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052316a56 071414t56 120814k46 102816k34 Philosophy: Encyclopedia of Philosophy 2nd ed^; Handbook of Philosophical Logic^; Handbook of Tableau Methods^; Oxford Handbook of Epistemology^; Routledge History of Philosophy^; J.B. Baillie: Origin and Significance of Hegel's Logic^; A.K. Banerjea: Philosophy of Gorakhnath^; Zygmunt Bauman: Ideology & the Weltanschauung^; Walter Benjamin: On the Concept of History^; Simon Blackburn: Think, A Compelling Intro to Philosophy^; Donald Broadribb: Mystical Chorus - Jung and the Religious Dimension^; Tyler Burge: Philosophy of Language and Mind, 1950-1990^; Richard Dawkins: A Devil's Chaplain 2003^; Ancestor's Tale^; Blind Watchmaker^; Extended Phenotype 2004^; God Delusion 2006^; Selfish Gene^; Unweaving The Rainbow^; Kate Distin: Selfish Meme^; Articles; Mircea Eliade: Sacred and Profane^; Fieser & Dowden: Encyclopedia of Philosophy^; Jostein Gaarder: Sophie's World^; Alvin Goldman: Readings in Philosophy & Cognitive Science^; G.W.F. Hegel: Philosophy of Right, 1821^; John Hibben: Hegel's Logic an Essay in Interpretation^; David Hume: A Treatise on the Human Nature^; Jonathan Israel: Radical Enlightenment^; Emmanuel Kant: Critique of Judgement^; Patricia Kitcher: Kant on Self-Consciousness^; Joseph McCabe: A Biographical Dictionary of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Freethinkers^; Mele & Rawling: Oxford Handbook of Rationality^; Friedrich Nietzsche: Antichrist^; Beyond Good & Evil^; Thus Spake Zarathustra^; again; Selected Letters^; Roland Omnes: Quantum Philosophy^; Zaine Ridling: Anselm and the Logic of Illusion^; Philosophy Then & Now^; Albert Schweitzer: An Anthology^; John Searle: Philosophy of Mind^; Michael Smith: Ways of the Asatru^; T.L.S. Sprigge: Panpsychism^; Desiderio Valacc: From Zarathustra to Ken Wilber - Lives and Works of Prominent Mystical Philosophers^; William Wainwright: Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Religion^; Ludwig Wittgenstein: Tractatus^; Wu Wu: That Is That^

Greek Philosophy

042916m 091315u Sergey-Baluev-302612 090816c 042216b 071113e 021615q56 Greek Philosophy: Papyri Graecae Magicae^

Apollonius: G.R.S. Mead: Apollonius of Tyana^; J.H. Newman: Life of Apollonius of Tyanaeus^

Aristotle: Athenian Constitution^; Metaphysics^; Nicomachean Ethics^; F. Miller: Aristotle's philosophy of soul^
Herodotus: History of Herodotus^
Plato: Allegory of the Cave^; Republic^

Pythagoras: Epictetus - Pythagoras - Enchiridion - Chrusa^; Samuel Croxall: Secret History of Pythagoras^; Fabre d'Olivet: Golden Verses of Pythagoras^

Philosophy of Mind

Mike-Glawischnig---Bridge 091014i49 Philosophy of Mind: Blackwell Companion to the Philosophy of Language^; Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Computing and Information^; Alter & Walter, ed: Phenomenal Concepts and Phenomenal Knowledge^; Julia E. Annas: Hellenistic Philosophy of Mind^; G.E.M. Anscombe: Metaphysics & the Philosophy of Mind2^; Beakley & Ludlow, ed.: Philosophy of Mind^; Henri Bergson: Time and Free Will - An essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness^; José Bermúdez: Paradox of Self-Consciousness^; Howard Bloom: Lucifer Principle^; Brook & Stainton: Knowledge and Mind - A Philosophical Introduction^; Mind And Body What Should We Believe^; Thomas Campbell: My Big Toe^; My Big Toe, Book 1^; My Big Toe, Book 2^; My Big Toe, Book 3^; David Chalmers: Collection of Papers Concerning Consciousness^; Conscious Mind, 1996^; Noam Chomsky: Philosophy of Cognitive Science^; Andy Clark: Associative Engines^; Being There (Putting Brain, Body and World Together)^; Mindware, An Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Science, 2001^; Putting Brain, Body, And World Together Again, 1998^; Donald DeGracia: Beyond the Physical^; Daniel Dennett: Brainchildren, Essays On Designing Minds^; Cognitive Wheels - the Frame Problem of AI^; Content & Consciousness^; Intentional Stance^; Quining Qualia^; True Believers - the Intentional Strategy and Why It Works^; Dennett & Kinsbourne: Time And The Observer^; Dunne & Jahn: On the Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness^; John Haugeland, ed.: Mind Design II, 1997^; John Heil: Philosophy of Mind - A contemporary introduction^; Douglas R. Hofstadter: Godel Escher Bach^; Hofstadter & Dennett: Mind's I^; E.J. Lowe: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind^; K.T. Maslin: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind^; Colin McGinn: Character of Mind. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind 2ed 1996^; D. Papineau: Thinking about Consciousness^; William Pelley: Beyond Grandeur^; John Perry: Knowledge, Possibility & Consciousness^; Steven Pinker: How the Mind Works, 1998^; Pinker & Mehler: Connections & Symbols^; Hilary Putnam: Mind, Language & Reality^; Daniel N. Robinson: Consciousness and Its Implications^; Bertrand Russell: Analysis of Mind^; Gilbert Ryle: Concept of Mind^; John R. Searle: Critique of Cognitive Reason^; Is the Brain's Mind a Computer Program (Scientific American 1990)^; Mind, A Brief Introduction, 2004^; Philosophy of Mind^; Rediscovery of the Mind^; Michael Tye: Consciousness Color and Content^; Alan Watts: Book on Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are^; Joyous Cosmology^; Lectures & Essays^; Johnston P. Wittgenstein: Rethinking the Inner,1993^

