Information Control

Communication Control; Information Control; Espionage Act; Whistleblowing; Insider Threat Program; Intellectual Property Rights; Copyrights; Patents; Fake Social Media; TED Talks; Top Secret; Wikipedia; Wikileaks; Julian Assange; Bradley Manning; Edward Snowden; Education; Internet Control; Media Control; Microchip; Mind Control; Language

011811s56 Communication Control: T-Mobile Claims Right to Censor Text Messages, 9/22/10; Apple assumes role of Big Brother by developing patent to automatically disable iPhone cameras at concerts (and police or government abuse incidents?), 6/17/11; A Wireless Communications System That Works When Cell Phones, Internet Are Down , 8/18/11; Sprint Launches Soon To Be Mandatory Emergency Alert Messages, 11/18/11; Obama To Control Communications During Crisis, 7/9/12

SF Transit: SF transit blocks cellphones to disrupt protest, 8/12/11; SF cell shutdown: Safety issue, or hint of Orwell?, 8/13/11; BART spokesman blames protesters for cell phone service shut down, 8/15/11; Hackers Expose San Francisco Subway Police Data, 8/17/11

Information Control

092214q 092216x 100316y 110613j Information Control: "An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo; 25 Ways To Suppress Truth; 17 Techniques for Truth Suppression; i-9/11 & i-Patriot Act; Joel Skousen - How to Analyze the News; Inside Iron Mountain; From Crossbows To Cryptography: Techno-Thwarting The State, 11/87; Government Claims Power to Ban Books and Speech, 4/1/9; Cointelpro, Provacateurs,Disinfo Agents, 9/30/9; Tell me again, Who can't film on public property?, 7/5/10; Everything is a Lie - The Deliberate Intent to Deceive People is at an All Time High, 8/12/10; What the State Fears Most, 12/15/10; Merger of journalists and government officials, 12/28/10; Before WikiLeaks: The Large Scale Spying Machine Was, 12/28/10; 25 Ways To Suppress Truth: Rules of Disinformation, 1/13/11; Justice Dept: Whistleblowers Worse Than Spies, 1/17/11; NASA Shuts Down Prolific Sky-Mapping Space Telescope, 2/21/11; Mexican film on the court system is now the subject of its own trial, 3/8/11; Obama takes ‘unprecedented’ aim at leakers, 3/23/11; Government Orders You Tube To Censor Protest Videos, 5/20/11; 25 Rules of Disinformation, 5/24/11; Minority rules: Scientists discover tipping point for the spread of ideas, 7/25/11; Uneven post-9/11 data-cloaking persists, 8/22/11; propaganda-for-sheeple Infomocracy Dilemma: Revolution or Disengagement?, 10/13/11; Judge Blocks Graphic Images On Cigarette Packs, 11/7/11; Framework for Suppressing Information: Public Opinion in America's 21st Century Police State, 6/12/12; Disinformation: How It Works, 8/10/12; Not Burning Books Like ‘Farenheit 451′ – Altering Them, 8/16/12; Larken Rose: Deciphering Propaganda, 8/29/12; Delusional reality: Everything peddled by politicians, media, banks and television is a fiction, 9/6/12; Digital Technologies vs. Truth Suppression, 9/22/12; In America, Journalists Are Considered Terrorists, 9/29/12; Obama Has Turned Journalists into Criminals, 10/16/12; Illusion of Choice, 1/11/13; They Have Been Ordered To “Weaponize the Government Against Unregulated Speech”, 11/12/14; Academic oligarchy: Majority of science publishing is controlled by just six companies, 7/19/15; So-called "fact checker" websites are the biggest liars of all, 9/28/15; CENSORSHIP SHOCK: bans investigative book 'Nobody Died at Sandy Hook' because it disagrees with government version of what happened, 11/23/15

Edward Bernays: Propaganda^; again; Century of Self Happiness Machines; Erik Du Plessis: Advertised Mind^; Murray Edelman: Politics of Misinformation (2001)^; Lawrence Lessig: Freeculture^; Matt Mason: Pirates Dilemma^; J. Michael Waller: Fighting the War of Ideas^

Espionage Act: Espionage Act makes felons of us all; Death of American Freedoms, 12/14/10; A sad day for the US if the Espionage Act is used against WikiLeaks, 12/15/10; ‘threatens every left wing activist,’ son of executed US communists declares, 12/29/10

Insider Threat program: ‘Insider Threat’ program forces federal employees to spy on coworkers, 6/22/13; Sibel Edmonds Blows the Whistle on Government Blackmailing, 6/25/13; CIA's Plan to Crush Leaks Gets Leaked, 6/27/13; Obama orders fed workers to spy on and report one another, 7/9/13; Obama orders federal workers to spy on each other, 7/16/13

