Herbal Remedies

The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them.”  – Ecclesiasticus 38:4

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Thyme to try a herbal remedy, 6/26/11; Antioxidant-rich spices counter high-fat foods, 8/26/11; 30 Most Popular Herbs for Natural Medicine, 9/6/11; Herbs - Naturally Good, 10/26/11; 8 of the World’s Healthiest Spices & Herbs You Should Be Eating, 11/23/11; Wildcrafting Healing, 1/1/12; Top 10 herbs and spices for strengthening your immune system, 4/11/12; Use herbs to kill the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections, 5/2/12; Use these 5 powerful herbs to boost your immune system, 5/9/12; Top 5 Herbs for Weight Loss, 8/3/12; Top 5 Herbs for Anti-Aging Benefits, 8/24/12; Ancient Egyptian scrolls document natural herbs and holistic medicine that saved lives and cured disease, 9/16/12; Top four therapeutic herbs for sciatic pain, 11/10/12; Outsmart the winter blues with these five herbs, 12/4/12; Live longer and better with these five immortality herbs, 12/9/12; Five powerful herbal tinctures to boost your immune system, 12/17/12; How to heal your gut using everyday spices, 3/11/13; Seven powerful emergency herbal remedies, 3/20/13; Become Your Own Herbal Doctor, 3/23/13; Seven things every home pharmacy should have, 3/31/13; 8 best herbal home remedies to fight Avian flu or bird flu virus, 4/18/13; Nine of nature's most powerful traditional multi-use remedies, 5/15/13; Homeopathic and herbal remedies for surviving bioterrorism attacks - A disaster plan for emergency preparedness, 5/21/13; Wonders of herbal teas, 5/27/13; 12 Ayurvedic herbs that significantly slow down aging, 6/1/13; Best aromatase-inhibiting foods and herbs, 6/16/13; African medicinal plants may stop tumor growth from multi-drug resistant cancers, 6/26/13; Five must-have herbs for healing your body and mind, 7/6/13; Spices for the Survival Pantry, 7/11/13; Banish osteoporosis and tooth loss with these superstar teas, 7/24/13; 10 Ways to Commit Nutritional Anarchy, 7/27/13; Five amazing herbal teas and the conditions they can help treat, 8/6/13; Use these five natural supplements to detox your body of toxic GMO foods, 8/18/13; 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6 foods and herbs that solve the most dangerous health issues right now, 5/29/14; Cure insomnia with these 7 herbs, 6/3/14; 10 Medicinal Weeds That May Grow In Your Backyard, 6/4/14; Four herbs that boost your brain capacity, 6/5/14; 7 Herbs to manage cholesterol naturally, 6/12/14; Natural antibiotics to stockpile now: 10 herbs and foods that kill superbugs, 6/16/14; 6 Spices that reduce the risk of cancer, 6/20/14; Online herb gardening resource launched by University of Illinois, 6/21/14; Five garden herbs to fight cancer, 6/25/14; 10 Healing herbs and spices for optimum health, 7/1/14; Beat chronic stress with adaptogenic herbs, 7/5/14; Seven herbs to fight yeast in the body, 7/7/14; Three herbal teas that can aid digestion and treat stomach problems, 7/16/14; Five herbs and spices to curb a sweet tooth, 7/16/14; LgMedicinalPlants Chinese herbs kill cancer cells, 7/18/14; Rosemary, oregano and marjoram extracts fight type 2 diabetes, 8/4/14; Powerful anti-microbial herbs to reduce pathogens in your gut, 8/4/14; Top 6 herbs and spices for losing weight, 8/11/14; 17 of the Most Underrated Medicinal Plants In The World, 9/14/14; Brain-boosting herbs for better memory, 9/20/14; Antiviral herbs, vitamins, and minerals, 10/28/14; 5 must have antifungal herbs for every pantry, 11/20/14; 7 of the Best Herbs for Men’s Health, 11/24/14; Medicinal herb garden - What to grow and how to keep it growing all winter, 11/26/14; Grow Your Own Medicinal Garden, 12/15/14; Six Herbs to Decrease Aging, 1/12/15; Natural Remedies: Best 50 Medicinal Herbs, Fruit & Vegetables To Grow, 2/5/15; 10 delicious herbal teas for holistic healing, 2/27/15; Amazing 1930’s Pharmacist Map of ‘Herbal Cures’ Released to Public, 5/14/15; Common And Powerful Healing Plants You Can Find In Your Back Garden, 5/29/15; Top 10 medicinal plants you can grow yourself, 8/10/15; 4 Natural Pain Killers That Are Still Legal, 8/13/15; 15 Most Effective Natural Remedies For Anxiety; 7 Plants & Herbs that Heal Respiratory Infections & Soothe the Lungs, 12/16/15; 31 Long-Forgotten Native American Medical Cures, 2/12/16; What are Adaptogenic Herbs, 2/23/16; Four uniquely-named natural herbs that accelerate neurological growth and repair, 5/12/16; These 15 common herbs cure everything from infections to inflammation and indigestion, 10/25/16; Six Non-Cannabis Plants That Are High In Healing Cannabinoids, 1/5/17; 23 Medicinal plants you need to know about when SHTF, 5/16/17; 14 Herbs for healing the thyroid naturally, 7/18/17; “Adapt” to stress with these 5 adaptogenic herbs, 11/9/17; Plants that many consider to be weeds are actually powerful medicinal herbs, 6/23/18; Natural herbs that battle both depression and anxiety, 7/28/18; What grows where? A medicinal plant map for your survival kit, 11/15/18

