dd75-69 042114b-67 dd48-66 dd59-59 102713i Obamacare - HR3200 Health Care Bill: Obama’s Dangerous Health Care Plan, 6/16/9; ObamaCare and Me, 8/6/9; Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 - Key Points, 8/11/9; Orwellion Healthcare Plan, 8/17/9; Rep. Tom Price admonishes govt-takeover of healthcare; 25 Reasons to Oppose; What Soviet Medicine Teaches Us, 8/21/9; Obama's Death Board; Hitler takes on Obamacare; Microchipping included in Healthcare Bill?; Jack Webb Schools Barack Obama on Healthcare; Mike Rogers' statement; Kiss Your Freedoms Goodbye If Health Care Passes, 11/6/9; National Human Identification System – NHIS, 11/20/9; Obamacare sparking 10th Amendment rebellion, action in seven states, 12/22/9; Ray Stevens: We The People; Massive accounting blunder that should sink health care reform, 12/24/9; As an American, I refuse to buy mandatory health insurance that supports corrupt conventional medicine, 1/5/10; What's behind mandatory private health insurance - another bait & switch scam; You will be jailed if you don't buy private health insurance; Healthcare Reform as a Backdoor National ID, 1/6/10; Key Points of the Govt. Health Care Bill; Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill - Key Points; ObamaCare is Tyranny, Not Legislation, 3/18/10; Fact Sheet: The Truth About the Health Care Bill, 3/19/10; Connect the Dots – Your Freedom has been Hijacked!, 3/21/10; House Judiciary Chairman Says Constitution's Non-Existent ‘Good and Welfare Clause’ Authorizes Congress to Force Americans to Buy Health Insurance, 3/24/10; Hooray for Obama's Commie-Care!, 3/26/10; obamacare Obama Just Got His Private Army, 3/27/10; Obama Gets His Civilian Army in the Healthcare Bill!, 3/28/10; Summary Timeline for Major Items in Senate Health Care Bill; Americans Fear Totalitarian Obamacare Will Result in Violence, 3/31/10; States fear that five words in Obama health law will open door to lawsuits, 4/2/10; Obama's 17-minute, 2,500-word response to woman's claim of being 'over-taxed', 4/2/10; ObamaMagic, 4/3/10; ObamaCare Taxes Home Sales - Clobbers Middle-Class Americans, 4/8/10; Microchipping To Begin In 36 Months Under New Health Bill, 4/9/10; Dhimmitude: Muslims and some others exempt, 4/13/10; Costly IRS Mandate Slipped into Health Bill, 4/26/10; Arnold Announces Full Support of Obamacare, 4/29/10; Latest Surprise In ObamaCare Bill: Your Taxable Income Will Be Redefined Higher, 7/31/10; Calling ObamaCare's Bluff, 8/10/10; Heavy Boot of the Obamacare 'Partnership', 8/19/10; Baucus on Reading the Bill he Co-Authored: We Hire Experts for That; Florida voters can’t strip down Obama health-care bill, judge rules, 8/31/10; Obama – Wow, What a Guy!, 9/19/10; Some Health Insurance Premiums Could Climb as Much as 67%, 10/3/10; Nightmare Government Bookeeping Rules Coming for Even the Tiniest of Businesses, 10/21/10; Federal Health Care Nullification Act overturns nationalized health care, 11/5/10; Obama White House Hands Out 111 Obamacare Waivers- Hides It on Website, 11/13/10; Obama's health care scheme ruled unconstitutional, 12/13/10; Judge in Va. strikes down federal health care law, 12/13/10; Jonathan Emord speaks about the Constitution & Obama's health care reform, 12/14/10; video; Junk science alert: researchers declare alternative therapies dangerous to children based on scant evidence, 12/28/10; Tennessee governor signs health care freedom into law; Of Course You Can Keep Your Doctor, But There Aren’t Going to Be Any Hospitals, 1/4/11; Comprehensive List of Tax Hikes in Obamacare, 1/14/11; Tawdry details of Obamacare, 1/28/11; Judge uses Obama’s words against him, 