Philosophy of Science

mo9pex6 090313b kassad-859593 Philosophy of Science: Blackwell Companion to the Philosophy of Science, 2001^; History of 20th C. Philosophy of Science^; Werner Heisenberg: Physics & Philosophy^; Jeffrey L. Kasser: Philosophy of Science^; Alfred Korzybski: Manhood of Humanity^; Science & Sanity^; Time-Binding^; L. Morretti: What is Scientific Methodology^; Barry Smith: Austrian Philosophy^

070616c Kassandra-(-------------)-994285 Classic Non-Fiction: Francis Bacon: Advancement of Learning^; again; New Atlantis^; Novum Organum^; Essays^; Poems^; Ralph Waldo Emerson: Essays^; Poems^; H.L. Mencken: Book of Burlesques^; Book of Prefaces^; In Defense of Women^; Prejudices^; Henry David Thoreau: Civil Disobedience^; Walden^; Poems^; Words; Thoreau's Walden: Phony Testament of the Greens, 4/18/14; Thoreau: Consummate Poseur of the Greens, 10/31/14


Paradox: Divine Paradox^; Sleeping Beauty^; Zeno's Paradoxes^; Derek Abbott: Developments in Parrondo’s Paradox^; José Bermúdez: Self-Consciousness; Marcel Danesi: Liar Paradox & Towers of Hanoi^; Éliphas Lévi: Paradoxes of the Highest Science^; Roy Sorensen: A Brief History of Paradox^; Geoff Wilkins: An Anthology of Paradoxes^

101414b 051716d Atheism: Being an atheist is kinda like being the only sober person in the car and nobody will let you drive. A Year in Jail for Not Believing in God? How Kentucky Is Persecuting Atheists, 11/21/12; Is America losing faith? Atheism on the rise but still in the shadows, 2/8/14

Basic Questions: Jim Holt: Why does the universe exist?, 3/14


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081016p 111516i 062916z 111616q72 072614f64 090415j59 010217t56 062414d56 121114j47 091613-13 043015i30 Religion: Eastern Religions; Western Religions; Spreading of Religion; Gale Encyclopedia of Religion 2nd ed^; Holy Books Compendium^; 5,000 year History of Religion in 90 seconds; Power from the Pulpit; Kathy's Experience As a Jehovah Witness; Church Document Encourages Congregation To Obey Government, 3/4/9; From those wonderful folks who brought us the Inquisition; Huge Map Of The World's Religions, 4/16/12; How to Suck at Your Religion; How The World's Religious Landscape Has Changed Since 1960, 9/4/13; Government Program to Control Religious Thought?, 10/16/13; TRUE ANCIENT HIDDEN EVIDENCE OF RELIGIOUS ORIGIN, 1/8/15; 12 Worst Ideas Religion Has Unleashed on the World, 2/11/15; Studies Reveal "Smudging" Eliminates Dangerous Bacteria in the Air, 7/8/15

090415q 100616s 071313-31 103116l A-Simple-Prayer 101014x ALEKSANDR-MARINICEV-462605

060615v71 112915i20 Prayer: Surrender to the will of God with a quiet mind and a grateful, prayerful attitude are prerequisites and indicators of spiritual maturity.
Prayer as many people and organized religions seem to understand and practice it, on the other hand - as in whining, begging and groveling for mercy and favors; and, making an ostentatious public display of it, is childish at best; and, God certainly doesn't need anyone's advice.
God likes joyful, devotional love songs.
St. Francis; Great Invocation^; Pierre Pradervand: Gentle Art of Blessing; Dennis Rivers: Prayer Evolving^; Sw. Sarveshwarananda Giri: Puja & Prayer Guidebook^; Kirpal Singh: Prayer - Its Nature & Technique^
Snatam Kaur: Again and Again; Feeling Good Today; Forever and Ever; Heart of the Universe; Mul Mantra; Sun Shines On Everyone!

