Motels Sharing “Daily Guest List with Police” and Aiding Warrant Checks on Every Guest, 5/7/15; colludes with police to share your genetic information in violation of privacy rights, 5/14/15; Spy on Your Customers… or Else, 9/15/15; Poisonous paranoia of ‘see something, say something’, 9/18/15; Police state government is spying on you through your local garbage collection trucks, 11/2/15; Facing Growing Encryption, Law Enforcement Recommends More Informants, 11/3/15; How the Govt Used the NY Bombing to Convert Millions of Citizens into Spies -- Literally Overnight, 9/20/16; Illinois turns hair stylists into snitches; tells them to spy on their customers, 1/10/17

Public Predation

Public Predation: Random Pat-Downs Turn PATCO Into Police State, 9/9/10; TSA-Style Pat Downs Hit The Streets, 12/6/10; D.C. Metro anti-terrorism teams to begin random bag inspections to avert attacks, 12/16/10; Metro to start random bag searches, 12/16/10; US to step up security at hotels and malls, 12/26/10; Forget Super Bowl Pat Downs, Big Sis Wants Interrogations And Behavioral Tests, 2/7/11; Ontario Woman Sues Over Strip-Search At Ambassador Bridge, 2/10/11; Capital Controls now being enforced at the airport, 2/16/11; Cavity Search: Do It For The Prisoners, 4/7/11; Grope Down Checkpoints Coming To Malls, 5/4/11; Bin Laden kill conveniently paves way for security checkpoints everywhere -- shopping malls, sports stadiums, grocery stores, churches, 5/7/11; Items seized in 2 a.m. drug search, 7/26/11; TSA-style full body pat-downs coming to an NFL stadium near you, 9/17/11; Metal detectors at hospitals?, 11/10/11; Indy Super Bowl: National Security State Protects Sports Fans from Prostitutes, 1/30/12; Super Bowl Security, 2/4/12; Supreme Court: Strip searches in jail OK even for minor offenses, 4/2/12; Supreme Court says police can strip search citizens for any offense, 4/11/12; Big Sis Launches Undercover TSA Spies To Ride Houston Buses, 4/17/12; Larken Rose: Spineless Texas??, 4/24/12; Arizona police given green light to check immigrants papers, 9/19/12; Hitler's Hotel, 9/25/12; Police allowed to install cameras on private property without warrant, 10/30/12; Baltimore announces city-wide surveillance roll out that records passenger conversations on city buses, 11/5/12; Super Bowl Fans to Face Mandatory TSA Pat Downs, 1/31/13; 2-Police dog 'sniff' passes U.S. Supreme Court smell test, 2/19/13; Court: Drug dog sniff is unconstitutional search, 3/26/13; MLB Prepares New DHS Screening Measures at All Ballparks, 1/25/14; Homeland Security to X-ray all food and drinks at Super Bowl, 1/28/14; All Major League Sports Facilities Are the New FEMA Camps, 1/30/14; SUPER BOWL 2014 PREPARATIONS & CRAZY ILLUMINATI CONNECTION, 1/30/14; Security Won't Let People Leave MetLife Stadium Because NJ Transit Is So Behind, 2/2/14; Super Bowl chaos: Officials plead with 28,000 train-bound fans to stay inside MetLife Stadium after Super Bowl despite having hours to react after pre-game transit disaster, 2/3/14; Boston Transit Police Conducts Warrantless Searches on All Bus, Subway Riders, 4/8/14; Seattle’s Nanny State is “Deputizing Trashmen as Secret Police” to Snoop Through Wastebins, 7/23/15; NFL says it will increase security at stadiums after Paris terror attacks, 11/14/15


