Petroleum Industry

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Running on Fumes: Joshua Lineberry

042914c62 Peak Oil: Williams: The Energy Non-Crisis; entire; html; Corsi: Abiotic Theory; Engdahl: Confessions of an ex-Peak Oil Believer; Ruppert: Crossing the Rubicon; Great Amnesia: How we became slaves to oil; We don't need gasoline - we never did; 3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation—25 Times More Than 1995 Estimate, 4/10/8; US Has Utterly Giant Oil Reserves, 2/25/9; Peak Oil Is Baloney, 4/9/12; This Chart Destroys the Idea of Peak Oil, 6/14/12; Peak Oil Bites the Dust, 1/26/13; Peak Oil Is Dead, 7/15/13

Michael Rupert: Crossing the Rubicon^

Bakken Formation: 3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation—25 Times More Than 1995 Estimate, 4/10/8; Questions; American Oil - can you believe this!!!!!!?, 3/16/11; Bakken Oil Shale Boomlet, 12/17/11; Most Profitable Oil Field In The World Is Right Here In America, 12/4/12

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Ethanol and so-called 'green' biofuels: Yet More Outrages, 1/11/10; Ethanol Industry Scrambles to Keep Incentives, 7/16/10; Biofuels emit 400 percent more CO2 than regular fuels, 8/10/10; Ethanol is Hot – In Ways You May Not Have Thought About, 4/4/11; Economic insanity of corn ethanol and government, 5/19/11; Record Food Prices Linked to Biofuels, 6/17/11; Burning up food prices: More corn going to ethanol production now than food production, 8/19/11; Study suggests 'green' biofuels are more environmentally harmful than fossil fuels, 11/8/11; Burning food, 11/24/11; Avoiding the Corn Con, 11/30/11; To Survive, Some Biofuels Companies Give Up on Biofuels, 12/21/11; U.S. bankers say, love or hate it, ethanol here to stay, 9/5/12; Ethanol Anecdote, 10/19/12; Corn ethanol may cost foodservice $3.2B a year, 11/30/12; Avoiding the Ethanol Blues, 12/29/12; Ethanol Fraud and Why You Pay More at the Pump, 4/3/13; Big Ethanol’s @TheOilyBird Gets Dewormed, 5/26/13; US Ethanol In Throes Of Tumult, 10/16/13; EPA scales back ethanol mandate to avert ‘blendwall’, 11/15/13; Ethanol to blame for higher grocery bills, 11/17/13; Dirty secret behind Obama's green power push, 11/22/13; Ethanol myth shattered: Corn biofuels release more greenhouse gases than gasoline, 5/12/14; Ethanol Industry: An Engine of Economic Destruction, 8/9/14; Evil Ethanol, 9/18/14; Is It Finally Game Over for Ethanol?, 4/19/15; Crime Called Ethanol, 1/27/16

Oil Companies

Oil Companies: Taxes Subsidize Dirty Oil Corporations $5.3 TRILLION, 6/13/15

BP: Still a top supplier to U.S. military, 7/15/10; BP 'Awarded' MASSIVE Iraq Oil Contracts in Gordon Brown's 'New World Order', 7/21/10; BP Whistleblowers, Over a Dozen of Them Assassinated, Missing Or Kidnapped in Last 2 Years, 2/17/11; BP's Secret Deepwater Blowout, 4/20/11; BP Still Being Awarded Lucrative Government Contracts, 4/20/11; BP's criminal negligence exposed, 4/20/11; BP is a crime organization - Stonewalling Compensation to Gulf Residents, 4/26/11; BP, Fukushima & Fracking: Is Our Future in Jeopardy?, 7/6/11; U.S. eyes first BP criminal charges over Gulf spill, 12/29/11; BP claims shoddy cement work by Halliburton caused Gulf oil disaster, 12/30/11; BP admits to 11 counts of manslaughter, 11/15/12; BP agrees to record criminal penalties for U.S. oil spill, 11/15/12; BP agrees to pay largest criminal penalty in U.S. history for disastrous 2010 spill, 11/21/12; U.S. bans BP from new government contracts after oil spill deal, 11/28/12; BP says ‘substantially overstated’ claims could push cost for Gulf spill over $90 billion, 2/6/13; Federal courts obstructing BP lawsuit: Evidence proven, 8/25/13; BP reaches $18.7 billion settlement over deadly 2010 spill, 7/2/15

Chevron: Brazil Arrests 17 Chevron Oil Execs For “Environmental Crimes”, 3/24/12; Ecuador court orders Chevron to pay $19 billion, 8/5/12; Chevron Corp Fails to Block $18 Billion Ecuador Judgment, 10/13/12

Exxon: Barton: Govt Subsidies Necessary To Keep Exxon From Going Out Of Business, 3/10/11; Exxon profits soaring amid gas price hikes, 4/28/11; Shell, Exxon profits swell on higher crude price, although less output, 10/27/11