Poultices: Dr. Hunter's Natural Health

Tonics & Potions: Space Syrup; Simple Garlic & Red Wine Potion Cures 100 Diseases and you Can Make it Yourself; Archaeologists recreate Elixir of Long Life recipe from unearthed bottle, 6/19/14; Kill Your Infections With This Master Tonic Recipe; again, 11/14/14; Three tonics you need to detoxify from chemotherapy - also good for any other detox, 1/14/15; This is the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever – Kills Any Infections in the Body, 1/7/15

Spagyric Essences: wikipedia; What is Spagyric Medicine?; Organic Unity; Alchemy of Fusion - article series- from Dan Winter & Friends; What’s the Difference Between Spagyric Extracts and Herbal Tinctures?, 10/2/15

Astro-Herbalism: Evolutionary Herbalism; Bridging Astrology and Herbalism; Plants, Planets and People

Agrimony: Agrimony protects the liver, fights inflammation, lowers blood sugar and can inhibit tumors, 9/9/14

Aloe Vera: Discover the most versatile medicine in nature, 9/8/11; Good for Almost Anything That Ails You, 2/7/12; Medical science embraces the healing power of aloe vera, 9/5/12; 30 great reasons to make home remedies from Aloe vera - the legendary healing plant of the Egyptians, Greeks and Native Americans, 9/30/12; Aloe Vera is an anti-tumor herb that's also great for your skin and cardiovascular system, 3/24/14; Plant of immortality and how to use it, 5/21/14; 4 amazing uses for aloe vera, 7/9/14; Aloe vera and coconut oil: two superfoods shown to treat acne, 7/20/14; Is Aloe Vera The Plant Of Immortality?, 3/16/16; This is why ancient Egyptians referred to Aloe Vera as the 'plant of immortality', 6/7/16

Amla (Indian gooseberry): Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and aging don't stand a chance against the protective benefits of amla, 3/10/14

Angelica: May be good for men, but it is truly beneficial to women's health, 10/2/13

Arnica: If you only choose one remedy for survival and pain relief, grab some Arnica, 6/16/12

Artemisinin (from wormwood): A Cancer Smart Bomb, 7/31/11; Little Known Chinese Herb & Iron Kill 98% of Cancer Cells in 16 Hours, 12/12/13; Chinese Herb (+ Iron) Kills Cancer Cells in 16 Hours, 1/24/14; Artemisinin Kills 12,000 Cancer Cells For Every Healthy Cell, 5/30/15

Ashwagandha: An adaptogenic herb, 8/24/11; Ashwagandha root for effective anxiety and stress relief, improved immunity, 10/23/12; Ashwagandha and Men’s Health, 8/5/13; Is Ashwagandha a plant that can make you sleep well?, 4/17/17

Astralagus: Five ways astragalus helps your body heal itself, 12/7/12; Immune boosting power, 9/27/13; Schisandra berries and astragalus root work in synergy to heal the liver, 12/29/13; How astragalus benefits people with cancer and low immunity, 5/6/14; Top 9 Anti-aging Antioxidants, 11/3/14

Bacopa monnieri: Brahmi improves brain function and prevents mental diseases, 6/1/13

Basil: HEALTH BENEFITS; Basil is an anti-aging superfood, 6/25/13; Holy Basil Benefits: Growing Your Own Medicine, 10/29/13

Bee Balm: Use Native American favorite bee balm plants for healing and cooking, 6/21/12