111313-04 070717q 072215v 092216b 091315r 042115e69 092916u62 070915t52 120713-48 Surveillance: America: One Nation Under Surveillance: Total Surveillance; Panopticon: A Mass Surveillance Prison For Humanity, 1/11/6; Global Surveillance Infrastructure; Spying on Americans has become big business; "TAG YOU'RE IT!!!" 11 Plus Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced, and Databased, 7/18/10; Then & Now: Surveillance Playbook; Surveillance Society: Negative Aspects of Government Data Mining, 12/27/10; Avoid Nosy Video Surveillance Cameras, 1/14/11; Farewell to Modernity in the New Age of Surveillance, 1/30/11; America's Total Surveillance Society, 2/28/11; 10 ways 'the police state' tracks you, 5/5/11; Red-Light-Camera Americans, Everything You Do Is Monitored, 5/6/11; Chicago expanding Big Brother camera network, 6/14/11; Cisco's Tech Just One Of Many New Ways China Could Spy On Its People, 7/5/11; Big Brother is watching you: The town where EVERY car is tracked by police cameras, 7/30/11; 'Privacy Killing Technologies': A Link to the Murdoch Scandal?, 8/2/11; Mayor Bloomberg pushes for traffic light cameras 'on every corner', 8/22/11; ACLU’s Mike German: Domestic surveillance no longer based on probable cause, 9/12/11; What, Exactly, Is "Suspicious Activity?", 9/15/11; Government Aims to Build a 'Data Eye in the Sky', 10/10/11; NYPD infiltration of colleges raises privacy fears, 10/11/11; New Street Lights To Have "Homeland Security" Applications, 10/26/11; Homeland Security streetlights include surveillance cameras and loud speakers, 11/3/11; 14 New Ways That the Government Is Watching You, 11/7/11; Cops Hide Surveillance Cameras In Trees Outside Man’s Home, 12/5/11; Spying on Americans rising rapidly as warrantless use of undercover police, drones increases, 12/21/11; Eye in the Sky Spying on Americans, 2/14/12; Bill Rounds: How Dangerous Citizen Dataveillance Is, 3/17/12; 4 high-tech ways the federal government is spying on private citizens, 5/7/12; Talking Surveillance Cameras Coming to U.S. Streets, 5/14/12; One Nation Under Surveillance, 5/31/12; New surveillance cameras will use computer eyes to find ‘pre-crimes’ in San Francisco, 6/7/12; Britain unveils electronic mass surveillance plan, 6/14/12; How America's Surveillance State Breeds Conformity and Fear, 7/4/12; Lawless Domestic Spying, 7/27/12; Stratfor emails reveal secret, widespread TrapWire surveillance system, 8/11/12; Cities use surveillance systems that identify potential 'terrorists' with facial recognition, 8/13/12; Eye of Sauron, 8/20/12; Mini Documentary Reveals Full Extent of 'Stellar Wind' Domestic Spy Program, 8/28/12; Stellar Wind; Minority Report: Fiction Has Become Reality, 9/5/12; Ultimate goal of the surveillance state, 9/11/12; Secret "watchlist" used as basis for preventive detention, 9/12/12; US data whistleblower: 'It's a violation of everybody's constitutional rights', 9/15/12; Smile, the Government Is Watching: Next Generation Identification, 9/18/12; 19 Signs That America Is Being Systematically Transformed Into a Giant Surveillance Grid, 9/28/12; ACLU: Docs Reveal "Exponential" Growth of Domestic Spying, 9/29/12; Police allowed to install cameras on private property without warrant, 10/30/12; Total surveillance state: TSA plans to track all of your daily travels, whether to social events, grocery store or work, 11/7/12; Feds Want To Spy On Everything, 11/30/12; Americans Are The Most Spied On People In World History, 12/5/12; 'Everyone in US Under Virtual Surveillance' – NSA Whistleblower, 12/6/12; Slowing down the surveillance state: a guide to warrantless government spying, 12/6/12; Not Just Buses, Street Lights Are Also Recording Conversations, 12/11/12; Jersey City Unveils 3-Story High ‘Eye In The Sky’ Surveillance Tower, 12/11/12; Senate approves measure to renew controversial surveillance authority, 12/28/12; DHS Looks To Install Microphones In “Urban Areas” That Can Listen to Conversations, 1/21/13; Can The DEA Hide A Surveillance Camera On Your Land?, 1/21/13; San Francisco streetlights will spy on passersby, 1/25/13; DARPA Can See You... From 17,500 Feet In The Air, 1/28/13; Guerrilla surveillance camera destruction hits the U.S., 2/15/13; Supreme Court Shields Warrantless Eavesdropping Law from Constitutional Challenge, 2/27/13; CIA Chief Tech Officer: Big Data Is The Future And We