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050116k 082116s49 010417m46 021617z40 Humans: Scientists Ask If A New Race Of Super Earthlings Are Being Born, 10/28/14; The Lie We Live, 3/14/15; 12 Biggest Life Secrets Forgotten by Mankind, 3/16/15; What would happen to Earth if humans disappeared? Video shows how the terrifying sequence of doomsday events would unfold, 6/2/16

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050915m58 090814v56 062816x56 122616r47 052016d46 121015u38 090415x35 092114w31 Numbers: The entire current human population of Earth could fit inside Texas and it would still be less crowded than New York City. Do the dead outnumber the living?, 2/4/12; This is what it would look like if the world's 7 billion people lived in one city, 2/17/14; Half of the World's Population Lives in these 6 Countries, 7/11/14; World population could exceed 12 billion in less than a century, 9/19/14; Do Statistical Disparities Mean Injustice?, 9/23/14; We're about to see a mind-blowing demographic shift unprecedented in human history, 3/31/16; If the World were 100 people, 5/6/16

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100416s 120616r 082216a71 052316q58 031016d58 052314m56 090314u49 072816f49 120616s49 052014x42 Indiginous People: Ben Franklin - Remarks concerning the Savages of North America, 1787; Stunning Portraits Of The World’s Remotest Tribes Before They Pass Away; Brazil searches for clues of Amazon tribe gone missing, 8/12/11; U.S. Will Pay a Settlement of $1 Billion to 41 Tribes, 4/13/12; They've NEVER Met A White Person Before - Until Now, 6/10/14; Amazonian Tribe Makes Contact With Outsiders for First Time, 7/9/14; Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe Voluntarily Contacts Scientists, Catches Flu, 7/22/14; Amazonian Tribe Makes First Contact With Outside World In Utterly Fascinating Video, 7/31/14; 2nd Wave Of Isolated People Makes Contact With Outsiders In Brazil, 8/15/14; Continuing Saga of Anti-Indianism in America: Critique of a Bestseller and the Reviewers Who Praise It, 10/12/14; What the people of the Amazon know that you don't, 10/31/14
Dogon Tribe: Dogon Creation Myths; Amazing History of the Dogon Tribe: Aryan Aliens in Ancient Africa, 10/27/14

Amish: What the Amish can teach us about health and happiness, 7/29/15; Amish Father Arrested, Facing Decades in Prison for Selling Products with Essential Oils, 2/21/17; In Amish Country, the Future Is Calling, 9/15/17; Amish, who don’t get vaccinated, rarely get autism, cancer, or heart disease – coincidence?, 11/3/17; Old-order Amish found to have a gene mutation that protects against aging, 11/19/17