Bitter leaf: Top five health benefits of bitter leaf, 12/26/13

Black Birch: Reduces pain, lowers risk of heart attack, 11/18/11

Black Cohosh: Safe for your liver, 3/7/11; Pharmaceutical company spends millions studying how to steal black cohosh component as potential treatment for Alzheimer's, 4/18/12

Black Pepper: Many Great Uses for Black Pepper; Substance In Black Pepper Increases Bioavailability Of Beneficial Turmeric Compounds by 2000%, 10/11/14

Black Plum Leaf: Black plum leaf extract protects against fatal effects of radiation, 1/29/14

Black Sesame Seed: Black sesame secret to good health and beauty, 4/26/14

Black Seed or Black Cumin (Nigella sativa): Black Cumin Seed; Black Seed - 'The Remedy For Everything But Death', 1/3/13; again; Black cumin oil is the most important oil you can put in your system, 1/11/13; Black cumin: Secret miracle heal-all remedy, 1/28/13; Nigella sativa seed extract reduces hypertension, 5/20/13; Could Eating This Simple Black Seed Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?, 7/13/13; Remedy For Everything But Death, 7/21/13; Ancient miracle seed tackles asthma, cancer, diabetes and more, 8/7/13; 16 More Reasons Black Seed Is ‘The Remedy For Everything But Death’, 12/9/13; Black Seed — The Remedy for Everything but Death, 5/10/14; 16 More Reasons Black Seed Is 'The Remedy For Everything But Death', 11/16/15; Black seed oil: Have you heard of this historical holistic remedy that can fight STDs naturally?, 2/22/16; Combining black cumin seed with honey for incredible protection against carcinogenic elements, such as radiation and more, 4/15/16; The unmatched health benefits of black seed oil, 5/23/17; Black cumin prevents kidney damage, 10/26/18

Black Tea: Black tea consumption shown to lower risk of developing diabetes, 1/14/13; Study shows black tea's theaflavins protect from cadmium-induced testicular toxicity, 1/16/14

Bladderwrack: Ultimate Source of Iodine, 2/27/13

Boneset: A flu and fever remedy, 4/14/11

Boswellia: Super herb boswellia - de-inflame and heal, 10/29/11

Brucea javanica: Amazing Medicinal Plant Kills Malignant Tumors and Destroys 70 Percent of Breast Cancer Cells, 1/24/14

Bubali Cornu: Bubali Cornu from TCM for ebola, and other infectious diseases with high fever and bleeding, 8/15/14

Burdock Root: Discover the benefits, 2/28/11; Burdock is a powerful herb to treat a variety of ailments, 10/5/13

Calendula: Treat skin disorders and stomach ulcers, 6/8/11; Calendula can reduce inflammation, heal the skin and help protect the heart, 1/28/14; Growing medicine, 7/28/14

Cannabis: Cannabis

Cardamom: Top 15 compelling reasons to use cardamom often and generously, 9/3/13

Carnivora: Carnivora Research International

Cat's Claw: Lyme Disease: Nutraceutical Breakthrough Using TOA-Free Cat's Claw; Incredible healing properties, 7/7/11; Two rainforest herbs that destroy cancer and alleviate side effects from chemotherapy, 6/3/14

Cayenne Pepper: Amazing healing powers of cayenne pepper (capsicum), 4/19/12; Mastering Only One Herb? Make it Cayenne Pepper, 8/30/12; A lot more than just a hot herb, 5/1/13; Seven evidence-based medicinal properties of cayenne pepper, 6/25/13; Cayenne pepper improves circulation, reduces inflammation and spices up your cooking, 11/16/13; 10 Exciting Facts About Cayenne Pepper, 11/18/13; Cayenne pepper can relieve pain, boost metabolism and more, 5/25/14; Top four benefits of cayenne, 5/30/14; Cayenne pepper makes herbs up to 75% more effective, aids weight loss, offers pain relief, improves circulation and heals ulcers, 6/23/14; Natural remedies with cayenne, 9/28/14

Chamomile: Chamomile tea 'fights cancer': Chemical contained in drink takes away 'superpowers' in disease's cells, 5/21/13; Calm down, 10/25/13; Chamomile displays outstanding anti-anxiety and anticancer properties, 12/7/13

Chicory: Chicory is especially great for your liver and digestive tract, 2/22/14

Chrysanthemum: Overheated this summer? Cool anger, anxiety, stress and more with chrysanthemum tea, 6/21/13