1/31/11; Federal judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional, 1/31/11; Chief Actuary Richard Foster says Obama lied in what Healthcare does or does not provide; Obamacare Fight—The Last Great Act of Defiance, 2/1/11; Obama administration issues hundreds of health care exemption waivers to friends, 2/2/11; With Obamacare ruled unconstitutional; states embrace limits on federal power, 2/2/11; Democrats Defeat Attempt to Repeal Health Care Law, 2/2/11; obamacare2 Kathleen Sebelius Issues ObamaCare Waivers to…HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES!!, 2/24/11; OOOPSIE – Sebelius ADMITS To Funky Math! FINALLY!, 3/4/11; Congress repeals burdensome 1099 requirement in Obamacare; full repeal may be on the way, 4/7/11; Governor of Idaho signs sweeping new order banning Obamacare, 5/21/11; Hidden Obamacare Secret: "RFID Chip Implants" Mandatory for All by March 23, 2013, 5/26/11; AARP cheered for Obamacare but is now granted waivers by White House, 6/1/11; Supreme Court Justice Kagan lied about ties to Obamacare, 7/8/11; Appeals court rules against Obama healthcare mandate, 8/12/11; Another adverse side effect of Obamacare rears its ugly head - government rationing, 9/29/11; Health Law Puts Focus on Limits of Federal Power, 11/13/11; Ron Paul: Obama health care more fascism than socialism, 11/16/11; Brain surgeon confirms ObamaCare rations care, has death panels!, 11/23/11; People Are Saying That Obama's Healthcare Law Got Massacred At The Supreme Court Today, 3/27/12; Obama's Lawyer Had A Meltdown Just 25 Seconds Into His Supreme Court Argument Today, 3/27/12; IRS wants 4,000 new agents, $300 million budget to enforce Obamacare, 3/30/12; IRS is now policing healthcare, 4/17/12; 15 Reasons Why The Obamacare Decision Is A Mind Blowing Disaster For America, 6/28/12; Supreme Court's Obamacare decision hands federal government unlimited power to force you to spend 100% of your paycheck on things you don't even want, 6/28/12; Supreme Court upholds Obamacare individual mandate as a tax, 6/28/12; Devvy Kidd: Supreme Court Ruling On Obamacare Is Insane, 6/28/12; How Much Is the Obamacare ‘Tax’?, 6/28/12; Judge Napolitano: "Individual Mandate Most Bizarre Tax in the History of the Country.", 6/29/12; Obamacare to unleash crushing new taxes, trillions in debt, huge job losses, and it doesn't even cover natural medicine, 6/29/12; BO and the Supremes Take Another Step Forward Into Totalitarianism, 6/29/12; Obamacare, the Great Swindle, 7/2/12; DNC Chair: Non-Compliance With Obamacare Will Not Be Tolerated, 7/3/12; Obamacare to cause massive job losses across food service industry, 9/18/12; Millions in taxpayer money used to place Obamacare propaganda in TV shows, 9/19/12; ObamaCare in one sentence, 10/2/12; A Doctor Explains Obamacare In One Sentence!, 10/9/12; Lying Government and Its Socialized Healthcare Scam, 11/15/12; Denny's to charge 5% 'Obamacare surcharge' and cut employee hours to deal with cost of legislation, 11/15/12; British NHS Euthanizes the Elderly and Obamacare Follows Suit, 11/16/12; GMOs plus Obamacare: your ticket to slavery, 11/21/12; Americans who voted for Obama now seeing weekly job hours slashed below 30 as Obamacare kicks in, 12/12/12; Obamacare just raised your health care premium by $63, 12/11/12; Obamacare fee of $63 per person to be implemented in the new year, 12/17/12; IRS will Garnish Wages from Medical Tax Violators, 6/29/12; Obamacare will cause your pet's veterinary bills to increase, 12/19/12; $1 Trillion Obamacare Tax Hike Hitting on Jan. 1, 12/28/12; Loophole in Obamacare can leave you without insurance, 1/2/13; Here is your