Own It, 3/21/13; Great surveillance boom, 4/26/13; Why Your Grocery Store Is Installing Military Cameras, 5/2/13; Round the Clock Surveillance: Is This the Price of Living in a ‘Free, Safe’ Society?, 5/14/13; Electronic Concentration Camp: Video from The Rutherford Institute, 5/31/13; Why ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’ Is the Wrong Way to Think About Surveillance, 6/13/13; Surveillance vs. Infrastructure: When a Country Falls Apart, 6/27/13; ABCs of the Surveillance State: Six Gun Toting Alcohol Agents Pounce On College Kid Buying Bottled Water, 7/1/13; Empire of Secrets - Who is watching the watchers?, 7/1/13; Government Spying Has Always Focused On Crushing Dissent … Not On Keeping Us Safe, 7/7/13; Shocking study on how much the government pays to spy on you, 7/11/13; "Excuse me, Are You a Robot in The Surveillance State?", 7/12/13; Making of the U.S. Surveillance State, 1898-2020, 7/15/13; Blind Men's Bluff: Why the Surveillance State Is Doomed, 7/26/13; American Surveillance State Is Here. Can It Be Evaded?, 8/2/13; Surveillance questions snowball: 5 stories you may have missed, 8/6/13; New Era of Surveillance is Here, 8/20/13; Government surveillance — this is just the beginning, 8/13; Privacy Fears Grow as Cities Increase Surveillance, 10/13/13; Feds Deploy National Spy System of Microphones Capable of Recording Conversations, 11/11/13; Wi-Fi Spy Network Installed In Los Angeles?, 11/15/13; New Mesh Network Documents Confirm Police Vehicle’s Real-Time Access To DHS Spy Cameras, 11/16/13; Federal Judge Rules Against Mass Surveillance, 12/19/13; White House Tries to Prevent Judge From Ruling on Surveillance Efforts, 12/21/13; Life in the Electronic Concentration Camp: The Many Ways That You’re Being Tracked, Catalogued and Controlled, 1/7/14; Big Brother: A Neighborhood Demands Answers, 2/3/14; To Shut Down the Surveillance State, We Must End the IRS, 3/7/14; Navy database tracks civilians' parking tickets, fender-benders, raising fears of domestic spying, 3/21/14; ‘Just Salute and Follow Orders’: When Secrecy and Surveillance Trump the Rule of Law, 4/2/14; Creepy autonomous AI CCTV surveillance network watches all of Boston, 4/17/14; Spying Is Meant to Crush Citizens’ Dissent, Not Catch Terrorists, 5/15/14; Unblinking Eyes Track Employees, 6/21/14; City lampposts to collect data from citizens as they pass by, 6/27/14; Police Urge Residents to Outfit Homes With Police-run Surveillance Cameras, 9/29/14; Hundreds Of Bluetooth Beacons Secretly Track New York City Passersby, 10/6/14; How the Doomsday Project Led to Warrantless Surveillance and Detention after 9/11, 11/13/14; Congress Is Irrelevant on Mass Surveillance -Here's What Matters Instead, 11/19/14; Billion Dollar Surveillance Blimp to Launch over Maryland, 12/17/14; D.C.-Area Schools Track Students with 30,000 Surveillance Cameras, 1/2/15; Virtual Deputy' Surveillance Cameras To Be Deployed In Southern Florida, 3/28/15; CCTV Selfies: I Turned City Surveillance into my Personal Photographer, 4/7/15; spying-on-us Police state government to start surveilling your poop in real time for illicit drug use… RFID tag readers in toilets will upload urine composition to the feds, 5/22/15; Eye in the Sky, 6/18/15; Orwell's Triumph: How Novels Tell the Truth of Surveillance, 6/28/15; Man Spies on a Suburban Town With Its Own Security Camera, 6/30/15; UK City Installs ‘Giant Eyes’ To Spy On Citizens; Public Thinks It’s A Great Idea, 9/3/15; Obama Set To Put In New Law That Can Put Everyone In Jail, 4/13/16; Saint or Sinner, Government Eyes Are Watching Every Move You Make, 4/19/16; Federal Agents Caught “Masquerading As Utility Workers” While Installing Mysterious Spy Box, 4/22/16; New Surveillance System From Purdue May Let Cops Use All Of The Cameras, Everywhere, 5/23/16; Array of Things Allow Chicago To Spy On Entire City: “Wake Up And Realize We’re Just Servants”, 8/30/16; Three New Scandals Show How Pervasive and Dangerous Mass Surveillance Is in the West, Vindicating Snowden, 11/4/16; How Bureaucrats and Spies Turned Canada Into a Surveillance State, 11/4/16; 1000s of Mics & Cameras to be Installed in SD For ‘Data Harvesting’, 3/1/17; Standing Rock Documents Expose Inner Workings of "Surveillance-Industrial Complex", 6/3/17; Age of Tyrannical Surveillance: We’re Being Branded, Bought and Sold for Our Data, 2/26/19