Cinnamon: Honey and Cinnamon: Natural Medicine!; Promotes weight and blood sugar control, 2/2/11; Smart Spice: Cinnamon, 5/18/11; Cinnamon may hold the key to Alzheimer`s disease prevention and treatment, 8/6/11; Surprising health facts, 11/28/11; Enjoy the health benefits, 12/3/11; Cinnamon: the blood sugar stabilizer, 4/22/12; Cinnamon and honey's healing properties, 4/18/13; What you should know about cinnamon and how it can help you, 4/24/13; Health benefits of cinnamon and ginger, 7/16/13; Cinnamon levels up from common spice to 'super' health food, 8/8/13; Cinnamon regulates your blood sugar, 8/12/13; Evidence of 3,000-Year-Old Cinnamon Trade Found in Israel, 8/20/13; Spice for life, 10/16/13; Ceylon cinnamon lowers blood sugar better than drugs, 1/12/14; Healing potential of cinnamon, 1/14/14; A natural way to improve your digestive power, 2/1/14; Today’s Science Has Found That Mixing Honey and Cinnamon Cures Most Diseases, 4/17/14; Cinnamon could fight Parkinson's: Spice found to be source of chemical that can help protect the brain, 7/10/14; Cinnamon bark, used in Chinese medicine, shown to halt progression of Parkinson's, 7/12/14; Cinnamon essential oil can naturally prevent dangerous foodborne illnesses, 8/2/14; Is medicinal tree bark the next big cancer prevention strategy?, 7/14/15; 3,000 years after Chinese Medicine documented it, CNN suddenly discovers cinnamon is highly medicinal, 8/30/17

Clary Sage: Kindle passion, beat the blues and invigorate health, 11/2/12

Clove: 15 health-enhancing reasons to enjoy clove spice every day, 10/22/13; Cloves, a traditional Christmas spice with healing properties, 11/13/13; Cloves rank amongst the best herbs for their antioxidant and antifungal properties, 1/14/14

Coffee: Caffeine increases the power of aspirin and other painkillers, that is why it is found in some medicines. Liver Protection and Much, Much More; The New Health Food?, 2/24/10; Roasting coffee beans a dark brown creates powerful antioxidants, 2/11/11; A coffee a day ‘cuts stroke risk by 25%’, 3/11/11; Coffee slashes risk of the most lethal type of prostate cancer, 5/18/11; Does drinking lots of coffee really help to prevent breast cancer?, 5/23/11; Coffee cuts risk of lethal prostate cancer, 6/1/11; Natural coffee compound can prevent Alzheimer`s disease progression, 8/5/11; Confront the coffee controversy, 11/4/11; How to choose mycotoxin-free coffee, 11/5/11; Another Good Reason To Drink Coffee, 7/2/12; Mounting Evidence Suggests Coffee May Actually Have Therapeutic Health Benefits, 9/18/12; Daily coffee consumption lowers diabetes risk, 12/13/12; Seven amazing health benefits of coffee enemas, 12/21/12; Coffee reduces risk of death from cancer, 12/22/12; Coffee grounds make great supplements, 2/12/13; 7 Reasons Why Coffee Is Good For You, 2/21/13; Caffeine during pregnancy lowers birth weight, 2/23/13; Coffee drinking causes low birth weight in babies and prolonged birth, 3/5/13; Health benefits of decaf coffee, 7/25/13; Coffee drinkers live longer, 8/25/13; Love coffee but not the toxicity? Minimize health risks with these tips, 12/12/13; Coffee could be key in cutting colon cancer risk, 4/17/14; Drinking coffee reduces chances of dying from liver cirrhosis, 4/22/14; Does coffee prevent diabetes?, 4/26/14; Lower liver cancer risk by drinking coffee daily, 6/23/14; 10 Superfoods You Can Add to Your Coffee, 11/17/14; 6 Awesome Health Benefits of Coffee, 11/23/14; 8 True Benefits of Drinking Coffee You Didn’t Know About, 2/17/15; Four cups of coffee per day can cut endometrial cancer risk by 18%, 3/11/15; Drinking just one cup of coffee daily can slash liver cancer risk by 14%, 4/12/15; Coffee Is The World’s Biggest Source Of Antioxidants, 8/10/15; Another Perk for Drinking Coffee, 9/1/15; Drinking coffee can help protect healthy brain function as you age, 9/2/15; Drinking coffee dramatically lowers multiple sclerosis risk, 10/16/15; 3-4 Cups of Coffee Per Day may cut Type 2 Diabetes Risk, 12/16/15; Drink COFFEE: Two cups a day 'can halve the risk of liver damage caused by alcohol', 2/2/16; This Is What Happens To Your Body After Drinking 1 Cup of Coffee, 9/18/16; Coffee can Really Help Your Liver, 10/10/16; Drink coffee, live longer: Recent research finds 3 cups daily reduces the risk of death – from ALL causes, 12/5/17
Decaf: If you drink decaffeinated coffee, make sure the caffeine was removed using water and not toxic chemical solvents, 3/16/14; Is Decaffeinated Really A Healthy Choice?, 1/16/15