7th Sign (of 9) of the Hopi Indians: "You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it." Oil Spills: Palast: Court Rewards Exxon for Valdez Spill 6/26/08; Oil tax increase would help pay to clean up spills, 5/24/10; Gulf of Mexico Deja Vu, 5/26/10; bpgulfdisaster Amazing Archival Footage Of A Soviet Nuke Plugging A Leaking Gas Well, 5/30/10; Nigeria's agony, 5/30/10; Situation is Out of Control: Risk of Blowout on Norway’s Offshore Gullfaks C Platform, 6/12/10; Enviro Groups Stunned That Govt Ignoring 27K Wells, 7/7/10; AMAZING Aerial Footage of Arkansas Tar Sands Oil Spill, 4/2/13; California crews struggle to contain nine-mile oil spill with booms, 5/21/15

Aliso Canyon gas leak: "Unstoppable" California Gas Leak Now Being Called Worst Catastrophe Since BP Spill, 12/25/15; Longer than Deepwater Horizon: 87 Days and Counting for Porter Ranch Leak, 1/20/16; Radiation Alert: L.A. Gas Well Spewing LETHAL LEVELS Of Breathable Nuclear Material: “Fukushima Class Disaster”, 2/4/16; Formaldehyde/Forming at LA METHANE LEAK, 2/8/16

Alberta: An unstoppable oil leak is flowing, 7/24/13

China: Oil spill in Dalian, China, 7/21/10; PHOTOS: Environmental And Economic Damage Becomes Clear, 7/21/10; First details on China oil spill's cause emerge, 7/22/10; Oil Disaster That Didn't Make The News, 1/31/11; Nigeria: Shell Oil - The Awful Truth, 2/20/10; Decades of Ignored Environmental Catastrophies, 5/30/10; Exxon Valdez: Almost entire cleanup crew dead!, 6/25/10

2012 Louisiana: Another big oil rig has exploded in the Gulf, 11/16/12; 2010 Louisiana: Oil spewing from well near marsh, 7/27/10; New oil leak created in the Gulf when a boat runs into a wellhead, 7/27/10; 2010 Michigan: US-Canada pipeline leaks oil into Michigan river, 7/27/10; 2011 Yellowstone: Oil spills into Yellowstone River after Exxon Mobil pipeline ruptures, 7/2/11

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone: Biggest Dead Zone Ever Forecast in Gulf of Mexico, 6/24/12