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Native American Religion & Philosophy

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101717l 100214i66 093016v66 051916t59 032916d56 103116k53 Native American Philosophy/ Religion: 5 Stealth Native American Skills That No One Else Has Mastered; Ben Franklin - Remarks concerning the Savages of North America, 1787; Mount Graham: Science and Apache Religion, 4/17/10; Rare white buffalo sacred to some in Native American community killed and skinned, 5/5/12; Feds to Settle $554 Million with Navajo over Mineral Rights, 9/25/14; Tribes Can Legalize Pot, Justice Department Decides, 12/11/14; Federal government finally loosens restrictions on Native Americans' right to grow, sell marijuana, 12/18/14; RARE VIDEO HOPI HISTORY OF CREATION TOLD BY TRIBAL HISTORIAN, 2/26/15; American Indian tribes plan to make marijuana a cash crop, 7/12/15; Explain McCain 2 The Navajo Nation chased him off today, 8/15/15; Lessons from the Sioux in How to Turn a Boy Into a Man, 10/2/15; Forget Casinos, Native Americans Are Opening the Nation’s First Cannabis Resort, 10/4/15; Standing Rock Tar Sands Pipeline Protest 2016; Navajo Sues Government For $160 Million Over Last Year’s Mining Waste Spill, 12/7/16; DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East, 1/20/17; ‘Star People’ and ‘Flying Shields’ Are Familiar Notions Inside Native American Tribes, 5/5/17; What Would Native American Wisdom Say About Going Vegan/Vegetarian? Would It Agree or Disagree?, 5/30/17; Witchcraft, Worship or Public Shaming? The Puzzling Purpose of Totem Poles in North America, 6/6/17; Why Native Americans will not be watching the solar eclipse, 8/19/17; Did the Indians Understand the Concept of Private Property?, 10/12/17

Chief Joseph: Way of the Warrior
Native American Church: NAC wikipedia; NAC tribe has to go through legal hoops for its religous freedom, 4/18/12;
Sun Dance: wikipedia; 10 Taboo Rituals Still Performed Today, 4/7/13; Masochism as a Spiritual Path
Hurt So Good: The Joys of Being A Masochist, 5/23/14: "The Native American culture of North America had its own influence in the history of Masochism. The O-Kee-Pah or Sun Dance was feared and forbidden by the white man’s law due to its graphic and abusive nature. A young warrior would pierce his chest or back with two metal, bone or stone hooks, these hooks were attached by rope to a tall pole, the young warrior would then be hoisted into the air, suspended by the hooks and would remain so until the hooks tore through his flesh. Sometimes this ritual would take hours, sometimes it would take days; the length of time was irrelevant, in the end the result was always the same, a prolific vision that enabled the visionary to get just a glimpse into the world of the gods."
Uses of Adversity: Intentional Pain, the Body, and Individuation: In my experience, many who encounter the extremities of pain do not survive it with integrity. The vessel cracks and breaks and development is attenuated for a time or even for a life time. When this happens, pain has become the fixed center of meaning rather than an inevitable part of development. Living with pain without fixing development in its thrall requires living in the tension of opposites between hope and acceptance. Finding a viable balance between these two does not lead to a cessation of pain but a transcending relationship to body and mind, an altar of experience leading to a new relationship to Self which is hinted at in the last stages of the conjunctio. During my own long sieges of pain I glimpsed something of what it means to live with body and mind truly together, a state in which that “indestructible thing” was an ever present connection with a larger entity of experience . I have been with patients in severe pain for long periods of time who have made this state their own. I am also sure that those who use the extreme technique of inducing pain to test their own limits are in search of such transcendence and sometimes find it. ultimately pain, intentional or otherwise, will have its way with us. Only love can match its power to hold us in the tension between hope and acceptance until both are transcended.

Western Religions

110515x 090915v 082415b 110815j56 101315j42 Judeo-Christian and Islamic Pseudo-Religions: See: Christianity, Judaism, Zionism; Islam and Lie NASA Told - The Imminent Demise of the NWO, 3/23/14; How Jesus told us to "deal with" Islam, 11/21/15
About ego and morality and fake self-esteem rather than truth and integrity and real self-worth; fearful prayer, self-denigration, false humility and pleas for mercy rather than meditation and self-inquiry and devotion and awakening; childish at best; evil at worst; alien artificial intelligence population control technologies. Especially in the former - a 'god' of guilt and retribution. Jehovah = Satan = Reptilian. The Talmud is evil.
These religions (and the Native American Church, as well) all pray to an imagined, separate external god; generally, for ego fulfillment.
Western religion's esoteric hearts, however, are pure: The western Christhood mysticism of Meister Eckhart, Jacob Boehme, Joel Goldsmith and the Course in Miracles; Sufis, such as Rumi and Hazrat Inayat Khan.
See also: Eastern Religions


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051117n 071617p 121816n 012617w 111117y 100517m 021017w 052217m 052016w72