Intellectual Property Rights

question_copyright 'Intellectual Property Rights': Company tries to claim intellectual property ownership over children's exercises like 'leap frog', 7/18/12; Why Copyright Is Bad for Musicians, 7/21/12; We Are All Aaron Swartz! Fighting Back Against the “Intellectual Property” Racket, 1/14/13; Internet Freedom and Copyright Reform: Aaron Swartz’s Suspicious Death, 1/17/13; Thoughts on the Great IP Debate, 4/12/13; Intellectual Property and Mind Control, 9/17/13; Verizon-Yahoo Deal Shows Once Again the Need to Remove Intellectual Property Rights, 7/26/16; Remove Intellectual Property Rights – Patents and Copyright – to Enhance Prosperity, 8/10/16; End of Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Law? Will They Cease to Exist in a Few Years?, 8/15/16

Stephan Kinsella: Intellectual Property Racket, 9/14/10; How Intellectual Property Hampers Capitalism, 10/11/10; On the Logic of Libertarianism and Why Intellectual Property Doesn't Exist, 3/19/12

Copyrights & Trademarks: See: TPP; Copyright terror: Man sentenced to 15 years in jail for selling 6 counterfeit discs, 11/14/12; Copyright Bombshell: New Study Finds Megaupload's File-Sharing Supported Box Office, 11/26/12; German lawmakers condemn Google campaign against copyright law, 11/28/12; Copyright Law: Standing in the Way of Progress, 11/29/12; Supreme Court rules that goods made overseas can be resold here, 3/19/13; Federal judge: ‘Clipping’ news articles violates copyright law, 3/21/13; Court Ruling Threatens Internet First Amendment Freedom, 3/27/13; Copyright Laws Stifle the Free Flow of Information, 6/3/13; Copyright trolls, image bullies exposed by, 6/16/13; NSA Using Copyright Claims To Crush Free Speech, 9/17/13; Anti-piracy curriculum for elementary schools, 9/24/13; Secret Trade Pact Will Spread U.S. Copyright Rules Abroad, 11/13/13; End of Ownership: Why You Need to Fight America’s Copyright Laws, 1/17/14; A Note on the Use of Copyrighted Materials on the Daily Paul, 3/27/14; Copyright holder’s question: How much porn do you watch?, 7/8/14; Origins and Intentions of Copyright, 3/26/15; “Government Wants to Control Your Car” and Prevent You From ‘Tinkering’ Under DMCA Copyright, 5/8/15; Why Matt Drudge Can Stop Worrying, 10/18/15; Internet In an Uproar Over Trademark Regulation as Fine Brothers Surrender, 2/3/16; Goodbye, Copyright - Farewell, Tenured Guilds, 2/15/16; Playboy Can Block Links to Celebrity Pictures, EU Court Says, 9/8/16; EU copyright overhaul sparks cultural 'apocalypse' warnings, 9/9/16; Copyright Shouldn't Hold Technology Back, 9/13/16; Delhi Cuts Copyright: Why Are Government Courts Involved at All?, 9/17/16; Copyright Law Sucks – Authors can be Compensated Without It!, 4/5/17

Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Unlocking new cell phones to become illegal on Saturday, 1/25/13

Patents: How the America Invents Act Will Change Patenting Forever, 3/15/13; Tricky Business of Innovation: Can You Patent a Magic Trick?, 7/8/13; Truth about how patents stifle innovation while destroying the small guys, 7/10/13; Electronic Frontier Foundation does battle with insidious patent troll who claims to 'own' all podcasting technology, 11/3/13; Google’s Growing Patent Stockpile, 11/29/13; IQ-challenged U.S. patent office awards trademark for the word 'candy' to app developer, 2/1/14; Why is East Texas home of all the patent troll parasites?, 3/26/14; How I beat a patent troll, 3/26/14; US Patent Office Grants 'Photography Against A White Background' Patent To Amazon, 5/9/14; How the patent trolls won in Congress, 5/23/14; New anti-patent-troll bill advances, but some say it hurts more than helps, 7/11/14; 3D Printers vs. Patents, 9/10/16

Fake Social Media: Revealed: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people, 2/18/11; You Know Those Obnoxious Posters Who Almost Seem Like Alter Egos of the Same Person? They Actually Might Be..., 2/18/11; Army of Fake Social Media Friends to Promote Propaganda, 2/23/11; Obama Admin to Concoct Phony ePeople for Propaganda, 3/2/11; Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media, 3/17/11

