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Holidays: Occult Holidays & Sabbats; Occult sacrifice calendar; Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions, 9/18/13

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011317x 052416f70 122114t69 010117j55 010117q49 071116e49 122916t49 122916v41 122916x40 010117p35 122414o30 122515f21 New Year's Day (January 1st): Move your mouse on the picture; Hunan Province Chinese New Year; 25 easy resolutions to transform your health: Put your toothbrush in the dishwasher, drink four coffees a day and blow one nostril at a time, 12/30/14; 10 Terrifying Predictions For 2017, 12/31/16

Imbolc (February 2nd): First stirrings of spring; a time for purification and spring cleaning in anticipation of the year's new life.

021415b 021115x 021315a 021415r 021315o71 St. Valentine's Day (February 14th)

Ostara (March 19th - 22nd): The Vernal equinox inaugurates the new year on the Zodiacal calendar. From this point on, days are longer than the nights. A time of rebirth and great fertility. Egg decorating is a very common tradition throughout Europe.

021214j 032915n 041417x 041314j 012116y59 052116k58 040615i49 062116v46 Easter: Truth About Easter And The Secret Worship Of The Anunnaki, 3/23/16

Earth Day (April 22nd): FLASHBACK 1977: Earth Day Co-Founder Composts Dead Girlfriend, 4/22/15; 45 Years of Futility, 4/22/15; Earth Day Celebration: Global Warming Treaty Will Be Signed Today, 4/22/16

043016z Beltane or May Day (May 1st): Traditionally the Irish first day of summer. Beltane is a festival of light and fertility and flowers and maypole dancing and the crowning of the Queen of the May. May Day History Beltane and the May Pole, 5/1/17

Loyalty Day (May 1st): Presidential Proclamation - Loyalty Day, 4/30/13; Happy Loyalty Day!, 5/1/14

051015s Mother's Day: Mothers' Day Proclamation: Julia Ward Howe, Boston, 1870, 5/8/11

Memorial Day (May 30th): Remember, 5/27/11; Remember the Victims of War & "war", 5/29/11; Dr. Dahlia Wasfi: Truth Hurts - Lies Kill - Real Truth Behind the Phony Wars, 5/29/11; Memorial Day Musings, 5/30/11; Sicko Memorial Sunday Church Services, 5/30/11; Memorial and Veterans Day Hypocrisy, 6/1/11; An Open Letter to the Troops: You’re Not Defending Our Freedoms, 6/1/11; Larken Rose: Dying for a Lie, 7/14/11; They Died in Vain, 8/9/11; Dying for Nothing, 11/3/11; THOUGHTS, VIDEO & QUOTES ON MEMORIAL DAY 2012, 5/26/12; What to Remember on Memorial Day, 5/28/12; Memorial Day, 5/26/13; This Memorial Day, I pledge to defend the freedoms our ancestors fought for, even in the face of escalating tyranny, 5/27/13; Perfect Memorial Day Movie: Johnny Got His Gun, 5/27/13; Some Anti-Memorial Day Remembrances, 5/26/14; Memorial Day and the Meaning of Freedom, 5/26/14; Memorial Day is another fabricated holiday to remember the exact opposite of what the day should represent, 5/30/14; Thank the Troops for Their Service? A Rotten Idea, 6/6/14; Memorial Day Is A Hoax, 5/21/15; again, 5/23/15; How To Honor Memorial Day, 5/25/15; Memorial Day is a Fraud: True Meaning is Worse, 5/28/16; I Don’t Appreciate the Military, Especially today, 5/30/16; Thank The Troops for Destroying Our Country, 5/30/16; Would Jesus Celebrate Memorial Day?, 5/29/17

Father's Day: All-Time Best (And Worst) TV Dads, 6/10/8; 12 Best Movies About Fatherhood, 6/17/11

Litha or Midsummer (June 19th-23rd): One of the four solar holidays, and is considered the turning point at which summer reaches its height and the sun shines longest.