Project Echelon: Project Echelon; Echelon Watch; "GLOBAL SPYING". WASHINGTON'S "WEAPONIZED DATA" SYSTEM, 4/23/12; ECHELON: Exposing the Global Surveillance System, 4/26/12

Big Brother

BigBrotherObama 072714n Big Brother: DHS Updates Rules on Border Laptop Searches, 8/27/9; Cameras make Chicago most closely watched US city, 4/6/10; In Restive Chinese Area, Cameras Keep Watch, 8/2/10; Smile! Aerial images being used to enforce laws, 8/14/10; It isn’t God who is keeping track of our sins… is a Homeland Security satellite, 8/25/10; U.S. government using Pre-Crime technology to monitor citizens, 8/25/10; NC Sheriffs want database of prescription drug users, 9/14/10; Authorities Plan To Trawl Phone Calls And E Mails For Signs Of “Resentment Toward Government”, 9/30/10; Privacy advocates fear massive fed health database, 11/4/10; Smile, if you're in downtown Houston - Homeland Security picking up tab for 250-300 surveillance cameras, 11/24/10; Are they spying on you?, 12/15/10; Plan to Turn Post Office Trucks Into Stasi Data Collection Nodes, 12/21/10; White House’s ‘insider threat’ program targets federal employees for surveillance, 1/5/11; pdf; Daley Defends City’s Camera Network, 2/8/11; Obama Administration Says It Can Spy On Americans, But Can't Tell You What Law Allows It, 2/14/11; Sac Police To Tap Into Business Security Cameras To Deter Crime, 3/4/11; Surveillance, San Francisco-Style, 4/6/11; McCain's Privacy 'bill of rights' exempts government agencies, 4/12/11; DHS Funds Real-time Spy Cams on SF Buses, 8/9/11; nsa-spies Are you ready for Big Brother 2.0?, 8/19/11; WikiLeaks Releases Documents on Government Surveillance Tactics, 12/1/11; Red Spotlights to Mark 'Precrime' Suspects, 1/23/12; Jesse Ventura: Big Brother Conspiracy, 3/31/12; 13 Ways Government Tracks Us, 4/9/12; Big Brother Takes over from Uncle Sam: A Single Intelligence Network for a New World Order, 1/29/13; Big brother to log your drinking habits and waist size as GPs are forced to hand over confidential records, 2/2/13; AG Holder grants secret powers to collect files on innocent Americans, 4/1/13; Rest Of The World Is Absolutely Disgusted With Our Big Brother Spying Methods, 6/11/13; 50 More Reasons To Advance The Total Surveillance State?, 6/19/13; 10 Ways That The Iron Grip Of The Big Brother Prison Grid Is Tightening On All Of Our Lives, 7/17/13; big-brother-watching Obama: 'We Don’t Have a Domestic Spying Program', 8/6/13; Tennis Fans Complain About Long Security Lines On Day 1 Of US Open, 8/26/13; Neighborhood Big Brother, 1/28/14; 10 Examples Of How “Big Brother” Is Steadily Creeping Into Our Daily Lives, 10/6/14; Creepy, Calculating and Controlling: All the Ways Big Brother Is Watching You, 2/17/15