Obamacare, America: Health insurers raise rates by double digits, 1/10/13; Seven million will lose insurance under Obama health law, 2/5/13; Complexity of Obamacare mandate 'beyond comprehension' warns one of its key architects, 4/22/13; There won't be enough doctors to run Obama's disease management system, 4/22/13; U.S. lawmakers secretly negotiating to exempt themselves from Obamacare, 4/26/13; Doctors walk out of national Obamacare implementation meeting, 4/26/13; HHS spending millions in taxpayer money to run Obamacare PR campaign, 4/27/13; ‘Obamacare’ Poll Finds 42% of Americans Unaware It’s Law, 4/30/13; Members of Congress secretly negotiate their own exemptions from Obamacare mandates, 5/5/13; South Carolina to criminalize implementation of Obamacare; showdown with feds inevitable, 5/13/13; California's implementation of Obamacare to take place under total financial secrecy to hide payouts from public, 5/14/13; Doctors increasingly declaring bankruptcy as Obamacare kicks in, causing widespread care shortages, 5/20/13; Under Obamacare, cancer patients could pay thousands of dollars a month out of pocket for treatment, 5/23/13; Obamacare to usher in 100 to 400% insurance rate increases across the board, 5/29/13; Helping you become a 'client for life', 6/2/13; Majority of Americans want to go back to pre-Obamacare days when health insurance was more affordable, 6/4/13; Welcome to State Run Health Care, 6/4/13; Obamacare will collapse under the weight of rising premiums, 6/5/13; Obamacare intends to capture all your personal identifying health info, making it government property, 6/11/13; DOCTORS ARE DUMPING INSURANCE PLANS, 6/16/13; New Obamacare ruling requires government agencies to share your personal health details, 6/26/13; Single women's health insurance premiums set to double in California, thanks to Obamacare, 7/1/13; Oh-Mama!-Care, 7/2/13; Obamacare to punish healthy eaters as insurance rates double or triple for those who choose to take care of their health, 7/2/13; 'Train wreck' Obamacare begins to unravel; massive government boondoggle set to self-destruct by 2015, 7/8/13; Help end the fascist sick-care system by refusing to purchase Obamacare, 7/9/13; Obamacare admits incomes of consumers won't be verified - Massive waste of handouts to follow, 7/11/13; Five Months Away From the Biggest Depopulation Event in US History, 7/16/13; Giant Unions Turn on the Prez: Obamacare Will Shatter Backbone of Middle Class, 7/17/13; Prepare for zero privacy: NSA spying is nothing compared to upcoming Obamacare data collection efforts, 7/21/13; HHS using taxpayer money to launch massive promotional campaign for Obamacare, 7/21/13; Health insurance premiums rise $1,975 since Obamacare passed, 7/25/13; Obama reinterprets Obamacare so Congress doesn’t have to pay for its health insurance, A list of companies and unions with Obamacare exemptions, 8/2/13; Obamacare idiocy: Work more hours, get less health insurance, 8/5/13; Obamacare isn't about health, it's about CONTROL, 8/8/13; Obamacare installs new scrutiny, fines for charitable hospitals that treat uninsured people, 8/8/13; Obamacare installs new scrutiny, fines for charitable hospitals that treat uninsured people, 8/8/13; Congress exempts itself from Obamacare, 8/10/13; Businesses claim Obamacare has forced them to cut employee hours, 8/13/13; OBAMACARE PROVISION: “FORCED” HOME INSPECTIONS, 8/13/13; Obamacare now clearly a bait-and-switch scheme as out-of-pocket cost caps are pushed aside, 8/15/13; Security failure: Hackers will steal your private medical data from Obamacare exchanges, 8/18/13; Ron Paul: Obamacare is a brainchild