062115n Summer: 7 Old School Ways to Relish Summer, 6/29/11

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063017a 070516t 072917x 070315f70 dd26-63 070215k56 042316g42 072113f Independence Day (July 4th): Fireworks show from the inside; Why celebrate the leaving of one empire for the making of another?, 7/2/11; July 4th is a Scam, 7/2/11; Why I no longer celebrate Independence Day, 7/2/11; Historical fact: Independence Day is a celebration of freedom from government tyranny, 7/3/11; Independence Day Propaganda, 7/4/11; North: Tricked on the Fourth of July, 7/4/11; Stephen Lendman: Independence Day Hypocrisy, 7/5/11; JULY 4th: PROTEST!. 6/22/12; When Americans Understood the Declaration of Independence, 7/4/12; Are You A Slave Of The System?, 7/4/12; America Is Not a Free Country, 7/4/12; Do You Know What Freedom Is?, 7/5/12; Jeff Berwick: Patriautism, 7/7/12; Americans Less Satisfied With Corruption and Police State, 7/2/14; Turn Your Back This Fourth of July, 6/27/13; Obligatory Independence Day Post, 7/3/13; Eleven revolutionary ways to celebrate your independence from the system on this July 4th, 7/3/13; It Just Doesn’t Feel Like the 4th of July When..., 7/3/13; Gary North; How I Celebrate the Fourth of July, 7/4/13; Andrew P. Napolitano: Jefferson Weeping, 7/4/13; Laurence M. Vance: Happy Military Appreciation Day, 7/4/13; Restore the Fourth, Individually, 7/4/13; America's Independence Day Hypocrisy, 7/5/13; Happy 4th of July from a Police State Checkpoint, 7/5/13; Fireworks filmed with a drone, 5/13/14; Celebrate Independence Day By Opposing Government Tyranny, 7/2/14; On America's 238th birthday, it's time to examine our shrinking circle of liberty, 7/4/14; GREEN BEAM at Manchester Fireworks 2014, 7/6/14; Americans Have No Idea Why They Are Celebrating the 4th of July, 7/1/15; CITIZENS DON'T KNOW WHAT COUNTRY WE SECEDED FROM IN 1776, 7/2/15; Why Not an ‘Independence From the State’ Day?, 7/3/15; Don’t celebrate the Disastrous Secession From Great Britain, 7/4/15; Independence: Ultimate Act of Insurrection, 7/7/15; Refuse To Celebrate July 4th Militarism, 7/4/16; 4 Celebrated Freedoms that Now Require Permission or Privilege to Enjoy, 7/4/16; Americans Have No "Independence" to Celebrate -- What July 4th Has Become in a Police State, 7/4/16; How to Make Your Life a Declaration of Independence, 7/5/16; Nine Points to Ponder About the Fourth of July, 7/5/16

Lammas or Lughnasadh (August 1st or 2nd): Agrarian-based festival and feast of thanksgiving for grain and bread, which symbolizes the first fruits of the harvest.

Labor Day: "Labor Day" should be renamed "Corporation Day" or "War Day", 9/4/11

Mabon (September 21st - 24th): Autumnal equinox thanksgiving for the fruits of the earth and a recognition of the need to share them to secure the blessings of the Goddess and the God during the coming winter months. Mabon Autumn Equinox, 2nd Harvest

100517v Columbus Day: Top 5 Misconceptions About Columbus, 10/9/11; Columbus Myth, 8/3/14; Goodbye, Columbus, 10/15/14; What They Neglected To Tell You About Christopher Columbus In School, 10/12/15; Someone Stuck An Ax Into This Statue Of Christopher Columbus, 10/11/16

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120817j 103117h 091916n73 102415w63 102415a59 101616s58 103015u49 103015t47 071416g42 102415y42 103016a33 102415t31 Halloween (October 31st):, 10/29/10; Great Halloween Card; Halloween Light Show, 10/22/11

Samhain (November 1st): Samhain is considered a festival of darkness and be one of the four Greater Sabbats. It is considered by some as a time to celebrate the lives of those who have passed on, and it often involves paying respect to ancestors, family members, elders of the faith, friends, pets, and other loved ones who have died. In some rituals the spirits of the departed are invited to attend the festivities. Many Pagans believe that at Samhain the veil between this world and the afterlife is at its thinnest point of the whole year, making it easier to communicate with those who have left this world.