Comfrey: Comfrey- The Miracle Healer, 12/6/12; Get comfy with comfrey, the herb that helps heal the body, 6/19/14; How to grow and use comfrey for gardening and medicine, 4/13/15

Cordyceps: Increase libido and treat cancer, 6/21/11

Cumin: Top health benefits, 4/9/14

Dandelions: Use this common weed as a diuretic, mild laxative and appetite enhancer, 5/13/11; Dandelion gets scientific acceptance as an antioxidant and "novel" cancer therapy, 3/31/12; Medicinal powerhouse go-to herb for spring cleansing, 5/4/13; Discover how dandelions protect against diabetes, cancer, liver disease, and kidney stones, 6/11/13; Dandelion has unsuspected health benefits such as inhibiting cancer cell growth, 12/4/13; Improve overall health, including liver function and skin problems, with dandelion, 5/9/14; 4 Powerful Uses, 7/29/14; Is an Anti-Cancer Drug Growing in Your Front Lawn?, 7/9/15

Echinacea: Quickly get rid of your colds, 11/23/13

Epazote: Healthy benefits, 12/20/13

Essiac: Ojibwa Medicine Man’s Secret Formula, 7/17/13

Evening primrose oil: The King's cure-all, 6/15/12

Fennel: Fennel can help neutralize cancer and encourage weight loss, 2/25/14; Amazing health benefits of fennel, 8/31/14

Flax Seeds: Amazing tiny seeds protect from radiation and improve health, 9/23/11; Flaxseeds can reduce cholesterol and blood lipid levels, 11/1/11; Flax seed consumption reduces breast cancer risk by 28% in new study, 5/2/13; Grind your own flax seed for peak nutrition, 8/19/13; Follow in the footsteps of greatness by rediscovering the astonishing healing benefit of flax, 10/3/13; Flax Seed Oil, 10/16/13; Flaxseed found to help treat high blood pressure, 11/14/13; Flaxseeds are packed with fatty acids, lignans and minerals, 6/16/14; Flax Seeds: Benefits and Uses, 8/26/15

Fucoidan: Regenerate and recharge, 11/7/11

Garlic: Garlic

Ginger: Ginger is touted to support kidney health, which in turn promotes the body’s elimination process and helps fluch heavy metals out of the body. Clinical trials underscore the merits of ginger for gestational nausea and vomiting, 7/12/11; Ginger root supplements may prevent colon cancer, 10/19/11; Ginger root reduces digestive inflammation markers to lower colon cancer risk, 10/31/11; Super herbal power of ginger, 4/15/12; Seven ways that taking ginger can spice up your health, 9/8/12; Research shows ginger selectively kills breast cancer cells, 10/11/12; Six reasons to never leave home without ginger, 10/20/12; Ginger root is a miracle cure for prostate cancer, 12/5/12; Reduce your cancer risk - especially colorectal - by eating more ginger, 2/12/13; Ginger is definitely your friend, 6/10/13; Ginger for type 2 diabetics: This power herb is scientifically proven to increase insulin sensitivity, 6/27/13; Health benefits of cinnamon and ginger, 7/16/13; Ultimate brain food - Increase memory, reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and protect against multiple sclerosis with ginger, 9/17/13; Treating hair problems with ginger, 9/22/13; Ginger may protect the brain from MSG toxicity, 9/22/13; Ginger reduces chronic inflammation, pain and migraines, helps digestion, diabetes and more, 6/23/14; Top 5 Medicinal Foods for Super Immunity, 10/7/14; Nature's most powerful antibiotics in one bottle, 12/10/14; Natural ginger is up to 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy drugs at treating cancer,11/17/15; Ginger tea shown to naturally kill cancer, dissolve kidney stones, improve liver health and more, 2/14/16

Ginkgo biloba: Ginkgo biloba treats Alzheimer's symptoms and improves mental function in healthy individuals, 12/11/12; Ginkgo biloba promotes better blood flow and a healthy brain, 8/8/13; Ginkgo Biloba and Chernobyl Liquidators

Ginseng: Use Korean red ginseng to fight bad breath, 5/4/13; Ginseng found to help chemo cancer patients have more energy, 7/26/13; Ginseng is much more than simply an aphrodisiac herb, 8/15/13; Ginseng proven to prolong life in men, 8/18/13; Superior health benefits of ginseng, 8/29/13; Benefits of the popular Chinese root, 11/20/13; Seven health benefits of ginseng, 4/24/14