082816u 052014m56 082514d52 062715v49 041117p36 Race: Story Behind the Amazing Success of Black Athletes; Race & Sport; EgoPo Theater Co. to Stage Uncle Tom’s Cabin—With White Slaves, 1/29/13; Agency withdraws casting call for CBC show that specified ‘any race except Caucasian’, 4/29/13; Weird Skin Color Illusion Can Reduce Racism, 5/14/13; Who Is Racist?, 7/13/13; Real Trayvon/ Zimmerman race war plan unveiled: Foment racial division, ignite violent riots, declare martial law, 7/14/13; Isn't Justice Supposed To Be Color Blind?, 7/15/13; Racism theater: How the media, Obama and the racism industry are tearing America apart for their own selfish gain, 7/20/13; Joy of Hopelessness, 7/22/13; Warren Beatty: Selective 'Race Baiting' Continues, 7/24/13; Obama stuns nation with achievement of racial division in America, 7/27/13; Black Self-Sabotage, 7/30/13; Homeland Security employee promotes mass genocide of whites and ‘homosexuals’, 8/23/13; Michael Richards: I wonder why only Whites are racists, 8/26/13; Massive Racial Disparities In Arrests For Pot Possession, 9/6/13; Oprah genocide? Says entire generation of racists 'have to die', 11/23/13; How to Christmas Shop While Being Black, 12/24/13; Nearly Half of Black Men Arrested by Age 23, 1/20/14; Academy Awards or The Anti-White Awards?, 3/7/14; Sex and Race Equality, 4/1/14; Racism isn't the Problem - The State is, 4/29/14; Should Opinions Be Illegal? The Donald Sterling Scandal, 5/1/14; Scarlet R, 5/2/14; 7 Lessons From the Donald Sterling Circus, 5/8/14; A Lesson on Racial Discrimination, 5/13/14; From Jackie Robinson to Donald Sterling: How the Free Market Ends Discrimination, 5/17/14; Other than an excuse for State expansion, What Exactly Is ‘Racism’?, 7/2/14; A Primer on Race, 7/9/14; Do Blacks Need Favors?, 7/22/14; Racism Card, 7/25/14; University to alter academic grades based on the color of your skin, 7/26/14; Killing of Black Men Continues, 8/19/14; Racism in Israel and Jewish Ideology in America, 9/5/14; Daily Caller’s ALL-STAR GREATEST HITS Alphabet Of Racism, 11/15/14; Can Racial Discrimination Explain Much?, 12/2/14; Eric Garner’s Wife: “I Don’t Feel Like It’s A Black And White Thing”, 12/8/14; Black Sheriff: Obama’s Racial Divide and Conquer Strategy “Destructive for America”, 12/12/14; Black Progression and Retrogression, 12/23/14; Why Pretty White Women Get Paid More Than Surly Black Men, 4/17/15; Why vaccine mandates racially discriminate against African Americans, 6/16/15; What Exactly Is Racism?, 6/26/15; New 'equality' - Asian-Americans to be punished by California university system for being too smart, 7/8/15; Charlatans and Sheep, 10/6/15; If a Black Guy in a Hoodie Scares People, Who’s responsible?, 10/27/15; Mirage of Racist America—and the Reality of the Racist Left, 11/21/15; Drug War Against Black America, 11/23/15; Will to Outrage, 12/19/15; If You Hate Racism, You Should Love Commerce, 7/13/16; What Can Discrimination Explain?, 7/27/16; I Discriminate, 8/3/16; Is It Racist?, 8/9/16; Lie That Launched Black Lives Matter, 9/23/16; Do WhiteLivesMatter?, 9/23/16; ROTHSCHILD INSIDER WARNED OF AN ELITE PLANNED RACE WAR IN AMERICA, 10/3/16; Police Abuse And Race-Baiting: The Perfect Storm, 10/6/16; If You EVER Doubted How Racist Liberals Are Toward Black People, 11/4/16; Racial and Sexual Profiling is OK, 4/5/17; Black vs. White: IQ, Culture, and Civilization, 7/20/17
Gypsies: Gypsies, 2/29/16

I was standing in a bar in Chapel Hill yesterday and this little Chinese guy comes in, stands next to me and starts drinking a beer.
I said to him, "Do you know any of those martial arts things, like Kung-Fu, Karate or Ju-Jitsu?"
He says "No, why the fruck you ask me dat? Is it coz I Chinee?"
"No", I say, "It's because you're drinking my beer!"

Eight year old Mohammad entered his classroom on the first day of school. "What's your name?", asked the teacher.
"Mohammad," he replied.
"You're in Ireland now," replied the teacher. "So from now on you will be known as Mike."
Mohammad returned home after school.
"How was your day, Mohammad?", his mother asked.
"My name is not Mohammad. I'm in Ireland and now my name is Mike."
"Are you ashamed of your name? Are you trying to dishonor your parents, your heritage, your religion? Shame on you!" And his mother beat him.
Then she called his father, who beat him again.
The next day Mohammad returned to school. The teacher saw all of his bruises.
"What happened to you, Mike?", she asked.
"Well shortly after becoming an Irishman, I was attacked by two fucking Arabs.