bp 2010 Gulf of Mexico BP Deepwater Horizon drilling disaster: Oil Rig Burns and Sinks in Gulf, Taking 11 and Leaving Enormous Spill; oil spill explained; The Fight to Shut Off the Leak, 4/30/10; Oil spill approaches Louisiana coast, 4/30/10; Mother of all gushers could kill Earth's oceans; Inside Scoop, 5/3/10; Well Blow Out gets Ugly, 5/3/10; BP: Stopping oil spill could take three months, 5/4/10; Oil spill concerns turn to compensation, 5/4/10; Here's Proof The Market Thinks This Oil Spill Will Be WAY Worse Than Exxon Valdez, 5/4/10; BLM was doing an surprise inspection on oil rig 2 hours before it exploded!, 5/5/10; video; Slick Operator: The BP I've Known Too Well, 5/5/10; Oil blowout shows the risk of thinking the unlikely is impossible, 5/7/10; BP Slick, 5/7/10; 7 Secrets BP Doesn't Want You To Know, 5/7/10; Dome doesn't work as planned, 5/8/10; A ‘new level’ of disaster: BP’s 70-ton oil containment dome floats, no ‘plan B’, 5/9/10; In Less Than 72 Hours, Louisiana Beaches Will Be Pasted With Oil All Over The Place, 5/9/10; Million gallons of oil a day gush into Gulf of Mexico, 5/9/10; US oil industry watchdog to be broken up, 5/11/10; Disaster unfolds slowly in the Gulf of Mexico, 5/12/10; Gulf Oil Spill Tracker; A volcano of oil erupting, 5/13/10; Gulf Spill May Far Exceed Official Estimates, 5/14/10; 8 Ways The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Is Going To Be Felt For Decades; What we are facing in the Gulf, 5/15/10; Gigantic Plumes Of Oil Are Forming Under The Gulf -- Spill Vastly Worse Than It Seems On Surface, 5/15/10; Oil Gusher Plug and Play, 5/15/10; US may have to divert the Mississippi to fight oil slick’s spread, 5/16/10; Scientists worry current could carry oil to Keys, 5/17/10; Gulf Oil Being Pulled Into Loop Current, 5/17/10; An Appeal to All, 5/17/10; It's Official, Oil Is In The Loop Current, Florida Braces For Impact, 5/20/10; BP Live Cam, It Looks Like The Leak Just Got A LOT Worse, 5/25/10; lonebird This Is How Educated Elitists Handle Emergencies, 5/25/10; BP Gulf catastrophe typifies corporate behavior in America, 5/25/10; Senators demand Transocean investigation, 5/25/10; Signs of trouble evident hour before oil rig explosion, 5/26/10; BP Used Riskier Method to Seal Well Before Blast, 5/26/10; Oil Experts Multiple Leaks 210,000 gallons a day; 5/26/10; Con game in the Gulf; Gulf Oil – Same Problem, Different Year, 5/28/10; Oil spill threatens 'total destruction', 5/28/10; US House votes quadrupling of per-barrel oil tax, 5/28/10; Exclusive photos of the world's largest environmental disaster to date; Oil spill threatens 'total destruction', 5/29/10; Bombshell expose'. The real reason the oil still flows into the Gulf of Mexico, 5/30/10; Whose SWAT Teams Went To ALL Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rigs & What The Hell Are They Doing?; Physics professor: Oil leak could last for years, 6/2/10; Oil Spill Animations, 6/3/10; BP well may be spewing 100,000 barrels a day, scientist says, 6/7/10; You Can Smell The Oil From A Helicopter And Birds Are Frying!, 6/8/10; Photos; Multiple Live Webcam Video Feeds; "I THINK ITS GONNA BLOW"; Oil Volcano Pressure too Strong For Containment, 6/9/10; How the BP Catastrophe May Devastate Europe, 6/10/10; Another BP oil spill?; Government doubles previous oil flow estimate for BP well, 6/10/10; Gulf Oil Spill ‘Could Go Years’ If Not Dealt With, 6/10/10; Lindsey Williams - What is happening with BP Oil Gusher, 6/11/10; BofA: A "Conservative" Estimate Is That Deepwater Will Cost BP $28 BILLION, 6/11/10; Measuring The Oil Spill; Flight over BP Oil disaster Day 52 with Marine Biologist, Dr. Carl Safina; Birds Flocking North By The Thousands, 6/11/10; Hole of Death, 6/12/10; oil-bird BP Official Admits to Damage BENEATH THE SEA FLOOR, 6/12/10; End of Life As We Know It, 6/14/10; BP engineer called doomed rig a 'nightmare well', 6/14/10; Selected Articles, 6/14/10; Gulf Oil Spill "Could Go on Years and Years" ..., 6/15/10; Power and Water Problems Loom for Florida as Oil Threat Lurks Off Shore, 6/15/10; US Revises Estimate For The BP Oil Spill Higher For Third Time, Now At 35,000-60,000 Per Day As BP Cries Foul Over Counterparty Exposure, 6/15/10; Oil Spill's Next 'Collateral Damage': Regional Banks, 6/15/10; Here's The Real Reason BP's Oil Leak Estimate Keeps Increasing, 6/16/10; BP's "Bottom Kill" Solution Might Just Cause More Oil To Spill, 6/16/10; 16 Burning Questions About The Oil Spill That We Deserve To Have Answered, 6/16/10; Map of the Day, 6/16/10; BP Blocks Attempt to Save Endangered Sea Turtles, 6/16/10; Did the BP Oil Well Really Blow Out in February, Instead of April?, 6/17/10; How The BP Disaster Could Kill Millions, 6/18/10; Where is the Oil Spill?, 6/18/10; Robert Redford Reflects on the Gulf Oil Disaster; Illusion of a False Spill, 6/20/10; AND NOW THE HORRIBLE NEWS: Containment Cap Removed From Leak, Oil Gushing MADLY, 6/23/10; Senator LeMieux on BP, 6/23/10; Government Prepares Devastating Report On Underwater Oil Plumes, 6/23/10; Kindra Arnesan, 06/23/10; Surf On Pensacola Beach Boiling Like Acid, 6/23/10; Greatest Disaster Since The Flood?, 6/23/10; 'The Whole Casing System