In School: Turning children into Orwellian eco-spies, 12/15/9; Webcam Spying School District Cleared of Criminal Charges, 8/17/10; New Canaan Considers Tracking Devices for Students, 8/23/10; U.S. schools: grooming students for a surveillance state, 8/28/10; H.R. 6109:New Bill Requires Asking Children to Declare their Sexual Orientation, 10/7/10; Brave New World: Dept. of Education Wants Your Kid’s Blood Type?, 3/12/11; School Wants To Allow Bus Drivers To Search Students, 5/19/11; School District Offering Drug Testing Kits To Parents, 8/17/11; Prison-Yard America, 10/12/11; Officials Use Ruse At Wolcott High To Clear Halls For Drug Search, 10/22/11; Big Brother on campus, 3/22/12; High school to force students to undergo hair analysis to reveal alcohol consumption, 8/8/13; School’s New Spy System Places Children Under Complete Surveillance, 11/13/13; Gates Foundation Launches Giant Database on School Children 'inBloom', 2/24/14; Data mining your children, 5/15/14

Sex Offender Registry: Number of Registered Sex Offenders in the U.S. Nears Three-quarters of a Million, 1/23/12

Targeting Preppers: Feds Demand Customer Lists from Storable Food Facility, 12/9/11; Federal agents raid Mormon food storage facility, demand list of customers storing emergency food, 12/10/11; Confiscate Your Guns? How About Confiscating Your Food?, 12/10/11; Door-to-door questioning of food supplies in Tennessee, 12/11/11

Fusion Centers: Locally owned & operated intelligence machines, 3/2/10; On the Government’s Growing Obsession With Hollywood-Style Command Centers, 8/17/10; DHS ‘fusion centers’ portrayed as pools of ineptitude, civil liberties intrusions, 10/2/12; Doggone, They Lied to Us AGAIN, 10/4/12; Fusion Centers Are Designed to Spy On the American People, 10/11/12; Here's What It Looks Like When You're Entered Into A Department Of Homeland Security Data Fusion Center, 11/5/12