030316w58 032616w55 050316v52 032916t49 040117p34 Christianity: Vatican; Want to understand Christianity (Christianism)?; Genesis means the generations of Isis; Gale New Catholic Encyclopedia 2nd ed^; Q source wikipedia; FROM THOSE WONDERFUL FOLKS WHO BROUGHT YOU THE INQUISITION!; Time For Christians To Shred Their Bibles, 12/16/10; Zionist-Created Scofield 'Bible'; Cyrus Scofield - Who was he?; Priest says Hell is an invention of the church to control people with fear, 12/3/11; A Bishop Describes How The Church Invented Hell To Control People, 9/28/12; US Protestants Lose Majority Status, 10/9/12; 1st Century Christian Ebionites The Original Christians?, 12/28/12; Heavy metal-loving church, 2/14/13; Osiris & Christianity - The Christian Adoption of Egyptian Iconography, Symbolism, and Myth, 6/12/13; Holy Horus: The Jesus Origin Exposed; The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins, and Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum, 9/18/13; False Beliefs of Christians, 9/26/13; Fate of Ark of the Covenant Revealed in Hebrew Text, 1/7/14; 4000-Year Old Tablet Reveals New Details About Noah's Ark, 1/24/14; China on course to become 'world's most Christian nation' within 15 years, 4/19/14; Is Your Church Part of the New World Order?, 7/13/14; It’s Happening! America’s “Christians” Pledging Their Allegiance to the New World Order–Right Now–Willingly Submitting To FEMA Camps and Martial Law! Collapse IS Coming SOON!. 7/16/14; State-Run Churches Caught Red Handed, 8/11/14; Great Nunquisition: Why the Vatican Is Cracking Down on Sisters, 8/31/14; Ancient Christian Amulet Referencing The Last Supper Found In UK Library Vault, 9/5/14; Ron Paul: Evangelicals' Support for War at Odds With Fundamental Teachings of Jesus, 12/4/14; Serving Two Masters, 6/8/15; Collapse Of Christianity In America, 9/3/15; Hidden messages of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, 5/28/17; Sinister Sites: Sansevero Chapel, 5/28/17; 10 Dark And Ungodly Christian Beliefs, 8/1/18

080516f 101513-19 010217d54 050215c36 Bible: Holy Bible, King James version, 1611^; again; Geneva Bible^; Bible Codes & End Times; Secret £14million Bible in which 'Jesus predicts coming of Prophet Muhammad' unearthed in Turkey, 2/24/12; Official Blasphemy - Military Bibles, 10/21/14; How the Bible has changed over the past 2,000 years, 11/15/15; How the Bible Became an Idol, 10/18/16; Holy Bible was Created by 6 Corporations in the 1600’s – Original Handwritten Translations, 7/15/18

112216r50 Tribulation: Great Tribulation wikipedia; How Long Is The Great Tribulation Scheduled To Last; 7-Year Period Of Great Tribulation; What is the Great Tribulation?; Can the Great Tribulation Begin in 2014 or 2015? Is it the Time of the Gentiles?

Apocalypse: Date Of The Apocalypse: Predicted In The Bible & Confirmed by CalTech?, 9/18/17

Antichrist: Bible Verses About Antichrist; more; Revelation 13:1 - 13:18; images; 81 Scripture References; 666 Digital Beast, 4/4/17

032914a tourist_in_rio 072913e 111113-28 011514l jesus_by_benheine 011514a 042114a-73 030216q 090415e
101914j 100614k 101014m 121114k 010215d 121014z 120814p 020215t 032915n
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081417w 062317v 120514f72 111615c71 012914i-69 032416s57 121114l38 110115t31 032616k28 Jesus Christ: Only Man From the Ancient World They Still Hate, 12/2/99; Tourists flock to 'Jesus's tomb' in Kashmir, 3/27/10; Jesus’ Government, 10/21/10; 7 Trials of Jesus; Jesus Christ, Libertarian, 12/25/10; Archaeologists’ Shock Claim: A Piece of Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion Cross Was Potentially Found, 8/2/13; Ancient Confession Found: 'We Invented Jesus Christ, 10/8/13; American Bible scholar claims ancient 'confessions' prove story of Jesus Christ was entirely fabricated by Roman aristocrats, 10/10/13; Did Roman Aristocrats Fabricate the Jesus Story?, 10/14/13; Supernatural Savior, 11/29/13; Harvard journal says “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” is ancient, not a modern forgery, 4/10/14; Jesus Lived in a Police State, 4/15/14; Why Jesus Was REALLY Killed: Challenging the Money Changers, 4/21/14; 7 in-your-face questions asked by Jesus, 5/16/14; Transcription of ancient manuscript suggests Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had two children, 12/7/14; New Scriptures and Autobiography Written by Sananda/Jesus; 5 Near-Identical Jesus Christ Myths That Predate Jesus, 3/17/15; Jesus Died in a Police State, 4/1/15; On the Historicity of Jesus, 11/16/15; What If Jesus Had Been Born 2,000 Years Later in the American Police State?, 12/22/15; BBC Doc Proves Jesus Was A Buddhist Monk Named Issa Who Spent 16+ Years In India & Tibet, 1/19/17; Jesus and Government, 3/11/17; Inconvenient Sayings of Jesus, 4/4/17

Christ Child

122216k Christmas is a twilight sort of time. Routine gets shaken. Another year is ending. The days are not getting shorter anymore and there is a spark of awakening within our slumber as if a veil is lifted a little bit, isn’t there? It’s near as cold as it gets and still we survive, managing always to find warmth and light and love within the very fabric of things, even when we are alone; which, we all essentially actually always are, whether we are awake to it and acknowledge and admit it, or not.