Is Deteriorating', 6/24/10; Could 'toxic storm' make beach towns uninhabitable?, 6/26/10; USF scientists find long line of oil 6 inches under the sand at Pensacola Beach, 6/26/10; They are Killing the Gulf, 6/27/10; This is an America Chernobyl, 6/28/10; Mississippi Blues: NASA Pic Shows BP Oil Surrounding Mississippi’s Barrier Islands, 6/29/10; ‘Not enough money in world’ to pay every spill claim: oil fund czar, 6/30/10; Could The Deepwater Horizon Tip Over, Break The Ground, And Release A 3 Billion Barrel Oilpocalypse?, 6/30/10; Mapping the Response; Tar balls hit Texas as BP oil spill cost soars, 7/6/10; How BP Gulf disaster may have triggered a 'world-killing' event; Rare 1970s BP Offshore Oil Strike board game donated to toy museum, 7/6/10; Oil Seeps Into New Orleans' Lake Pontchartrain, 7/6/10; Sea Shepherd at Deepwater Ground Zero, 7/6/10; Radar Comes Through Again, 7/9/10; Rarely Seen Pictures Of The Devastating Consequences Of The BP Disaster, 7/12/10; Gulf oil disaster truth, 7/13/10; Chris Landau: BP Cap will not stop leak from ocean floor, 7/15/10; Expert suspects BP has ulterior motive behind oil well cap, 7/15/10; Well Integrity Test is a Sham, 7/15/10; Hoax! Videos Purported to be Flyover of Gulf Oil Spill Hits Internet , 7/15/10; Gulf coast fishermen angry over oil claims ruling, 7/16/10; BP, Feds Argue Over Well Seepage, 7/19/10; Time To Remove The Well Cap And FAST, 7/19/10; Is BP Well Cap A Hoax?, 7/19/10; Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise to perform independent assessment of oil spill impacts on Gulf, 7/20/10; BP photoshops fake photo of crisis command center, posts on main BP site, 7/20/10; Hearings on BP disaster canceled as witnesses say they won't show, 7/20/10; Visualizing the BP Oil Spill Disaster; Gulf of Mexico Loop Current Broken!! Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill!, 7/21/10; How BP Gulf disaster may have triggered a 'world-killing' event; COMING OF THE BLACK WAVE, 8/7/10; Government is Dealing with the Oil Spill Like the Soviets Dealt with Chernobyl, 8/10/10; Uncovering the Lies That Are Sinking the Oil, 8/16/10; Toxic organisms, oil found on Gulf floor, 8/17/10; Gulf Surface Cleaner, but Questions Lurk Far Below, 8/18/10; Newly Discovered Underwater Oil Plume Paints a Complex Picture of Gulf Leak Aftermath,8/19/10; How Has it Come to This?, 8/23/10; Great Vanishing Oil Spill, 8/27/10; Gulf Oil Platform Explodes Off Louisiana Coast, 9/2/10; From the Gulf Stream to the Bloodstream – THE VIDEO BP DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE!, 9/6/10; Scientists Find Thick Layer Of Oil On Seafloor, 9/10/10; Massive fish kill reported in Louisiana, 9/14/10; Feds Says It's Illegal to Dig in the Sand; 80-square mile kill zone Gulf of Mexico – “It looks like everything’s dead”, 12/6/10; Gulf of Mexico is Dying, 12/26/10; again; Tragic State of the Gulf of Mexico: Sampling Reveals Oil and Dispersants on Mississippi Coast, 1/12/11; US judge: Spill claims czar not independent of BP, must tell claimants he works for oil giant, 2/3/11; Scientist Finds Gulf Bottom Still Oily, Dead, 2/19/11; Oil Spill May Stress Out Gulf Residents for Decades, 4/20/11; Eco-insanity: Poisoning Mother Earth: America's Gulf and Fukushima, 4/23/11; BP spill in the Gulf: One year later, 4/29/11; Great Gulf Coast Holocaust Pt.1, 6/27/11; Pt.2, 7/3/11; New Study of Gulf Oil Spill Details the Plume's Chemical Makeup, Helping Explain Where the Oil Went, 7/20/11; New leak near Deepwater Horizon site quickly becoming a massive oil slick, 8/31/11; Is crude oil still gushing in the Gulf? New ten-mile oil slick spotted near Deepwater Horizon, 9/22/11; Gulf of Mexico Sea Floor Unstable, Fractured, Spilling Hydrocarbons, 10/10/11; Is Deepwater Horizon the New Ecuador?, 1/30/12; BP says U.S. oil spill trial could ‘last until 2014′, 2/26/12; Did BP Cause Damage to the Gulf Sea Floor? Ever-Larger “Natural” Oil Seeps from the Giant Macondo Reservoir, 3/10/12; BP Spill Causing 'Alarming' Marine-Life Deformities in Gulf, 4/18/12; Two Years Later, BP Spill Reminders Litter Gulf Coast, 4/20/12; Deepwater Drilling in Gulf 'Back With a Vengeance', 4/21/12; Stephen Lendman: America's Gulf a crime scene, 4/22/12; BP Oil Spill Photos Posted By Greenpeace Following Freedom Of Information Request, 5/7/12; Oil washing up on the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Isaac, 9/3/12; Ongoing Great Gulf Coast Holocaust, 10/19/12; Almost half of Fukushima children now have thyroid disorders from radiation poisoning, officials blame 'too much seafood', 12/2/12; Ongoing Great Gulf Coast Holocaust, 3/11/13; Halliburton pleads guilty to destroying Gulf spill evidence, 7/25/13; Experts Predict Effects Of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Could Last Decades, 9/26/13; Gulf of Mexico Deep Sea May Need Decades to Recover From Oil Spill, 11/22/13; Four Years Later, Marine Life Still Feeling Significant Impacts From Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, 4/18/14; BP oil spill left a 10 million gallon 'bathtub ring' of oil on Gulf of Mexico seafloor, 11/16/14; Is the Gulf Stream broken? NOAA satellite data sounds alarm, 1/29/16