of Big Pharma, 8/19/13; Forty percent of U.S. companies to alter health care plans, drop coverage, due to Obamacare, 8/28/13; Ex-CEO of McDonald's warns Obamacare forcing all employees into 25-hour work weeks, 8/30/13; Ted Cruz is right: Obamacare delays alone are enough grounds for impeachment, 8/30/13; Best Ever Obamacare Ad, 8/31/13; Have you been asked about guns by your doctor?, 9/10/13; States use deceptive program names to sign people up for Obamacare, 9/12/13; Obamacare will question your sex life, 9/15/13; Trader Joe's strips all part-time workers of health care in yet another Obamacare rollout fiasco, 9/18/13; Opt Out - The Exam - Creepy Uncle Sam, 9/18/13; Opt Out - The Glove - Creepy Uncle Sam, 9/18/13; 92% of federal workers don't want Obamacare, 9/20/13; Obamacare to force doctors to ask highly intrusive questions about patients' sex lives, 9/20/13; Rand Paul: If He Loves It So Much, Why Doesn't The President Take Obamacare?, 9/25/13; Obamacare 'navigators' can easily steal your identity, 9/25/13; healthcare-uncle-sam Why is Obamacare so unaffordable? Because it was conceived as a political weapon of mass economic destruction, 9/25/13; Obamacare failures begin: D.C. health exchange prices are broken until mid-November, 9/27/13; U.S. Senator: We don't need to defund Obamacare; it will collapse on its own, 9/27/13; Obamacare lie exposed as government website deletes 'free health care' promise, 10/1/13; 13 Reasons Why The Revolution Might Start with Obamacare, 10/1/13; Been Trying To Access The New Health Care Exchange For 24 Hours, 10/2/13; Obamacare exchanges hit with over 50 percent fail rate, 10/2/13; Obamacare Fines to be Seized From Bank Accounts?, 10/2/13; Hello Obamacare, Goodbye Privacy: First Data Leak Reported and the System Isn’t Even Live Yet, 10/3/13; Obamacare fines to be seized directly from Americans' bank accounts, 10/3/13; John McAfee on Obamacare: ‘This is a hacker’s wet dream’, 10/3/3; Yet another Obamacare lie exposed: No, many people won't be able to keep their doctor, 10/4/13; Consequences of Obamacare devastating American jobs and workers, 10/4/13; Obamacare subjects entire nation to ransom demands of coercive government, 10/4/13; Epic fail: 99% of Obamacare applications can't be processed, 'nightmare scenario' coming in January, 10/6/13; 83 percent of US doctors have considered abandoning their practices over Obamacare, 10/6/13; Bring It On: I Will Not Comply with Obamacare, 10/6/13; Obamacare's Bottom Line, 10/6/13; Obamacare shutdown theater: President holds entire nation for ransom with contrived closings, 10/8/13; Head fake! Is Healthcare.gov only an empty shell MOCKUP of a working Obamacare exchange?, 10/9/13; Bad Credit? No Obamacare for You, 10/9/13; Insurance Mandates at Gunpoint, 10/9/13; Health Insurance Marketplace Navigator Standard Operating Procedures Manual, 10/9/13; pdf; You do NOT have to comply with Obamascam! SCOTUS Decision, 10/10/13; SCOTUS Decision; Warning: Enrolling in Obamacare allows government to link your IP address with your name, social security number, bank accounts and web surfing habits, 10/10/13; Citizens denounce Obamacare, vow to not comply, 10/10/13; College graduate: Obamacare has 'raped my future', 10/11/13; Strategy shifts away from defunding Obamacare to simply allowing it to self-destruct, 10/13/13; Ten Things to Expect from Obamacare in 2014, 10/16/13; Bureaucrats create nearly 12 million words of regulations to enforce Obamacare, 10/18/13; More People Sign Up for Mars Trip than for Obamacare, 10/18/13; Obamacare levies fines on non-profit hospitals that offer free healthcare to the poor, 10/18/13; When