Who knows all our secrets other than God (?) and God is certainly Alone as God is All there Is, behind, beyond and encompassing all appearance, without other, including what we may presume to call ourselves.

‘Tis the season now to remember that we are the Christ child, isn’t it? Ready? In case you haven’t realized it, no matter our perceived transgressions, guilts, sins or errors of the past or imagined anxieties or fears or conflicted desires of the future, our real being remains ever untainted by whatever ignorant, terrified delusions, addictions, enslavements and narcissistic pretensions we may still indulge in and suffer from in our separate identities and dreams or nightmares that we may call and think of life.

Really (as perhaps you've already discovered), there is no “I”. It can be searched for, but it will never be found.

“I” won’t be found in the physical body or so-called waking life or even in the entire so-called physical, spatial universe, which is nothing other than apparent manifestation of consciousness.

“I” won’t be found in the subtle body of thoughts, emotions, feelings or sensations, which all come and go and can be observed and pointed at as something other than “me”. Neither will “I” be found in the lucidest of dreams; nor in the illusion of time.

“I” won’t be found in the causal body or in the gap between words or thoughts or in the deep sleep state because there is no one and no thought nor any other thing there.

“I” also won’t be found in the great causal body. Only the witness will be there without even a whisper; and, upon deep looking within, will be found to be entirely non-personal, detached, devoid of identity, all-pervading and universal.

There are no other bodies or states. There is no “I”. Therefore and of course, there is no “you” either. When all illusion is discarded, no identity remains other than what has been and can be described as formless, limitless, attributeless, timeless & spaceless supreme Being, Consciousness & Bliss.

There is only the Christ child and we all are only that. We are One and we are Free. Glory Halleluiah and Glory eternally and effortlessly Be!

Judas: Gospel of Judas; Gospel of Judas, 4/11/6; Gospel off Judas, Barbelo & Long-Kept Secrets, 6/7/6; Authenticity of the gospel of Judas verified, 4/8/13

Mary: Testing of Papyrus That Refers To Jesus’s Wife Shows No Evidence Of Forgery, 4/11/14; 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' Looks More and More Like a Fake, 5/2/14

St. Peter: Why the Vatican suppressed the Gospel of Peter, 8/1/12

St. Augustine: Confessions & Enchiridion^

St. Thomas: Gospel of Thomas Collection; Gospel of Thomas^; Lambdin translation

R. W. Bernard: Apollonius the Nazarene; Ethelbert Bullinger: Companion Bible^; Mark Copeland: Book of Revelations study guide^; Levi Dowling: Aquarian Gospel^; Bart Ehrman: Misquoting Jesus^; Eisenman & Wise: Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered^; George English: Grounds of Christianity Examined^; Francois Fénelon (1651 - 1715): wikipedia; Complete Fenelon; From "Let Go"; Text Sermons; Ivan Frimmel: Buddhism & Christianity Compared^; Theodor Gaster: Dead Sea Scriptures^; M.D. Magee: Christianity Revealed^; Peers, tr.: St.John of the Cross - Dark Night of the Soul^; Bilal Phillips: True Message of Jesus Christ^; Acharya S: Christ Conspiracy^; Origins Of Christianity^; Thomas Troward: Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning^; Archbishop Wake: Forbidden Gospels & Epistles^; Rick Warren: Purpose Driven Life^; Michael Wood: Cryptographer

Essenes: Essene Gospels Of Peace; Forgotten Truth of the Ancient Essenes - Full Documentary, 2/11/14

Dead Sea Scrolls: Google’s Dead Sea Scrolls project: why putting parchment & papyrus in the cloud matters to civilization; Mystery of Dead Sea Scroll Authors Possibly Solved, 11/21/11

Holy Grail: Jewel-encrusted goblet found gathering dust in tiny Spanish museum 'touched the lips of Jesus and is in fact the HOLY GRAIL' say two historians with evidence to prove it, 3/31/14

Shroud of Turin: Shroud Could Not Have Been Faked, Indicates a Supernatural Occurrence, 12/22/11; Turin Shroud 'is not a medieval forgery', 3/28/13; Turin Shroud may have been created by earthquake from time of Jesus, 2/11/14; Was Jesus crucified with his arms ABOVE his head? Turin Shroud hints crucifixion was more painful than traditionally thought, 4/3/14