TED Talks: TED talks now routinely censoring scientists who share ideas on consciousness, 9/5/13; TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, 'food as medicine' or natural healing, 9/18/13; TED Talk speaker explains the worthlessness of TED Talks, 5/1/14; TED Talks parody video exposes the total bulls##t of TED-fabricated “thought leaders” who spew pseudoknowledge pretending to be “big ideas”, 3/23/17

Top Secret: Washington Post Reveals 'Top Secret America', 7/19/10; Hidden world, growing beyond control, 7/19/10; America’s Database of Private Spooks, 7/19/10; Search Top Secret America’s Database of Private Spooks, 7/19/10; Penis Envy in the Intelligence-Industrial Complex, 7/19/10; How Congress Fueled the Rise of Private Spies, 7/21/10; secrets next door, 7/21/10; Top Secret America: Expensive, Chaotic and Dangerous, 12/22/10; Official Spin On Top-Secret Government Programs? - 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read, 1/26/11; A Hidden World, Growing Beyond Control, 1/31/11; PBS: 'Top Secret America'; Nearly 5 Million People Have Government Security Clearances, 7/23/12

Wikipedia: Israel is paying internet workers to manipulate online content, 11/6/10; Veterans Today Bans Wikipedia References from Site, 1/3/11; Decline of Wikipedia, 10/22/13; Wikipedia admits hundreds of 'sock puppet' editors gang up to make distorted edits to their pages, 10/25/13; Wikipedia petitioned to halt outrageous slander and lies against holistic and alternative medicine, 6/5/14; Most medical information on Wikipedia is false, 6/11/14; Wikipedia Medical Lies; Ever wanted to see when the US Congress anonymously edits Wikipedia? Well now you can, 7/16/14; US Congress computers banned from Wikipedia after anonymous user edits Donald Rumsfeld’s biography to describe him as an ‘alien lizard’, 7/25/14; Congress Banned from Editing Wikipedia, 7/29/14; Total hypocrisy: Wikipedia sues NSA while censoring truth and promoting corporate propaganda, 3/24/15; Jimmy Wales used porn site money to launch Wikipedia, then edited his own entries to try to hide his links to porn industry, 4/9/15; Initial outpouring of support for Kickstarter campaign that challenges bias on Wikipedia, 4/15/15; Wikipedia exposed as a blackmail racket that extorts small businesses while publishing corporate propaganda, 9/4/15; Why does Google promote Wikipedia's blackmail operation while censoring the truth from independent media sites?, 9/1/15; 10 shocking facts you never knew about Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales, 9/5/15; Wikipedia, co-founded by a porn peddler, is now exposed as a massive blackmail engine run by criminal editors, 12/22/15; Wikipedia turns 15 and aims to become 'sum of all human knowledge', 1/14/16; Real purpose of Wikipedia is to SUPPRESS human knowledge, not document it, 1/28/16