Did Doctors’ Offices Become Part of the DMV?, 10/19/13; ObamaCare: What If It Were Fire Insurance?, 10/23/13; Actual chat session with Healthcare.gov support staff reveals mind-boggling insanity, total detachment from reality, 10/23/13; obamacare-exemptions Super Bowl Champs Get $130,000 to Promote Obamacare, 10/24/13; Obamacare Side Effect – Doctors Abandon The Health Care Insurance System Altogether, 10/24/13; Obamacare To Find ‘Mentally Disturbed’ Gun Owners, 10/25/13; Healthcare.gov exposed as data-gathering honey pot to shamelessly harvest private consumer data and turn it over to the NSA, 10/25/13; Healthcare.gov now deliberately displaying false pricing information to trick the public, 10/25/13; Obama administration orders Blue Cross to keep Obamacare enrollment numbers secret, 10/25/13; Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is executive at company that built Obamacare website, 10/25/13; I Have a Very Dangerous Job, So the government is outlawing my health insurance, 10/26/13; Obamacare will cause millions of Americans to lose their health insurance, 10/27/13; Obama admin. knew millions could not keep their health insurance, 10/28/13; Nearly 1.5 Million Lose Health Insurance Due to ObamaCare, 10/28/13; White House Website Still Promising You Can Keep Your Health Insurance If You Like It, 10/28/13; Obamacare causing 539% increase in health insurance costs for Texans, 10/29/13; 16 million Americans to lose health care coverage under Obamacare, 10/29/13; Doctors warn if they participate in Obamacare, they'll go broke, 10/29/13; Magnificent Failure of www.Healthcare.gov, 10/29/13; Website is Fixable, Obamacare Isn’t, 10/29/13; 10 Signs That Obamacare Is Going To Wreck The U.S. Economy, 10/29/13; We Told You It Wasn’t Free: “I Was All for Obamacare Until I Found Out I Was Paying For It”, 10/29/13; BETRAYED: Democrats now admit they knew all along that millions would lose their existing health plans, 10/30/13; Obamacare could be ruled illegal in 36 states, federal judge allows lawsuit to move forward, 10/30/13; Why Obamacare Will Not Conquer American Culture, 11/1/13; 'SNL' Obamacare website parody not far from truth, 11/1/13; U.S. government may force doctors to accept Obamacare and Medicare patients, eventually at gunpoint, 11/4/13; Hitler's health insurance is cancelled, 11/4/13; 900,000 to lose health insurance in California as Obamacare disaster spreads, 11/5/13; Obamacare regulations 'incomprehensible' warns congressman, 11/5/13; Obamacare – Medical and Financial Rape, 11/5/13; An Old 'New' Program, 11/5/13; Serial LIAR: Video Of Obama Blatantly Lying 36 Times, 11/6/13; Obama now blatantly delusional: Denies ever promising you can keep your health insurance, 11/7/13; We Are Heading For The Greatest Doctor Shortage In American History, 11/7/13; Another Obamacare surprise: Major hospitals all across the country not included under new insurance plans, 11/8/13; Obamacare wiping out private health insurance, just as planned, 11/8/13; Country singers slam Obamacare at Country Music Awards with hilarious spoof, 11/10/13; Obama administration tweaked Obamacare grandfathering rules to benefit big business, 11/11/13; Obamacare exposed as massive voter registration fraud front-end, 11/11/13; White House orders health insurance companies to not criticize Obamacare, 11/11/13; Why Obamacare Will Motivate Millions Of Americans To Make Less Money And Get Divorced, 11/11/13; "Give Me Your Sandwich" Great Explanation of ObamaCare, 11/12/13; Obamacare scorecard: 50 to 1 cancellations vs. enrollments, 11/13/13; 52 million Americans to lose health insurance due to Obamacare