nsa_1984 dd44-59 021515r37 NSA: Why Shouldn't I Work for the NSA? (Good Will Hunting), 1/1/10; NSA creating spy system to monitor domestic infrastructure, 7/7/10; Appeals Court Revives Lawsuit Challenging NSA Surveillance of Americans, 3/21/11; U.S. Spy Agencies Want Software That Can Figure Out Where Any Photo Was Taken, 8/2/11; Appeals Court to Weigh NSA Dragnet Surveillance, 8/29/11; Court Revives NSA Dragnet Surveillance Case, 12/29/11; NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center, 3/15/12; NSA’s Spy Program 'Stellar Wind' Exposed, 3/19/12; NSA building massive spy 'data center,' tracking all private communication, 3/29/12; Obama's NSA: Close to knowing all about us, 4/4/12; NSA Whistleblower says NSA Is Lying: U.S. Government Has Copies of Most of Your Emails, 4/20/12; NSA Whistleblower William Binney on Growing State Surveillance, 4/20/12; NSA whistle blowers allege data being collected on every American, 7/23/12; Secret Ruling Against NSA for Spying on Americans, 8/31/12; Revealing Our Spying Methods Would Cause 'Grave Damage To National Security', 9/18/12; NSA: We Will Illegally Spy on Citizens Only When Absolutely Necessary, 10/25/12; NSA Prism program taps in to user data of Apple, Google and others, 6/6/13; Congressional leaders: NSA data gathering is routine, 6/6/13; NSA taps in to user data of Facebook, Google and others, secret files reveal, 6/7/13; Is This Mysterious Silicon Valley Company Helping The NSA Spy On Americans?, 6/7/13; GUIDE to protect yourself from the NSA and the Government, 6/9/13; Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA, 6/9/13; Guardian reporter: We have list of NSA targets, 6/10/13; NSA Spying on Americans Now Explained and Justified (Well almost), 6/11/13; Did NSA already use its massive surveillance apparatus to hijack the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare?, 6/11/13; NSA Snooping on Americans Is Unconstitutional and Outrageous, 6/12/13; 22 Nauseating Quotes From Hypocritical Establishment Politicians About The NSA Spying Scandal, 6/12/13; Meet the Spy Chief leading us into cyberwar, 6/12/13; Director Of The NSA Wants The Internet Under His Control, 6/13/13; NSA Spying Is About Intimidating the Media, American Citizens, 6/13/13; NSA Spying, Rep. Jeff Duncan Tours DHS - Sees IRS agents Training with AR-15's, 6/13/13; National Security Agency’s Domestic Spying Program, 6/14/13; Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam, 6/14/13; Secrecy’s Tangled Web of Deceit, 6/14/13; NSA: No Such Agency, 6/15/13; Fantastic NSA Public Service Announcement, 6/15/13; What the NSA Revelations Tell Us about America's Police State, 6/15/13; NSA Scandal Response "I'm innocent..who cares?" - Doug Wead Sums it up Best, 6/16/13; Just as IBM powered the German holocaust, the NSA will power the coming American holocaust as millions are exterminated, 6/16/13; NSA employees use data mining systems to spy on wives, ex-spouses?, 6/17/13; Top secret rules that allow NSA to use US data without a warrant, 6/20/13; NSA uses 'terrorism' to justify mass surveillance that started long before 9/11 and the Patriot Act, 6/20/13; Trust us: A brief history of government spying, 6/20/13; NSA chief claims secret surveillance program stopped 'a bajillion' terror plots, 6/23/13; Personal Side of Taking on the NSA: Emerging Smears, 6/27/13; Proof comes out: NSA needs no warrant to gather spy data on Americans, 6/28/13; NSA reportedly has secret data collection agreement with several European countries, 6/29/13; Misinformation on classified NSA programs includes statements by senior U.S. officials, 6/30/13; NSA Is A Billion Times More Expansive Than the Stasi, 7/5/13; Privacy Group to Supreme Court: Tell NSA to Stop Spying on Americans, 7/10/13; NSA spying never catches Israelis - Why not?, 7/11/13; America’s “Intelligence-industrial Complex”, 7/15/13; Snowden Has 'Blueprints' to NSA, 7/15/13; Crux of The NSA Story in One Phrase: 'Collect It All', 7/16/13; How the NSA Works; As the NSA Follows You, We Follow the Money, 7/16/13; NSA is More Than Just a Spy Network, it’s Global Fascism, 7/18/13; NSA Says It Can’t Search Its Own Emails, 7/23/13; Low-Level NSA Analysts Have ‘Powerful and Invasive’ Search Tool, 7/28/13; Lawmakers Protecting NSA Surveillance Are Awash In Defense Contractor Cash, 7/29/13; Wyden says NSA spying violations ‘more serious’ than admitted, 7/30/13; Security Consultant Heckles NSA Head: Shouts “Freedom!”; “Read The Constitution!”, 8/1/13; Decoding the NSA: How the Agency Manipulates Language to Mislead the Public, 8/1/13; NEW Spying Scandal - Is This One the Last Straw?, 8/6/13; What It Means to Be an NSA 'Target', 8/9/13; NSA: ‘The Abyss from Which There Is No Return’, 8/20/13; NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies, 8/22/13; NSA spying: Nothing to Hide...Still Better Worry!, 8/25/13; Scariest Thing About NSA Analysts Spying On Their Lovers Is How They Were Caught, 8/27/13; Nothing Better to Do – The NSA Goes After Parody T-Shirts, 8/29/13; NSA and Its “Compliance Problems”, 8/30/13; Ten Things We've Learned About The NSA From A Summer Of Snowden Leaks, 9/9/13; NSA Shares Raw Intelligence Including Americans' Data with Israel, 9/11/13; NSA and Israeli intelligence: memorandum of understanding – full document, 9/11/13; NSA disguised itself as Google to spy, 9/12/13; NSA Conspires with Israel Against Americans, 9/14/13; Obama secretly reversed NSA surveillance restrictions in 2011, 9/22/13; New NSA Revelations Are Breaking Every Day, 9/24/13; 12 True Tales of Creepy NSA Cyberstalking, 9/26/13; New NSA revelations - Assassinations Program, 9/28/13; Government ‘Shut Down’ Doesn’t Prevent Opening of $2 Billion NSA Spy Center, 10/1/13; NSA's Huge New Data Center Keeps Having Meltdowns And No One Knows Why, 10/8/13; NSA’s Vast New Utah Data Hub Suffering from ‘Meltdowns’, 10/9/13; Documents reveal NSA’s extensive involvement in targeted killing program, 10/17/13; NSA Revelations Monkeywrench Police Surveillance State Schemes, 10/21/13; NSA Website Attacked, Knocked Offline, 10/25/13; NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say, 10/30/13; NSA Transparency Hurts Americans’ Privacy, Feds Say With Straight Face, 11/13/13; Sex and the NSA, 11/29/13; NSA seeks a few brave interns: Spy agency recruiting students as young as 15, 12/9/13; White House to preserve controversial policy on NSA, Cyber Command leadership, 12/13/13; NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption, 1/2/13; NSA Propoganda Memo for families of NSA workers, 1/2/14; NSA Admits to Spying On Congress, 1/4/14; My Doctor Can Disclose My Medical Records to the NSA Without My Authorization (and so can yours), 1/16/14; Obama’s NSA Speech: What Reform?, 1/20/14; Obama NSA Nominee Defends Mass Surveillance Of Americans, 3/11/14; Why Does the NSA Want to Keep Its Water Usage a Secret?, 3/19/14; NSA monitors WiFi on US planes ‘in violation’ of privacy laws, 4/10/14; A Treasure Trove of Blackmail, 4/27/14; Whistleblower Explains ‘Massive Blackmail’ Potential from NSA Spying on Politicians, 4/28/14; NSA Claims It Is "Too Big to Comply" With A Court Order, 6/11/14; New Senate Bill Gives NSA More Power, 6/30/14; 9 in 10 Messages NSA Spies On Not From Targets, 7/6/14; What Your "Startlingly Intimate, Voyeristic" NSA File Looks Like, 7/6/14; Snowden: NSA employees routinely pass around intercepted nude photos, 7/17/14; High-Level NSA Whistleblower Says Blackmail Is a Huge – Unreported – Part of Mass Surveillance, 7/21/14; 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Organized Stalking: Hidden Evil; Targeted Individuals; Lawson: FAQ; Freedom From Covert Harrassment