Jehovah's Witnesses: Exposed

Mormonism: William J. Schnoebelen & James R. Spencer – Whited Sepulchers The Hidden Language of the Mormon Temple; Satanic Child Sacrificing Rituals First Reported At Vatican And Now At LDS Temple In Salt Lake City, 2/15/6; BEHIND THE VEIL: Never-Before-Seen Footage of Secret Mormon Temple Rituals, 10/16/12; South Park creators want to make a Book of Mormon film, 7/1/15

090915v 122616c55 Judaism: Zionism; Talmud; Michael Hoffman: Truth About the Talmud; Jews; 7 Year Biblical/Economic Cycle, 9/21/14

Elizabeth Dilling: Jewish Religion; It's Influence Today^; MH Harris,tr.: Talmud Midrashim and Kabbala, 1936^; I.B. Prenaitis: Talmud Unmasked, 1892^

Kabbalah: eBooks; Kabbalah

112216s Clancy-Cavnar-Alto-Mar mnc9ea2Qk 030316v 052215i mjskb4biTQ larry-carlson-0bd_o

mmcgp7mQin1 031516v49 010817q42 Santo Daime: Nossa Irmandade; Blue Book; Guide for Guardians; Narayan's Hinario; Chanté's Hinario; In House Sounds

Scientology: See: L.Ron Hubbard; A First-Hand Look at the Ultra-Secretive Leaders of Scientology, 10/21/14

Church of the SubGenius: SubGenius Manifesto; wikipedia


070516m 070315i 021614i 090915v 120314d ml2aknls1 121014g mm2w4 071416a

101616g 020817m 012316d49 051016b46 121316g42 060414s40 050116d33 Islam: Koran^; MacMillan Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World^; Islam means "to submit". wikipedia; Muslim Demographics; Want to understand Islam?; Moon-O-Theism; Islam 101; America's Dirty War on Islam, 7/12/11; Vilifying Muslims in America, 8/8/11; Angry over spying, Muslims say: 'Don’t call NYPD', 11/14/11; ACLU: FBI Spied on Muslims Through Community Outreach, 12/1/11; Did Muhammad Exist?, 4/23/12; Shahin Najafi: Salman Rushdie of music, 5/9/12; Iraqi-American is imprisoned by US for saving his family from US sanctions, 9/28/12; Hate-Speech Hypocrites, 9/28/12; NYPD paid informant to ‘bait’ Muslims and spy on mosques, 10/23/12; Public Square, 12/16/12; NYPD designates mosques as terrorism organizations, 8/28/13; Beauty and diversity of Muslim life, 10/14/15; World's largest hotel proposed for Mecca, 5/29/15; Fact or Islamaphobic? Islam Is A Oppressive, Form Of Religious Dictatorial Government System, 11/15/15; Why Islamic Caliphate Holy Warriors Are Increasing Rapidly, 11/16/15; Top Illuminati Grand Wizard: “We Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West", 3/26/16; How 'Radical Islam' Is Purely the Invention of US Intelligence Agencies, 11/7/17

Robert Spencer: Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam^

061514h 052615g 121115c 043015w 040916z 061115g 120116x

022216b70 061215f68 120216g68 012216y67 122615l58 052215d56 030615n55 101815j49 123015c44 Sufism: Al-Madkhalee: Reality of Sufism^; At-Tarjumana, tr.: Tawasin of Mansur Al-Hallaj^; Hadland Davis: Persian Mystics - Jami^; Persian Mystics - Jalaluddin_Rumi^; Hazrat Inayat Khan: Mysticism of Sound, Music, Power of the Word, Cosmic Language^; H.A. Khan; Reynold Nicholson: Mystics of Islam^; Tarjuman Al-Ashwaq Collection of Mystical Odes^; Whinfield, tr.: Masnavi i Ma'navi Teachings of Rumi^; Harun Yahya: Creation Universe^; 28 docs^

Eastern Religions

101815p 110815k56 021116e45 121115a34 Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism: About the one real Self, integrity, humility, real prayer, devotion, self-worth, meditation, self-inquiry, spiritual empowerment and awakening. A buddha is a gnani or enlightened being. Shiva is the pure awareness of the One Self. The Tao is the unspeakable Truth, the foundation for sacred science.
How cosmic is the cosmos?, 7/31/18
See: Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism.
See also: Western Religions


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122715v AMIGOSANCHES-2185161 011116i 030216r 111715y 081013-17 111415s 071116o
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100517t 030517a 072716i 071516d71 032616z63 050216k62 061116k53 071216y51 110816n45 012017m42 030615l41 Buddhism: Dhammapada^; Diamond Sutra; Heart Sutra; Soka Gakkai Namyohorengekyo; Tibet’s Rising Son; Phra Buddha Dhammacakra^; Encyclopedia of Buddhism^; Buddhist statue found by Nazis made from meteorite, 9/27/12; Buddhist Extremist Cell Vows To Unleash Tranquility On West, 11/20/13; What Are the Pearl-Like Objects Found in Monks’ Ashes After Cremation?, 2/28/14; Buddhist Extremist Cell Vows To Unleash Tranquility On West, 2/28/14; 12 Laws Of Karma, 5/27/17; Ajahn Chandako: The Buddha’s Teaching of Non-Self and the Illusion of Free Will, 7/4/17