insanity, 11/13/13; Obamacare navigators instruct applicants to lie about income, smoking status, 11/13/13; Backlash grows against Obamacare as everyday people experience sticker shock with huge cost increases, 11/13/13; obama-care5How your company is watching your waistline, 11/13/13; Hillary Clinton Vows to Reform Broken Healthcare Law!, 11/13/13; Loyal Obama supporters now realizing they, too, are victims of Obamacare, 11/14/13; Suzanne Somers: Obamacare is a 'socialist ponzi scheme', 11/14/13; Obamacare navigators caught on film telling enrollees to commit fraud, 11/14/13; Culture shock: Risque new Obamacare ads make young people look like immoral slobs, encourage government dependence, drinking, promiscuity, 11/14/13; Convicted felons to become Obamacare navigators, 11/14/13; Bill Clinton tells Obama to honor his word and let people keep their existing health plans, 11/14/13; There is No Fix: “The Entire System Will Detonate Within the First Year”, 11/15/13; Obamacare 'fix' affirms Obama as absolute dictator with power to change laws as he pleases, 11/15/13; Fix Is In: Can President Obama Grant An Effective ACA Waiver To Millions Of Disgruntled Citizens?, 11/15/13; Total Healthcare "Enrollment" As A Result Of Obamacare: -3.9 Million, 11/15/13; Illegal Change to Obamacare Is Designed to Scapegoat Insurers, Not Restore Canceled Insurance Policies, 11/15/13; Congressman Warns of Obamacare “Secret Security Force”, 11/15/13; President Delivers Mea Culpa for Botched Government Program, 11/16/13; Serious talk of repealing Obamacare now surfacing, 11/16/13; Judge Napolitano: Federal anti-kickback laws somehow do not apply to Obamacare, 11/16/13; Obamacare: Final Nail In The Coffin For The Middle Class, 11/17/13; Obamacare will fail even if it works: No health care system is affordable unless it's based on nutrition and prevention, 11/20/13; Disastrous Healthcare.gov website spawning wave of con artists who prey on confusion, 11/20/13; 'Obamacare dozen' fleeing for political cover as grand socialist plan evaporates by the day, 11/20/13; Second wave of health plan cancellations looms, 11/20/13; Obamacare Is Going To Be The Biggest Expansion Of The Welfare State In U.S. History, 11/21/13; Why isn't the FTC prosecuting Healthcare.gov for false advertising and consumer fraud?, 11/22/13; (un)Affordable Care Act: It’s All About Greater Taxation And A Sell-Out To Big Business, 11/23/13; Senator admits they 'knew all along' Obama was lying about health care insurance, 11/23/13; Obamacare's new mental health requirement is massive handout to psychiatric drug industry, 11/23/13; Obama spent $4.4 billion in taxpayer money to shove Obamacare down our throats, 11/24/13; Obamacare Restricts Choice of Hospitals and Doctors, 11/25/13; Neutron Bomb That Will Decimate the U.S. Economy, 11/25/13; Boehner signs up for Obamacare, 11/25/13; Mainstream Media Rushing to Pump Up Failing Obamacare, 11/26/13; Hidden Source Code in Obamacare Stripping You of All Privacy, 11/26/13; Obamacare "Death Panel" Mimics Hitler's T4 Eugenics Program, 11/26/13; Dr. Tax Collector Will See You Now, 11/28/13; 80 Million Will Lose Employer-Provided Health Insurance - This Means You, 11/29/13; Shocking Truth About Who Wrote Obamacare, 12/2/13; Planned Parenthood Behind Massive Obamacare Push, 12/5/13; 80 million more health insurance cancellations now expected under Obamacare, 12/6/13; America's top hospitals to be excluded from Obamacare, 12/11/13; 4 in 10 would rather pay fine than buy insurance, 12/11/13; It's not just patients; thousands of doctors now being dropped from Obamacare coverage networks, 12/13/13; Obama