111414z 112415t 101315s 021116c68 Baby Boomers: In the Land that Made Me Me; Ronnie Milsap: Lost in the Fifties Tonight; Baby boomers found to be more active, healthier than earlier generations, 12/27/17

Millennials: Top difference between boomers and millennials, 10/13/15; Poll: 40 Percent Of Millennials Want Speech Censored, 11/21/15; Are Young People Really Going Socialist?, 5/5/16; Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace, 10/29/16; Millennials are entitled, narcissistic and lazy - but it's not their fault: Expert claims 'every child wins a prize' and social media has left Gen Y unable to deal with the real world, 1/6/17; Okay Cupid, Why Aren't Millennials Getting Married?, 1/18/17; Universities Cave to Snowflakes, 1/25/17; Millennials are struggling at work because their parents 'gave them medals for coming last', 2/7/17; Millennials are totally unprepared for the realities of life, 7/13/17; Disturbing study finds that humans are getting progressively dumber – IQ points now dropping by 7 points with each new generation, 10/5/18

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071516i71 100515q57 052615w56 Counter Culture: See: MK-Ultra; Esalen; Laurel Canyon death list; Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation, Part I, 5/8/8; pdf; Visiting the Paul Williams Nazi Command Center in Rustic Canyon, 5/19/11; Aaron Franz and David McGowan - Military Industrial Entertainment in Laurel Canyon, 2/8/12; WHEN THE MUSIC’S OVER: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE HIPPIE GENERATION, 11/12/13; Plane Truth ~ Laurel Canyon and the Hippie Dream ~ with Dave McGowan - PTS 3077, 12/3/13; Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, Programmed To Kill, 2/26/14; Psychedelic Intelligence: The CIA and the Counterculture, 5/14; Beware of the hippies! Ten thousand nudists and 'free spirits' descend on Utah park as two Mormon girls' summer camps flee, 6/20/14; Bob Dylan's real link to the Rolling Stones, 2/17/15

New Age Movement: Mark Passio: 15 New Age Deceptions, 2/22/15; Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy, 10/31/14

100316p49 010417r42 Burning Man: I Went To Burning Man And It Was Even Crazier Than I Expected, 9/2/14; Undercover FBI agents spy on Burning Man festival to prevent 'terrorism' and test out new 'intelligence collection' technology, 9/2/15; Revolution against 'rich parasites' at utopian Burning Man Festival as 'hooligans' attack luxury camp, 9/4/16; Burning Man 2016 in 360 Degrees VR

Lefties: Left Hand, Left Brain: The Plot Thickens, 10/1/5; 56 Interesting Facts About Left-Handedness & Left-Handed People; 12 Little-Known Facts About Left-Handers, 10/30/13

Twins: Identical Twins Are Genetically Different, Research Suggests, 11/9/12; Identical Twins Are Genetically Different, Research Suggests, 11/10/12; Genetic differences between "identical" twins discovered, 12/10/13; Disco Triplets, 7/25/18; Incredibly rare "semi-identical" twins born in Australia, 2/27/19

012617b 121214d 100214c 111114m 072116u67 101616u56 011716d49 112216h49 072614za42 Faces: Photographer Shows Proof of Shocking Similarities In Human Templates Between Complete Strangers, 7/6/14; Forty Portraits in Forty Years, 10/3/14; Here Are the Winners of the First Beauty Contest Judged by Artificial Intelligence, 8/29/16

082514l42 Names: Search for your favorite name; We Did The Math: Here's How Old You Probably Are Based On Your Name, 5/20/14

072713c Cognitive Science: Emergent Mind Cognitive Sciences Archive; Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management^; Historical Dictionary of Quotations in Cognitive Science^; MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences^; MIT Press Encyclopedia of Communication Disorders^; Jan Wicherink: Souls of Distortion Awakening^