Wikileaks: What Does it Cost to Change the World?; Works for CIA & Mossad?, 7/28/10; US embassy cables: browse the database; WikiLeaks embassy cables: download the key data and see how it breaks down; Top 10 revelations from WikiLeaks cables, 11/29/10; 5 Biggest Revelations of WikiLeaks Release, 11/29/10; If This Be Treason…, 11/30/10; CableGate: Obama's Katrina Times Ten, 11/30/10; Why I Love WikiLeaks (for restoring distrust in our most important institutions), 11/30/10; WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning "designed Facebook" as a schoolboy, friends say, 12/1/10; US State Department tells employees not to read WikiLeaks, 12/1/10; Amazon faces boycott over WikiLeaks axe, 12/1/10; WikiLeaks: Conformists vs. Individualists, 12/1/10; Wiki-leak? Or pre-planned scare tactic?, 12/2/10; WikiLeaks Copies 16th Century Amsterdam, 12/2/10; Cable reveals US behind airstrike that killed 21 children in Yemen, 12/2/10; A Government Caught Up in Mendacity and Lies, 12/2/10; Doug Casey on Wikileaks; again, 12/3/10; WikiLeaks Exposes Israeli Mafia’s Growing Influence, 12/3/10; Ron Paul calls Wikileaks Heros, 12/3/10; On Wikileaks and the Library of Congress: A Statement by the Progressive Librarians Guild, 12/4/10; Hackers take down website of bank that froze WikiLeaks funds, 12/6/10; Live with the WikiLeakable world or shut down the net. It's your choice, 12/6/10; Cyber War Fake Leak - Is WikiLeaks a CIA Op?; Assange ‘rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative, 12/6/10; WikiLeaks and U.S. Computer Security: The ‘Second Spy’ Theory, 12/6/10; Net neutrality, the FCC, Wikileaks and the future of internet freedom, 12/7/10; again; Gonzalo Lira: Hacker’s Treehouse , 12/7/10; WikiLeaks No Threat to Free Society, 12/8/10; Assange accuser flees to Middle East, may not be cooperating with police, 12/9/10; Wikileaks and the Worldwide Information War, 12/9/10; Everything You Need to Know About Wikileaks, 12/9/10; Gonzalo Lira: New McCarthyism, Real Terrorists, 12/10/10; WikiLeaks backlash: The first global cyber war has begun, claim hackers, 12/11/10; It’s Payback Time!, 12/10/10; WikiRebels – Documentary; 'Assange Effect': How WikiLeaks is leveraging the world; Hype, Propaganda or Revolution?, 12/13/10; Iceland may ban MasterCard, Visa over WikiLeaks censorship, 12/13/10; Michael Moore offers his servers to host Wikileaks docs, posts $20,000 bail, 12/14/10; Michael Moore: Why I'm Posting Bail Money for Julian Assange, 12/14/10; Necessary 'Revolution in Journalism', 12/14/10; Grave Domestic Threats to National Security, 12/15/10; Visa & MasterCard Deny Service to Assange Supporters, 12/15/10; US Air Force Blocks Internet Access To Websites Posting WikiLeaks Documents, 12/15/10; Who is Behind Wikileaks?, 12/15/10; Ron Paul: US Gov is More Dangerous than WikiLeaks, 12/15/10; Timeline of the key WikiLeaks revelations; Separating the Truth from the Irrelevant and the Fiction, 12/16/10; ‘A new type of business McCarthyism’ hunts WikiLeaks, site founder says, 12/18/10; ‘People affiliated with our organization have already been assassinated,’ Assange claims, 12/21/10; WikiLeaks to release Israel documents in six months, 12/23/10; Advancing an Israeli Agenda?, 12/26/10; Cheering for WikiLeaks’ Demise Is Cheering for Our Own, 12/30/10; If imprisoned or killed, Assange reportedly prepared to out CIA-linked Arab leaders, 12/30/10; Rise of the IT guerrillas, 12/31/10; WikiLeaks' Most Terrifying Revelation: Just How Much Our Government Lies to Us, 1/4/11; Ideological Legitimacy and the Crisis of Empire, 1/5/11; US court demands WikiLeaks' Twitter account info, 1/8/11; WikiLeaks Subpoenas Spill Out Into Public Realm, 1/9/11; Patriot Act Being Used to Crack Down on Wikileak’s Supporter; Banking secrets of rich leaked, 1/17/11; What Is The WikiLeaks Ideology? A Bunch of Statist Dupes?, 1/17/11; Confirmed: Wikileaks is Government Disinfo Operation, 2/2/11; Air Force legal office: All of our members’ families can be prosecuted for reading WikiLeaks, 2/7/11; In restricted speech, former MI6 chief credits WikiLeaks with ‘tidal wave’ of revolutions, 3/3/11; WikiLeaks Exposes North American Integration Plot, 5/2/11; WikiLeaks gags staff, threatens leakers with $20 million penalty, 5/11/11; Ex-Wikileaks man 'deleted files', 8/22/11; Paul Craig Roberts: The Last Whistleblower, 8/31/11; WikiLeaks Prompts New Diplomatic Uproar, 8/31/11; WikiLeaks blames Guardian journalist for release of 251,000 unredacted U.S. cables, 8/31/11; Wikileaks Needs You!, 10/19/11; WikiLeaks Releases Documents on Government Surveillance Tactics, 12/1/11; WikiLeaks' Stratfor dump lifts lid on intelligence-industrial complex, 2/28/12; Meet the FBI's secret WikiLeaks mole, 6/27/13; WikiLeaks claims victory as credit card donations flow again, 7/3/13; ASSANGE REVEALS WIKILEAKS LEAKED CABLES —- Confirm EXISTENCE OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE!, 7/5/13; WikiLeaks posts 400 gigabytes of encrypted ‘insurance’ data online, 8/19/13