setting dangerous precedent with selective Obamacare 'executive lawmaking' that destroy the rule of law, 12/13/13; Kicking Hippocrates in the Teeth - Affordable Care Act First does Harm, 12/13/13; Harassment From Telemarketers After Signing Up For Obamacare, 12/13/13; Canada spends about the same as the US for government but has universal healthcare, mostly balanced budgets and less than half the debt per person, 12/15/13; Why Are Obamacare Exchange Policies So Bad?, 12/16/13; Obamacare exchange site caught automatically debiting citizens' bank accounts, 12/17/13; State Can Seize Your Assets to Pay For Care After You’re Forced Into Medicaid by Obamacare, 12/17/13; California doctors revolt against Obamacare; 70 percent say they will boycott, 12/18/13; ObamaCare Found To Restrict Where You Live And Travel, 12/19/13; Big Medicaid lie exposed: Govt. to collect healthcare costs from your estate even after you die, 12/19/13; How Hitler used Universal Healthcare in Holocaust, 12/21/13; Obamacare “Get Enrolled Sex Ad”, 12/19/13; New ObamaCare fees coming in 2014, 12/25/13; Itemizing The Obamacare Fees, 12/26/13; Obamacare Goes Live Today: Here is the Next Big Problem, 1/1/14; Health Secretary to Dictate How Doctors Practice Medicine, 1/2/14; More Hidden Costs of ObamaCare Coming to Light, 1/2/14; Obama changes Obamacare yet again: no penalty for people whose plans were canceled, 1/3/14; White House keeps moving Obamacare enrollment deadline as website's troubles continue, 1/3/14; Most Magnificent Welfare Program of All Time?, 1/6/14; Obamacare: Cancelled plans vastly exceed enrollments so far, 1/8/14; Obamacare 'enrollee' claims a total hoax; insurers have no record of many, 1/12/14; Conscripted Into Obamacare, I Conscientiously Object, 1/13/14; Jimmy Kimmel Savages ObamaCare and Uninformed Young People Who Support It, 1/15/14; Under Obamacare, you are about to have your healthcare restricted to a 'narrow network', 1/16/14; How Obamacare Could Lead to Single Payer Sooner Than You Think, 1/21/14; ObamaCare death debt? States can seize assets to recoup Medicaid costs, 1/23/14; Obamacare is the final nail in the coffin for the disappearing American middle class, 1/27/14; Michelle Obama wants $10 donations to 'help protect Obamacare', 1/27/14; Most Obamacare enrollees already had insurance; the uninsured refuse to sign up, 1/28/14; Hollywood hypnosis: Obamacare themes to be covertly inserted into TV shows, 1/30/14; 70,000 Obamacare records could be hacked in just four minutes, says security expert, 2/3/14; Obamacare blocks sick children from recieving specialty care, 2/4/14; Meltdown of the Obamacare mandate, 2/7/14; Final Payment–Raiding the Assets of Low-Income and Poor Americans, 2/8/14; White House delays health insurance mandate for medium-sized employers until 2016, 2/10/14; Health law's employer requirement will phase in, 2/11/14; Doctors turn cancer patients away thanks to Obamacare, 2/11/14; Where In The Constitution Does It Say Obama Can Rule By Decree And “Do Whatever He Wants”?, 2/11/14; Obamacare: Repeal is not Impossible, 2/12/14; Obamacare's 30-hour employment rule will lead to more layoffs, 2/13/14; Obamacare to destroy 2 million jobs in America, says government budget office, 2/17/14; Uninsured patients receive better treatment from American healthcare system than insured, 2/27/14; Now on your restaurant bill: Obamacare fee, 2/27/14; Uninsured Americans suddenly realize they were conned by Obamacare, 3/3/14; 2-year extension offered for canceled health plans, 3/5/14; Surprise: Under Obamacare, states can seize assets to recoup Medicaid expenses, 3/7/14; Medical Mafia, insurance