Funjoker-1372467 GRIN Technology: Forbidden Gates: GRIN Technology & Spiritual Warfare, 8/26/10; Harvey Fineberg: Are we ready for neo-evolution?, 4/27/11


Julien-Lions-9 mn32cgk 111113-46 122213-14 072313g mn32c1lE7 Julien-Lions-1 072714q 021315r 080114a
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020517v 122216g 012416u 110616m70 020215m59 092214z58 052014k56 092514b52 092916c51 Psychology/ Consciousness/ Mind Science: Is Free Thinking A Mental Illness?, 10/8/10; Case of the Missing Tennis Ball, 1/13/11; Gullible mind explained, 5/5/11; Peer pressure causes people to literally alter their memories of recent events, 7/20/11; Five lies self-made victims tell themselves, 8/2/11; Steal someone's confusion with this Jedi mind trick, 9/26/11; Gains of Drudgery, 9/26/11; How to Memorize Anything You Want: A Quick Primer on Mental Mapping, 9/30/11; Take the NO EXCUSES One-Day Challenge, 10/14/11; Would You Kill One Person to Save Five? New Research on a Classic Debate, 12/4/11; Terrified Woman From Another Universe Wakes Up Here, 1/2/12; Seven tricks your mind plays on you, 2/29/12; Seven more tricks your mind plays on you, 3/23/12; Woman Who Changed Her Brain, 5/26/12; Science of Illusion, 6/22/12; Myers-Briggs Personalities and the Peaceful, Voluntary World, 1/18/13; Why You Truly Never Leave High School, 1/20/13; 15 disturbing things your subsconscious mind might say if given the chance, 1/30/13; Self-inflicted psy-ops: Are you a victim of your own 'false flag' operation?, 2/13/13; Personal Responsibility 101: Why Is It So Hard to Own Up to Our Mistakes?, 2/18/13; 'Sex' makes you speed, while 'cancer' makes you crash: How billboards affect drivers, 2/22/13; 7 elements of your psyche that serve as the gateway into the matrix, 2/22/13; Spiritual, psychological and holistic reasons to avoid the positive thinking mentality, 3/11/13; 22 Things Happy People Do Differently, 4/13/13; Self-Efficacy and The Art of Doing Things, 7/16/13; Spiritual psychology, 8/18/13; 10 Habits of Highly Successful Cavemen, 9/25/13; Scientists Used Facebook For The Largest Ever Study Of Language And Personality — And The Results Are Groundbreaking, 10/2/13; Are you a geek or a nerd? Scientist creates graph that explains the difference - and shows where YOU are on the scale, 10/3/13; 12 Laws of Karma, 10/5/13; Are you Right-Brained or Left-Brained?, 2/27/14; How 14 Things That Happened To You In Childhood Shape You As An Adult, 7/28/14; Top 10 mistakes people make when trying to change behavior, 8/1/14; Are we more narcissistic than ever before?, 8/28/14; Do You Have a Male or Female Brain?, 9/29/14; How Is Your Personality Linked To Your Health?, 12/17/14; Jung Typology Test, 2/26/15; site; Jung Marriage Test