Identity: Identity is a lie. It is the basic lie we tell ourselves. It is simply not possible for the mind to comprehend who and what we are. The mind can only discern what we are not; and, what we are not encompasses everything we can possibly presume that we are.

All identity, separate from the Whole, is artificial, a mental construct. It doesn't exist in nature. Nature is One and wild and free. Identity is self-imposed slavery and imprisonment.

As identity is a lie, everything attached to it is and can only be artificially attached and thus is a double lie.

The ability and right to travel is natural, for example. Moving from one place to another place is not dependent upon identity in nature. Other than humans, all creatures on Earth move about without asserting and proving identity. Only contemporary evil and brainwashed humans make travel dependent upon forms of identity such as driver's licenses, passports and visas.

The ability and right to exchange goods & services is natural too. Money, as defined by anything that has intrinsic value and doesn't vary in quality, exists in nature not dependent upon identity. A silver coin doesn't have to have your image and name stamped into it in order for you to make use of it. No service you are able to perform for another is rendered better by having and having to have a license.

The framework of our surveillance police state society is contrived by artificially attaching identity to everything we do in life.

Freedom is natural. Our belief in and dependence upon identity has made our society a perversion and a prison.

Identity Theft: Here's What Your Identity Sells For on the Dark Web, 9/19/17; What To Do If Your Identity Is Stolen, 9/27/17

National I.D. Card

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Mailing/ Shipping

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