Dave Hodges: Great Gulf Coast Holocaust Pt.1, 6/29/11; Pt.2, 7/9/11; Pt.3, 7/25/11; Pt.4, 9/10/11; Pt.5: The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, 10/8/11

Matthew Simmons: Oil Guru Matthew Simmons: It Could Be 24 Years Before The Deepwater Gusher Ends, 5/26/10; Matt Simmons: "Theres another leak, much bigger, 5 to 6 miles away", 5/27/10; Matt Simmons Tells Bloomberg Only Way To Contain Oil Leak Is With Small Nuclear Bombs, "Top Kill" Is Just A Distraction, 5/29/10; Sensational Claims By Matt Simmons About The BP Leak, 5/30/10; Relief Well Will Fail, And An Undersea Oil Lake May Be Covering 40% Of The Gulf, 6/15/10; MS Revises Leak Estimate To 120,000 Barrels Per Day, 6/15/10; Gulf Oil Mega Disaster; MS still says BP covering up MASSIVE HOLE miles away, cap test is "absurd", 7/15/10; Should Gulf of Mexico Residents Listen to BP, BHO or MS?, 7/17/10; audio, 7/17/10; Awesome Presentation On The Coming Oil & Water Shortage; Land Surveyor proves Simmons right. TV well sham, 8/6/10; Matt Simmons Has Died, 8/9/10; What Matt Simmons said about the gulf oil spill before his death (six interviews)

boots Benzene/ Corexit in the Gulf: Media ignores Goldman Sachs' ties to Corexit dispersant, 5/19/10; Benzene Toxicity Primer; Benzene the killer! Plans to evacuate the Gulf Population, 5/20/10; BP Trying To Hide Millions of Gallons of Toxic Oil? BP Embraces Exxon’s Toxic Dispersant, Ignores Safer Alternative; Corexit is Killing the Gulf, 6/7/10; Secret highly toxic ingredients of chemical dispersant Corexit finally revealed!, 6/10/10; Toxic Corexit dispersant chemicals remained secret as feds colluded with Big Business, 6/11/10; BP Death Clouds Already Onshore!, 6/14/10; Gassed In The Gulf---Benzene, New Gulf War Syndrome, 6/22/10; Is Toxic Corexit Rain Killing Crops in Mississippi?, 6/25/10; Toxicologists: Corexit “Ruptures Red Blood Cells, Causes Internal Bleeding”, "Allows Crude Oil To Penetrate “Into The Cells” and “Every Organ System", 7/9/10; MSNBC REPORTING THAT COREXIT IS KILLING CLEAN UP WORKERS!, 7/10/10; BIO-WARFARE: Corexit dump in the Gulf may just be the perfect delivery vehicle, 7/10/10; BP dispersant likened to 'Agent Orange', 7/16/10; Oil & Dispersant Mix Is Making Its Way Into The Foodchain, 7/29/10; US agency rules out health threat from oil dispersants, 8/6/10; BP's Corexit Oil Tar Sponged Up by Human Skin, 4/17/12; Corexit chemical dispersant used by BP during Gulf oil disaster linked to horrific human injuries, 5/10/12; Gulf Of Mexico 52x More Toxic From Corexit Clean Up Than The Original Oil Spill Itself, 11/30/12; Deepwater Horizon oil spill 'cleanup' made toxicity worse, 12/1/12; Chemicals EPA ordered dumped in Gulf turned 2010 oil spill into total disaster, 12/6/12; Most toxic, carcinogenic chemicals from BP oil spill still remain in Gulf of Mexico, 8/12/14; Study Shows That The Chemical Used To Clean Up BP Oil Spill Is Completely Toxic, 4/5/15

Methane: Richard C. Hoagland reports on BP oil spill gas bubble, 6/15/10;Potential Methane Explosion as a result of relief well or nuke option, 6/21/10; Methane in Gulf "astonishingly high", 6/22/10; again; Methane and Martial Law in the Gulf, 6/24/10; Marine biologist claims US Coast Guard involved in Corexit spraying, 7/5/10; Outrageous Methane levels causing Global Warming; Doomsday Methane Bubble Rupture?, 7/19/10; again; BREAKING NEWS OR A LIE OCEAN FLOOR ABOUT TO EXPLODE, 8/3/10

Raining Oil?: Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America, 5/24/10; Toxic Rain Could Destroy North America, 6/16/10; Is it raining oil here?, 6/22/10; Oil Rain In Louisiana?, 6/22/10; Videographer: It’s raining oil in Louisiana, 6/23/10; Can it rain oily compounds in the Gulf of Mexico? Yes! Chris Landau geologist & meteorologist, 6/29/10; Geochemist in Gulf says “When it rains, a lot of junk comes down from the particulate”, 7/24/10; Toxic rain from BP Gulf oil spill may destroy US crops this year