racket and Obamacare collaborate to control health, public ignorance and profits, 3/10/14; Nearly one million Obamacare 'enrollees' have never paid any premiums, 3/21/14; Cost of Obamacare to explode because more people getting subsidies than are paying, 3/25/14; Only in a totalitarian regime does the President celebrate millions of Americans forced to enroll in Obamacare against their will, 4/1/14; Obama Channels Stalin in Rose Garden Speech, 4/4/14; Obamacare deals death blow to single-doctor medical clinics, 5/3/14; About half of Obamacare 'enrollees' refuse to pay premiums, 5/22/14; Obamacare In Place For American Bio-Surveillance, 5/24/14; More than $5 billion spent on Obamacare website so far - compare that to just $150 million spent to develop iPhone, 5/28/14; Health insurance corporate CEOs rake in millions while the masses can barely afford premiums, 6/2/14; Before long, all of Obamacare will be run like the VA hospital system, 6/6/14; Obamacare's Prognosis Grows Dimmer, 6/26/14; 1.3 million Obamacare 'enrollees' may not even be American citizens, admits HHS report, 7/14/14; Obamacare subsidies ruled illegal as federal court declares President is not King, 7/22/14; Federal courts rule Obamacare subsidies both legal and illegal; entire system may be gutted, 7/24/14; America Has Had Socialized Medicine Since 1973, 8/8/14; Doctors refuse to treat Obamacare patients, say they can't afford to, 8/14/14; Getting Sucked into ObamaCare is a Lot Like Being on Probation, 8/15/14; Obamacare Fine Print: Beware the Medicaid and Medi-Cal Clawbacks and Liens, 8/30/14; One in five businesses report having to reduce employment due to Obamacare, 9/5/14; Study finds Obamacare insurance premiums to be unaffordable for many, 9/18/14; Dr. Zeke Emanuel (Obamacare Architect) Says "75 Years Long Enough for a Person to Live," on MSNBC's "Morning Joe", 9/22/14; WebMD Has Received $13.9M to Promote Obamacare, 9/25/14; Next Big Bailout May Go To ObamaCare Health Insurers, 10/1/14; Obamacare handed out 'billions in illegal tax credits and subsidies,' rules judge, 10/28/14; 200 Thousand Doctors Dump Obamacare, 11/1/14; Obamacare Architect States That The Law Was Only Passed Due To “The Lack of Transparency” and The “Stupidity of the American Voter”, 11/11/14; Another Obamacare Architect Thinks We Should Die at Age 75, 11/12/14; Obamacare Designed as a Scam, 11/13/14; 3 things White House doesn't want you to know about ObamaCare, 11/13/14; Your “Children Will Be Fined” If You Fail To Sign Up For Obamacare: People Are Going To Be In for A Shock, 11/14/14; Who Really Designed Obamacare?, 11/14/14; Obamacare causes health premiums to nearly double among America's young adults, 11/17/14; Four reasons why 25% of American doctors are refusing to participate in Obamacare exchanges, 11/18/14; Three things the government doesn't want you to know about Obamacare, 11/23/14; Elite Contempt for Ordinary Americans, 11/25/14; Obama administration admits to drastically overinflating Obamacare enrollment numbers, 12/7/14; ObamaCare Is Funneling Billions To Defense Contractors, 12/10/14; Obamacare: How screwed are you, exactly?, 12/16/14; Obamacare causing massive wave of hospital closures across USA, 12/29/14; Harvard Professors in "Uproar" After Learning Obamacare Applies to Them!, 1/6/15; Doctors forced to interrogate patients about whether they own guns, 1/16/15; Harvard professors who helped construct Obamacare are furious that they're not exempt, 1/19/15; Obamacare program costs $50,000 in taxpayer money for every American who gets health insurance, 1/26/15; 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