Veterans Day: Thank a Vet?, 11/11/10; A Veteran Worth Celebrating, 11/11/10; State Does Not 'Support Its Troops', 4/18/11; My Time in the US Navy: 'Service' to Whom?, 7/4/11; Thank You, Soldiers, for Your Service?, 7/19/11; No Honor Justified On Veterans Day, 11/10/11; Thanks but No Thanks, 11/11/11; Veterans Day Hypocrisy, 11/12/13; Veterans or Butchers?, 11/12/13; Worship the Veterans Day, 11/11/14; Continuing Shame of Veterans Day, 11/10/15

112415u59 112415w56 011615q56 Thanksgiving: REAL Story of Thanksgiving; Animated Thanksgiving History Lesson; Real History of Thanksgiving; Dark Historical Roots Of Our 'Thanksgiving', 11/26/3; Cooking the History Books: The Thanksgiving Massacre, 11/22/9; Turkey Trivia Quiz; Native Blood: The Myth of Thanksgiving, 11/13/10; Great Thanksgiving Hoax, 11/24/11; Thanksgiving Hypocrisy, 11/25/11; All the Thanks!, 11/21/12; Lincoln Nationalized Thanksgiving, 11/28/13; The Last Thanksgiving?, 11/29/13; What Americans Celebrate On Thanksgiving Day, 11/25/14; Thanksgiving and Puritan Geopolitics in the Americas, 11/27/14; This Thanksgiving, let's say 'no thanks' to the tyranny of the American Police State, 11/26/15; Great Thanksgiving Hoax, 11/24/16; 10 highly intelligent questions to ask your relatives this Thanksgiving… (or not), 11/22/17

Yule or Midwinter (December 20th - 23rd): Midwinter has been recognized as a significant turning point in the yearly cycle since the late Stone Age. The ancient megalithic sites of Newgrange and Stonehenge, carefully aligned with the solstice sunrise and sunset, exemplify this. The reversal of the Sun's ebbing presence in the sky symbolizes the rebirth of the solar god and presages the return of fertile seasons.

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121514q69 121816t56 121816e56 122616c55 122616a48 Christmas (December 25th): What if it had been 3 wise women?; Magic Mushrooms & Reindeer; Economic Lessons of Bethlehem, 11/3/00; Harry Browne: A Christmas Gift for My Daughter, 12/2; Case for Ebeneezer, 12/13/4; Story of the World War I Christmas Truce, 12/1/5; 11 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit, 12/10/9; A Giggle with the Goats, 12/6/10; Temptations: Silent Night; Christmas lights 13 houses set to Little Drummer Boy, 12/10/10; Celtic Woman: O Holy Night; Lady Gaga Bad Romance to Christmas Lights, 12/21/10; 12 Days of Christmas (Government Version), 12/25/10; Jesus Christ, Libertarian, 12/25/10; TSA and the Christ Child, 12/25/10; Best Christmas Lights Display; Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" played on a glass harp, 12/14/11; Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.: Economic Lessons of Bethlehem, 12/22/11; Christmas is about prosperity, not piety, 12/23/11; 50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men, 11/26/12; Terence McKenna: Santa Claus & the Amanita Muscaria Mushroom, 11/27/13; Real Christmas trees better for the earth than artificial ones, 12/7/12; Ten Great Christmas Albums To Help You Shake the Police State Blues, 12/11/12; Penny Langford Freeman: Twas the Night before Christmas in 2012, 12/11/12; 23 Ultimate survival gifts for the person who has everything, 12/10/12; A Post-Apocalypse Christmas Story, 12/28/13; EDEKA - Kassensymphonie, 11/30/14; Telegraph Christmas books quiz 2014, 12/23/14; Remember the Service of Our Heroes This Christmas Season, 12/24/14; 0-kftate-2394444 2015 Johnson Family Dubstep Christmas Light Show, 11/24/15; BROTHERS BRING THE HOOD TO THE 'BURBS AT CHRISTMAS - PRANK!, 11/29/15; A Very Prepper Christmas, 12/17/15; Last Full Moon of 2015 Will Fall on Christmas, 12/19/15; Christmas 2015 - Why There Is No Peace On Earth, 12/25/15; for KING & COUNTRY - Little Drummer Boy | LIVE from Phoenix, 10/28/17