Graviola: Is Cancer Cure hidden from the public?; Soursop Fruit Kills Cancer 100-Fold better Than Chemotherapy, 2/21/12; Groundbreaking new cancer study on graviola shows promise as a possible treatment, 1/10/13; Unusual tropical fruit proves 10,000 times more effective at treating cancer than chemotherapy, 11/3/13; Two rainforest herbs that destroy cancer and alleviate side effects from chemotherapy, 6/3/14; Guanabana: the cancer killer big pharma doesn't want you to know about, 7/17/14

Green Tea: Green tea may prevent dementia and cancer; Green Tea – A Great Antioxidant if..., 3/25/11; Green tea shown to fight obesity, 10/18/11; Green tea inhibits extra weight gain and can help prevent obesity, 10/25/11; Green tea confirmed as a weight loss nutrient and heart health antioxidant, 11/15/11; Green tea supplements prevent flu better than vaccination, 11/22/11; Does green tea have caffeine? Seven things you need to know, 11/23/11; Green tea found to lower LDL cholesterol levels, 12/2/11; Prevent cancer with green tea - know how much is needed, 12/3/11; Green tea consumption linked to improvements in total and LDL cholesterol, 12/11/11; Proof that green tea reduces "bad" cholesterol levels, 7/10/12; Scientists discover green tea boosts brain cell production, aids memory, 9/13/12; Green tea plus citrus provides new level of cancer protection, 10/2/12; Recent findings reveal green tea treats acne, 12/26/12; Green tea, red wine stop Alzheimer's in its tracks, 2/14/13; Another reason to drink green tea - Greatly reduce your risk of Alzheimer's, 2/21/13; Green tea catechins block the formation of plaques to help prevent Alzheimer's disease, 3/14/13; Green tea lowers cholesterol, 3/21/13; Green tea consumption shown to lower stroke risk by nearly 30 percent, 6/10/13; Lower cancer risk found in green tea drinkers, 6/21/13; Six undeniable, research-proven reasons to drink green tea daily, 8/7/13; Bioactive compounds found in green tea and red wine halt Alzheimer's disease progression, 8/21/13; Green tea really does improve your memory, 9/1/13; Multi-modal effects of green tea combine to combat disease and extend lifespan, 9/6/13; Green tea antioxidants improve memory, cognition and spatial awareness, 9/16/13; Green tea polyphenols again shown to dramatically lower risk of breast and prostate cancers, 9/22/13; Green Tea – What it is Good for!, 9/25/13; Six health benefits of drinking more green tea, 1/27/14; Research reveals the latest weapon against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's: Green tea, 2/20/14; Another amazing reason to drink green tea, 4/10/14; Reduce glaucoma risk by drinking more green tea, 4/18/14; How does green tea inhibit cholesterol? Scientists crack the code, 5/12/14; Green tea diet secrets: How to get results more safely and quickly, 5/23/14; Green tea weight loss secrets proven by science, 5/25/14; Does green tea really help you lose weight? Yes! Here's how, 6/9/14; Top 5 health benefits of green tea, 7/13/14; Green tea compound again validated in the fight against cancer development, 8/19/14; Top 5 Medicinal Foods for Super Immunity, 10/7/14; Herbs to fight against colds, flus and chronic disease development, 12/4/14; 8 Reasons Why Tea May Be The World’s Healthiest Beverage, 2/27/17

Gynura procumbens: Anti-cancer, blood pressure-lowering plant, 8/14/13

Hawthorn Berry: Improve heart health naturally with hawthorn, 9/14/11; Hawthorne berry improves cardiovascular function, 10/28/11; Hawthorn Berry for Your Heart, 10/27/16; Hawthorn Berry Benefits: The Ultimate Heart Supporting Herb, 3/9/17

Hibiscus: Lower your blood pressure with hibiscus tea, 4/12/13; Seeking a low-cost solution to cardiovascular troubles? Hibiscus may be the answer, 1/3/14

Honeysuckle: A sweet-scented remedy that calms inflammation, infection and contagious illness, 6/21/14

Horsetail: Horsetail herb can potentially counter the damaging effects of osteoporosis, 2/3/14

Kombucha: Amazing health benefits, 7/3/13; Brewing Kombucha At Home, 10/14/14; Hailed by traditional Chinese healers as an “immortal health elixir,” kombucha is one of the best beverages for health, 6/26/18