Information Suppression: Is Gulf oil rig disaster far worse than we’re being told?, 5/9/10; BP And The Administration - Lies, Deceit, And Coverup In The Gulf, 5/22/10; News networks say access to oil spill ’slowly being strangled off’, 5/29/10; What U.S. Scientists are Forbidden to Tell, 6/4/10; BP buys Google, Yahoo search words, 6/6/10; Media Blackout of Gulf Oil Spill-Much Worse Than We've Been Told; BP Censoring Media, Destroying Evidence, 6/11/10; Media BLACKOUT on the Oil Spill is about to break, 6/11/10; MEDIA BLACK OUT!!! Oil spill worse than we know! MILITARY INVOLVED to relocate!; BP Blocking Media Access? New Orleans interview; BP and government blocking coverage of oil damage, 6/12/10; BP hires private security contractors to guard ‘black water’, 6/15/10; MEDIA BLACKOUT AND POSSIBLE MARTIAL LAW; Patrick Wood: The Trilateral Commission and BP, 6/22/10; Activist detained on BP's orders, 6/23/10; Panic brews on Gulf coast under suspicions of oil spill media blackout of threats to public safety, 6/28/10; What Mainstream Media is Not Telling You about the Gulf Oil Cleanup, 7/3/10; First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico as spill cover-up goes Orwellian, 7/3/10; BP plc And The Administration Replace First Amendment With $40,000 Fine And Class D Felony, 7/3/10; Coast Guard bans reporters from oil cleanup sites, 7/4/10; Shocking betrayal of trust; BP/Government police state, 7/5/10; DHS to take control of spill response website. 7/6/10; Media blackout hides critical data on relief wells, 7/8/10; Coast Guard Rescinds Ban of Reporters and Photographers from Oil Spill, 7/13/10; Coast Guard promises greater media access to Gulf exclusion zone, but there’s a catch, 7/13/10; BP Paying Off Universities And Gulf Scientists In Mass To Hide Oil Spill Research Data From The Public, 7/16/10; BP accused of 'buying academic silence', 7/22/10; Gulf scientist: Justice Department is gagging me from studying oil spill, 8/11/10; US government whitewashed economic damage of BP oil spill, 8/2/13; Halliburton pleads guilty to destroying evidence in Gulf spill, 9/19/13

Forced Evacuation?: Operation Deadly Tide (Swift Fox): Possible Gulf Coast Evacuation, 5/27/10; Gulf Coast Evacuation Contingency Plans Soon to Go Operational, 6/10/10; DHS and military preparing to engage the AMERICAN PEOPLE - relocation because of GULF SPILL??!; MARTIAL LAW ALERT: Gulf Coast Evacuation Scenario Summer/Fall 2010, 6/13/10; Disaster Cause For Evacuation, 6/13/10; Oil Industry Insider and CFR Member Predicts Gulf Evacuation, 6/25/10; Evacuation about to happen! Storms are mobilizing FEMA, 6/25/10; Military Men Moving Their own Families Now!!!! Snowplows Ready To Remove Abandoned Vehicles from Highways When Evacuations Occur, 7/1/10; Film Maker On the Scene Claims Evacuation is Imminent, 7/11/10; Mass Evacuation Bus, 7/21/10

Forced Sickness: Medical Treatments for Airborne Poisons; Air tests from the Louisiana coast reveal human health threats from the oil disaster, 5/9/10; again, 5/17/10; Fishermen are all getting sick, 5/21/10; New Documents, Employees Reveal BP's Alaska Oilfield Plagued by Major Safety Issues, 6/15/10; TILT: The illness afflicting workers exposed to BP's oil disaster?, 6/17/10; BP Tells Cleanup Workers They’ll Be Fired If They Wear Respirators, 6/18/10; Florida Gov. Urges Vacationers to Swim in Toxic Sludge, 6/28/10; Banned Trailers Return for Latest Gulf Disaster, 6/30/10; Florida Gov. Urges Vacationers to Swim in Toxic Sludge, 7/1/10; Censored Gulf news: People bleeding internally, millions poisoned says 'EPA whistleblower', 7/21/10; Gulf Readers, please contact us about residents hemorraging in the millions, 7/25/10; Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving, 8/10/10; Walking dead: Ongoing BP Gulf disaster may be killing millions; Gulf Blue Plague is Evolving - Part II: Corexit + Bacteria = Mutated Viruses, 8/29/10; No Safe Harbor on Gulf Coast; Human Blood Tests Show Dangerous Levels of Toxic Exposure, 9/2/10; Gulf Residents Test Positive For Oil In Blood, 9/5/10; Gulf Coaster Trail of Tears. Evacuees flee for health and safety, 9/13/10; Autopsies in the Gulf - Dissolving Esophaguses - Petroleum in the Body, 10/24/10; BP dispersants 'causing sickness', 10/28/10; BP blamed for toxification, 11/9/10; Women around Gulf with internal bleeding and mysterious bruises on torso, 11/13/10; Illness Plagues Gulf Residents in BP's Aftermath, 11/16/10; More children from Gulf with health problems — “Big, gaping wounds all over feet and inside of elbows”, 11/22/10; Walking dead: Ongoing BP Gulf disaster may be killing millions; Illnesses linked to BP Oil Disaster: Widespread Sickness due to Toxic Chemicals, 1/5/11; Sick Gulf Residents Beg Officials for Help, 1/14/11; Mystery illnesses plague Louisiana oil spill crews, 4/17/11