Openleaks: WikiLeaks rival launches new secret-spilling site, 1/28/11

WikiLeaks Mirror Sites: Mirrors; more Mirrors; again; Best WikiLeaks Mirror Site?; Assange freed (court rejects appeal), 12/16/10

whistleblowers-spy Whistleblowing

071713q Whistleblowing: On Whistleblowers and Government Threats of Investigation, 6/7/13; Government Secrets and the Need for Whistle-blowers, 6/10/13; Dangers of Telling the Truth: Snowden, Assange, and Manning, 6/11/13; How the USA Captures Whistleblowers and Other Political Enemies, 6/14/13; Obama’s crackdown views leaks as aiding enemies of U.S., 6/20/13; Don’t Stand Too Close to These People, 6/23/13; All-Time Whistleblower: Philip Agee, 6/26/13; When government goes rogue: Obama imprisons whistleblowers who expose crimes, 6/28/13; How the USA Captures Whistleblowers and Other Political Enemies, 7/4/13; Obama removes promise to 'protect whistleblowers' from propaganga website, 7/31/13; Obama's abuse of the Espionage Act is modern-day McCarthyism, 8/6/13; Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Edward Snowden, and Goliath, 8/28/13; ATF threatens firing squad for agents who leak secrets, 10/15/13; How whistleblowers are barred from defending themselves in court, 1/22/14; Price of Whistleblowing: Manning, Greenwald, Assange, Kiriakou and Snowden, 5/20/14; Obama Has Sentenced Whistleblowers to 25 Times the Jail Time of All Prior U.S. Presidents COMBINED, 1/23/15; Obama incarcerates whistleblowers at unprecedented rate - so much for 'transparency', 3/12/15; It’s Illegal To Tell the Truth, 10/20/15; Petraeus, Clinton Allowed to Leak Classified Intel While Whistleblowers Become Enemies of the State, 2/1/16

julian_assange_by_benheine 103116g 122815j Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks, 7/19/10; WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange 'will release poison pill of damaging secrets if killed or arrested', 12/6/10; Julian Assange Arrested, 12/7/10; How two one-night stands sparked a worldwide hunt for Julian Assange, 12/7/10; British judge denies wikileaks founder Julian Assange bail, 12/7/10; Julian Assange: Don't Shoot Messenger for Revealing Uncomfortable Truths, 12/8/10; Man who kicked the hornet's nest, 12/8/10; Mum's plea: bring Julian home, 12/9/10; Russia suggests that Julian Assange should be awarded Nobel peace prize, 12/9/10; Having ‘political objective’ disqualifies Assange ‘from being considered a journalist,’ State Dept. says, 12/10/10; Naomi Wolf: Julian Assange Captured by World's Dating Police, 12/10/10; Interview with Julian Assange, 12/11/10; UK court grants bail to WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, 12/14/10; 10 days in Sweden: the full allegations against Julian Assange, 12/17/10; Transcript: Assange interview, 12/21/10; Julian Assange: 'I feel at peace', 12/21/10; Assange Warns US Media of Government Censorship Attempts, 12/22/10; We're stepping up release of leaked docs, 1/11/11; Former Reagan official: If law fails, CIA will assassinate Assange, 2/28/11; Assange: Internet is world's 'greatest spying machine', 3/15/11; WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange rails against Facebook, says it's a spy tool for US government, 5/2/11; Wikileaks’ Assange to Address 9/11 Conspiracy?, 7/12/11; Julian Assange loses appeal against extradition, 11/2/11; Former Senior NSA Official: US Could Put Assange to Death If It Gets Him, 7/14/12; Time-Secret Ecuador President Rafael 'We Are Not a Colony' Correa Stands Up to the Jackbooted British Gestapo, 8/17/12; 'Assange will not get safe passage out of UK', 8/17/12; Declassified Documents Reveal US Military Designated Assange ‘Enemy of State’, 9/26/12; Assange: Entire nations intercepted online, key turned to totalitarian rule, 11/30/12; Google's just an arm of US government, 6/17/13; Assange to SXSW: We're all being watched, 3/10/14; Julian Assange: Why I founded Wikileaks, 12/24/14; Wikileak’s Assange Offers Call To Action, Promises Leaks As Soon As Next Week, 10/4/16; Gov't Cuts-Off WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Internet Access! Back-up Systems in full operation, 10/16/16; JULIAN ASSANGE OF WIKILEAKS REPORTEDLY DEAD, 10/16/16; Mystery swirls around Assange's status at Ecuadorean Embassy, 10/18/16; Everything We Know About Assange, Wikileaks and the Frantic Attempt to Shut Him Up, 10/25/16; Julian Assange Says Trump Won't Be Allowed To Win, "Clinton And ISIS Are Funded By The Same Money", 11/5/16; Huma Abedin & Hillary Clinton Discuss Julian Assange in Emails: “Clever cyber thief to a convicted criminal”, 11/5/16; "We Regret The Error": CNN Apologizes To Assange For Pedophilia Accusation, Issues Retraction, 1/7/17; Julian Assange ‘to hand himself in and be extradited to the US’, 1/18/17; Assange Will Not Turn Himself Over To US For Manning — Conditions Not Met, 1/19/17; Tech Giants Tell Assange They Prefer CIA Hacking Over Wikileaks Cooperation, 3/11/17; Julian Assange is made an Ecuadorian citizen in effort to resolve impasse, 1/11/18; Persecution of Julian Assange, 1/13/18