mk11oiU 070413_38 LostBet cobra-alarms unsupervised 050314f21 Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology^; Encyclopedia of MultiCultural Psychology^; Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy^; Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders^; Gale Encyclopedia Of Psychology^; Historical Dictionary Of Psychiatry^; Toward a Science of Consciousness^; William Walker Atkinson: Memory Culture^; Baars et al.: Essential Sources in the Scientific Study of Consciousness^; Eric Berne: Games People Play^; Bond & Dryden: Handbook of Brief Cognitive Behaviour Therapy^; Nathaniel Branden: Psychology of Self-Esteem^; Bernard de Montreal: Beyond the Mind^; Fred Dretske: Explaining Behavior^; A.J. Dunning: Extremes^; Havelock Ellis: Studies in the Psychology of Sex^; Owen J. Flanagan: Consciousness Reconsidered^; Jerry A. Fodor: Fodor's Guide to Mental Representation^; Where Cognitive Science Went Wrong^; John Foster: Nature of Perception^; Jay L. Garfield, ed.: Modularity In Knowledge^; Gleitman & Liberman: An Invitation to Cognitive Science^; Gleitman & Newport: Invention of Language by Children Environmental and Biological Influences^; John Gray: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus^; Hans Gross: Criminal Psychology^; David Hawkins: Anatomy Of Consciousness, Hidden Determinants Of Human Behavior^; Power vs. Force^; Ian Heath: Strange World of the Subconscious Mind^; Ernest Holmes: Science of Mind^; Terence Horgan: From Cognitive Science to folk psychology Computation, Representation and Belief^; William James: Does Consciousness Exist^; Principles of Psychology^; Carl Gustav Jung: Association Method^; Psychological Types^; David Katz: Psychological Atlas^; Robert Kirk: Zombies and Consciousness^; Arthur Koestler: Act of Creation^; R.D. Laing: Divided Self^; J. Levine: Purple Haze Puzzle of Consciousness^; Daniel J. Levitin, ed.: Foundations of Cognitive Psychology^; Bruce Lipton: Biology of Perception, 11/22/7; W.G. Lycan: Consciousness^; William McDougall: Introduction to Social Psychology^; Geoffrey Miller: Mating Mind^; J. Mishlove: Roots of Consciousness^; Pecher & Zwaan: Grounding Cognition^; Richard Pico: Consciousness In Four Dimensions^; Wilhelm Reich: Mass Psychology of Fascism^; T.H. Ribot: Psychology of Attention^; Andrea Rock: Mind at Night^; Jim Rohn: Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle^; Samuel Sagan: A Language to Map Consciousness^; Stanley Sobbotka: Course In Consciousness^; Stewart & Cohen: Figments of Reality^; Thomas Szasz: Myth of Mental Illness, 12/7/3^; Theology of Medicine,1977^; Enoch Tan: Mind Reality^; Charles Tart: States of Consciousness^; John G. Taylor: Race for Consciousness^; Jeff Vail: Theory of Power^; L.R. Vandervert: Chaos Theory & the Evolution of Consciousness & Mind^

Mental & Emotional Health

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080817x 062417a 070717m 010217k 111516s56 110616j42 110916k42 070215j37 011715j24 031016c21 Mental & Emotional Health: Happiness; Limitless Pill; Why Americans are emotionally immature, 8/6/11; Stop obsessive compulsive behaviors with inositol, 8/19/11; Nervous breakdown: A spiritual perspective, 10/10/11; Breakthroughs in Energy Psychology: A New Way to Heal the Body and Mind, 3/17/12; Recover from ADD, ADHD, and depression without drugs, 3/18/12; Bipolar Disorder Has Its Upside, Patients Say, 5/9/12; 10-point model for a mental health system that works, 12/19/12; A diet high in antioxidants helps banish anxiety, stress and depression, 1/18/13; Profound solution to emotional and behavioral problems covered up by modern mental health - now revealed, 1/23/13; Single most important nutrient for mental health, 2/21/13; Nutritional approaches and diets safely cure mental illness, 4/22/13; Hang gliding instructor slips into psychosis, recovers without drugs, gets PhD and writes the book Rethinking Madness, 5/21/13; Folate makes you smart and happy. Lack of folate makes you depressed and stupid, 7/26/13; Are Probiotics the New Prozac?, 7/27/13; Psychedelic Drugs Linked to Lower Risk of Mental Illness, 8/22/13; “30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself”, 11/17/13; pdf; Elements Of Emotional Intelligence, 12/5/13; Simple trick unleashes your brain's capacity to handle negativity and bad news, 12/12/13; Six things emotionally secure people do more than others, 1/27/14; Finnish researchers map how emotions are expressed physically in human bodies, 1/29/14; 13 Practices of an Awakened Person, 2/6/14; Effects Of Negative Emotions On Our Health, 4/11/14; Szasz and the Myth of Mental Illness, 6/13/14; 7 Ways to Trigger the Heart Field – The Most Powerful Healing Force There Is, 8/15/14; 7 Ways to Trigger the Heart Field – The Most Powerful Healing Force There Is, 8/18/14; How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions, 1/12/15; E-Motion—How Your Emotional Baggage May Be Sabotaging Your Health, and What to Do About It, 3/17/15; Less zen, but more efficient: How the digital age is really affecting our minds, 5/19/15; If You've Ever Felt Insecure About Your Body, This Video Is a Must Watch, 9/11/15; Sunlight and fish oil help cure psychiatric disorders, 12/20/15; Feeding Your Inner Caligula - crazed practice of teaching self-esteem, 2/17/17; 5 Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep, 4/14/17; “Adapt” to stress with these 5 adaptogenic herbs, 11/9/17; Try these natural ways to reduce pain and stress, 7/29/18
Tapping (EFT): EFT Emotional Freedom Technique – Have You Tried Tapping Therapy to Cure a Multitude of Emotional and Physical Ailments?, 8/18/13; How to overcome fear and boost self-confidence with EFT, 9/25/14; SAMA Episode 21: Release Negative Emotions and Traumatic Memories with EFT – Tapping Acupressure, 8/26/17; Two lesser-known techniques that really stop panic attacks, 8/14/18