122413g Some classic Christmas recordings: Band Aid 1984: Do they Know it's Christmas?; Beach Boys: Little Saint Nick; Justin Bieber: Mistletoe; Boney M: Mary's Boy Child; David Bowie & Bing Crosby: Little Drummer Boy/ Peace on Earth; Carpenters: Merry Christmas, Darling; Nat King Cole: Christmas Song; Bing Crosby: White Christmas; Doris Day: Winter Wonderland; Celine Dion: Oh Holy Night; Jose Feliciano: Feliz Navidad; Bobby Helms: Jingle Bell Rock; Burl Ives: Holly Jolly Christmas; John & Yoko/Plastic Ono Band: Happy Christmas (War is Over); Johnny Mathis: When A Child Is Born; Paul McCartney & Wings: Wonderful Christmastime; Dave Matthews Band: Christmas Song; Bob & Doug McKenzie: 12 Days of Christmas; Sarah McLachlan: O Little Town Of Bethlehem; Sarah McLachlan: River; Jason Mraz: Winter Wonderland; Aaron Neville: Please Come Home for Christmas; Roy Orbison: Pretty Paper; Pentatonix: That’s Christmas To Me; Buster Poindexter: 'Zat You Santa Claus; Elvis Presley & Martina McBride: Blue Christmas; Queen: Thank God It's Christmas; again (with words); Chris Rea: Driving Home For Christmas; Leon Redbone & Dr. John: Frosty The Snowman; David Seville: Chipmunk Song; Sixpence None the Richer: Angels We Have Heard On High; Sting: Gabriel's Message; Temptations: Silent Night; Twisted Sister: Oh Come All Ye Faithful; Carrie Underwood: Do You Hear What I Hear?; Wham!: Last Christmas; Kim Wilde & Mel Smith: Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

• ★Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★Christmas★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ˚and a Happy New Year !!
...♥*•♪♫•*¨* Love Light *¨
*•♪ Freedom & Joy to all! ♪♫•*¨
* Peace on Earth ♪♫•*¨*

Christ Child

122216k Christmas is a twilight sort of time. Routine gets shaken. Another year is ending. The days are not getting shorter anymore and there is a spark of awakening within our slumber as if a veil is lifted a little bit, isn’t there? It’s near as cold as it gets and still we survive, managing always to find warmth and light and love within the very fabric of things, even when we are alone; which, we all essentially actually always are, whether we are awake to it and acknowledge and admit it, or not.

Who knows all our secrets other than God (?) and God is certainly Alone as God is All there Is, behind, beyond and encompassing all appearance, without other, including what we may presume to call ourselves.

‘Tis the season now to remember that we are the Christ child, isn’t it? Ready? In case you haven’t realized it, no matter our perceived transgressions, guilts, sins or errors of the past or imagined anxieties or fears or conflicted desires of the future, our real being remains ever untainted by whatever ignorant, terrified delusions, addictions, enslavements and narcissistic pretensions we may still indulge in and suffer from in our separate identities and dreams or nightmares that we may call and think of life.

Really (as perhaps you've already discovered), there is no “I”. It can be searched for, but it will never be found.

“I” won’t be found in the physical body or so-called waking life or even in the entire so-called physical, spatial universe, which is nothing other than apparent manifestation of consciousness.

“I” won’t be found in the subtle body of thoughts, emotions, feelings or sensations, which all come and go and can be observed and pointed at as something other than “me”. Neither will “I” be found in the lucidest of dreams; nor in the illusion of time.