Sibel Edmonds: Special Report- State Secrets: Sibel Edmonds Uncovers ‘The Untouchables’, 2/17/17

Hervé Falciani: Truthdigger of the Week: Offshore-Banking Whistleblower, 11/29/15

Karen Hudes: Secret Plot to NUKE parts of the USA Exposed, 11/10/13; BANKSTERS SCENE WITH WHISTLE BLOWER KH, 1/30/14; Either We Take Back Our Gold, Our Legality or..., 2/11/14; Karen Hudes exposes the Global Puppet Masters, 3/6/14; Banker Suicides, Bitcoin and the Global Renaissance, 3/27/14; World Banker Karen Hudes Reveals Secret US Constitution, 4/1/14; World Bank Whistleblower Reveals How The Global Elite Rules The World, 4/21/14; Karen Hudes, Dr. Ed Spencer - Humanity Will Prevail Over Conehead "Beings"?, 4/29/14; Karen Hudes: Dollar To Crash And Be Replaced With New, Interest Free, Gold-Backed Currency, 11/5/14; World Bank Whistleblower Reveals How The Global Elite Rules The World, 2/1/15

Chelsea Manning

manning Chelsea (Bradley) Manning: Inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention, 12/15/10; Typical Day for PFC Bradley Manning, 12/18/10; Manning’s message on Christmas Eve: ‘I greatly appreciate everyone’s support’, 12/24/10 ; Bradley Manning: One Soldier Who Really Did “Defend Our Freedom”, 12/30/10; Psychologists protest ‘inhumane, harmful’ treatment, 1/3/11; US can’t link Julian Assange to Bradley Manning, 1/24/11; Army Leaks Hit Piece on Bradley Manning, 1/27/11; Bradley Manning Is a Hero, Yet the alleged WikiLeaks informant is being tortured in a cage, 2/12/11; U.S. files 22 new charges against WikiLeaks soldier, 3/2/11; P.J. Crowley Resigns As State Department Spokesman, 3/13/11; Torturing Bradley Manning, 3/19/11; Obama on Bradley Manning: “He broke the law”, 4/22/11; Motives of Bradley Manning, 7/4/11; U.S. soldier in WikiLeaks case to get his day in court, 12/15/11; Bradley Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, 2/27/12; U.S. ‘withheld’ emails on WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning: defense, 8/28/12; Bradley Manning Offers Guilty Pleas, 11/8/12; Manning tells court of harsh prison conditions, 11/29/12; Bradley Manning: a tale of liberty lost in America, 11/30/12; Lawyer for Bradley Manning speaks out, 12/5/12; Bradley Manning: A Window Into the American Soul, 12/5/12; Ron Paul condemns "terrible treatment" of Bradley Manning from House Floor, 12/8/12; Bradley Manning wins Guardian's Person of Year 2012, 12/10/12; Shameful Exploitation of Bradley Manning, 12/14/12; Even a Military Judge Recognizes What Many Progressives Deny: Bradley Manning Was Mistreated, 1/9/13; Bradley Manning will be credited 112 days for horrendous stay at Quantico, 1/9/13; Bradley Manning nears 1000 days in US jail with no trial, 2/19/13; Today Is Bradley Manning's 1,000th Day Without a Trial, 2/23/13; Bradley Manning Takes ‘Full Responsibility’ for Giving WikiLeaks Huge Government Data Trove, 2/28/13; Face of Heroism, 2/28/13; Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty to Leaks, Not Guilty to Aiding the Enemy, 2/28/13; Bradley Manning: "Americans had a right to know the true cost of war", 3/1/13; Collateral Murder Revisited, 3/1/13; Bradley Manning: “I Have a Clear Conscience”, 3/3/13; Bradley Manning Nobel Peace Prize Nomination 2013, 3/4/13; Freedom of the Press Foundation Publishes Leaked Audio of Bradley Manning’s Statement, 3/11/13; War Against Bradley Manning – A War Against All Who Speak Out Against Injustice, 3/12/13; Finally: hear Bradley Manning in his own voice, 3/12/13; Ron Paul: Bradley Manning Promotes Peace More Than Obama, 4/12/13; WikiLeaks prosecutor accepts GI's plea to 1 count, 5/21/13; We're All Bradley Manning, 6/6/13; I am Bradley Manning, 6/18/13; WikiLeaks soldier's court-martial wrestles online evidence rules, 6/25/13; 'Do the Right Thing': World Rallies Behind Bradley Manning, 7/29/13; bmwc Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy - guilty on the rest, 7/30/13; Manning verdict: What you need to know, 7/30/13; Committing War Crimes is a Duty; Reporting Them is a Felony, 7/31/13; Bradley Manning: Guilty of Doing the Right Thing, 8/1/13; Courage of Bradley Manning Will Inspire Others To Seize Their Moment of Truth, 8/8/13; Whistleblower Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years in prison, 8/21/13; Bradley Manning’s Letter to President Obama, 8/22/13; A Long List of What We Know Thanks to Private Manning, 8/23/13; Chelsea Manning Releases Application For Presidential Pardon, 9/4/13; After a war on leaks, Obama makes a U-turn, commutes Chelsea Manning's sentence, 1/17/17; One Stopped Clock Not Right Twice a Day, 1/19/17