Lei gong teng: Thunder god vine compound annihilates cancer in 40 days, 5/13/13; Chinese herb eradicates cancer in 40 days, 5/22/13

Lemon Balm: A smooth, soothing herb, 10/9/13; Powerful health benefits, 11/17/13

Licorice: Proven effective against oral infections, 1/12/12; Diabetes Slayer, 5/1/12; Licorice root extract proven to decrease liver enzymes, 6/17/12; Remarkable health benefits, 11/13/13; Often overlooked but still incredible health benefits of licorice, 5/16/14; Eat more licorice and enjoy these hidden benefits, 7/17/14; Chinese licorice used in traditional medicine can prevent diabetes, 12/21/14; Feds try to suppress herbal molecule that makes your liver nearly 'bulletproof' against alcohol damage, 1/15/16; Why is the US government suppressing this herbal breakthrough that can protect your liver from alcohol damage?, 4/26/16; Take Licorice Root For Lingering Symptoms Of The Flu., 2/27/18

Lobelia: Lobelia gets scientists' attention as an antimicrobial and anti-convulsive for epilepsy, 10/31/12

Marjoram: Marjoram can prevent gastric ulcers while showing promise in fighting breast cancer, 4/21/14

Marshmallow: Marshmallow Root: The Ultimate Gut and Lung Protector

Milk Thistle: Milk thistle seeds protect against the harmful effects of mercury. How to Harvest Milk Thistle, 7/12/10; A protective shield to the liver, heart and brain, 9/8/11; Saves your liver and your life, 10/7/11; Milk thistle extract shown to halt lung cancer progression in its tracks, 12/7/11; Medical science continues to remain silent about milk thistle as a cancer remedy, 1/25/13; Milk thistle is a natural medicine, 4/8/13; Milk Thistle for a Healthy Prostate, 8/14/13; Milk thistle will protect and detoxify your liver, 8/18/13; Many health benefits of milk thistle even herbalists may not know, 4/11/14; Your liver needs help in today's toxic world: use this proven herb, 8/10/14; This natural plant extract could cure rare brain tumors,3/11/15; 7 Milk Thistle Uses to Improve Your Health, 2/23/17

Mistletoe: Mistletoe extract helps reduce obesity and improve liver health, 12/20/15

Moringa oleifera: Miracle Tree, 10/20/11; Miracle tree of the Himalayas, 7/19/13; Grow your own "miracle tree" and enjoy a natural medicine chest and hearty source of survival food rolled into one, 9/19/13; Many health benefits, 10/11/13; Moringa oleifera is a potent anti-inflammatory, 12/22/13; Four foods that truly deserve the title of 'superfood', 7/10/14; Moringa oleifera can help treat diabetes, 8/17/14; Teens Discover Moringa Seed That Naturally Cleanses Polluted Water, 8/14/16

Motherwort: Calm anxiety and lighten the heart, 11/22/12

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Oregon Grape Root: Oregon grape root excites dermatologists for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases, 9/11/12

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Passion Flower: Using passion flower for anxiety, pain relief and more, 7/14/12; Passion flower is effective for countering anxiety and stress, 12/13/13

Pau d'arco: Keep your immune system strong, 6/18/13; A versatile and powerful herbal remedy for many health issues, 3/19/15

Pennywort: Improve memory and increase vitality, 7/22/11

Peppergrass: Common backyard weed may curb cancer risk, 10/17/12

Peppermint: It Takes Me Someplace Else

Picrorhiza Kurroa: Little-known chemical in Himalayan herb shows promise for preventing Parkinson's, 6/25/13

Pine Bark extract : Immune boosting power, 9/16/13

Plantain: Plantain, a common driveway weed, is one of nature's most powerful medicines, 12/20/14; 7 Plants & Herbs that Heal Respiratory Infections & Soothe the Lungs, 12/16/15

Purslane: Common purslane (Portulaca oleracea) has been cultivated for over 2000 years and has an extensive culinary and medicinal history, 11/14/16

Red Clover: Red clover improves blood flow, bone density and alleviates menopause symptoms, 2/26/14

Rhodiola: Leap tall buildings in a single bound, 9/28/12

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Saw Palmetto: Saw Palmetto - Naturally reverse enlarged prostate while improving male health, 1/7/13; Saw palmetto can treat hair loss, enlarged prostates and urinary tract infections, 9/3/14

Schizandra berry: Recommended by Taoist masters, revered by athletes - Schizandra berry uplifts energy, sharpens the mind and enhances libido, 12/13/12; Schisandra berries and astragalus root work in synergy to heal the liver, 12/29/13