AMIGOSANCHES-2277190 m9chtcBLK21ralxh moltpvJXwI1ssq mi972ep1xr1rd 070713b-32 mn1f4wowYc1 mf2762iIoL1qcbx3w 070713b-07 071113a
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100714b58 050314k56 Free_prisoner 120713-44 mmgyoxDDh61 032214x-49 092114s48
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031316l 030316h 021116o 050916m 011916x 051816t 072116x 080416s 081116r
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021716v65 042916l60 050716n57 032416i57 050716m55 051916o55

102317n 030917g 032217z 100517f 082216n71 021816b70 Buddha: quotes; 'Earliest shrine' uncovered at Buddha's birthplace, 11/25/13; 25 Life Changing Lessons To Learn From Buddha, 2/5/15

Bhikshu, tr.: Sutra of Complete Enlightenment^; Buddhadasa Bhikku: Anapanasati Mindfulness of Breathing^; Natural Cure for Spiritual Disease^; Sujin Boriharnwanaket: Perfections Leading to Enlightenment^; Paul Carus, ed.: Buddha, the Gospel^; Dharma, or the Religion of Enlightenment^; Ting Chen: Fundamentals of Meditation Practice^; Ajaan Lee Dhammadaro: Keeping the Breath in Mind^; K. Sri Dhammananda: What Buddhist Believe^; Henepola Gunaratana: A Critical Analysis of the Jhãnas^; Jack Kornfeld: 8-fold Path for the Householder^; Chin Kung: Art of Living^; To Understand Buddhism^; Sayadaw U Pandita: On The Path To Freedom^; Price & Mou-Lam, tr.: Diamond Sutra^; Chan Khoon San: Buddhist Pilgrimage^; Peter Santina: Fundamentals of Buddhism^; Pa-Auk Sayadaw: Knowing and Seeing^; Mindfulness of Breathing & Four Elements Meditation^; Practice which Leads to Nibbana^; Venerable Sujiva: Wind in the Forest^; Ajahn Sumedho: Four Noble Truths^; Robert Svoboda: Aghora^; Piyadassi Thera: Buddha, His Life & Teachings^; W.S.M. Thero: Constant Companion Venerable Ananda^; Sayadaw U Thittilla: Essential Themes of Buddhist Lectures^; Alan Watts: quotes; You're IT, 10/9/13; Cheng Wei-an: Taming the Monkey Mind^; Liao-Fan Yuan: Four Lessons^

070413_47 070413_44 080713a 091613d 011414-33 042514c 021115h 030115u 100515k 121915s

031216f 013117z 031016n 080516y 070713-03 113114p64 100814k60 010216j54 031715t52 071815b49 030615m49 101013l Zen: Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbours^; Robert M. Pirsig: Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance^; D.T. Suzuki: Manual of Zen Buddhism^; Shenru Suzuki: Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind^

072913b buddahseyes 091414d 080316r 020116p 051115c 121715x 100614e 010117i

051115o56 m1myilP 031716v53 101614l50 112116b49 041115s49 061514w45 070215r39 Tibetan: Brotherhood of Man: A Tibetan Perspective, 5/29/13; Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche says that Anarchism is the greatest gift the West offers the rest of the world, 3/25/14; Gyalwang Karmapa Returns to the Mahabodhi Temple, 2/13/15

081013-02 020314d2 011715g 100215v49 012514p-47 020215l41 082313w Tenzin Gyatso: A Flash of Lightning in the Dark of Night^; Illuminating the Path to Enlightenment^; "Fuck it" - on differences in religion, race, 10/9/8; Did the Dalai Lama Just Call for an End to Religion? , 11/29/12; Dalai Lama at the University of Oregon, 5/13; Dalai Lama to lead US Senate prayers, 3/5/14; No one likes the Dalai Lama anymore, 9/4/14

Geshe Tsultim Gyeltsen: Mirror of Wisdom^; Chogyam Trunga Rinpoche: Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism^; Lama Guendune Rinpoché: Free & Easy; Lama Zopa Rinpoche: Direct and Unmistaken Method^; Making Life Meaningful^; Teachings from the Mani Retreat^; Virtue and Reality^; V.&V. Trimondi: Shadow of the Dalai Lama^; Lama Thubten Yeshe: Becoming Your Own Therapist^; Essence of Tibetan Buddhism^; Make Your Mind an Ocean^

Sikhism: Kirpal Singh: Jap Ji - Message of Guru Nanak^; Spiritual Elixir^; Spirituality What it is^; Wheel of Life^


101513-03 mkb7cfF2QI1 691d9d193f5b m9q0jeOrET 070713-12 ls986q1d9 071513b-12 031514h 022414b
082915p56 100115k53 112714m49 021614l-49 102013q 111915d49 052815r42
111914g 072514w 050714c 061115k 022414g 102713a 112814f 111414u 120114x
122414q63 100814e58 120214c56 050115l55 070713b-27 052715o52 042815q51
110614f 112814t 041115o 021915z 112914j 021715a 120714e 080615t 043015b72
112815o 043015r 051215o 090915g 100115y 050615z 060515q 121915u