Edward Snowden

NSA-whisteblower-002 Edward Snowden: Snowden Digital Surveillance Archive; Snowden/ Greenwald pdfs; Unknown Patriot Who Exposed the Government's Verizon Spy Program, 6/6/13; Whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations, 6/8/13; Edward Snowden, NSA files source: 'If they want to get you, in time they will', 6/8/13; NSA whistle-blower revealed as Edward Snowden, 29-year-old ex-CIA employee, 6/9/13; NSA spy grid whistleblower Ed Snowden steps forward in mind-blowing video interview, 6/9/13; Intelligence officials overheard joking about how NSA leaker should be 'disappeared', 6/9/13; NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in his own words, 6/9/13; NSA leaker holed up in Hong Kong hotel, running low on cash, 6/10/13; "We Know That He Donated To Ron Paul", 6/10/13; Saving us from the United Stasi of America, 6/10/13; Disruption Of Government, 6/10/13; 27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send A Chill Up Your Spine, 6/10/13; John Boehner: "He's a Traitor!", 6/11/13; Russia offers to consider asylum request, 6/11/13; Character of Edward Snowden, 6/11/13; Edward Snowden Doesn't Have a BA - Why That's the Future of the Tech Industry, 6/11/13; If Edward Snowden Is a Criminal, Why Aren’t the Rest of Us Criminals As Well?, 6/12/13; A True Hero, 6/12/12; How Snowden Did an End Run Around the NSA and the Obama Administration, 6/12/13; edward-snowden-china-3 How can NSA whistleblower Snowden be guilty of treason if the NSA claims it isn't spying on you after all?, 6/12/13; Did someone help Ed Snowden punch a hole in the NSA?, 6/13/13; Before Edward Snowden, There Was Joseph Nacchio, 6/13/13; Sickening Snowden Backlash, 6/14/13; While working for spies, Snowden was secretly prolific online, 6/14/13; Support Edward Snowden in Hong Kong, 6/14/13; Thomas Drake, prosecuted ex-NSA official, has some advice for Edward Snowden, 6/15/13; Proof Can Impeach Obama, Fire 2 NSA Officials, And Possibly Even Clear Snowden, 6/15/13; Protesters Take to Hong Kong Streets in Support of NSA Leaker Edward Snowden, 6/15/13; Snowden is a Hero, 6/15/13; Snowden Redeemed: Secret Congressional Briefings Reveal NSA Listening to Phone Calls, Too... 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Poll: US Voters See Snowden as Whistleblower, Not Traitor, 7/10/13; Snowden Calls Out for Justice and Support: 'I Did What I Believed Right', 7/12/13; Edward Snowden Statement: 'It Was The Right Thing to do and I Have No Regrets', 7/13/13; Obama Blocks Snowden's Asylum, 7/14/13; Snowden’s four-laptops story, 7/20/13; Edward Snowden: Solar-Flare ‘Killshot’ Cataclysm Imminent, 7/23/13; Edward Snowden Allowed To Leave Moscow Airport And Enter Russia, 7/24/13; U.S. assures Russia Snowden won't be executed or tortured, 7/26/13; Snowden reveals US intelligence’s black budget: $52.6 billion on secret programs, 8/31/13; 'Russia's only choice is to permit Snowden to live here' - Putin, 9/5/13; Heroic Edward Snowden Lives in Danger, 9/25/13; Snowden Accepts Whistleblower Award, 10/11/13; Snowden rebuts Feinstein’s statement that NSA spying “is not surveillance”, 10/24/13; Why the Snowden Leaks Will Have a Bigger Impact Than WikiLeaks, 10/24/13; Edward Snowden to Maintain Russia's Largest Website, 10/31/13; Snowden persuaded other NSA workers to give up passwords - sources, 11/7/13; Edward Snowden’s Face, Coming to a Bus Near You?, 11/19/13; Spies Are Freaking Out About Edward Snowden's 'Doomsday' Cache Of Secrets, 11/26/13; Snowden and Greenwald: The Men Who Leaked the Secrets, 12/4/13; who_do_you_trust Edward Snowden offers to help Brazil over US spying in return for asylum, 12/17/13; DOD official: Snowden ‘stole everything — literally everything’, 12/17/13; Edward Snowden doesn’t show up once in Google’s list of top 2013 searches, 12/17/13; Snowden: 'I already won', 