Sea Cucumber: Sea cucumber extract kills 95 percent of breast cancer cells and shrinks lung tumors, 10/15/13

Sharp Varthemia (Chiliadenus iphionoides): Researchers discover ancient flower that naturally treats diabetes; Big Pharma immediately begins developing synthetic version, 7/10/15

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turmeric1 Turmeric or Circumin : Essential Oil; Fights Strokes; Spice drug fights stroke damage, 2/10/11; This Indian spice packs a powerful anti-cancer punch, 3/11/11; Turmeric Could Be Used to Detect Explosives, 3/25/11; Naturally Fights Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer`s Disease and Obesity, 4/27/11; Cancer-Fighting Spice So Potent – It Even Beat Brain Tumors in Mice, 9/15/11; Turmeric spice can cure pancreatic cancer, 10/27/11; Protect your heart with Turmeric, 4/19/12; Discover the amazing ability of curcumin (turmeric) to fight chronic disease, 6/13/12; 500 Reasons Turmeric May Be The World's Most Important Herb, 7/2/12; Aronia, curcumin extracts effectively kill brain cancer cell line, 10/9/12; Curcumin holds prostate cancer in check by preventing metastasis, 11/4/12; Curcumin slays cancer cells in their tracks, 11/8/12; A Recipe for Turmeric Juice: A Powerful Healing Beverage, 11/10/12; Curcumin's ability to wage war on cancer stem cells further verified by research, 12/2/12; Curcumin vs. cancer: The scientific evidence continues to flow in, 3/1/13; 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600 Reasons Turmeric May Be The World’s Most Important Herb, 7/26/13; Six ways turmeric heals your overburdened body, 8/13/13; Turmeric may be more effective than common anti-depressant drugs at treating depression, 8/14/13; Sacred herb turmeric may make at least 14 pharmaceutical drugs utterly obsolete, 8/15/13; New science proves turmeric does what chemotherapy can't: Kill multiple myeloma cells, 9/4/13; Turmeric is a powerful anti-cancer agent and your liver's best friend, 9/10/13; Curcumin supplementation is shown to halt the progression of diabetes in pre-diabetics, 9/18/13; Turmeric Extract Kills Highly Lethal Pancreatic Tumors, 9/19/13; Understanding the phytochemical power of turmeric, 10/4/13; Study shows curcumin protects against mercury exposure, 10/14/13; Turmeric starves tumours, 10/23/13; Turmeric improves skin health, protects from UVB radiation damage and aging, 11/14/13; Turmeric is an effective medicinal herb with many applications in dentistry, 11/20/13; Turmeric-Root-Curcumin-Powder Curcumin causes colon cancer cells to self-destruct, 11/24/13; Curcumin suppresses cancer cell invasion and metastasis, 12/3/13; Anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin prevent development of liver cirrhosis, 12/4/13; IV injection of aqueous curcumin inhibits colon cancer growth and kills cancer cells, 12/9/13; Curcumin inhibits pituitary tumor cell proliferation, induces apoptosis, 12/10/13; Turmeric and myrhh protect against lead toxicity, 1/8/14; Turmeric proves more effective than pharma pills at treating rheumatoid arthritis, 1/10/14; Curcumin protects against neurodegenerative effects of lead poisoning, 1/27/14; Spice that prevents flouride from destroying your brain, 4/8/14; SPICE That PREVENTS FLUORIDE From DESTROYING YOUR BRAIN, 4/17/14; Turmeric vs. Ibuprofen: Which is Better for Arthritis?, 5/22/14; Turmeric shown to protect brain against fluoride poisoning, 6/4/14; Turmeric as effective for treating disease as 14 different conventional drugs, 6/22/14; Benefits of Turmeric for Prostate Health, 9/9/14; Top 5 Medicinal Foods for Super Immunity, 10/7/14; 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Learn how to take the right dosage of turmeric for your body, 3/8/16; Here's what gets activated in your body when you eat just ONE teaspoon of turmeric every day, 6/8/16; Key Health Benefit of Turmeric: Improved Brain Health, 9/5/16; Over 7,000 studies confirm turmeric’s health-protective effects, 1/23/17; Turmeric confirmed again to dramatically reduce aches and pains in joints, 9/15/17; Benefits and Uses for Turmeric Curcumin, 7/24/18; 10 Health Benefits and Uses for Turmeric Curcumin Supplements, 8/23/19

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Yaupo Holly: Antioxidant benefits, caffeine, 9/22/11

Yohimbe: Increase sex drive and promote fat loss, 10/5/12

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