Toxic Gulf Seafood: Fisherman Forced To Release BP From Liability For Contaminated Seafood, 8/17/10; Gulf seafood is safe to eat and BP was not responsible for the oil spill – Say What???, 11/4/10; Orlando TV station finds “troubling problems with gulf seafood” — Scientist who did testing “would not eat it based on the results”, 11/23/10; Armed services are urged to stock kitchens with Gulf seafood, 12/7/10; Looks good to me, Vern!, 12/16/10; Wave of sick, injured Gulf fish has scientists questioning whether BP disaster to blame, 5/12/11; Yes, Deepwater Horizon Oil Did Enter the Food Chain, 3/23/12; These Frightening Mutated Creatures Living In The Gulf Will Make You Sick, 4/25/12; Gulf of Mexico coast closed to shrimping, 5/2/12

oilspillhands Conspiracy/ Prior Knowledge: No joke: Goldman Sachs shorted Gulf of Mexico, 4/30/10; Gulf oil spill: Halliburton connection - Part I, 5/2/10; 'Knowing' Movie Knew About Oil Rig Explosion; Purposely Killing The Gulf?, 5/17/10; again; Gulf oil gusher conspiracy cover-up, 5/28/10; Leuren Moret: The New 9/11: BP's false flag operation in the Gulf to Wreck the Environment, 5/31/10; Goldman Sachs Sold 44% of its BP stock THREE weeks before the Disaster, 6/2/10; BP stock (3/31/10); Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig Sabotage and the Insurance Plan; BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill, 6/5/10; Oil-Gate: New Facts Diabolical, 6/6/10; Evidence Points To BP Oil Spill False Flag, 6/8/10; HALLIBURTON BOUGHT LARGEST OIL CLEANUP COMPANY 3 WEEKS BEFORE SPILL??, 6/13/10; BP Oil Spill Conspiracy 12 StopTheRobberycom, 6/14/10; Republican candidate: Obama, BP ‘colluded’ to make oil spill happen, 6/19/10; Intentional Destruction Of Our Gulf-The Killers Expose Themselves, 6/20/10; States Need To Launch Criminal Investigation Into BP, Federal Government’s Role In Oil Spill, 6/20/10; HORRIBLE ACCIDENT; OR DELIBERATE ACT?, 6/20/10; OPERATION GULF GREASE, 6/20/10; Criminal Investigation of BP Staged Oil Spill Vital to Gulf Recovery, 6/21/10; Rothschilds Ring of Power - Part I, Bill Cooper's Majestic 12 - Part II (the Gulf?), 6/21/10; BREAKING NEWS! IT'S A LIE!, 6/22/10; again; Real Truth About BP and What is Happening in the Gulf, 6/25/10; Treachery In The Gulf, 6/29/10; David Icke Speaks Out Against BP's Oil Disaster, 7/3/10; Evidence that demands investigation and verdict, 7/5/10; Gulf Oil Disaster Is War On We, The People 30 Facts Evidencing The Rothschild League Of Bankers Planned The Gulf Oil Crisis, 7/7/10; WAR on The World: Rothschild League’s 30 Facts Evidencing Gulf Oil Disaster Was Planned, 7/8/10; Truth about the Gulf, 7/9/10; Too many coincidences, 7/12/10; Who Killed The Gulf?, 7/22/10; BP Investigation Blocked By Senate, 7/25/10; Job of collecting evidence against BP may go to — BP, 8/6/10; Crime of the Century: What BP and US Government Don’t Want You to Know, 8/7/10; BP's Insidious Coverup and Propaganda Campaign: Out of Sight, Out of Mind, 8/9/10; Greatest ever environmental crime, 8/12/10; Worst is yet to come for area residents, yet the major media has blacked out the story except to repeat BP and Obama administration lies, 8/26/10; Senior Policy Analyst Hugh Kaufman blows whistle on EPA for allowing BP to poison Gulf, 9/7/10; Was the BP disaster created in order to turn the Gulf into an algae farm?, 9/8/10; 30 Facts Evidencing the Rothschild League of Bankers Planned the Gulf Oil Crisis; Photos indicate Gulf clean-up is a military operation conducting chemical warfare on Americans, 11/28/10; Jesse Ventura: Gulf Coast Oil Spill Conspiracy, 12/10/10; JESSE VENTURA RAISES THE QUESTION: DID BP, TRANSOCEAN, HALLIBURTON KNOW THE DEEPWATER HORIZON WOULD BLOW?, 12/11/10; Gulf Oil Spill, 12/11/10; Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: BP Disaster Planned?; Convincing evidence suggests willful malfeasance, 12/30/10

Laser Beam?: Did a Satellite-Based Deuterium Fluoride Laser Destroy DeepHorizon?, 6/4/10; again; Could current laser and satellite technology have taken down the Horizon?, 6/15/10; MIRACL Laser Images Surfacing; Caused by Laser Weapon?