EFT Tutorial^; Gordon Broussard: Transpersonal Approach to the Severely Disharmonized Child^; James Herndon: Personal Depression Therapy^; Paul Mitchell: Children of the Stars^; Bradley Nelson: Emotion Code^; Parker: ADHD - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Internet Research^; Stefan, Travis & Murray: An Atlas of Schizophrenia^


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122616i 071617v 093017x 022217r 092116t 062816y 053016l 052016e 071116m49 051716f42 091416j41 Negative Emotions Relieve Stress & Anxiety; Negativity Literally Makes Cancer Grow Inside the Body, 5/6/17; How Stress Makes you Sick, and Easier to Control, 1/31/18; Science Explains What Happens To Someone’s Brain From Complaining Too Much, 8/29/18; Psychology of Survival: “He Who Hesitates is Lost”, 9/20/18

111217e 043016a40 Anger: Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. – Mark Twain
Australian Study Shows Anger Increases Risk Of Heart Attack, 2/24/15

013016q 102114a 103116f 082414q 072614b 091713l 053015a51 Anxiety: 15 Most Effective Natural Remedies For Anxiety; Can be treated with herbs & nutrients, says new research, 10/22/10; Natural treatment for anxiety, 11/28/10; Control anxiety and mood swings naturally with correct diet and minerals, 8/2/11; Seven top herbs for naturally taming anxiety, 9/9/13; Treating anxiety naturally, 11/2/13; Passion flower is effective for countering anxiety and stress, 12/13/13; Natural cures for depression and anxiety disorders, 2/20/14; Supplements Proven Beneficial for Depression & Anxiety, 7/16/16; Magic Mushrooms May Hold Key to Long-Term Anxiety Relief in Clinical Settings, 12/17/16; Natural herbs that battle both depression and anxiety, 7/28/18; Two lesser-known techniques that really stop panic attacks, 8/14/18; Essential oils offer a natural, side effect-free way to address anxiety, 10/22/18