081817w 010217n 041217l 021116r 082415g65 031116f57 071216d55 090216m49 102916b49 071516l49 Taoism: Tao te Ching^; Stewart: Foundations of Taoist Practice^; Mantak Chia: Complete Teachings (53 DVDs); Taoist Theory and Practice of Internal Alchemy^; Hsin Tao; Natural Taoist, 2005; I Ching; FengShui; Ni, Hua Ching

mle8ohRL1g Mantak Chia: Pacific Tao; Universal Tao; Chi Self Massage; Cosmic Healing I; Cosmic Healing II; Cosmic Internal Smile; Cultivating Female Sexual Energy; Cultivating the Male Sexual Energy; Darkness Technology; Dark Room Enlightenment; Iron Shirt Chi Kung I

ni Hua Ching Ni (OmNi): Integral Way; Tao of Wellness; Invocations; Natural Way; Longevity Center

Seng Tsan: Faith Mind

Sacred Books of the East

120216m ANRY-DOBRYANSKIY-1109084 Sacred Books of the East: 01 Muller, tr.: Upanishads 1 (1879)^; 02 Buhler, tr.: Sacred Laws of the Aryas 1 (1879)^; 03 Legge, tr.: Shu King, Shih King & Hsiao King (1879)^; 04 Darmesteter, tr.: Zend Avesta 1 (1880)^; 05 West, tr.: Pahlavi Texts 1 (1880)^; 06 Palmer, tr.: Qur'an 1 (1880)^; 07 Jolly, tr.: Institutes of Vishnu (1880)^; 08 Telang, tr.: Bhagavadgita (1882)^; 09 Palmer, tr.: Qur'an 2 (1880)^; 10 Muller, tr.: Dhammapada; Fausboll, tr.: Sutta-Nipata (1881)^; 11 Davids, tr.: Buddhist Suttas (1881)^; 12 Eggeling, tr.: Satapatha Brahmana 1 (1882)^; 13 Davids & Oldenberg, tr.: Vinaya Texts 1 (1881)^; 14 Buhler, tr.: Sacred Laws of the Aryas 2 (1882)^; 15 Muller, tr.: Upanishads 2 (1884)^; 16 Legge, tr.: Yi King (1882)^; 17 Davids & Oldenberg, tr.: Vinaya Texts 2 (1882)^; 18 West, tr.: Pahlavi Texts 2 (1882)^; 19 Beal, tr.: Fo-Sho-Hing-Tsan-King (1883)^; 20 Davids & Oldenberg, tr.: Vinaya Texts 3 (1885)^; 21 Kern, tr.: Saddharma-Pundarika (1884)^; 22 Jacobi, tr.: Jaina Sutras 1 (1884)^; 23 Darmesteter, tr.: Zend Avesta 2 (1882)^; 24 West, tr.: Pahlavi Texts 4 (1892)^; 25 Buhler, tr.: Laws of Manu^; 26 Eggeling, tr.: Satapatha Brahmana 2 (1885)^; 27 Legge, tr.: Li Ki 1 (1885)^; 28 Legge, tr.: Li Ki 2 (1885)^; 29 Oldenberg, tr.: Grihya Sutras 1 (1886)^; 30 Oldenberg, tr.: Grihya Sutras 2 (1892)^; 31 Mills, tr.: Zend Avesta 3 (1887)^; 32 Muller, tr.: Vedic Hymns 1 (1891)^; 33 Jolly, tr.: Minor Law Books (1889)^; 34 Thibaut, tr.: Vedanta-Sutras 1 (1890)^; 35 Davids, tr.: Questions of King Milanda 1 (1890)^; 36 Davids, tr.: Questions of King Milanda 2 (1894)^; 37 West, tr.: Pahlavi Texts 4 (1892)^; 38 Thibaut, tr.: Vedanta-Sutras 2 (1896)^; 39 Legge, tr.: Texts of Taoism 1 (1891)^; 40 Legge, tr.: Texts of Taoism 2 (1891)^; 41 Eggeling, tr.: Satapatha Brahmana 3 (1894)^; 42 Bloomfield, tr.: Hymns of the Atharva-Veda (1897)^; 43 Eggeling, tr.: Satapatha Brahmana 4 (1897)^; 44 Eggeling, tr.: Satapatha Brahmana 5 (1900)^; 45 Jacobi, tr.: Jaina Sutras 2 (1895)^; 46 Oldenberg, tr.: Vedic Hymns 2 (1897)^; 47 West, tr.: Pahlavi Texts 5 (1897)^; 48 Thibaut, tr.: Vedanta-Sutras (1904)^; 49 Cowell, Muller, Takakusu, tr.: Buddhist Mahayana Texts (1894)^; 50 Winternitz, tr.: General Index to the SBE (1910)^