“I” won’t be found in the causal body or in the gap between words or thoughts or in the deep sleep state because there is no one and no thought nor any other thing there.

“I” also won’t be found in the great causal body. Only the witness will be there without even a whisper; and, upon deep looking within, will be found to be entirely non-personal, detached, devoid of identity, all-pervading and universal.

There are no other bodies or states. There is no “I”. Therefore and of course, there is no “you” either. When all illusion is discarded, no identity remains other than what has been and can be described as formless, limitless, attributeless, timeless & spaceless supreme Being, Consciousness & Bliss.

There is only the Christ child and we all are only that. We are One and we are Free. Glory Halleluiah and Glory eternally and effortlessly Be! Merry Christmas!

012316f 121015c 122215p56 121115i56 050816h53 120716p53 Birthdays: Happy Birthday, Sam

030815e Friday the 13th:

Do We Not Have Enough Fucking Military Holidays?

Last night, while driving home from my weekly Society for Preservation and Support of Politically Correct Putrid Crap meeting, exultant in Flag Day reverie, an angry driver passed me – I always drive 5mph below the Speed Limit, so it happens a lot – with one of those insipid anti-war bumper stickers on his back bumper that said “Fighting for American Freedom in Iraq is like Going to a Strip Club to Work on Your Shaky Marriage” or something like that; and, it struck me that there are too many people who don’t understand that the reason we have the freedom we have in this country is because of our brave troops; and, that we should more fully support them.

Just kidding – I don’t really go to SPSPCPC meetings; nor do I drive under 9-1/2mph above the so-called speed limit – truthfully, I don’t even stop all that completely at stop signs when I clearly see that no one else is coming; but, I do believe it would be neat if we celebrated and honored ‘our’ soldiers and military a little bit more than we do. Some people don’t get the horrific joke very well, yet.

Sure, we celebrate our troops magnificently in all of our sports. Especially, I appreciate all of the military festivities that have entrenched themselves in professional golf; not as martial a sport as most.

Sure, we have Loyalty Day and Armed Forces Week and Memorial Day and Flag Day and Independence Day and Patriot Day and Veterans Day and a few handfulls of less major ones. These were enough military holidays back in the days of Viet Nam or Korea – when ‘we’ just had an army, a navy, an air force and a marine corp., as far as most people knew, but not now.

Now we have brave soldiers fighting in many companies and many more wars. The U.S. has military presence in 134 countries on this planet; many of which almost no one even knows where they are. Since WWII, the U.S. has started over 200 wars which have killed over 30,000,000 people; 90% of them civilians. A pretty impressive record, don’t you think? What’s not to celebrate?

In addition to these, we’ve got righteous wars going against nature and our own people, such as the war on drugs or the wars against natural food and water and medicine. Most government agencies are well armed now – the DHS, the TSA, the Forest Service, the USDA, the U.S. Postal Service, the Social Security Administration, etc. The IRS has been fighting a war against our right to livelihood for almost a century. The police are killing people, most who are actually innocent, right and left, these days. They’re all like military now. Shouldn’t all these brave people who are putting their lives on the line to protect our liberty be honored?

My humble proposal is that we should have a military holiday every week. The Post Office should close every Monday, to honor, throughout the year, all of our troops. Immediately, we should institute national holidays that honor Blackwater or whatever their name is these days, Lockheed-Martin, the Carlyle Group, Halliburton, the DEA, the AMA, the ADA, the American Cancer Society and Exxon and Monsanto; just to name a few; and my God, how can we forget the Federal Reserve and other world banksters? Without them, most of our wars would not even be being fought. At any rate, they’ve all been fighting the good fight for a long time without being honored all that much.

In high school, I remember we had pep rallies once in a while. I’m not really aware of any active pep rallies for us adults on the national level. We could at least be having a lot more parades and I think that in our country, which is the bastion of freedom for the world, they should be mandatory. Don’t you?

Anyway, at the very least, we should have a lot more fucking military holidays.