12/25/13; Pentagon & NSA Officials say They Want Snowden Extrajudicially Assassinated, 1/17/14; Edward Snowden says 'no chance' of fair trial in U.S., 1/24/14; Norway lawmakers nominate Snowden for Nobel, 1/29/14; New Snowden Revelation Is Dangerous for Anonymous — And for All of Us, 2/4/14; BOMBSHELL: Snowden downloaded entire roster of U.S. government - all names, home addresses and other personal info of **all** officials and gov't employees -- including law enforcement -- plus bankers, corporate boards of directors and more!, 2/6/14; House Members Renew Call For The Capture Of Snowden As “Traitor” and Spy, 2/7/14; Matrix - Who is Edward Snowden?, 2/8/14; Snowden: NSA can track hidden online presence, 2/18/14; Snowden Says 'Many Other' Spy Programs Remain Secret ~ 'For Now', 3/7/14; Snowden: "I could have read the private communications of any member of this committee, as well as any ordinary citizen", 3/7/14; Ed Snowden claims he raised concerns with NSA officials more than 10 times, 3/8/14; Edward Snowden On How To End Mass Surveillance, 3/11/14; Snowden Has One Very Important And Potentially Devastating Question To Answer, 3/19/14; Here's how we take back the Internet, 3/24/14; Edward Snowden Declares Victory, 3/25/14; Vladimir Putin must be called to account on surveillance just like Obama, 4/18/14; How Snowden's Revelations Have Strengthened the NSA, 5/14/14; again, 5/17/14; Edward Snowden Was Teaching Strangers How To Beat Government Spying Months Before His NSA Leaks, 5/22/14; Snowden, Brian Williams: staged amateur night for the suckers, 5/30/14; Snowden Strikes Back at NSA, Emails NBC News, 5/31/14; If They Didn’t Have a Snowden, They’d Have to Make Him Up, 6/3/14; Snowden Never Uses Google, Dropbox, or Skype, 7/17/14; Snowden granted 3-yr residence permit in Russia, 8/8/14; A renegade sculptor has mounted a bust of Edward Snowden in a Brooklyn park, 4/6/15; Snowden Coming Closer To Icelandic Citizenship, 4/14/15; Snowden just scored a big victory, 5/7/15; Inside the Assassination Complex by Edward Snowden, 5/3/16; Edward Snowden: ‘Governments can reduce our dignity to that of tagged animals’, 5/3/16; 'Snowden Revelations' Have Been an Unmitigated Victory for the National Security State, 6/20/16; Three New Scandals Show How Pervasive and Dangerous Mass Surveillance Is in the West, Vindicating Snowden, 11/4/16; Obama Refuses to Pardon Edward Snowden - Trump’s New CIA Pick Wants Him Dead, 11/18/16; Newly Obtained Documents Prove: Key Claim of Snowden’s Accusers Is a Fraud, 3/21/17


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122314l 042015l 021615y 100215e60 121915a56 010816r56 012015j49 On this most auspicious of nights, permit me then, in lieu of the more commonplace soubriquet, to suggest the character of this dramatis persona. Voila! In view humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the “vox populi” now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin, van guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.
The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.
Verily this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honour to meet you and you may call me V
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What!? Are you merely an artless, arrogant, apple-jane; a bootless, beetle-headed bladder bow, a craven, currish, clay-brained, clapper-clawed, crook-pated clack-dish and canker-blossom; a dankish, dread-bolted death-token; a fawning, fen-sucked, fly-bitten, folly-fallen, fool-born flax-wench and flirt-gill; a giglet; a half-faced, hasty witted harpy-hornbeast; a mammering, milk-livered maggot pie; a pribbling, plume-plucked pignut; a rank & reeky ratsbane; a surly, superficial, shard-borne scut; a tickle-brained, toad spot; and, worst perhaps of all - a wayward, weedy wagtail?
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