121014n Depression: Treat depression with omega-3 fatty acids, 12/13/10; Eating trans-fat-laden fast food linked to depression, 1/29/11; Radiation-induced depression looms on the horizon, 6/30/11; Overcome depression with the best anti-depressant, 8/5/11; Vitamin D Helps Prevent Depression, 11/7/11; Shining a light in your ear 'can brighten your mood in winter', 11/9/11; Natural remedies to avoid depression this winter without using medical drugs, 1/4/12; Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Depression, 1/5/12; Two all natural supplements for depression, 5/21/12; When the Antidepressants Run Out, 9/3/12; Top Natural Remedies For Depression, 9/4/12; Forget Prozac - Try probiotics to ease anxiety, curb depression and elevate mood, 9/10/12; Blue light may be just what you need to beat the winter blues, 1/17/13; Beat chronic depression and stress with Co-Q10, 2/12/13; Your depression may be due to vitamin D deficiency, 3/26/13; Serotonin – Could Your Diet Be Causing Your Depression?, 4/9/13; Depression in men linked to folic acid deficiency, 4/11/13; How to beat depression without prescription drugs, 4/22/13; Low vitmain D levels found in chronically depressed people, 4/26/13; Turmeric may be more effective than common anti-depressant drugs at treating depression, 8/14/13; Marijuana: It’s an Anti-Depresssant, Too; Top five foods for fighting depression, 9/19/13; Kevin Breel: Confessions of a depressed comic, 9/27/13; Depression caused by vitamin D deficiency, 10/29/13; Suppressed vitamin therapy cures depression, 10/31/13; Top 9 natural ways to heal the physical and psychological causes of depression, 11/14/13; Depression linked with higher incidence of Parkinson's disease, 11/24/13; Feeling Generally Dissatisfied and “Not Happy”? How to Nip Subclinical Depression in the Bud, 11/29/13; Three superfoods that can help treat depression, 12/3/13; Eight reasons why depression is so common today, 12/6/13; Natural cures for depression and anxiety disorders, 2/20/14; Blood test identifies changes in gene which are linked to suicidal thoughts and behaviors, 8/15/14; New Research Reveals the Real Causes of Depression, 1/28/15; Treat depression naturally with these nutrient supplements, 4/1/15; What Is Causing Your Depression?, 10/9/15; Recent Studies Find Cannabis Highly Effective Against Depression, PTSD, 1/4/16; Most Effective Anti-Depression Natural Remedies, 4/26/16; Alcohol is drastically amplifying depression among Americans when combined with already dangerous antidepressants, 5/20/16; Supplements Proven Beneficial for Depression & Anxiety, 7/16/16; Magnesium found to treat DEPRESSION better than antidepressant drugs, 7/20/17; Natural herbs that battle both depression and anxiety, 7/28/18; New analysis reveals that sleep deprivation can be an effective anti-depressant, 10/31/18
061514b Seasonal Affective Disorder: Outsmart the winter blues with these five herbs, 12/4/12

061514i 121614g48 Dishonesty/ Deception: Drop the Easter Bunny fairy tales: children lied to by adults are more likely to cheat and lie, 4/22/14; 10 Classic Cons You’d Still Fall For, 6/28/14; Socialists more likely to cheat at games, 8/2/14; Terrorism and the Evolution of Deception, 12/6/14

010215b 101614o 080615h42 Envy: On Appeasing Envy, 10/4/13

092914e 070315w 013016x 06281444 121614k 021116p 071617i 110115q73

020516m69 100714l63 042916l60 111113-50 053014e48 Fear: 25 People and Industries That Profit From Fear, 7/27/10; Road to Hell Is Paved… With Fear, 10/22/13; Doomsday Meme, 11/26/13; Babies smell their mothers' fear to learn what to be afraid of, 9/1/14; What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?, 9/3/14; 10 Fears You’ll Inevitably Have to Face (And Some You Likely Already Have), 12/5/14; America’s Top Fears 2015, 10/13/15

051115b 110515a56 121816o49 Grief: Could grief be causing your chronic illness?, 5/12/11; 062016y 10 Ways to Help a Grieving Friend, 3/11/14; When Your Child Dies: Thoughts After 10 Years, 2/4/17

Guilt: 10 steps to overcoming preprogrammed guilt, 9/22/13

092713-11 060814d 071814e 090813d 122913a 06281435 082414r 110514r 121814m 120914g
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