Obama: Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling, 8/18/9; White House Covers Up Menacing Oil "Blob", 5/19/10; again; Yes, Obama Is ‘Engaged’ – in a Colossal Crime, 6/4/10; Obama told how bad Gulf oil spill would be days after, 6/5/10; Obama Smiles While the Gulf Dies, 6/7/10; Obama brings Nixonian twist to oil spill, 6/7/10; Obama and BP complicit in this crime against humanity, 6/12/10; Obama: Oil spill ‘echoes 9/11,’ will change America’s course, 6/13/10; Obama's Solution Is To Name An "Oil Czar", 6/15/10; Obama's speech: There's a pipe spewing a gazillion gobs of oil into the gulf, so let's build more windmills, 6/16/10; Gulf Crisis Implodes Presidency, 6/16/10; Judge Napolitano on BP Oil Spill & Obama; Obama Warns World Leaders ‘Millions Could Die’ From Gulf Oil Disaster, 6/28/10; A boat ride and ice cream cap Obama's trip to Gulf, 8/15/10; The swim was staged, 8/16/10; Obama Called Out by Louisiana Senator about Toxic Dispersant Use on BP Gulf Oil Spill, 1/22/11

When he opened the fourth seal, I heard the fourth living creature saying, "Come and see!" And behold, a pale horse, and he who sat on it, his name was Death. Hades followed with him. [5/10/10 photo of the oil spill]; palehorse Occult Connection/ Prophecy & Prediction: 2009 "Knowing" movie and the Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico 2010; Credo Mutwa says that half the worlds population won't see 2011 and the reason is oil; 1/7/10; Occult Important Dates of April 19-May 1, 5/4/10; BOOK OF REVELATION'S PREDICTIONS, 5/22/10; Coincidences of satanic holy day fire ritual, 6/6/10; Obama appoints MABUS! Was Nostradamus Right?, 6/15/10; Is oil catastrophe fulfillment of Genesis prophecy?, 6/23/10; REVELATION 8?; Hopi Prophecy, The 7th sign; Argentina’s ET contactee Parravicini prophecy; Web Bot: 1.2 billion dead in BP oil spill, Nov. 2010 nuclear war?, 6/30/10; Macondo [The word Macondo, as in the Macondo well at the BP oil disaster, in Haitian means "the Devil's food"]: Macondo: Requiem for BP, 6/3/10; BP Macondo oil well: Fictional ancient curse becoming reality, 6/27/10

Humor+: BP Spills Coffee

Oil Spill Cleanup Solutions (not being used): Dutch oil spill response team on standby but U.S. doesn't want them, 5/4/10; Simple Way To Clean Up The Oil Spill In The Gulf, 5/9/10; CWRoberts Presentation; Gulf Oil Spill-Gutsy Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks; Hay Used On 1969 Santa Barbara Spill, 5/27/10; Proven Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks – So, why are we not using it?, 6/2/10; Russians say BP rejected their help, 6/4/10; Why do Obama, BP refuse to use most effective method of oil cleanup? , 6/5/10; Hay on Oil on Water, 6/5/10; Vacuum Cleaner, 6/9/10; Oil Absorbing Polymer - Oil Spill Cleanup Powder; Against Gov. Jindal's Wishes, Crude-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard, 6/18/10; This could literally save the Gulf, 6/20/10; Over 2,000 Skimmers Available In US That Obama Refuses To Use, 6/22/10; 30 International Offers Of Oil Spill Support Obama Has Thrown Out The Window, 6/22/10; Federal Gov't Halts Sand Berm Dredging, 6/22/10; FINAL SOLUTION; No skimmers in sight as oil floods into Mississippi waters, 6/26/10; Avertible catastrophe, 6/26/10; Kevin Costner’s Gulf Oil Solution, 6/29/10; Ron Paul Slams Federal Interference In Oil Spill Relief Efforts , 7/6/10; Gulf coast disaster: remediation, protection and detoxification, 7/8/10; Russian sub 'could stop oil leak', 7/9/10; Former Contractor: BP Not Interested In Cleaning Up Oil Spill, 7/12/10; New Material Solidifies Oil, 8/18/10; Nuke It?: Barack Obama sends nuclear experts to tackle BP's Gulf of Mexico oil leak, 5/14/10; Nuking the Oil Well, 5/24/10; Bill Clinton: ‘We may have to blow up the well’, 6/29/10; Why BP is Readying a 'Super Weapon' to Avert Escalating Gulf Nightmare, 7/12/10; Why BP is readying a 'super weapon' to avert escalating Gulf nightmare

Methane Leaks: Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown declares state of emergency over massive methane leak ... Worse than BP?, 1/12/16